Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1667- Qin Mu Grinding Knife

Shang Pinying saw Dragon Mountain Sanren again, and his Dao heart almost crumbled on the spot.

He still remembered the battle at the Xuan Wu Celestial Palace.

That was the greatest defeat he had ever suffered!

He had led the Celestial River Navy, the Divine Martial Guards, and the Northern Sect Army, but they had been utterly defeated by Dragon Mountain Sanren using the formation of the Glassy Sky Pagoda. They had suffered heavy casualties, and the four armies were almost wiped out of the celestial heavens. He had been unable to recover for hundreds of thousands of years!

His palm was also trembling slightly. The formation of Dragon Mountain Sanren back then was still very rough. After 600,000 years of development, the formation and algebra were also improving. The current Shang Pinying could easily break the formation of Dragon Mountain Sanren back then.

However, would Dragon Mountain Sanren not improve?

How terrifying would the improvement of 600,000 years be for someone with such heaven-defying talent?

Meng Yungui raised his head to look at the dragon qilin who was standing at the top of the 28 heavens. His heart was filled with respect and awe.

No one knew who was the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens. Some said that Shang Pinying had lived for countless years and was the number one heavenly master of the celestial heavens. Some said that Yue Tingge was astonishingly talented and that his intelligence far surpassed Shang Pinying's. Some said that Meng Yun had returned to being superior.

However, there was no such debate with the number one heavenly master.

There was only one number one heavenly master in the world, and that was Dragon Mountain Sanren, who had shaken the world during the Dragon Han Era and suddenly vanished!

Dragon Mountain Sanren could be said to be the god in the hearts of all the heavenly teachers in history!

This name represented invincibility!

Prince You Ming was slightly worried. Shang Pinying and Meng Yungui didn't know about the trickery of the battle back then, but he knew everything.

Back then, it was Qin Mu who had used the dragon qilin to go against Shang Pinying, defeating Shang Pinying along with the two Divine Martial Guards, the Celestial River Navy, and the Northern Sect Army. This had helped the dragon qilin achieve his reputation!

And the person who had come now was only the dragon qilin, this sloppy fellow. He had a superficial appearance. Could the dragon qilin really defeat Shang Pinying and maintain his undefeated legend?

He really didn't have any confidence.

The dragon qilin didn't have much confidence either.

Even though he had been researching algebra and the path of formations over the years and his attainments were profound, far beyond what he could have done back then, he was still a little nervous when facing a heavenly master like Shang Pinying who had been on the battlefield for a long time.

"I can't embarrass myself!"

The dragon qilin secretly cheered himself on. 'I've been learning the Dao of formations all these years. Even though I can't be compared to Cult Master, Eternal Peace's formations are far superior to those country bumpkins from the celestial heavens! More importantly, the Glassy Sky Pagoda has been reforged by Grandpa Blind and Grandpa Mute. It's much better than before! I can win this battle!'

With a thought, he immediately activated the Glassy Sky Pagoda!

The soldiers of the Ascension Camp in the Glassy Sky Pagoda immediately felt the changes in the formation of the 28 heavens. They couldn't help but be brought up by the formation, and their magic power overflowed. They were connected to the formation and changed with it!

At the same time, they felt that they were connected to one treasure after another and that they controlled a great power. They couldn't help but be surprised and delighted!

However, Meng Yungui, who was also in the 28 heavens, was slightly hesitant. The soldiers of the Ascension Camp couldn't see it, but he could see that Dragon Mountain Sanren was slightly sluggish in the transformation of the formation.

"Dragon Mountain Sanren hasn't appeared for hundreds of thousands of years, so he's probably a little rusty."

Meng Yungui's heart stirred slightly. "Let me help him familiarize himself with the changes in the formation first. I can definitely let him become familiar with it again."

His consciousness rippled and transformed into a voice that rang out in the dragon qilin's mind, guiding the dragon qilin on how to change his formation.

The dragon qilin activated the Glassy Sky Pagoda and attacked the two guards. With Meng Yungui's guidance, he gradually relaxed and the operation of the formation became more convenient.

When the army of the celestial heavens came to the Primordial Realm, the first wave of advance troops had already entered the Primordial Realm and started to test the defenses.

The Primordial Realm's territory was vast, and there were countless worlds nearby. Back then, the Primordial Realm could accommodate the three celestial heavens, Dragon Han, Heaven Han, and Dragon Heaven. When the military power of the celestial heavens was placed in the Primordial Realm, it was just a drop in the ocean.

The defense of Eternal Peace and Carefree Village couldn't be perfect, so attacking from the weakest point was the easiest way.

