Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1736 - Escaping From Tai Yi

A door had appeared in the hall of chaos, and even Qin Mu didn't expect this change. His primordial spirit immediately took a step forward and came to the door of the hall.

He had originally thought that it would be very difficult for him to cultivate the Hall of Chaos. The master of Miluo Palace had once said that because Qin Mu had never trained in the true great calamity of destruction, it was very difficult for him to understand what true chaos was.

It was also because of this that even though he had cultivated the Chaotic Palace, there were no doors to the treasured palace, so he couldn't enter.

If he wanted to walk this path to perfection, he had to return to the past and experience the great calamities of destruction, experiencing the true meaning of chaos.

Qin Mu also deeply agreed with the judgment of the master of Miluo Palace.

But how could he return to the past universe at this time to become the seventh young master?

He still chose to stay.

Yet now, the Primal Chaos Palace had a door, which made him both surprised and delighted.

The changes in the Chaotic Palace seemed impossible, but it was natural.

Ever since he had met the master of Miluo Palace through the primordial chaos, he had made extraordinary breakthroughs. He had achieved phenomenal success in the path of the Ruins of End, the density of the Chaos Sea, and the refinement of the Primordial Body. He had achieved Primordial Spirit Transformation and comprehended the chapter of Heaven Opening, comprehending the Dao of Tai Yi and the divine arts of Tai Yi.

Not only that, he had also used the Dao injuries left behind by the third young master of the Miluo Palace to comprehend many marvels of the primordial divine art, paths, and skills of the Miluo Palace, solving his own Dao injuries.

It could be said that he had gathered the paths of the Miluo Palace and the Celestial Capital, and he had a deeper understanding of the Dao of Chaos.

His primordial spirit stood in front of the hall of chaos and pushed open the heavy door. The hall of chaos opened, and what appeared in front of his primordial spirit were huge rivers of chaos!

Qin Mu was astonished, and his primordial spirit hurriedly stopped.

Sixteen long rivers of chaos appeared in his temple. Below each river of chaos, one could see the magnificent history of sixteen universe eras. Countless living beings struggled in the river, floated, and died.

In his chaos hall was the great calamity of sixteen universes!

It wasn't because his chaos hall contained the great calamity that could destroy sixteen universes, but because his chaos hall was connected to the great calamity that destroyed sixteen universes!

This was the path he had to take to achieve the Dao!

He had to cross these sixteen rivers of chaos to reach the throne in the center of the palace!

Back then, he had met the master of Miluo Palace across the hall of chaos. At that time, the master of Miluo Palace was in the hall while he was outside, and the two of them had talked.

Previously, Qin Mu thought that the master of Miluo Palace should be in his Hall of Chaos, but from the looks of it now, the master of Miluo Palace wasn't actually in the hall, but in the long river of chaos of a certain universe era!

The master of Miluo Palace must have seen a chaos hall suddenly appear in the future universe, so he passed through the layers of chaos and came to the front of the hall.

He thought Qin Mu was in the hall, and Qin Mu thought he was in the hall. Thus, the two of them started a conversation across time and space, and neither of them saw the other's appearance.

In this marvelous conversation, the master of Miluo Palace understood Qin Mu's situation, so he told him that he had to return to the past and experience the great calamities of destruction before his Dao could be perfected.

Now, when Qin Mu saw the sixteen long rivers of chaos, he knew that the master of Miluo Palace was speaking the truth.

"If I want to achieve the Dao, I need to experience these sixteen long rivers of chaos. At that time, Miluo Palace's master must have seen the scene of the hall of chaos sitting on the sixteen long rivers of chaos, that's why he said that."

His primordial spirit stood in front of the first long river and never stepped onto it.

That was because he had deduced a fact. If he stepped into the long river of chaos, he would definitely fall into the prehistoric universe!

He definitely couldn't let himself enter the prehistoric universe now. He had to stay in Eternal Peace!

This first river was the great calamity of destruction in the First Universe. If one stepped into it and fell into the First Universe, when would they return?

"Ignore him!"

Qin Mu roused his primordial qi and focused all his attention on executing the Tai Yi Divine Axe. He thought to himself, 'Let's solve the problem in front of us first. We'll talk about the future later!'

He opened the door of the Chaotic Palace, and his cultivation increased exponentially. His comprehension of the Dao of Chaos became even deeper.

There was no Great Dao in the primordial chaos. He wanted to open up a kind of Great Dao, a kind of Great Dao that jumped out of the Miluo Palace and Heaven Capital. Therefore, the master of the Miluo Palace would say that he couldn't understand it.

Even though Qin Mu hadn't perfected his cultivation yet, he couldn't explain why he was able to improve his cultivation and abilities.

He was like a giant that could split heaven and earth apart. He pushed the huge ax forward and sliced apart more than half of the door!

Yet towards the end, the pressure became heavier. The 6,400 Great Daos of the thatched hut were resisting him at the same time!

Qin Mu suddenly raised his leg and stomped heavily. The apparition of the sacrificial altar appeared under his feet!

He used his own primordial qi to evolve the Heaven-Opening Altar. Purple qi rose from his body and mixed with the primordial qi, raising his strength once again!


The two doors flew up and flew to both sides!

Qin Mu dispersed the Tai Yi Divine Axe and panted with his hands on his knees. He was surprised and delighted. 'It's done…'

Just as he thought that, the thatched huts also flew up and broke into two in midair!

