The Deities of Hell

Chapter 27 - The Devil of Gluttony Part 5

The iron doot was in front of them.

A chain was fastened to the door on the outside, so the door could only open a gap as long as the chain.

Even if they opened a gap, they couldn’t unfasten the chain.

Feeling hopeless, Ritsu gave up on surviving.

“Pomkichi, you go alone. You can fit through this gap.”

Ritsu said with a refreshed look on his face as the flock of squirrels was behind them.

“I don’t want to! I want leave you behind!”

“It’s fine, so go.”


Ritsu forced Pomkichi through the gap of the door, despite his refusal.

He pressed his body through it and released him outside the door.


“No waaay!”

Ritsu smiled lightly as Pomkichi shouted and reached out for him.

At the same time, there was a click, and the door opened.


“It opened.”

After the door opened, Pomkichi was hanging from the door chain.

While smiling sweetly, he looked somehow happy.

“You! What did you mean by ‘no waaay’ just now!?”

“A joke?”

“You annoying—! Now I don’t know whether to be glad or angry!”

“Hmmm, I think it’s fine if we run now.”

Brooding, Pomkichi pointed behind Ritsu.

Ritsu looked back and saw the flock of squirrels quickly drawing nearer. One of them even jumped on Ritsu’s shoulder.

“Woah!? This guy!”


Knocking down the squirrel, Ritsu took Pomkichi and ran to the rooftop.

“You cornered me before!”

“Will we get away!? Or will we be caught!? How will the handsome Ritsu’s end look like!? To be continued!”

“Are you fooling around!? We’ll be beaten up because of you, idiot bear!”

“I won’t be the one beaten up! It’ll be the world!”

Whether Pomkichi or the world would be beaten… it was obviously Pomkichi who would be.

As the flock of squirrels came after them, Ritsu took Pomkichi and the sword and ran as fast as he could.

He could see the edge of the rooftop, but the squirrels were now flying.

Even if he used the Evil Eye to run away in the air, they’d be caught.

“Munch munch.”

“Hey? What are you doing, munching like that?”

“I’m eating your snacks.”

Ritsu asked him while running for their lives while Pomkichi was scouring through his backpack.

He was eating like he was stuffing his cheeks with Ritsu’s candy.

“Idiot! Don’t eat my snacks! Stop it!”


The cotton candy Pomkichi was eating fell from his hand.

The cotton candy scattered and the other snacks ended up falling as well.

“What happened?”

“I dropped it.”

“What!? I’ll kill you!”

While enraged, Ritsu ran through the rooftop.

However, sensing discomfort behind him, he ran while glancing over his shoulder.


The squirrels who were chasing them stopped to lick at the cotton candy and chocolate Pomkichi had dropped, their tongues reaching out like pigs’.

They ate frantically without paying any heed for Ritsu.

“Just as planned.”

“You liar!”

Pomkichi showed a smug expression, and Ritsu beat him vigorously.

However, Ritsu finally had peace of mind and sighed with relief.

“But it turned out all right in the end.I guess I should thank you.”

“I’m embarrassed!”

Ritsu raised his thumb and thanked Pomkichi.

Then, he carried Pomkichi in his backpack and jumped down from the rooftop.

“Woah!? We’ll die if you just jump!?”

“Don’t worry! I won’t die! As the protagonist, I have plot armor! I’m the man called Ritsu Saienji! Evil Eye Balor!”

Ritsu’s eyes changed to a clear yellow color.

At the same time, the speed at which Ritsu was falling slowed down.

It was like he was flying a parachute.


“I can control my sword with the Evil Eye. Though I can only control one object with it, the object can support my weight. But it’s too weak to lift me up. As I did just now, I can slowly descend.”

“I see! I don’t get it at all!”

“Don’t overthink, idiot.”

Ritsu slowly let them down to the moss on the ground covered in greenery.

“Alright, the exit of this area is right in front of us.”


Ritsu and Pomkichi were only delighted for a short moment before the ground below them shook violently.

The two of them fell down on the spot.


“Ritsu, I’ve seen this big person before.”


It was the Pig Bastard who made Ritsu and Pomkichi lose their footing.

Because green moss was growing on its body, they hadn’t noticed it.

Its body suddenly extended as it drew its pig-like face near.


“Ahhhh!!! Run!”

Ritsu and Pomkichi ran in panic, but the place they were in was extensive.

Since it wasn’t a cramped space, they would obviously be caught.

“Ritsu! Your Evil Eye! Do something about it with your Evil Eye!”

“Impossible! The Evil Eye doesn’t work on living beings! Besides, I need to concentrate to control things! I’m doing all I can to just run away! There’s no meaning in using the Evil Eyes now!!!”

“No way!”


Ritsu tripped over a stone and tumbled down a small slope.



“Stand up! They’ll catch up to us!”

Pomkichi got close to Ritsu and tried to get him up.

However, Ritsu’s foot wasn’t in a condition to be stood on.

“Damn it, I twisted my foot.”

“No way! You can do it, Ritsu! Stand up! You have to stand, Ritsu!”

“Don’t say it like that.”

“Ah! It’s coming!”

Ritsu gave up on trying to stand up.

Facing the direction of the Pig Bastard, he gave an enlightened smile.

Pomkichi clung to Ritsu’s foot while thinking about how to support it, but there was nothing he could do with his knowledge or strength.

“Pant. Are you ready?”


While Ritsu was prepared, Pomkichi was despairing.

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