The advance troops of the gods and devils that had slaughtered their way into the Primordial Realm rushed everywhere, burning, killing, and plundering. Eternal Peace didn't occupy the entire Primordial Realm, and there were divine kingdoms of all sizes in the Primordial Realm. These divine kingdoms weren't Eternal Peace's territories, and some of them were enemy countries. They immediately surrendered to the advance troops of the celestial heavens.

Some were subordinate countries of Eternal Peace. They fought with all their might while seeking help from Eternal Peace. There were also quite a number of small countries that surrendered upon hearing the news and didn't put up any resistance.

Before the main force of the celestial heavens reached the Primordial Realm, a third of the territory had already fallen into the hands of the celestial heavens.

When the main force of the Heavenly Court appeared in the sky above the Primordial Realm, the world barrier of the Primordial Realm was crushed. It was like an egg that had its eggshell peeled open, exposing it to the army of the celestial heavens.

Brilliant celestial palaces of gold and jade floated in the sky, and countless gods and devils stood on the clouds. The gods and devils of the celestial heavens vented the emotions they had brought from the past ten years of travel. Thunder, lightning, and thunder descended from the sky, turning the ground below into scorched earth.

Along the way, the army of gods and devils from the celestial heavens entered the various divine kingdoms, causing them to suffer instantly. The army of the celestial heavens had traveled for a long time, and these gods and devils had nowhere to vent their pent-up frustrations. Now that they finally had a chance to vent their frustrations in the Primordial Realm, they naturally had to abuse their power. There was no lack of cases of burning, plundering, and bullying.

Some soldiers even led the masses to loot and wipe out many cities, killing the residents of these divine kingdoms and using their heads as battle merits.

There were even people who looted the treasury of the Primordial Realm's Divine Kingdom and even entered the imperial harem of the Emperor of the Divine Kingdom. They killed the Emperor and played around in the harem day and night.

The various generals of the celestial heavens turned a blind eye to this. In this crusade against the Primordial Realm, the soldiers needed to vent their anger. Otherwise, it would be easy for things to change, so they allowed them to fool around.

After more than ten days, Celestial Emperor Hao gave his decree and instructed, "Tell them not to go overboard."

The various leaders and generals gave their orders to reorganize the military before settling down.

After this plundering, the various military marquises had plundered a vast amount of wealth. They had all the rations, fodder, and slaves, and everyone was happy. However, the divine kingdoms that had surrendered to the celestial heavens were in shambles, and their countries were basically destroyed.

After a few days of rest, Emperor Hao Tian issued a decree. "Northern Heaven Black Deity, lead the forty marquises of the army and march from the northern border of the Primordial Realm."

The original Northern Heaven Black Deity, Son of Heaven Yin, was already dead. Nian Guanhe, one of the five emperors, took over the position of Black Deity. He immediately led the Northern Heaven Three Li Palace, the Defeated Melon, the Left Flag, the River Drum, the Heaven Flag, the Right Flag, the Heavenly Chicken, the Wall Barrier Formation, and the rest of the forty army marquises to attack the northern plains of the Primordial Realm.

When the Fiend Ancestor, Mahakala, heard the news, he immediately led the Fiend Ancestor's army to meet up with the Nian Guan River Master outside the icy plains.

Emperor Hao Tian issued another decree. "Red Deity of the Southern Heaven, lead the 39 dukes of Southern Heaven to suppress the Southern Sea."

Red Deity Qi Xiayu received the decree and led Chang Chen, Lang Jiang, Grandmaster, San Tai, Bei He, the five dukes, Tianzun, Monster Manager, Shui Fu, and the other thirty-nine marquises of the army to attack the Southern Sea.

Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor immediately sent out their troops to fight against Red Deity Qi Xiayu. Both sides pulled back their lines on the sea.

Emperor Hao Tian ordered, "Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, lead the sixty army marquises of the Eastern Heaven to attack from the Eastern Sea."

Green Deity of the Eastern Sky stationed his troops in the Eastern Sea and led the sixty army marquises such as the Heavenly River, the Eastern Xian, the Western Xian, the Heavenly-radiation, the mounted officials, the chariots, and the formation chariots.

Emperor Hao Tian ordered, "West Heaven's White Deity, lead the Western Heaven's Twenty-seventh Duke and attack West Earth."

West Heaven's White Deity immediately entered High Heavens and led the heavenly decorations, Curling Tongue, Heaven's Pass, Heaven Street, Moon, Ginseng Flag, Nine States, and Nine States Army of the Second 17th Army to attack West Earth from High Heavens.

