Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1699 - Wrong Side

The second young master's expression changed slightly, and she immediately planned to retreat behind the curtains and let Celestial Emperor Hao control this body.

She had seized one of Celestial Emperor Hao's two Dao clones. The three young masters and four young masters of the Mi Luo Palace were worried that if she separated from Celestial Emperor Hao, they would release her true body, so they sealed her in his body.

Even so, Second Young Master was still stronger than Emperor Hao Tian. He would frequently appear and push Emperor Hao Tian's primordial spirit and consciousness aside. She could also let Emperor Hao Tian control her corporeal body at any time.

Just as Celestial Venerable Yun had said, the Ultimate Void countered her Great Dao of the Ruins of End. Therefore, it was the best decision to let Celestial Emperor Hao deal with Celestial Venerable Yun.

As long as Emperor Hao Tian came out, he could take back his Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens. At that time, the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens would merge with the Grand Overarching Consciousness Celestial Heavens, and Celestial Venerable Yun definitely wouldn't be able to compete with Emperor Hao Tian.


There was a problem this time.

When Second Young Master tried to switch places with Emperor Hao Tian, the unchanging divine art hidden in her body suddenly exploded with power, preventing her from switching places with Emperor Hao Tian!

No matter how she tried, it was the same!

The second young master was astonished. He raised his head to look at Celestial Venerable Yun in front of him and asked suspiciously, "You risked your life just now and used a fake red rope to tie me up. It was to lure me out and use the unchanging divine art to seal Celestial Emperor Hao. Was that all for now?"

Celestial Venerable Yun moved the Tai Chu Emperor Sword and smiled. "This is my strategy."

The fusion between Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens and Grand Overarching Consciousness Celestial Heavens continued. As the fusion deepened, his cultivation and Dao skills also advanced by leaps and bounds. The power of the Tai Chu Emperor Sword in his hand was also increasing!

As long as the two Great Overarching Heavens fused and became the Great Overarching Era of Absolute Beginning, it would be equivalent to him directly seizing Celestial Emperor Hao's cultivation and helping him achieve the Great Dao of Tai Chu, becoming the strongest existence in this world in one fell swoop!

Previously, he had no chance of winning against the second young master. Now, he had a 10% chance of winning.

If the two Great Overarching Heavens merged completely, he would have a seventy percent chance of winning!

Victory was decided by the details!

Emperor Hao Tian was indeed an incomparably terrifying opponent. However, because he had defeated Celestial Venerable Yun once in the past, he had the mentality of a victor. In addition, his cultivation was much higher than Celestial Venerable Yun's, which resulted in his negligence and contempt.

There was nothing wrong with Emperor Hao Tian's move. The mistake was underestimating the enemy. He had underestimated Celestial Venerable Yun, which gave Celestial Venerable Yun a chance to make use of Second Young Master's weakness to lure her out with the red rope knot, and then use the unchanging divine art to seal Emperor Hao Tian.

Since Emperor Hao Tian couldn't come out, it was possible for Celestial Venerable Yun to seize the Grand Overarching Qi Celestial Heavens and cultivate the Tai Chu Great Overarching Celestial Heavens. He would have a chance of winning against the second young master, even if his chances of winning weren't high!

Second Young Master no longer tried to switch to Celestial Emperor Hao and said, "This is the divine art of a Blasphemer, it's indeed extraordinary. Your scheme is also outstanding. The Ultimate Void and the Dao of the Ruins of End are indeed incompatible. If you pull me into the Ultimate Void, you can also use the Ultimate Void to obliterate me. It's a pity that you have forgotten my identity."

Her expression was calm as she said indifferently, "I'm the second young master of Miluo Palace. Any young master is an existence that has reached the pinnacle in a certain area after learning teacher's paths, skills, and divine arts. Compared to the paths, skills, and divine arts of Miluo Palace, you so-called Celestial Venerables and so-called Dao achievers are still barbarians in the primitive forest."

She walked towards Celestial Venerable Yun, her face filled with a fanaticism that could destroy everything. "How pitiful. You must have come to kill me with the determination to die. You schemed for a long time before coming up with this idea. You felt that you had a slight chance of winning, that you could stall for time and merge the two Tai Chus of the Great Overarching Heaven into the path, that you would have a chance of killing me."

