Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1710 - You Have No Right

Five days later, the remaining survivors of Carefree Village finally reached the territory of Lan Feng Valley. The ambushes, attacks, and losses along the way had reduced the army of Carefree Village to less than thirty percent.

Luckily, Wei Suifeng, North Deity Xuan Wu, South Deity Zhu Que, Red Deity Qi Xiayu, and the rest led the Eternal Peace Army to meet up with Di Yiyue and the rest. This made the Celestial Heavens' Divine Master Navy not dare to act rashly, which was why they were able to reach Lan Feng Valley.

No matter if it was the soldiers under Wei Suifeng, North Deity, South Deity, Red Deity, or Carefree Village, their morale wasn't high.

The soldiers under Wei Suifeng were the Feathered Forest Guards, and their cultivation was mostly at the Jade Capital Realm and Numinous Sky Realm. They were a force that could fight a Celestial Venerable. Now, everyone had fallen to the God Execution Stage or the Nine Hells Stage, and their cultivation was severely weakened.

There were also many soldiers of Carefree Village who had cultivated to the Jade Capital Realm and Numinous Sky Realm. At this moment, they were all suppressed to the God Execution Stage Realm.

Strong as Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha, Yan Yunxi, Di Yiyue, Sakra Li Youran, Qing Huang, Tian Shu, and the rest had all become God Execution Stage!

The ones who suffered the most weren't them, but Red Deity Qi Xiayu.

Qi Xiayu was originally an existence that had cultivated nine celestial palaces and refined a small celestial heavens. Now, she had also fallen straight to the God Execution Stage Realm and was shaved off three and a half realms!

They were the leaders of the various armies after all, and their Dao hearts were extraordinary. They didn't collapse on the spot, but the blow to the soldiers of the various armies was extremely severe.

Cultivating forward, there was already no way out. All the generals had been severely weakened, so if the celestial heavens attacked again, how would they defend?

Furthermore, the Left Guards of Divine Strategies had already led the Youdu devil army to the back of the Lan Feng Valley and attacked from both sides with the army of the celestial heavens. Above them was the Xuandu army, and below them was the Youdu army, forming a siege!

This battle made people see no hope.

This made many people lose the courage to continue fighting.

On the other hand, many soldiers of Eternal Peace didn't have much of an impact. Firstly, Eternal Peace had only experienced a short period of time, and there weren't many who had cultivated to the Jade Capital Realm, Numinous Sky Realm, and Emperor's Throne Realm. Qin Mu was the only one who had cultivated to the Celestial Heavens Realm. Secondly, Eternal Peace's reform had added the realms of Four Heavenly Gates Realm, Heavenly Sea Realm, and Nine Hells Stage to the Celestial Palace Realm.

Even without the Jade Capital, Numinous Sky, Emperor's Throne, and the celestial heavens, it wouldn't affect them much.

There were also some generals like Light Emperor, Crimson Emperor, Shu Jun, Granny Si, Butcher, Village Chief, and the rest of the older generation that didn't walk the traditional system of celestial palaces. They walked the system of the Dao Realm.

Even though First Ancestor Human Emperor walked the path of the celestial palace system, he walked the path of the celestial palace's Dao Realm.

On the other hand, the reborn Ah Chou and Heaven Duke had also walked the path of Dao Realm, so their influence wasn't great.

Yun Jianli, Zhe Huali, Wang Muran, Qi Jiuyi, and the rest of the younger generation were all from Eternal Peace's Dao Academy. During their cultivation journey, they had already borrowed the results of Dao Academy's reforms and didn't walk the traditional cultivation system. Instead, after entering the Celestial Palace Realm, they learned the results of Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua, and each of them had extraordinary achievements.

As for Hua Xuanxiu, Ancestral Master Wen Yuan, and the rest of the younger generation, they had started learning the Ancestral Court Dao Realm system of Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua from the foundation, so they didn't have such concerns.

