Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 200: Blood dialysis

"Since you're one of our own, as the president, I will arrange housing for you. You're going to stay with Rentaro. Hina-chan will also be enrolled in the same school as Enju. Of course, I will deduct the fees from your salary."

Feng Yu Chen signed the employment contract and got a set of keys and school papers from Kisara. She also issued him two phones, one for Feng Yu Chen, and the other for Hina-chan.

Feng Yu Chen didn't turn down these amenities. Kisara is going to dice him up anyway. He accepted his fate. According to the original work, she will become edgier as the series unfurls further.


Kisara turned pale as she groaned in pain.

"What's the matter? Are you okay?"

Feng Yu Chen was stunned by her sudden throes.


He recalled that her kidney was badly damaged by a previous Gastrea Attack. She has to undergo regular dialysis to keep her body running. Today is the day.

"Kisara-san? Are you okay? Hina-chan and Feng-nii are here for you."

Hina-chan asked.

"I forgot today is my dialysis day."

Kisara gnashed her teeth while growling.

Feng Yu Chen helplessly sighed.

"Don't tell me you delayed your treatment session just so you could wait for me to pay up..."

Kisara winked while Feng Yu Chen sighed again. She was too excited about the ill-gotten gains that she forgot about her dialysis.

"Fine, jeez, what a worrisome boss. If you can't take care of your own body you have no business running a company. I will take you to the hospital since I am so nice."

Feng Yu Chen is still angry that Kisara conned him but he isn't heartless enough to let her wince in pain.

He wrapped her arms around his neck and picked her up piggyback.

"I can't move..."

Kisara felt like her chest might burst open.

"Fine, excuse me..."

Feng Yu Chen switched to a princess carry.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Kisara blushed because this is too intimate for her.

"Stop moving around. I am not in love with you. I am just helping you out since you're not in any condition to walk. Tell me the address of the nearest hospital. Trust me, if, at all possible, I don't want to be anywhere near you. Putting you here like this is just something a douchebag would do, not me..."

He admitted.

"You narcissist, I don't like you too. Stop touching me and let go."

Kisara started going Tsundere on him.


"Sorry, okay? We got off on the wrong foot, sheesh..."

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

It is very hard dealing with a lady like Kisara.

He hunted monsters and went to Seitenshi's home, and now he has to deal with a trip to the nearest hospital.

"It's at XXXX..."

Kisara whispered. Although she didn't like the idea of someone carrying her around, her life mattered more than her pride right now.

"Kisara-san sure is late. Take note next time, okay? Click the bell button when you're done with the dialysis. You're... Satomi-san, I presume?"

The nurse asked Feng Yu Chen.

"No, I am not. I am Mr. Feng."

Feng Yu Chen corrected her. Looks like she likes to talk to the nurses about Rentaro, she must like him.

"Oh, you changed your boyfriend? Sorry to hear that..."

The nurse awkwardly left the room.

"He's not my (girlfriend) boyfriend..."

Feng Yu Chen and Kisara denied it at the same time.

The nurse wasn't around to hear them.

"Alright, you lay back and take it easy, missy..."

Feng Yu Chen pushed Kisara back down on the bed. She isn't supposed to be moving around like this. She can just explain herself the next time she meets the nurse.


Kisara rolled her eyes.

"Don't talk to me like I am Hina-chan. I don't need someone to babysit me."

"Fine, just stay down. I will peel you an apple or something..."

Feng Yu Chen took out an apple. He peeled the apple for him although it was originally meant for Hina-chan.

"Where did you put that apple? Can I still eat it?"

Kisara rolled her eyes.

"Stop complaining. This belonged to Hina-chan and you're getting it for free, just shut your yap."

Feng Yu Chen is a bit tired of Kisara.

"Yeah, Kisara-san, that was mine but since nee-san is sick, I thought you should have it."

Hina-chan nodded. However, judging by the way she looked at the apple, it looks like she wanted some too. Couldn't Feng-nii have prepared a few more apples?

Well, he couldn't because this was the apple leftover from yesterday's fruit salad preparation.

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