The Deities of Hell

Chapter 9 - The Devil of Greed part 2


The spider held Mizuki in its arms.

It reached out with its hands and opened its mouth as if it was about to attack him.

Panicked, Mizuki grabbed the clothing hanging nearby and covered the spider with them, and then hit it.


With the chains fixed to a proper length, the two of them left the clothing store.

They ran through the department store and headed for the exit.

However, maybe it knew that they would come here…

“Ahhh! Go back!!!”

They turned around in a panic.

However, no matter where they ran, there were spiders everywhere chasing them.

They moved on human-like hands mixed with spider legs.


The spider spat out something like a string from its mouth.

It coiled around Yua’s legs.

“Take off your shoes!”

Yua took off her shoes and threw them away and was about to run once more.

However, the spider had time to spit out another string during that time.

“Oh no!”

Mizuki defended against the string with the clothing in his hand, then threw it away and took Yua’s hand to run.

“We’ll go to that room!”

The two dodged the string and held the door handle on the room in the back of the store.

“No! It won’t open!!

“Oh no! It’s coming! The spiders are marching here! I’ve never seen something like this before!”

Mizuki gave up on the room and looked down at the department store underground.

“Go down first! The handcuffs will make it somehow!”

Trusting him, Yua jumped down to the underground department.

As she fell, the chain between their handcuffs lengthened and, like how the spiders spat out the strings, she dropped slowly to the ground.

“Mizuki! I’ll catch you! Come down!”

“Dodge me! It’s fine!”

Yua took a stance as if catching Mizuki, but Mizuki couldn’t hear her.

Having no choice, Yua dodged him like he had told her to.

Mizuki bit the bullet and jumped down just in time to avoid the approaching spider’s attack.

Touching the string hanging down, he tried to lighten the impact as much as possible, but he still crashed to the ground.


Although he hurt one of his legs, he dragged it to the room nearby to hide.

“Pant... Pant...”

“That thing was so creepy. Was it Snakey’s friend?”

The two of them leaned against the door, out of breath.

When they looked through the peephole to check the situation outside, they saw several spiders walking around.

Yua picked up the notepad with trembling hands.

When Mizuki saw “How’s your leg? Can you walk?” written on it, he apologetically shook his head.

“It’s not broken. But a bit twisted.”

Yua gave Mizuki’s leg first aid by wrapping a cloth around it.

Although she had a troubled expression, she didn’t look like she had given up on life.

“I… Unless I do something…”

Yua mumbled and reached for the shoulder bag with trembling hands.

Mizuki lifted Yua’s handcuff and observed it.

And pointed to a hole in it.

“I noticed this earlier, but it looks like a keyhole. My handcuff doesn’t have one.”

As Mizuki had said, there was a hole in Yua’s handcuff that looked like a keyhole.

Yua hadn’t noticed it until now.

“Wha–, you’re right.”

“And I thought of something. You have a small key, Yua.”

“Do you mean–”

Yua got the key from the shoulder bag.

Putting the key in the keyhole of her handcuff, there was a “click” sound as it opened.

“It opened!”

Yua said delightedly, and Mizuki smiled brightly.

“Leave me… Behind. We no longer… Need to be together… Now.”

Mizuki said while smiling, but Yua couldn’t return his smile.


Yua hit his head.

“Don’t give up! You’re not dead yet!”

Yua scolded him with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know… What you’re saying.”

Mizuki said as he held her cheeks.

Although her words weren’t transmitted, he could see how she felt because of her expression.

Yua wiped her tears and walked around the room to see if there was anything usable.

If anything, even the dirty odor was awful.


Yua screamed.

As she lit up the room with the flashlight, she saw several corpses wearing military uniforms.

However, they had already turned into skeletons.

Perhaps that much time had passed.

“This is…”

Yua picked up the pistol near the uniforms.

And pulled the trigger nervously.


Along with a loud “bang”, the bullet shot toward the floor.

“This… We need to break those up with the guns.”

She picked up another gun and put two hand grenades in her bag.

“Mizuki, I want both of us to fight.”

Yua handed over a gun to him.

Mizuki gave a troubled smile as he took the gun from her.

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