High Energy QR Code

Chapter 104: Names List

Chapter 104: Names List

Director Wang's smile was filled with greed. Cao Qian's hand slowly moved towards her waist. The scalpels earlier had already reached their time limit and disappeared, but Xing Ye had drawn two more while Cao Qian carried him.

Those two scalpels took Xing Ye the entire journey from the first floor of the third building to the 19th floor of the first building. He had to redraw them many, many times; at this point, Xing Ye's memory was already growing fuzzy. He couldn't draw them out smoothly in one try like before.

Yan Hebi clenched his phone. He recalled what Xing Ye said earlier: while Cao Qian stalled Director Wang, he was to use Carbon Monoxide Leak to take Director Wang down with Cao Qian's sacrifice. Leaky Batteries and Rings of Fire were useless against them, so they can only use scalpels. However, the scalpels were a single-target attack while Director Wang's group had more than ten people. Furthermore, they likely had enhanced strength.

Xing Ye gave her a light smile and arduously raised his hand, pointing it at his own head. "Director Wang, can you hear their voices? Those voices won't stop echoing."

The ever-present smile on Director Wang's face slowly faded, replaced with a grim expression. "I can hear them, but so what? They're just monsters. Everything I'm doing is for the sake of the human race!"

"If it's all for the sake of humanity, Director Wang, why did you choose to conduct your research privately? Why didn't you report it to the government and join a federal research agency to continue your research?" Xing Ye retorted, "In the end, your way of thinking isn't much different from the department head's. You always took placenta and the corpse of the monster born when upon delivery. One of the two must be the source of your strength. At first, I thought it was the placenta that gave you your power. But now that I know you can hear their voices, I think your strength depends on the monster corpses. In that case, what are you doing with the placenta?"

Xing Ye sneered, "Let me guess: for control. You're keeping the newborns' umbilical cords and placentas as a means to control those evolved humans when they grow up. What's the difference between what you and the department head are doing? Both of you want to use these two aliens for your own power, squeezing out all their value for your own greed."

"Enough!" Director Wang's voice turned icy as she was confronted with her scheme. "Capture them. Kill the two men and keep the two women alive to give birth. Their future children will all be evolved humans!"

As she spoke, Director Wang and her dozen subordinates charged forward, attempting to grab Xing Ye and the others. However, as they reached the entrance of the hidden room, they were stopped by an invisible barrier, unable to proceed.

"Man," Guan Ling sighed, "I guess I'm destined to be a gambler. Every time, I end up losing the family fortune."

Guan Ling's Losing the Family Fortune ability stopped Director Wang and her group's attacks. No matter how numerous their forces, they couldn't breach Guan Ling's defense within these three minutes. However, just like A Shattered Mirror Put Together, this ability also had a 24-hour cooldown. While A Shattered Mirror Put Together could be used three times within 24 hours, "Losing the Family Fortune" could only be used once.

Since he had just used it against the parasitic monsters last night, it hadn't cooled down yet the first time they ran into Director Wang. However, with Xing Ye's stalling, Guan Ling's cooldown just came off cooldown and could finally be used.

In order for Losing the Family Fortune to trigger, he had to have no QR codes. Guan Ling only had one QR code he found in the Radiology Department. While Xing Ye bought time, Guan Ling quietly activated the QR code on his phone.

"Radiology Staff": The hospital's radiology department was a high-risk occupation due to exposure to radiation over time. Radiation can cause varying degrees of injury, depending on the length of exposure, the level of protective measures taken, and different types of radiation. This QR code is a time-based ability. Upon activation, harmful soundless, colorless, and odorless will be released indiscriminately, causing varying degrees of damage over time. Symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, radiation damage, and ultimately, death. The QR code is effective for 24 hours and affects the user and enemies alike. If anyone is within one kilometer of the radiation source, the user's phone or wristband, for over six hours, mass casualties will ensue. The closer they are to the source of radiation, the faster their death. But by wearing radiation-resistant clothing, one could survive a bit longer, perhaps even beyond 24 hours.

The description given by the phone for this QR code was: Harmful radiation is extremely dangerous; please do not attempt to use this casually.

Xing Ye felt a sense of malice and danger from this description and didn't want to use Redrawing Pen on it rashly.

Once used, the effect lasted 12 hours and everyone within a 500 meter radius of the user would be affected, included the user themself. When used, the death toll in the hospital would likely be awful.

This QR code was a trap, both for the user and their enemies.

When Guan Ling activated the QR code and saw the description on his phone, he was so scared that he immediately used Losing the Family Fortune before throwing away his phone. Right now, Guan Ling's phone was outside of the hidden room, while Xing Ye and his group were inside, protected by Guan Ling's absolute defense.

Guan Ling told Xing Ye, "Boss, we only have three minutes. After these three minutes, if I stay alive and my phone doesn't leave the hospital, 90% of the people in the hospital will be dead after 24 hours."

