The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

2) Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.2


Li Luo took a deep breath, he now have no choice but to bite the bullet and went into different world, after all, no one can live alone.

Li Luo roll out of bed, walked towards the door, but the moment he opened the door, he was still greeted by the lightning-fast knife

Li Luo died.

Once again crawling out of bed and getting up, Li Luo asked the system with an ashen face: “Xiao Qi, what’s going on, why do I encounter the same scene?”

Xiao Qi: [Host, fighting. It only forty-seven minutes, you certainly can!]

Li Luo: Haha, what fighting and so on. It’s almost impossible to live pass today.

After being killed for the nth time, his neck is feeling like it’s not his anymore. After Li Luo is in the right posture, he was finally able to knocked out the masked man then he went out running.

At this moment, Li Luo was overjoyed and wanted to cry. Is there anyone more pitiful than him, to go through something this hard and only succeeding after being killed many times.

[Great host, the hand that you’re holding now is the protagonist, your identity is the protagonist’s fellow disciple, Su Mucheng.

Wait a minute I will send you the details* of the story, as long as it won’t deviate from the final outcome of the protagonist, the host can do whatever he wishes.

After all, the process is not important, the outcome is. *Keke* I will soon sleep, if something happened, call me immediately, I will appear, I wish the host to have lots of fun. Yo XOXO~ (RQ).]

Li Luo found his left hand is holding a soft slim hand, a white carved like jade boy was maintaining a calm look in his face, but the horrified and scary look in his eyes was betrayed him.

Just how he is on the even so early with the protagonist? And, this Su Mucheng, he is quite impressed.

But he could not think too much, at the protagonist’s glaze stare in his direction, his train of thought interrupted, if the sword is successful, it is estimated that the novel completely finish.

Li Luo subconsciously stood in front of the boy, the next moment he felt pain in his right chest, a second before he loses his consciousness, in his mind flashed only one though: the creator of Xiao Qi must be his enemy, haha Q_Q.


On a large bed, there was a thin boy, with a pale innocent face whose slender eyebrows were knitted tightly,while lightly biting his lower lip, he was crying unconsciously: “Father…mom, hurts…it hurts…”

Sitting on the edge of the bed is a very anxious boy holding the young boy’s hand, he couldn’t  help but to turn around and ask the tall man who was standing beside him, “Master, when will Su gege wake up? He’s been crying out of pain, is it really alright?”

“Yu’er, don’t worry. Master has already checked his pulse and his body did not sustain any serious injury, in a few days he will certainly wake up.”

The boy released his hands from the young boy and left the room. He must cultivated harder, only then he can protect himself and also protect Su gege!


When Li Luo opened  his eyes, he immediately felt pain from his right chest and he looked at the wooden roof over his head for a long time it took him awhile to remember that he was now in a different world, and he almost died again. Fortunately he’s still alive, otherwise he’s afraid he’d have to start again from scratch.

After looking around the house and seeing that no one’s around, Li Luo called Xiao Qi immediately. After all, when he first arrived, he did not know anything about this world. He did not want to be discovered. Even though his chest was still aching, it was nothing compared to immediate needs.

Xiao Qi: [d(@ ^^ @)ノGreat host, I didn’t expect that after being separated for such a short time, you’re already thinking of me ~ Silver House so happy.]

‘I didn’t expect the host to be so reluctant to separate from me, I’m getting shy (* / ω \ *).’ If Xiao Qi has a solid body, then Li Luo can clearly see her shyly swaying her body.

The next second, Li Luo mercilessly destroyed  Xiao Qi’s fantasy: “I don’t miss you, now tell me, where’s the details of the story?”

[Great host, how can you be so cold QwQ!!]

“Where is it?”

[Humph, our friendship is over! I will ignore you!]

Xiao Qi threw off the light spot in Li Luo’s  mind, and then disappeared.

Li Luo felt that it was funny and he helplessly shook his head, he was just thinking of the light spot, when instantly a large number of information entered his mind.

After a few minutes he opened his eyes, he finally knew why the name Su Mucheng feels familiar.

The world in which he now lives is the first novel he wrote ‘The Wild Dragon proud days’. The protagonist of this novel is Qin Yu. He is the favorite son of the emperor Xuanyuan of the Qin country. The emperor Xuanyuan is ready to promote him to Crown Prince when he grow up.

The First Prince Qin Yan was born from the imperial concubine first rank, he has an extremely cruel nature. He’s bearing a grudge with emperor Xuanyuan’s decision, and was jealous of Qin Yu.

