A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 1- There is nothing but destruction

Translated by: Niladri


It wasn't until I was 6 years old that I realized that I had reincarnated as a so-called cannon fodder* in a game - a reincarnated villain.

During my lifetime, I lived in a place called Japan.

But for some reason--when I woke up, I found myself reincarnated as Erd Schmarken, an aristocrat from a fantasy world.

「Ah, I know this face somehow.」

Terrible looks coupled with an evil countenance deeply stained with the color of villainy and horrible looking eyes.

I recognized this face.  Of course, it was from something of my previous life.

「Come to think of it, he looks like a character from the game I was playing right before I died… Ah, that guy. 」

I remembered this while washing my face in the mirror in the morning.

However, even though he was a game character, he wasn't the main character.

[Egoistic Fantasy]--a gold standard title for full-fledged dark fantasy RPG had a reputation for realistic graphics and a wide range of complex, fleshed out scenarios, but...

Speaking of Erd Schmarken, he was a villainous aristocrat whose death flags inevitably led him to ruin.

The boss that appears just before the final boss, and since he uses troublesome magic, it was rumored that he was even stronger than the final boss.

「Ah, so I guess I'll die soon too...?」

At the age of 6, I realized that I was about to die.

「This character will die in a miserable way no matter what route he takes... Well, that's the kind of guy he was. 」

Erd was destined to die in the game, no matter what the player did.

He appears as the most sinister villain against the main character, is defeated brilliantly, and dies. As a cannon fodder, dying in this manner perfectly suited his character.

He's a so-called hate-chara [hated character].

However, now that I have been reincarnated in such an Erd, I cannot afford to die.

It’s a rare opportunity to be reincarnated as a character in a game world like this right?

「In that case how about trying to avoid getting ruined!」

I've read all kinds of things in various novels and stuff.

Even if you're reincarnated into a character that only has this destruction route, you can still survive depending on how you do things.

I'm glad I realized it at my current age.

After all, Erd is expected to die only after he becomes an adult.

Let’s think. What can I do to help with my survival?

This world was in the age of šlavery--,

All kinds of nobles bought šlaves, and all sorts of merchants dealt with šlaves - such was the era.

In the midst of this, the Schmarken family has been a family of šlave traders for generations.

Erd in the game was already a terrible guy.

Even if they're slaves, there should be a standard way of treating them, don't you think?

The merchant's point of view was that šlaves were important commodities.  People who damaged such a product or neglected its management were disqualified as a merchant. But Erd was just that kind of guy.

Because of that, after Erd's final ruin, he was treated badly by former šlaves.

Even when his limbs were cut off, he would not be treated and will be relegated to being a defective šlave until he dies.

There’s no way I would want a future like that.

「Come to think of it, Erd became a defective šlave in every route…」

So, if he could treat himself, it shouldn't be a problem...?

The young I thought up this plan.

「That's right! In order not to avoid dying, let's practice healing magic from now! 」

I was still 6 years old. My magical aptitude isn't fixed either.

If I started now, shouldn’t I be able to learn a decent amount of healing magic?

The Erd in the game was a character who used only dark magic, šlavery magic, and other magic that could be used for evil...

Well, considering Erd's original personality, I guess that's how it was.

But I didn’t want to die, so I'll study healing magic for myself!

Considering Erd's original aptitude and talent for magic, it should be that easy.

Even with this, he appears as one of the strongest bosses. So, he’s probably more talented than those run of the mill mobs out there.

What would happen if all the talent that was spent on offensive magic was spent on healing magic...!?

Perhaps I could become the strongest healer mage!

From that day on, my healing magic training began.

Fortunately, the Schmarken family was quite—no, really wealthy.

They were very successful as šlave traders.

Thanks to that, there were many books at home.

For me, who had lived my life to adulthood, it wasn't that difficult to understand the contents of the books.

Since I was 6 years old, I've been focusing only on healing magic, so my learning progressed smoothly.

To be honest, for the first time I thought studying was fun.

「Oh, maybe I have a good aptitude for healing magic?」

I didn't think that Erd in the game had such a decent aptitude for healing magic. The images were too contrasting.

Does this mean that Erd's magical aptitude was excellent to begin with?

Well, the original Erd probably didn't try to learn absolute healing magic due to his personality.

Also, Erd wan’t the kind of guy who took his training seriously...

But if I properly acquire healing magic like this--when I'm ruined in the future, I'll be able to heal myself!

Honestly, I thought this strategy was perfect.  If someone acquired healing magic up to the strongest class, they could deal with any situation!

「Simply practicing recovery magic only by myself, I have reached the limit of my training...」

With that in mind, I decided to look for someone who was injured.

In the Schmarken family, there was no shortage of injured people.

What I meant was--.

「You b*stard! You're a useless šlave! Die!」

「Hi~i!  Master, please forgive me...!」

Just today, one of the šlaves was being bullied by his father.

Erd's father, Dofun, also had a terrible personality.

Even though they were šlaves, they weren't treated like humans. He used his own šlaves as an outlet for his stress.

I will talk to the beaten middle-aged šlave later.


「Hi~i!  Young master Erd...! Please don't hit me...!」

「I won't hit you...」

Really, just what kind of action was the original Erd doing... He's only six years old, and he's already so vile. Well, because of that why his fate was not good.

「I'll treat you with healing magic. Don't move.」

「Eh...? Ah, thank you...?」

「Hey, with this are you able to move...?「」

「Young master…You're so kind...」

「I'm not kind. This is for my practice.」

That's right. I'm not particularly kind. If I was really kind, I would let the šlaves escape from here right now.

But I'm not in a situation where I can do that, and I have no intention of doing so.

I also don't want to do anything troublesome to make my father stop beating šlaves.

Essentially, this is just a place to practice healing magic for my future self.

That's why I will have no kindness within me.

Strangely enough, I wonder if remnants of the original Erd’s personality lingered. I was able to perceive the feelings of kindness and sympathy fading from within me.

Well, that doesn't matter. For me, I’ll continue doing my best to survive.

Suddenly, I remember seeing the face of the šlave I treated.

Come to think of it... he was going to take revenge on me after I was ruined...

Originally, Erd would be ruined and reduced to šlavery.

At that time, Erd was treated badly by his fellow šlaves as revenge for everything he had done till then.

Well, I'm going to use healing magic to prevent that from happening...

Just in case, let's sell some flattery.

「Hey, if father hits you again, come to me. I'll cure you.」

「Ah, thank you very much...! After all, young master is kind」

Like this, my healing magic grew quickly.


*1. Original text- Biting Dog : A dog against which young dogs bite for training for dog fight matches. In other words, in martial arts , etc., it is a weak opponent who is played as a foil

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