He explained the effects of the QR code before cursing, "What kind of sh*tty QR code is this?! It's even screwing over the user!"

"But it's definitely effective." Yan Hebi pointed outside of the barrier, "Director Wang's subordinates are already vomiting. It hasn't even been a human, and they're evolved humans too."

"It's probably because they're so close to my phone..." Guan Ling had directly thrown his phone at them earlier. They didn't pay his phone any attention, continuing to linger near it.

Director Wang fared a little better, but still seemed very uncomfortable. The phone was right under her feet. She shouted at Xing Ye's group, "What did you guys do?!"

"Boss, in two minutes, we'll probably be even worse off than them. What should we do?" Guan Ling said.

Xing Ye took a deep breath and clutched his phone. "It's fine. Once we deal with Director Wang's group, we'll toss the phone into a room in the Radiology Department and lock it. When the hospital constructed the Radiology Department, they should have added a shielding function to prevent rays from leaking out. When we get checkups, there's usually a thick metal door in the Radiology Department, isn't there?"

"Then it's actually a good thing we're in a hospital." Guan Ling patted his chest, "Boss, are you saying you have a way to deal with Director Wang?"

"Yes." Xing Ye nodded, "It's very simple"

He tapped his phone and a powerful surge of electricity attacked the two parasites in the glass vessels.

"Not-Necessarily Life Saving Pacemaker". This QR code isn't much help when it comes to saving lives, but very helpful with taking lives. When activated, it generates a powerful electric current to attack opponents.

This was the QR code Guan Ling had found in the ambulance, under the pacemaker. It was also the object the two alien creatures were searching for – they believed this QR code could kill them.

"But even if you kill them..." Yan Hebi's words were cut off as the two alien creatures rapidly disintegrated under the electric shock and vanished completely. A QR code drifted down and landed in Xing Ye's hand.

Guan Ling's absolute defense still had one more minute left.

"Is this... the QR Code we need for the true ending?" Cao Qian picked up the QR code and asked.

Every time they used a QR code to help someone in the game, they would receive 5000 points and a QR code powerful enough to defeat the boss.

When the two alien creatures died, Xing Ye heard a system prompt: "Congratulations to player Xing Ye for assisting the intelligent beings in liberation. You have been awarded 5000 points for successfully completing the side quest. Due to the player's choice of hard mode, points are tripled, totaling 15000 points. The player is rewarded with the rare QR Code, 'Airborne Serum'."

Xing Ye scanned and used the QR code on his phone. The purpose of this rare QR code was quite evident – it gradually spread in the air, restoring those infected in the hospital to normal.

After using it, Xing Ye took a deep breath. He felt much more alert and his fever symptoms had mostly disappeared.

Cao Qian and the others didn't have any fever symptoms, but were still in the incubation period. After Xing Ye used the QR code, they also felt a weight lift from their hearts – that sense of imminent danger they felt earlier was gone.

Upon seeing Xing Ye kill the two alien creatures, Director Wang and her group erupted in furious curses. They pounded and kicked the invisible barrier of the absolute defense, trying to break through and kill them.

Director Wang's previously composed appearance was gone, her hair disheveled, looking like a madwoman.

However, her anger was futile. Once Losing the Family Fortune expired, the serum immediately entered her body through her respiratory system. In just a matter of seconds, the magical strength that had made her powerful vanished.

Director Wang punched the glass vessel and was shocked to find her palm covered in blood. She looked at her bleeding hand in astonishment and asked, "What have you done? How did I turn back into an ordinary person?"

"I haven't done anything," Xing Ye said, looking at the now-empty glass containers. "They just took back what had always belonged to them."

Without her powers, Director Wang was no match for Cao Qian. She didn't even need the scalpels; she knocked the group unconscious in quick succession, lining them up neatly on the floor.

On the other side, Guan Ling grabbed his phone and rushed to the radiology department. Suppressing his nausea, he threw his phone into the CT scan room and locked the door.

"But what if someone comes to inspect the room?" Guan Ling worriedly asked, "If they open the door, the radiation will come out."

"Do you really think this hospital can still accept patients today?" Xing Ye sighed. "No one will come at night either. The emergency room's phone is still ringing."

Why haven't we received the mission completion prompt form the system? We should have received it by now, right?" Cao Qian asked.

"It's probably because we haven't finished the last step." Xing Ye replied.

He led the three to Director Wang's office and the department head's office. The group collected evidence of their secret experiments and records of transforming humans into monsters and evolved humans, as well as the list of staff that helped them.

Including Director Wang and the departmenthead, there were exactly 180 people.

"Let's call the police," Xing Ye said. "We don't have the authority to punish them. The only ones who can are the laws of this world."

All the evidence had been collected. It was time to hand it over to the police and the court.