The three Heavenly Kings, two Heavenly Teachers, eight guards, seven dukes, four chiefs, three masters, two aides, five emperors, five emperors, and various army marquises led the main troops of the celestial heavens to attack from the middle path. Emperor Hao Tian personally took charge.

The Celestial River Navy took over the celestial river and took the lead to attack Carefree Village, which was located in the north of the Primordial Realm!

Qin Mu came to the black mountain of the ancestral court and confirmed the location of the World Tree in the universe. He then entered Youdu without stopping and headed straight for the abyss of the Ruins of End.

Shang Jun hid in his shadow and asked, "Seventh young master, who is that person under the world tree?"

"His name is Xu Shenghua."

Qin Mu smiled. "His abilities are very strong, right?"

Shang Jun said, "It's hard to say how strong he is now, but if he succeeds in achieving the Dao, it's hard to say how strong he will be. I see that the technique he cultivates is different from the previous one. He seems to be analyzing the World Tree and preparing to cultivate his own World Tree. If he does that, he won't have to entrust his Great Dao to the void."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "Brother Xu and Lan Yutian, they are creating this Dao to achieve the Dao."

Shang Jun was silent for a moment and couldn't help but ask, "If they achieve the Dao and don't need to entrust themselves to the void, will they be able to avoid crushing the Ultimate Void because there are too many people who have achieved the Dao?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "They do have such plans. As for whether we can prevent the collapse of the ultimate void, we don't have the confidence."

Shang Jun was silent again. After a long time, he said, "I feel that their path is the correct one."

Qin Mu turned his head back, and Shang Jun's eyes were sparkling in his shadow. He was clearly thinking about how he had achieved the Dao and caused the destruction of the sixteenth era.

Shang Jun, who had achieved the Dao through killing, no longer had the drive to kill everything in the past!

After he saw Xu Shenghua's Dao formation technique, the shock in his heart grew even greater, causing him to doubt himself even more and doubt his own path.

Self-doubt would lead to the self-denial of one's Dao heart, which would have a huge impact on the Dao Realm. One's cultivation and abilities would even regress!

"When the World Tree becomes a Dao, it's the Great Dao entrusting itself to oneself."

Qin Mu continued to walk forward and said indifferently, "When a Dao Realm becomes a Dao, it means that the Great Dao is entrusted to the void. Even though there's a difference between the two kinds of Dao Formation, it doesn't mean that the other kind of Dao Formation is wrong. Shang Jun, if you continue to doubt your own path, your cultivation will continue to weaken until you become a cripple. This universe requires Xu Shenghua to entrust himself, and it also requires you to entrust yourself to the void."

Shang Jun's Dao heart stopped crumbling and continued to follow him silently.

When they reached the abyss of the Ruins of End, Qin Mu determined the exact location of the abyss. He then rose up and brought Shang Jun into the ultimate void.

Now that he had the coordinates of the World Tree and the abyss of the Ruins of End, he could determine the location of all the Dao Trees marked on the Tai Yi Geographical Map!

He unfolded the Tai Yi geographical map and marked out the corresponding location of the World Tree and the Ruins of End. He then closed his eyes, and in his mind, the picture of the Tai Yi geographical map spread out endlessly, connecting to the Ultimate Void.

The Great Overarching Heaven Net and Dao Tree imprinted themselves on the ultimate void in his mind. A path appeared clearly in his mind!

On the Tai Yi Geographical Map, the location of Tai Yi was marked with the Ultimate Void. The place where Taiyi was imprisoned was finally found by him!

"Does young master sense it?"

Shang Jun suddenly said, "Someone achieved Dao in the Ultimate Void!"

Qin Mu was astonished and hurriedly opened his eyes. "You mean that someone is entrusting the Ultimate Void? That's impossible!"

He frowned slightly. "In this world, no one is closer to the thirty-sixth heaven of the Dao Realm than me! The next one to succeed will definitely be me, but I can't take the path of imprinting the void!"

"Unless this person isn't from this universe!"

Shang Jun said solemnly, "I can sense the aura from the sixteenth era. This existence that is entrusting his Great Dao is a cultivator of the sixteenth era!"

Qin Mu had a grim expression. "Celestial Venerable Hao, you have disappointed me. You should borrow the power of the third and fourth young masters. Shang Jun, since you can sense this person who has achieved the Dao, can you sense where he is?"

Shang Jun nodded. "What do you mean?"

"Your knife is blunt, I need to sharpen you."

Qin Mu smiled. "Do you have the confidence to kill this prehistoric guest?"

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