When Qin Yu was eight years old, that night when he was going to xueshì fu to visit Taifu. Qin Yan sent an assassin who was disguised as a robber in that place. He killed everyone in the mansion to cover the assassination attempt on Qin Yu.

At the same time, Qin Yan also cooperated with his mother concubines to poison the emperor. When the emperor’s  illness was beyond cure they faked an imperial edict, establishing themselves as emperor.

When Qin Yu was at the most critical moment of life and death, he was saved by the world’s best master Zhao Mutian. When he found out that Qin Yu  posses a rare bone root that can only be found once in a millennium year, Zhao Mutian received him as a disciple.

Zhao Mutian was not only a Martial Arts master he’s also well versed when it comes to military strategy.

Qin Yu was very intelligent, under the guidance of Zhao Mutian, he had learned all of Zhao Mutian’s skills in just a few years, and he eventually surpassed his master.

At that time, Qin Yan has already become a well-known tyrant, and with his oppression the  people were angered but due to fear they do not dare to say anything. Qin Yu immediately started his revenge, he looked for his grandfather and soon overthrew Qin Yan’s reign. After that, he stabilized the government, went to do expedition in all directions, and became an Eternal Emperor.

The process doesn’t seem very interesting, so Li Luo placed a red mark in novel to finish it later. He then invited his few roommates in the dorm to eat hot pot.

And his identity now is Qin Yu’s first senior brother, whose parents—the grand tutor couple, were unfortunately dead, so his loyalty is in the protagonist. He vowed that Qin Yan was his number one enemy, he followed the protagonist in his expeditions, and finally died under the Zhao capital walls while shouting ‘Long live Emperor’.

Li Luo: “……” Is this brainless person really written by him?

At this moment, the silence in the room was interrupted by the sound of the door opening, Li Luo pulled his conscious out of his mind, and looked towards the source of the sound. Walking towards him was a little boy wearing black training clothes, he still has fat in his face and he was a delicate looking little boy.

As soon as he saw that Li Luo’s awake, the little boy’s big round eyes suddenly lit up. “Su gege, you finally woke up!”

“Your Highness…” Li Luo propped up his body to give Qin Yu a salute.

“Su gege, you should lie down, you don’t have to salute to me again.” With seriousness in his little face, Qin Yu pressed Li Luo back to his bed.

“This is…not according to proper etiquette.” Li Luo said quickly.

“Su gege should listen to what I said.” As Qin Yu looked at the young boy’s pale and weak face, he felt a slight panic and pain in his heart, when he saw the gauze on Li Luo’s chest, his little hand could not help but to touch Li Luo’s wound. “Su gege, is it still painful?”

Then he plucked his lips, bowed his head and blew the wound on Li Luo, “Mother said if you get hurt, blow it and it will not be painful anymore, Su gege, do you feel better?”

When he looked at Qin Yu who was less than his own chest and feeling the temperature of the little hands on his chest, he finally had the feeling that the characters he faced were all true.

Thinking of how young Qin Yu was when his parents were killed by Qin Yan, ‘as if demons and gods at work’ Li Luo put his hands on Qin Yu’s fluffy head and said. “Your Highness, if you want to cry just cry.”

“I do not want to cry, I want to work hard to become strong, and get revenge for my father and mother! …I do not want to cry…” His soft greasy voice was getting lower and lower, his round bun face slowly crumpled into a ball, his big eyes also watered, “Wu-wa-wa…wu-wu, fuhuang, mufei…wa-wa-wa-wa…”

His tears did not drop in Li Luo’s chest, and only wet the gauze that’s covering the wound.

Finally, Qin Yu whose eyes were swollen with tears smoothed out his mood. Zhao Mutian replaced Li Luo’s gauze with a new one—since it was completely wet with tears.

However, since then, Qin Yu become more intimate with Li Luo, almost every day he’s clinging to Li Luo, he also sleeps together with Li Luo every night.

When Li Luo refuses to sleep with him, he would looked at him pitifully and beg Li Luo until Li Luo finally agreed to go to bed with him.

On the night N years, nanny Li Luo said: ‘Even if every night he is dependent on me, in the future Qin Yu must dominate the world as the protagonist, but now he is still just a brat! Everyday reading bedtime stories, for 365 days throughout the year without salary, such a day, I really don’t want to go through it again! Please! Release! Me!’

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