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open, not knowing what to do.

After the straw hut broke, it turned into strands of Primordial Violet Vapor and vanished into thin air.


The straw hut without a roof suddenly split into pieces and transformed into Primordial Violet Vapor, vanishing!

"Senior Brother Supreme, it's none of my business!"

Qin Mu immediately shouted, "Senior brother, I'm just opening the door. I definitely didn't break your Hall of Supreme Being!"

The hut evaporated.

Meanwhile, at the back of the thatched hut, the Dao Tree of Eldest Young Master Grandmaster suddenly snapped with a crack and transformed into specks of light that quickly dissipated!

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open and stuttered, "Impossible, impossible… With my abilities, I definitely can't split your Dao Tree or your Hall of Supreme Hall. You're bluffing! You want to extort me…"

Eldest Young Master's Dao Tree had completely vanished without a trace.

The thatched hut had vanished as well, and only a Dao Burial Divine Coffin stood alone in the Ultimate Void.

Qin Mu was bewildered. He definitely couldn't chop the Grand Supreme Hall into pieces, nor could he turn the Dao Tree of Eldest Young Master Grand Supreme into ashes. In that case, what exactly was going on?

'It's most likely that big young master saw me breaking his seal, so he took away his Dao Tree and Supreme Hall. That must be it!'

Qin Mu composed himself and muttered, "Don't try to cheat me…"

He walked forward and examined the god burial coffin, clicking his tongue in wonder.

"This divine coffin is much better than my one, and the refinement is even more magnificent. I even want to lie down and enjoy myself. Dao Brother Tai Yi, aren't you enviable to be locked inside!"

Qin Mu threw the matter of big young master's straw hut and the disappearance of the Dao Tree to the back of his mind. He couldn't help laughing loudly as he touched the coffin and teased, "Dao brother, are you comfortable inside?"

He couldn't hide the smugness in his heart. Back then, Tai Yi was so mysterious and unfathomable that even Qin Mu didn't dare to be impudent in front of him. He could only be respectful.

Now that Tai Yi was suppressed in such an exquisite coffin, he couldn't help but tease him.

This Dao Burial Divine Coffin was indeed much more intricate and exquisite than Qin Mu's Dao Burial Divine Coffin. Qin Mu's coffin had been forged in a hurry by Xing An in three months, so it had many imperfections.

Furthermore, Xing An and Tai Chu had gone easy on Qin Mu for various reasons, leaving him with a hundred percent flaw.

However, this Dao Burial Divine Coffin that was too easy to 'bury' was meticulously crafted by the Miluo Palace. It was finely sculpted and didn't leave any flaws!

Qin Mu found a hundred long Dao Slaughtering Divine Nails on the six walls of the coffin. Not only did each nail have the arrangement of an ordinary Dao Slaughtering Divine Nail, all the formation markings inside were refined with the unique primordial runes of Mi Luo Palace. It could be said to be incomparably powerful!

More importantly, the material of the Killing Dao Divine Nail revealed a purple luster. It should be a rare divine metal!

"Each of these coffin nails can be said to be on par with a Dao weapon that has achieved the Dao!"

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration and examined the coffin. The material used to make the coffin was mostly heavenly treasures from the prehistoric ancestral court, and the materials used were extremely luxurious.

More importantly, the main body of the coffin was made from the Dao Tree!

"To be able to lie in this coffin, my life is not in vain."

Qin Mu was extremely envious as he took a closer look. Even though big young master's Grand Supreme Elder looked haggard, he was extremely serious in his work and didn't leave any flaws. It was too easy to pull out the Dao Killing Divine Crucifixion Stakes and release it, but it was a difficult problem.

It was almost impossible to forcefully pull out the God Killing Nail.

Half of these nails were nailed into the coffin, while the other half was nailed into Tai Yi's body. If the nails were pulled out by force, the power of the nails and the coffin would burst forth. The first reason was to injure the person who was pulling the nails out, and the second reason was to injure Tai Yi inside!

"I gave the Tai Yi walking stick to Xu Shenghua and let him bring it to deal with the army of the celestial heavens. If he has the walking stick, I can contact Tai Yi in the coffin and ask him how to break the Dao burial coffin. Now it seems like I can only make a trip to the ancestral court."

Qin Mu exerted strength in his waist and carried the coffin to the World Crossing Gold Ship. He then placed the coffin on the deck.

He held onto the coffin and was in high spirits as he drove the golden ship away.

After a moment, Qin Mu counted the nails on the top of the coffin. There were fourteen nails, and his face couldn't help turning black. He hurriedly turned the coffin around and thought to himself, 'I seem to have put Tai Yi's head down and his feet up… He's an otherworldly expert after all, and he's very magnanimous. He definitely won't blame me… Hmm, he definitely won't!'

It would still take some time to travel from the Ultimate Void to Eternal Peace, so Qin Mu had some free time to study the Dao burial coffin in detail. However, the refinement of this Dao burial coffin was extremely complicated, and the knowledge contained within was too vast. He couldn't find a way to solve it in a short time.

'Tai Yi definitely has a way, I don't need to worry! Even if Tai Yi can't solve it, there's still Lan Yutian, Xu Shenghua, and the rest! That's right, there's also Xing An, he was the one who beat up my coffin. It shouldn't be difficult for them to solve Tai Yi's coffin!'

He placed the coffin aside and excitedly comprehended his own Chaos Great Dao. After all, this was the proper business.

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