The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

5) Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.5

“Yes.” The old man, Nangong Yifeng, took a deep breath and opened his mouth, but his lips only trembled slightly.

He took another deep breath and said slowly, “General, this subordinate received a letter from little ‘Dianxia’. The letter was entrusted to him by young Miss and  that person is still outside the mansion. Also that person…that person’s appearance and the young Misss are three-quarters similar.”

(Young Miss in here is Qing Yu’s mother)

“What?!” Nangong Ao immediately stood up, his eyes staring at Yifeng, it took him a while to react. Finally Nangong Ao took a few steps forward and seized the Yifeng’s arm, his palms were trembling, his pair of tiger eyes - wide. “Is what you are saying true?”

“Absolutely true! General, didn't you say that little ‘Shaoye’ is exactly like our little Dianxia?” Nangong Yifeng couldn't help but notice the strength of Nangong Ao’s hand, which could easily crush an ordinary person’s bone, but he was too excited to care at the moment.

Suddenly Nangong Ao calmed down after his burst of excitement and released Nangong Yifeng’s arms. Understanding the meaning in Nangong Yifeng words, he pondered for a moment, before saying: “Let that man come in. Whether it’s true or false, I can tell. If it’s true, then it's naturally the best. If it’s fake…” Nangong Ao face darkened, “I will let him know, how terrible the price for fooling me is.”


Li Luo was bored to death, he turned his head left and right, looking around the place, where they had been standing for almost twenty minutes now.

Fortunately, he had this lame skill to slightly warm up his the body, otherwise in this sub-zero weather, he would have frozen to death already. However even with that, he could still feel his hands and feet become a bit cold.

Qin Yu glanced at Li Luo, then walked steadily toward him and reached for his hand. The next second, a warm current transferred from Qin Yu to Li Luo’s captured palm and spread throughout his whole body.

Li Luo was shocked by Qin Yu’s sudden actions, as a man, holding hands with another man made him feel uncomfortable - even if he didn’t mind too much some of Qin Yu’s intimate actions in the past few years, when he had been forced to share a bed with him. Being treated like this now in such a public place, made a slight sense of discomfort appear in Li Lou’s heart.

But his body was being warmed and he didn't want to shake off the protagonist’s hand so soon. __(: з) ∠)_ His integrity had slowly started falling… he could only say that habits were really scary.

In that case Li Luo selected his own feelings over being comfortable. However he still wanted to keep his integrity from completely dropping, so he mustn’t fail to guard it again or hesitate for a moment.

At this moment, the gate of Nangong mansion opened and a young manservant briskly headed towards their direction.

Li Luo immediately threw  off Qin Yu’s hand and backed off half step, standing behind Qin Yu.

Qin Yu withdrew his hand indifferently, only once the palm was at his side he touched it with his finger and seemed to bask in the feeling he felt on his palm, comparing his palm to that very exquisite touch.

The young manservant come in front the two of them and with respectful manners said to Qin Yu: “Gongzi’, the General invited you to enter the mansion to talk.”

Qin Yu nodded his head, he threw his reins directly to the young manservant, as he also took the ones in Li Lou’s hands and did the same. Finally  he said: “Let’s go.”

Young manservant pulled the two horses, while Qin Yu and Li Luo walked two steps behind him, and entered the door. The manservant entrusted the horses another one with different clothes and walked back to the front of Qin Yu and Li Luo to lead the way.

As Li Luo walked, he looked quietly at the surrounding landscape. In his novel, those were just things described in text, yet now presented in front of him was a real scene.

Thinking of how he would soon see the beautiful appearance of Liu Ruoyan, Li Luo couldn’t help but feel excitement.

Even though the beauty didn't belong to him and could only looked be at, the sight could still comfort him a little bit of the hardships he had experienced.

Of course, the most important thing was - as long as the heroin was here, Qin Yu would no longer be as stuck to him as before, right?

He would finally be free from the suffering of being hugged as pillow every night. After all how could a man’s stiff body be comparable to a girl’s soft and tender one?

Li Luo almost couldn’t conceal his eager eyes, he was looking ahead with burning eyes. He remembered that when he wrote this event, the heroin had proudly came out from inside to meet the protagonist.

Sure enough, as the young manservant led them through a corridor and into a courtyard, Li Luo saw four peoples standing under a tree.

Wearing a light purple dress, with a face that even although a bit  immature, still looked like ‘the beauty of a stunning beauty’ face, stood the heroine. She gazed curiously in their direction with a that pair of limpid autumn water like eyes of hers.

Li Luo looked at the heroine who was still a little girl. Even though he didn't have pedophilia, he couldn't help but feel moved. As a nerd who had used his right hand to do it for many years, looking at this type of ‘a man completely can’t resist’ face, he couldn’t help but blush and have his heartbeat quicken.

Qin Yu who was walking beside Li Luo noticed the subtle look on Li Luo’s face and how his eyes were staring attentively at a girl so his eyes narrowed, flashing with a trace of displeasure. Qin Yu quickened his footsteps and blocked  Li Luo’s vision.

Li Luo was still staring at the heroin somewhat entranced, when found his sight blocked by an expansive back.

Looked at Qin Yu’s back, Li Luo couldn't help but spit out two sentences in his mind: ‘Brat, I will not steal your future wife, I’m merely taking a look and nothing more, is it so bad? Your possessiveness is this strong now, just how terrible will it be in the future?

