The Deities of Hell

Chapter 24 - The Devil of Gluttony Part 2

After the ground crumbled, his own future was to fall to death.

That was originally Ritsu’s future.

However, Ritsu had a power fitting for a protagonist.

“The Devil Eye Balor!”

Ritsu’s eyes changed into a clear yellow color.

In the middle of his fall, he reached out for one of the debris, which stopped midair.

It wasn’t something a human could do… This power could also be called psychic power.

“That was close!”

Climbing on top of the debris midair, it looked like he was controlling it with his hand still reaching out for the debris.

The debris slowly descended with Ritsu on top of it.

“Pant… Pant... So I still can’t lift things, huh?”

Getting off the debris, he walked forward on shaky legs, breathing heavily.

“Still, it’s a pretty view inside of the Sanctuary. It would be perfect if there was a cute girl here, too. Hehe, if that was the case, I should use my other power! Hahahaha!”

He laughed loudly and said to himself.

Nevertheless, after coming to his senses, he grabbed his sword with a sigh.

“Well, there’s no girl here, anyway. At any rate, I should look for a way to escape.”

Approaching a train overgrown with mold and moss, he headed inside it.

On the way, he saw a polar bear plushy inside the train.

Despite being something inside the Sanctuary, it wasn’t dirty and looked like it was new.

“A dog plushy, huh? I used to walk around with one like this in the past.”

Ritsu lifted the plushy and patted its head.

“It’s not a dog! It’s a bear!”


Ritsu asked.

He had heard a shrill voice from the plushy.

He unconsciously lost control of his facial expression, and his body stiffened.

“I'm embarrassed!”


The bear plushy spoke with a cute expression and raised its small paw.

Flustered, Ritsu let go of the plushy and put some distance between them.

“This guy, well, a devil? It doesn’t seem like a devil though… It’s strange! You’re a weirdo!”

“I'm embarrassed! I am! The Dead from Hell!”

“Ugh! No way! No matter how I look at it, it’s a devil’s creature!”

Ritsu said and started running away.

However, the bear plushy, which was only the size of Ritsu’s head, chased him frantically.

Its tiny legs ran at a rapid.

“I'm embarrassed! I'm embarrassed!”

“Stop it! Don’t come after me!!!”

Ritsu screamed while turning toward the palm of the plushy’s paw

“The Devil Eye of Balor!”

The color of his eyes turned yellow once again.

However, without any strange phenomena like before occurring, the plushy came after him naturally.

“The Devil Eye isn’t working!? That thing is alive! Ah! Oh no!”

Looking behind him while running, Ritsu didn’t notice the pillar in front of him and crashed into it.

Hitting his head, he fainted and collapsed.

“I'm embarrassed!”

“Ugh… oh, great.”

The bear plushy climbed on top of Ritsu.

Saying “I'm embarrassed” in a loud voice, it laughed with an innocent face.

“What are you!? Are you a friend of the devils or not!?”

“I am me.”

“Are you an idiot? I obviously see that! Fool!”


Listening to Ritsu’s verbal abuse, the plushy became startled.

He1 was an idiot, not knowing he was saying dumb things.

“Apparently, there’s no evil influence at least.”

“I'm embarrassed!”

“What’s your name?”

“Name? Is it something yummy?”

“Your name signifies your existence.”

Knowing the plushy wasn’t under any evil influence, Ritsu returned to being a cheeky kid.

“Then what’s yours?”

“Mine? I’m the handsome hero, Ritsu Saienji.”


“Exactly. Aren’t I handsome?”

“Yeah! You’re handsome!”

“You! Aren’t you a good guy! The guys in my class always call me cute like idiots! You’re the only one! The only one who recognized my handsomeness!”

“I'm embarrassed!”

Ritsu was happy from the bottom of his heart and patted the plushy’s head intensely while talking.

Then, touching the chest of the plushy, his face lit up.

“Hehe, I will bestow thou a name.”

“Yay! I’ll get to eat a name!”

“Thy name is Pomkichi! You will be called Pomkichi from now on!”

“I am Pomkichi! Thanks for giving me a name! Handsome Ritsu!”

“You’re making me shy.”

The plushy–Pomkichi–jumped up and down, making Ritsu shy.

Pomkichi jumped down from Ritsu and struck its signature pose.

“The Dead from Hell! Pomkichi!”

“I feel like I’ve heard that from somewhere… The dead from hell? Was it from an anime I watched before?”

“Ritsu, I want to save you! Can’t I help you with something?”

“He! There’s nothing.”


“I lied.”

“Oh, good.”

Trembling, Ritsu calmed down.

To come into contact with the existence opposite of the cruel world–Pomkichi–caused his fear to settle down.

“Help me get out of this Sanctuary.”

“Of course!”

Hitting it off with each other, they swore to escape from this hell.

The boy with the strange power and the strange plushy.

The future of these two, whether it would be heaven or hell, of hope or despair, light or dark, was still to be seen.

  1. The bear plushy.

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