The aura on her body suddenly changed, and the primordial qi emerged from her body. The cold wind and the heat wind in her body were continuously melting away, erasing her cultivation. Now, the appearance of primordial qi caused this trend to slow down and even show signs of stopping!

Celestial Venerable Yun's pupils contracted.

"What a pitiful look. Even though I don't agree with teacher's philosophy, teacher's paths, skills, and divine arts are indeed profound, so I learned from him very seriously and comprehended a lot."

Second Young Master Wuji looked at his expression and laughed softly, striking at his confidence and belief. She said leisurely, "You felt that you had some chance of winning earlier, but now you don't have any chance at all? What a pitiful person. Even if you used your life to exchange for my death, it would only be killing one of my clones. It wouldn't affect my main body at all. Furthermore, you can't kill me at all. You spent your entire life's wisdom, wanting to achieve the Dao, wanting to transcend, yet you abandoned everything to kill me. Yet, it's actually so laughable. Such a pitiful person, let me end your humble life!"

She brazenly attacked!

"Dao friend Taiji, no matter what, we are still the five precelestials and are of the same breath. Why must we kill our own people?"

Carefree Village's Crimson Light and Sun Heaven. The people of Carefree Village had already moved out and headed for Eternal Peace. The 33 heavens were all empty, and only empty god cities were left. The armies of the god cities also slaughtered their way to the heavens below, fighting a bloody battle with the celestial heavens.

At this moment, in Crimson Light and Sun Heaven, the bodies of the two ancient gods of Taiji fused together and transformed into an incomparably huge ancient god that stood upright between Heaven and Earth. Above their heads were the sun, moon, and stars. The taiji sand table had already transformed into a huge divine weapon, and under their control, boundless power burst forth!

The land of Harmony Sun Heaven was lifted up, and the mountains were crushed into dust to strengthen the power of the sand table.

The one fighting with the ancient god of taiji was a little fatty who was rolling around rapidly in the sand. Sometimes, he would collide fiercely with the ancient god of taiji, causing his skin and flesh to split open. Sometimes, the Green Destiny Mirror behind his head would shine brightly, transforming him into Green Destiny to avoid the attacks of the ancient god of taiji.

The two ancient gods of Taiji couldn't do anything to him.

"Fellow Daoists, we are of the same breath!" The little fatty attacked them ruthlessly.

The two ancient gods of taiji were also angered. They mobilized all their cultivation, and the taiji sand table suddenly transformed into the 28 heavens. It was as if 28 taiji diagrams were laid out one after another, overlapping each other under their snake tails. They shouted, "Taishi, you are shameless. You say that we are of the same breath and branch, but you are using all kinds of ruthless moves to call out to us! You don't know the big picture, and you can't see the situation. Forget it, we will fight to the death with you today! Do you dare to enter our taiji diagram?"

Tai Shi stopped and carefully examined the taiji diagram of the 28 heavens. He said with a smile, "Dao friends, are you walking the path of Dao Realm achieving the Dao? Dao Realm achieving the Dao was created by Founding Emperor, and you don't forget to dig wells when you eat water. You have received benefits from Founding Emperor Qin Ye, yet you came to kill his Carefree Village. You Bastard!"

The ancient god of Taiji split into two, transforming into Celestial Venerable Tai Yang and Celestial Venerable Tai Yin. Celestial Venerable Tai Yang's face flushed red with shame. Celestial Venerable Tai Yin sneered and said, "It's useless to talk about that! Do you dare to come in?"

Taishi walked into the 28 heavens with his short legs and smiled. "Why wouldn't I dare? I would like to see how brilliant both of you are when you enter the path with the mortal world!"

At the same time, the world barrier of Heavenly Yin World was suddenly broken. A huge Jade Pavilion of the ancestral court smashed the barrier of Heavenly Yin World and appeared on the surface of the sea. The army of the celestial heavens continuously flew up from the Jade Pavilion and invaded Heavenly Yin World.

Heavenly Yin World was the territory of Eternal Peace, and many people of Eternal Peace lived there. They built a unique civilization that belonged to Heavenly Yin World and cultivated the paths, skills, and divine arts of Heavenly Yin World.

Ever since the great war broke out, the people were plunged into misery and suffering, and the heavens were destroyed one after another. Countless souls turned into black sand, and Heavenly Yin World became larger. Now, Heavenly Yin World had become the largest heaven that was attached to the Primordial Realm!

