The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

6) Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.6

In the blink of an eye, Li Luo and Qin Yu had been living in the Nangong Mansion for three months.

In these three months, Li Luo didn’t see Qin Yu that much, except before bed, when Qin Yu would come and chat with him; only after he felt drowsy and fell asleep would Qin Yu leave.

As the author of this book, even if he didn’t see Qin Yu, he knew that he spend his days conspiring with the three generals of the Nangong family in the secret room of the study.

Regarding this situation, Li Luo felt very happy, if the protagonist accelerated his pace in gaining power over the Qin country, that would shorten his time returning home. It was simply great!

Li Luo looked at the slowly progressing bar of the system in his mind, his expression was very satisfied.
Little Qin Yu continue doing your best, *hai-hai*, if only he didn’t disturb his sleep time at night, it would be even better.

However, people can’t ask for too much.

Well~ in fact, since he hadn’t met with Qin Yu in a very long time…he quite missed him, not that he would admit it.

Now he was living in ancient times and there was very little entertainment, so to have a good friend, with whom you grew up together from childhood, to chat with was very good.


Li Luo reclined in a couch under the shade of a tree in the yard, his hands folding a fan with which he was constantly fanning himself; yet his forehead still had a thin layer of sweat.

Unconsciously, it had become the mid July of the second year. In this year, Qin Yu’s secret supporter, the old General Nangong and several people with quite authority in the Qin country, including the ‘qinwang’ that had secretly resented the new emperor, had already reached an agreement. They would help Qin Yu regain the throne, if the right time came.

And came it did.

This summer was an extraordinarily hot one, even in the north where Li Luo was, not to mention the south area of the country.

With the fan on his forehead, Li Luo squinted through the shadows of the trees and looked at the sun that hung high in cloudless blue sky.

The scorching sunlight without the slightest restraint burned the vast land, the green grass dispiritedly creeped on the ground, looking somewhat dry.

This year was the rarely seen drought year that appeared every hundred years, since the founding of the Qin country. Even in the rainy season there wasn’t much rain, the rain rate significantly lower than previous years. The land was faced with endless burst of sunlight, which caused the fields to crack up into lumps and the water to dried up almost completely. Large-scale crops were dead and the peasants lost their grains.

However, even in such a difficult time, Qin Yan not only didn’t reduce taxes, but actually increased them by 10%. The starved peasants could only eat grassroots and gnaw on tree barks, after being overwhelmed by the heavy tax fees. Some even started to sell their children. Because of this tyranny, complaints from all directions started popping up.

And this was precisely the best time for Qin Yu to begin seizing power.

After thinking until this point, Li Luo held his fan and fanned himself several times. After little Qin Yu begins seizing power, he would no longer have this kind of comfortable day. He must follow little Qin Yu in all of his expeditions, which meant living inside tents for a long time. His current living standards would certainly plummeted immediately.

So he must take advantage of the current time while he still could enjoy life. Li Luo narrowed his eyes, and picked up the iced watermelon from the table, taking a mouthful. His light colored lips got covered with watermelon juice, and their color became glossy pink.

And the sight of that kind of seductive lips was what greeted Qin Yu, when he arrived.

His eyes narrowed, the dark pupils flashing with a trace of darkness that was difficult to detect.

“Ah?” Li Luo suddenly felt a shadow in front of him and immediately opened his half-closed eyes, after seeing it was Qin Yu, he asked puzzled: “Yu, why are you leaning so close to me?”

Qin Yu straightened his body, but didn’t answer Li Luo’s question. Qin Yu picked up a small piece of watermelon on the top of table before popped it into his mouth, he chewed for a moment before saying: “It tastes good.”

Li Luo immediately forgetting that problem, nodded his head and said, “Last night, I specially went to the well of our yard to pick it. Today, I sliced and placed it inside the ice cubes, since in this kind of weather, it’s the best time to eat this.” He picked up a piece and popped it into his own mouth, his beautiful peach eyes narrowing to expose a look of satisfaction.

Qin Yu looked at his appearance, only to feel his just recently wet lips begin to dry up, his originally hot body now becoming even more heated.

No, not now. Even if he was thirsty for this person like a beast on the verge to break through the cage that trapped it, his reason told him that it wasn’t the right time yet. But that time would soon arrive.

Ah, why was it so hard to bear?

Qin Yu placed his restless fingers at the side of his body, but even then he still couldn’t stop himself from reaching towards Li Lou’s lips and wiping them. He had a touch of laughter on his lips, as if his action was a natural thing to do. “Mucheng, the watermelon juice that you ate spilled and I wiped it for you.”

“Oh, okay.” Li Luo didn’t think much about it and smiled toward Qin Yu. He continued to stuff his mouth with watermelon like a hamster.

While Li Luo wasn’t paying attention, Qin Yu placed the finger he used to wipe Li Luo’s lips to his own. And when his tongue licked it, he immediately narrowed his eyes—sure enough, it was very sweet. A lot sweeter than the watermelon that he has just ate, but it was still far to little to be able to diminish the burning flame in his heart and body.

It wasn’t enough, absolutely not enough.

Qin Yu took a deep breath, and used all the reason that he still possessed to suppress the beast in his heart. He quickly turned around and walked towards the courtyard door.

Li Luo looked puzzledly at Qin Yu’s back, “Yu, you just arrived and have to leave already, what’s up?”

“Well, I just remember there was something I haven’t done yet, so I’m leaving first.”

“…Oh, OK. Then go ahead. We will talk again in the evening.”


Lo Luo didn’t wait up that night, he thought Qin Yu would still be busy. Only the next day, he once again felt the numbness that he encountered before; when he faced the bronze mirror, he actually saw five or six red marks on his back.

The marks, which looked redder and harder than last year, looming under the belt of his waistband, almost sticking to his butt.

Li Luo secretly wondered how this year’s insects became even more ruthless. Was his blood so delicious?

Furthermore last night he lit up the bugs’ incense, why hadn’t it been useful…

Why weren’t there results? Thinking himself unlucky, Li Luo could only find Qin Yu to help him apply the medicine, after all, those parts, he simply couldn’t reach.


• “Qinwang” — first-rank prince; also called wangye, i.e. “His [Your] Royal Highness”

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