The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

3) Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.3

Due to Qin Yu’s request, Zhao Mutian reluctantly received Li Luo as a direct disciple, and to accept his guidance together with Qin Yu.

Compared with Qin Yu, Li Luo’s root bone can only be regarded as extremely poor, and he is three years older than Qin Yu. His bones were very hard, so he cultivate very slowly.

However, regarding Zhao Mutian’s Art of War, Li Luo did well in learning it, perhaps it’s because of his knowledge about the novel, after all, he followed the protagonist in his expedition, so his OOC can’t be too powerful, right?

As the time passed, Li Luo witnessed how the protagonist had grown from a small child into an extremely handsome teenager with slender shoulders and long legs.

But at the same time, his worries also increased day after day. Originally it was enough for him and Qin Yu to lay down in the bed, but with the growth of the two men, especially Qin Yu who had grown taller, (Qin Yu is now 16 years old, but he was a bit taller than Li Luo was, even though Li Luo looked healthier than Qin Yu was.) the bed seemed become narrower and narrower, to the point where when the both of them were lying down, they were unable to move or to turn around.

Li Luo wanted to replace it with a bigger bed, but he doesn’t know why, in the end there is always no success.


The night is quiet. At this time in Li Luo’s room, two tall teenagers were lying down on the bed, but because the bed is too small, the teenager at the inside part of the bed is very close with the other youth. His black hair slipped from his thin shoulders, very naturally flowing on the bed, exposing his white jade ears and flawless neck.

The teenager at the outside part of the bed propped his arms, his eyes staring at the body lying on his side without blinking.

“Mucheng, tomorrow we will have to go down the mountain.” Qin Yu looked at Li Luo’s slender waist; he can’t help gulping down a few times, his eyes darkening.

“Yes.” Li Luo with his half-closed eyes, gently answered. Since a year ago, Qin Yu stopped calling him Su gege and instead he started calling him with his own name. Li Luo is not very concerned about it, even if it doesn’t change now, when he became the emperor, it is impossible to call him so.

Because today he trained with Zhao Mutian, Li Luo was feeling very sleepy and he only wants to close his eyes and sleep, he couldn’t concentrate his mind to chat with Qin Yu.

“I’m a bit nervous; I have been thinking and waiting for this day for long time. But if we don’t succeed what should we do?”

“If we are not successful, we will go into seclusion in the mountains, where that incapable ruler can’t find us. It’s late, let’s sleep we have to get up early tomorrow.” Li Luo said carelessly as his two eyes immediately closed tightly, and not long after, he sinks into the dream world with his mouth slightly open.

“Ha-ha, live in seclusion in the mountain. Mucheng, you must keep your promise.” Qin Yu was silent for a long time, he made sure that Li Luo’s already asleep, before his hand caressed Li Luo’s face and a laugh came out of his mouth. Then he leaned over and gave a light kiss on Li Luo’s slightly parted lips.

He was staring at Li Luo’s beautiful waistline for a long time, he subconsciously opened the under-garments of the defenseless Li Luo, exposing a white and jade like beautiful back.

He gently massaged it for a long time and finally he left a light kiss mark. He smoothed Li Luo’s clothes; his arms familiarly holding Li Luo’s waist before he slowly fell asleep.


The next day

Li Luo woke up in Qin Yu’s embrace, he carefully moved Qin Yu’s arm from his waist to stand up from the bed. He walked across Qin Yu’s body, and took clothes from the closet to wear.

Finally it’s the descending mountains event; he will soon encounter the female lead in this novel, Liu Ruoyan.

He estimated that Qin Yu will not stick to him anymore, and he can finally have a bed for himself. His source of happiness is actually not because he will soon meet the female lead of this YY novel, but because he can finally have a quiet night’s sleep.

Let a sister join and don’t hold to this crossover otaku who give-up his own highest goal, this is how deep his understanding is.