Because he couldn't see the scene in front him, Li Luo could only hear an hesitant elderly voice which after hesitating for a while, finally recovered and asked: “You…you’re the guest who delivered the brocade purse?”

Qin Yu leant forward and faced Nangong Ao to cup one’s hands in salute. The sharp eyesight of Nangong Ao slightly vanished and his facial expressions became gentler. “Yes.” Qin Yu said.

Nangong Ao looked at Qin Yu in front of him; his six-sense told him that the teenager in front of him was exactly the grandson of whom he had thought so much for throughout the years. The suspicious thoughts in his mind dropped greatly.

“Do you know the rules of the Nangong family?” Nangong Ao asked Qin Yu.

After listening till the end, Qui Yu’s dark eyes flashed and his handsome face become more relaxed. “Yes.”

“If so, come in. Lin’er, you also come in. You, Ruoyan, will stay to chat with the friend, and we’ll be out after a while.”

“Yes, Nangong ‘bobo’.”

Hearing Nangong Ao’s order, Li Luo almost laughed out loud.

No matter what precautionary measures Qin Yu took, he couldn't  prevent the difference between men and women. His ‘yeye’ and little ‘jiujiu’ invited him to check the family tattoo, but the heroine couldn't  follow closely because she was female, and an outsider like him couldn't be told the secret of the Nangong family.

The corner of Li Luo’s of mouth couldn’t help but upturn, showing a trace of a curve. Qin Yu was just turning around and happened to capture the flash in Li Luo’s eyes; his face suddenly became black and he gazed with displeasure at Li Luo reaction.

Li Luo immediately put away the look on his face, lightly coughed and he gazed to the side.

Qin Yu’s face became even blacker, he turned around and looked at Nangong Ao. “Allow him to come as well, he is my most trusted person.” After stopping for a moment, he continued, “If it wasn't for him, I certainly wouldn't have seen you again.”

Nangong Ao looked over at Li Luo’s again and thought for a moment, then nodded.“Alright, he can come too”

Wait, I don’t want to watch Qin Yu’s nude back. Please ask me to stay here with the younger sister, it’s such a rare chance to be together and talk a few words with the soft younger sister.

Little Qin Yu, why are you behaving this way and making life difficult for me, how can I fix it=皿=!

Li Luo shed tears in his heart as Qin Yu pulled him into the room, the door closed tightly, obscuring his sight of the younger sister.


After confirming the identity of Qin Yu, the treatment of the two in Nangong mansion soared.

Qin Yu’s room was arranged in the safest location of the mansion. There was a team of soldiers guarding the outside of the yard, which had a shift change every two hours. The yard was protected like an unshakeable fortress.

Obviously, after suffering the painful loss of his beloved daughter and grandson six years ago, the old General now regarded Qin Yu’s safety as very important. If any hidden danger threatened Qin Yu’s safety, he would make sure to extinguish it completely.


Sunlight slightly penetrated through a gap and entered the room.

Li Luo frowned as he sat on the couch, the clothes on his body are half opened, revealing a white and smooth back. His beautiful shoulder blade slightly trembled as he turned his head with great effort to look at the condition of his back.

“Don’t move.” Qin Yu held down Li Luo’s shoulder, as he used his wheat-colored palm to press down on Li Luo’s body, his deep gaze looking at his back.

“How is it? Last time you said that the wounds is caused by a bug bite, how is it looking this time?” Li Luo asked. He was laying down on his stomach and his head was buried in a soft quilt.

The explanation was too odd, he and Qin Yu had just recently moved in this wing of the courtyard, Qin Yu no longer requested him to stay in the same room with him. Yet he couldn't be happy for long, the next day when he woke up he felt an unpleasant feeling of numbness on his back.

He had turned his head to look but couldn't see anything, he had then looked in the bronze mirror but it was to no avail, he could only to see that there seemed to be a few obvious red imprints.

In the end he could only find Qin Yu to help him take a look at it. He had no idea what bugs could bite the three or four large marks on his back.

“I’ll re-apply your medicine, and after a few days it will disappear.”

“Oh, so it's that easy” After Li Luo listened to Qin Yu’s explanation, he no longer thought much about it. He obediently relaxed his body and allowed Qin Yu to apply the medicine for him.

Qin Yu looked at the four marks on the white back that he had bitten and his adam apple couldn't help but roll a few times. If Li Luo hadn't made him so angry that day, he also wouldn’t have left such obvious traces. Fortunately Li Luo was simple-minded,  so he didn't think much about them.

As Qin Yu thought of that, a trace of bitterness appeared in his heart. According to this, if he didn't  do something obvious, then Li Lou would never know about his feeling?

But now…was too soon, he still didn't have enough assurance and strength. But once he did, he would  definitely bind this person forever at his side.

Qin Yu’s fingertips touched the ointment and afterwards gently smeared it on the red marks. His gaze darkened as he contained his desire to lick Li Luo’s delicate and thin waist, then his gaze fell at his quilt, only to stick up above his buttocks, wrapped in white underwear.

Inevitably there would be a day when he would have this body pressed under him, so that he would never be able to see other women. Li Lou could only have him in his heart, he can only think about him, so that he can only be happy under his body, always belong to him alone.

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