The sea of heavenly yin had also expanded by dozens of times, but when the Jade Pool of the ancestral court descended, it suppressed the sea of heavenly yin to the point that no waves could be seen.

Countless gods and devils of the celestial heavens stepped on the sea surface and rushed towards the land of Heavenly Yin World!

This invasion could be said to be the first time the celestial heavens had stepped into Eternal Peace's territory!

Goddess of Heavenly Yin stretched her hand out to grab the sea and shook it forcefully. The sea surface instantly trembled violently, and the gods and devils of the celestial heavens at the front were suddenly swallowed by the sea.

However, the power of the Jade Pool of the Ancestral Court was simply too strong. The generals of the celestial heavens on the Jade Pavilion led numerous gods to execute the Jade Pool together, instantly suppressing the trembling sea surface. When Goddess of Heavenly Yin tried to lift the sea surface again, she couldn't do so.

"I don't want my divine art to become a weapon to kill all living things…"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin's body trembled, and she suddenly remembered how Qin Mu had asked her for an Emperor's Throne technique back then. He had said that she would face this kind of situation sooner or later, and she had to make a choice then.

Now, she had to make a choice.

She turned back to look at the god cities of Heavenly Yin World. There were only a few gods and devils in those god cities, but behind the cities were the living beings of Heavenly Yin World.

Among them were people of Eternal Peace, but many of them were personally created by her, personally enlightening and molding the souls of all living beings!

She was their mother, their heavenly mother!

Goddess of Heavenly Yin turned her head back, and tears flowed down her face. Her paths, skills, and divine arts burst forth, and the army of gods and devils from the celestial heavens that rushed towards her and Heavenly Yin World's Divine City suddenly rolled in the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose of all the gods and devils. Their primordial spirits shattered, transforming into black soul sand that merged into the heaven and earth of Heavenly Yin World!

This trend was like a plague, heading straight for the Ancestral Court Jade Pavilion. All gods and devils had no way of resisting the terrifying power of Heavenly Yin World's Dao technique!

The bodies of the gods and devils quickly became empty shells without souls or spirits. Their corpses sank into the sea of Heavenly Yin!

Goddess of Heavenly Yin felt pain in her heart, and she couldn't bear to see it. Even though she was an ancient god of Heavenly Yin World, she had only killed one person since she was reborn, and that was Son of Heaven Yin.

When facing other creatures, she had never been able to do anything. However, this time, she had no choice but to take action.

There were simply too many gods and devils in the celestial heavens, and there weren't many gods and devils in Heavenly Yin World. There was no way for her to fight back. She had to ensure the safety of her people!

The Jade Pavilion of the ancestral court shone brightly, and the main general guarding it executed the power of the Jade Pavilion to clash head-on with Goddess of Heavenly Yin's divine art. Before the power of Goddess of Heavenly Yin's strike could reach the Jade Pool of the ancestral court, it was broken!

'Goddess of Heavenly Yin, your Dao is truly boundless!'

On the Jade Pool of the Ancestral Court, the army of the celestial heavens formed a formation. Duke Ming, Duke Li, Duke Yu, Duke Suo, and the rest of the seven dukes took a step forward. Duke Li praised, "His Majesty has ordered us to come to Flat Sky Yin World. If we want to take down Goddess, we will probably suffer heavy casualties. Luckily, we don't have to fight to the death with Goddess in this battle."

Just as he said that, he suddenly heard a loud bang. An ancient god landed on the Jade Pool of the Ancestral Court, and his entire body was pitch black. He slowly stood up and looked at Goddess of Heavenly Yin across the sea. His voice trembled, and ripples spread across the surface of the sea. "Spirit Official pays his respects to Goddess of Heavenly Yin. Goddess, don't blame me. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame Goddess for standing in the wrong team…"


A peculiar air-splitting sound rang out as a figure passed through the Jade Pavilion. The pitch-black ancient god and that figure vanished without a trace!


Heavenly Yin World shook violently, and everyone hurriedly looked over. They were shocked to see a huge hole in the sky above Heavenly Yin World. The ancient god called Spirit Official had split into pieces and fell from the sky. The pieces of his corpse fell into the sea, raising huge waves.

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