But it’s strange for two men to be sleeping together, plus they’re so big now. Every morning he woke up in Qin Yu’s embrace, also because the bed is too small, he’s too close to Qin Yu’s body, it gave him unspeakable feelings. Moreover, why does Qin Yu always held him in his arms, like a woman? Is it because he’s so weak! Simply tired his mind thinking about it!

Li Luo looked with resentment at Qin Yu who’s in the bed. As his eyes made contact with Qin Yu’s, Qin Yu immediately sat on the bed and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Eh? It’s nothing; you should also pack your stuff, be ready to go down the mountain.” No matter what, even if it hurt his dignity as a man, he must share his bed with Qin Yu.

Li Luo turned his face to his wardrobe, he pulled out four cloths and placed it on the table, and then he folded the clothes and piled it up.But apparently he was not good at it and the clothes were still messy.

“My stuff was already packed yesterday. When are you going to get this done? Let me help you.” Qin Yu looked at Li Luo’s clumsy and confused look, his eyes could not help but to reveal a trace of smile, he quickly dressed and walked to Li Luo’s side to help him organize his clothes.

With the help of Qin Yu, Li Luo’s scattered clothes that were stuffed into the closet were quickly turned into a bundle wrapped in cloth.

“All the banknotes are with me, and it’s okay for you to bring some silver.” Qin Yu looked at Li Luo. Without objection, Li Luo nodded his head as it doesn’t matter who brings lots of money anyway, since both of them are going together.

Qin Yu seems to be in a good mood as he hang up the corner of his lips, it brighten up his young handsome face. It was very eye-catching; Li Luo couldn’t help but to stare with a blank look on his face.

Qin Yu handed over Li Luo’s bundle, and then took another bundle of his on his own and put it on his back. “We will have breakfast first and then we’re going down the mountain.”

Li Luo only woke up from his blank look when he heard Qin Yu’s laugh, at that moment, he felt his heart skip a beat. Li Luo shook his own head, this must be his illusion. He looked at the teenager’s back. He quickly followed with Qin Yu’s footsteps, and walk side by side with Qin Yu towards the kitchen to eat.


Qin Yu’s maternal grandfather Nangong Ao is an important general of Qin country who’s holding hundreds of thousands of troops, he often leads the army stationed on Qin border to stop the barbarian tribes in the north, as well as guard the territory between Qin State and Yan State.

He had two sons and one daughter, Qin Yu’s mother Nangong Yue is his youngest daughter and the most favorite child of Qin Yu’s grandfather.

During that time, in order to win over Nangong Ao, Xuanyuan Emperor married Nangong Yue as his Empress, he did not expect that he will really fall in love with her. Nangong Ao also put down his original worries about his youngest daughter.

When Qin Yan quickly poisoned Xuanyuan emperor, assassinated Qin Yu, and faked imperial edicts to ascend the throne, Nangong Ao is very furious but he did not send out his army.

He can only defend the frontier and to ignore the new emperor’s order, simply because of Qin Yan’s local tyrant attitude in establishing his power.


Qin Yu and Li Luo’s plan in this trip is to go to the North frontier, and seek shelter from Nangong Ao, and then make plan to overthrow Qin Yan’s reign.

The two were riding horses all the way from the south to the north. Because they’re not in a hurry, if they encounter any unique features of different towns and cities, they will stop and rest for a few days, if they don’t find any town to stay, they will look for a safe place to pass the night.

However, Li Luo is very depressed on the whole journey, as long as they stay overnight, he still sleep together with Qin Yu in same room. Aside from the change in place, the other things were still the same as before.

The explanation Qin Yu gave him is that the journey is too far,so they should live together to save money.

Li Luo: ‘……Hehe, don’t think I don’t know how many banknotes you have, and how much can you spend! Didn’t you see the look in the eyes of those shopkeepers when they heard that we were staying the same room!’

The most important thing is to wake up in embrace every day—so tired, simple don’t fond to it _(: з) ∠)_.

In any case, Li Luo and Qin Yu finally reached their destination three months later.

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