Though they had used knives and guns to attack the monsters under the department head's command earlier, those monsters had incredibly resilient vitality. Combined with their liquid qualities, none of them actually died. Carrying the list of names, Cao Qian, Guan Ling, and Yan Hebi took the elevator downstairs and arranged the people in the lobby of the first floor of Building 1.

With the two's research data in hand and 180 people behind them, the group awaited the arrival of the police.

At this point, four more people arrived on the first floor: Ge Kuangyi, Nurse Lin, Nurse He, and Doctor Fei.

Upon seeing Xing Ye, Doctor Fei immediately said, "So you're a player! No wonder I thought this body was strange. Normally, the game world doesn't give us bodies with emotional entanglements."

Nurse Lin seemed a bit scared that Xing Ye and the others might reveal what she had done, so she hid behind Nurse He and just watched them.

Ge Kuangyi's expression was complicated. He asked Xing Ye, "Did your team save me? You made Director Wang inject me with a temporary serum to suppress the parasite. Now, you've found the serum and completed the mission?"

If Xing Ye hadn't had Director Wang save him in time, he would've lost consciousness and turned into a parasitic monster like the measles patient before the airborne serum took effect. Once his consciousness was erased, the system would've judged him as failed and sent him back to the system space, deducting half his points.

Xing Ye could've ignored him, but he still saved him. Ge Kuangyi had always acted alone and couldn't understand Xing Ye's actions.

"It's an equivalent exchange," Xing Ye said. "You provided the CD and a crucial clue. I'm just returning the favor."

Ge Kuangyi continued to question, "Did you find the crucial QR code in the emergency department? How did you find it?"

Guan Ling didn't like his forceful attitude and stood in front of Xing Ye, saying, "Our boss's IQ is completely different from yours. Just because you couldn't find it doesn't mean our boss couldn't."

Ge Kuangyi stopped talking. In any case, he had provided the CD so after the game ended, the system would still allocate him some points.

The three obedient players weren't pleased. They had just slept for a while and woke up to find the game already over. The mission and points were all taken by their opponents. They really wanted to snatch the data from Xing Ye, but they couldn't be certain if the system would give them points for it if they stole the data. The battle may not be worth it.

Xing Ye said, "Don't fool yourselves. With your contributions in this world, you'll probably be considered failures by the system. Have you found anyone that fulfilled the criteria of 'human face, beast's heart'?"

The three couldn't say anything.

Guan Ling followed up with a taunt, "You guys thought you'd have a good life by following Director Wang, right? Do you know what she planned to do with you? Take a good look at the things written on these documents! I think that woman is even more disgusting than the department head."

Dr. Fei took the photocopy of the research material. His face twisted in disgust as he read its contents.

After absorbing the parasitic monsters, the bodies of the pregnant women became stronger. In only one month, they could become pregnant again. Director Wang made these women give birth over and over again, in secret places where no one could find them. She already controlled over a dozen pregnant women and created dozens of babies.

Nurse He said, "We drank the medicine, so after we give birth to a child, we'll also be..."

Dr. Fei said, "She only wants women, right? But I'm a man... f*ck!"

He suddenly realized what Director Wang would do with the men and couldn't help but curse, feeling thoroughly disgusted.

Xing Ye's thoughts ran deeper. If this was a real world and they followed the established surface ending, the department head would be taken down as the boss, and Director Wang would obtain the bodies of the two alien creatures. The players would complete the mission, get 100 points, and leave the world. However, what kind of fate would the bodies they occupied face?

There were some things couldn't be considered too deeply. It was scary to think about.

Cao Qian said, "This is the cruelest world I've ever experienced. There isn't any trace of humanity in any of the important characters of this world. Even the puppets in Puppet City have more humanity than them."

"It's probably because in the previous worlds, we experienced the goodness of humanity," Xing Ye said, seated next to her. "While in this world, we only saw pure evil. The two colors of the black and white rubix cube represent the goodness and evil in human nature. This time, it's so difficult because the black and white magic cube brought us into a black world."

"If we hadn't triggered the true ending, I would've thought helping Director Wang evolve humans was a good choice." Yan Hebi looked at the documents. "How could a human be so... wait, huh? Yiyi, how do you know about the black and white magic cube? No one mentioned it to you, right? Did your memory return?"

"Yes," Xing Ye nodded. "After gathering all the data and list of names, my memories returned. Most likely, the system already agreed to the mission ending, so there was no longer a need to suppress my memories anymore."

Upon hearing this, Guan Ling and Cao Qian couldn't help but move away from Xing Ye. Now that the boss regained his memories, how would he feel about himself wearing a miniskirt... no, a sailor uniform?

"Your help was really appreciated in this world." Xing Ye smiled, "I really hope we can become teammates in future worlds, but it's all up to you. Don't rush to agree. Before you make your decision, let me give you something."

He took out the medical record card for this body from his bag and handed it to Yan Hebi.

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