However, this incident had a huge impact on the battle. If the three young masters and four young masters didn't activate the Jade Capital Trap and deprive the four great realms, Qin Mu would be able to counterattack the celestial heavens when he returned!

And now, it was already a fluke that Eternal Peace could defend and not be wiped out!

Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable You, Lang Lang, and the rest had worried looks on their faces. After this sudden explosion, they decisively cut down the Jade Capital City in their celestial palaces and flattened the Numinous Sky Hall, leaving only the celestial palaces behind.

Their cultivation on the Dao Realm was extremely high. Without these four realms, even though it had quite an impact on their cultivation, they still had sixty to seventy percent of their strength left.

For example, Red Deity Qi Xiayu, her cultivation and abilities were only a thousandth of what they were before. This was the most terrifying.

There were still quite a number of people who were weakened!

Red Deity Qi Xiayu looked at Sakra Li Youran and was slightly hesitant. She saw that this person no longer had the appearance of a handsome monk. Instead, he was a devil god with a sinister face. This made her not dare to recognize him.

She still mustered her courage to go forward and said, "Senior brother, you look like an old friend of mine."

Feeling inferior, Li Youran avoided her and ignored her.

Qi Xiayu went forward again and said, "I know a monk from Carefree Village. His name is Li Youran and he was once Sakra Buddha of the Buddha Realm."

Li Youran couldn't avoid her and said, "Female benefactor got the wrong person. Over there are buddha weapons from Buddhism, and they are coming down the mountain to save people. That Rulai Zhan Kong should know Sakra Buddha you mentioned."

Qi Xiayu didn't go to meet Zhan Kong and instead stared at him. "No matter what Li Youran becomes, I will still recognize him."

Li Youran was unmoved.

"Brother Yu, give the lecture."

In the sky above Mist Maple Valley, Qin Mu looked down and took in all the forms of life. He said, "Tell me about your cultivation system for three days. Tell everyone in Mist Maple Valley to listen."

Lan Yutian scratched his head and whispered, "Brother, Xu Shenghua once told me that what I said was too profound, and very few people could understand it. When I talked about the cultivation system of the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm, I'm afraid there aren't many gods and devils. Furthermore, even if I could comprehend the system of the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm in three days, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to cultivate it."

"It's fine."

Qin Mu said, "You just need to talk. Those who can comprehend the various realms of the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm system in these three days are all talented people. These people must also be experts of the traditional celestial palace system. They have benefited a lot, so they can teach it to others in the future. After you talk for three days, Village Chief, Granny, you guys can each talk for three days."

Village Chief Su Muzhe and Granny Si nodded their heads respectively. Granny Si asked suspiciously, "What we have comprehended is definitely far inferior to a founder like Lan Yutian. What's the use of us talking about it?"

Village Chief Su Muzhe said with a smile, "Granny, what Mu'er means is that if we speak shallowly, it will be easier for others to understand. Mu'er, is this what you mean?"

Qin Mu nodded.

Granny Si spat on the ground and said, "Lan Yutian has said it before. Let us talk about it. In nine days, the great army of the celestial heavens has already been flattened here!"

"They can't push."

Qin Mu said indifferently, "I'm here, so who can push me? Hua Xuanxiu, Cult Master Wenyuan, after granny's lecture, you guys can talk about the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm system."

Jiang Yunjian, Hua Xuanxiu, and Ancestral Master Wen Yuan went forward. Hua Xuanxiu asked curiously, "Uncle Qin, are you asking us to talk because our comprehension is more shallow?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "No, it's because you guys started learning from the basics, while Granny Si, Village Chief, and the rest all had their own unique skills before cultivating the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm system. With preconceptions, you guys have your own opinions. On the other hand, you guys didn't have their preconceptions when cultivating, so you guys comprehended more about the new system and were more meticulous. You guys could usually think of things that they didn't expect."

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan was very happy.

Qin Mu took a glance at him and said, "Cult Master Wen Yuan is the first to speak. He had also cultivated the traditional celestial palace system in the past, so it's hard to say if he has preconceived notions."

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan's face darkened.

Qin Mu said to Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable You, Lang Lang, and the rest, "Why don't you guys listen to it as well? Without the four traditional realms, you will be able to cut your losses. A new cultivation system might allow you to achieve even greater things."

Celestial Venerable Yue said, "Now that Emperor Hao has the support of the three young masters and four young masters of Miluo Palace, can he really withstand it?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I'm the seventh young master of Miluo Palace, so I can naturally block them. You guys don't have to worry."

Celestial Venerable You said, "The Left Guards of Divine Strategy are leading the Youdu devils to attack from the back, pincer attack from the front and back. How do we defend?"

Qin Mu said, "My junior brother, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui has already quelled the chaos in the east sea and rushed over from the back of the Left Guards of Divine Strategies and the devil army. The Left Guards of Divine Strategies are no match for him."

Lang Lang said, "Jiang Baigui's Jade Capital Realm is also gone, right? Will he be a match for the Left Guards of Divine Strategies?"

"There aren't many people in this world that aren't affected by the Jade Capital Trap, but Jiang Baigui is one of them."

Qin Mu rose and said with a smile, "You guys stay here and listen to the lecture. I'll go meet the three young masters and four young masters of Miluo Palace."

Lan Yutian's voice rang out, and his Dao voice rang out. He began to talk about the system of the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm. Qin Mu walked down from Lan Feng Valley and faced the army of the celestial heavens.

In the Misty Maple Valley, there was originally a group of soldiers mourning, and their morale wasn't high. However, Lan Yutian was born close to the path, so when his Dao voice rang out, his own Dao runes also spread out unconsciously. Behind him, a World Tree slowly rose, causing people to sink into the marvel of Dao subconsciously. They couldn't help but think and comprehend along with his Dao voice.

He explained the new cultivation system to the gods of the various races in Lan Feng Valley. Starting from the spirit embryo, this realm wasn't much different from what people had learned in the past. The second realm was the Galaxy Divine Treasure, which was opened up and evolved into Xuandu.

The third realm was the Celestial River Divine Treasure. The celestial river opened up and flowed, opening up the fourth realm, the Four Extreme Heavens.

There were four secondary divine treasures in the four poles. After confirming the four poles, one would open up the three realms of Yuandu, Youdu, and Ruins of End.

After these seven realms, the most crucial realm arrived.

That was the opening of the biggest divine treasure, the ancestral court!

After establishing the ancestral court, he established the Four Heavenly Gates of the ancestral court, the Jade Pool Stage, the Heavenly Sea Stage, the God Execution Stage, and the Nine Hells Stage to raise his comprehension in the Dao Realm!

This was the reason why Qin Mu said that the system of Dao Realm was most compatible with the system of the ancestral court.

The Four Heavenly Gates of the Ancestral Court, the Jade Pavilion in the Jade Pool, the Heavenly Sea, the God Execution Stage, and the Nine Hells Stage had a huge boost to the Dao Realm. When cultivating these realms, one's cultivation in the Dao Realm would advance by leaps and bounds!

This was the biggest and strongest advantage of the new cultivation system!

After cultivating these realms, there was no Jade Capital Realm, Numinous Sky Realm, Emperor's Throne Realm, or Celestial Heavens Realm. Lan Yutian went straight to the Five Great Realms to comprehend the Five Great Realms of Connate. He formed the five great mines in the Ancestral Court Divine Treasure—Taiji, Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, Tai Yi!

If he cultivated these five realms, he could take another step forward and cultivate the World Tree!

The World Tree was the Dao Tree of every cultivator with a new cultivation system, and it had completely fused with the Dao Realm system. As the Dao Realm increased, layers of void would appear in the divine treasures in one's body. The Dao imprints contained in the Dao Realm would be imprinted inside, and the World Tree would gradually become clearer, grow, and mature.

When the Dao Realm reached the thirty-six heavens, the World Tree would completely grow into a cultivator's Dao Tree!

However, Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua had only comprehended to this step, and the celestial heavens had already invaded, forcing them to stop their research.

However, there were other realms after that, such as Dao Flower, Dao Fruit, and so on.

Qin Mu walked towards the main camp of the celestial heavens under Lan Yutian's Dao voice. The army of the celestial heavens was advancing steadily, and the main camp of the celestial heavens was also moving.

In front, scouts continued to scout ahead. These scouts flew in the sky, ran on the ground, escaped in the water, and moved underground, appearing and disappearing unpredictably.

In the distance, a scout discovered Qin Mu and his heart jumped. He was so frightened that he froze on the spot, not daring to move.

"You can go back and report to Celestial Venerable Hao that seventh young master Qin Mu is here," Qin Mu said with a smile.

The scout hurriedly escaped and headed straight for the army of the celestial heavens.

After a moment, the huge army in front of the celestial heavens suddenly stopped and set up all kinds of killing formations to prepare for battle!

Beads of sweat rolled down the foreheads of every commander of the army, and they were all drenched in sweat. However, they didn't dare to wipe it off. Instead, they stared at the front with their eyes wide open, and they were extremely tense.

In the sky, killing intent filled the sky, and there were no birds or beasts within a hundred thousand miles. Divine eyes even appeared in the sky and rolled around in the sky. Divine light shot out from their eyes as they searched the surroundings!

The divine eyes in the sky were as big as the sun and the moon, and the small ones had a radius of several acres. Some of them were imprinted with all kinds of formations, some were refined by Great Dao, and some were the devil eyes of devil gods of the devil race. There were all kinds of them, and their functions were different.

These strange eyes searched heaven and earth, searching for Qin Mu.

At the same time, news had already reached Celestial Emperor's side palace, informing Celestial Emperor Hao, Tai Chu, Celestial Empress, and the others.

Celestial Emperor Hao didn't dare to be negligent. He ordered the divine strategy for the Right Guards and the Left and Right Feathered Forest Guards to set up a formation and stand guard around Celestial Emperor Palace.

Tai Chu, Celestial Empress, and the Taiji Ancient Gods circled around Emperor Hao Tian and walked out of the hall. Emperor Hao Tian was still worried. He raised his head and saw that the Hall of Numinous Sky and the Purple Firmament Treasure Hall were becoming brighter. Only then was he at ease.

They looked forward and saw the strange eyes that filled the sky suddenly extinguishing one after another, becoming dim. The suns pulled by Xuandu's army in the sky seemed to be shrouded by huge dark clouds, and not a single ray of light shone down. This made the Sun Guardians of Xuandu stop their war chariots and look back, afraid that their suns would be extinguished.

They let out sighs of relief. Their sun didn't go out, but a towering tree passed by below. The leaves of that tree were boundless, blocking the sun of Xuandu.

As for those strange eyes that had been extinguished, they weren't so lucky. Those eyes were blinded by the torrential baleful qi as though they had been slashed by someone!

In the main camp of the celestial heavens, many gods and devils suddenly cried out miserably. They raised their hands to cover their eyes, and black and red blood flowed out from between their fingers.

The gods of the Department of Sky Supervision almost all became blind at the same time!

"It's Shang Jun!" Tai Chu's voice was hoarse, and he felt the wounds on his body starting to hurt again.

Emperor Hao Tian glanced at him and suddenly shouted, "Pass down my orders! Let Celestial Venerable Mu in, don't block him!"

After a moment, Qin Mu walked through the formations of the celestial heavens. He didn't care about the overflowing murderous aura in the surroundings.

He came to Celestial Emperor's side palace and walked in front of Celestial Emperor Hao and the rest.

Emperor Hao Tian sneered and was about to speak when Qin Mu raised a finger and shook it. He said indifferently, "The dogs of young master's family no longer have the qualifications to talk to me. Old Three, Old Four, I'm here. Are you guys coming out to talk to me or are you going to watch me beat your dogs to death?"

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