Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1633 - Burial Path

In front of the treasured halls, the apparitions of those who had achieved the Dao stood upright. They were too powerful, and as the apparitions stood there, it was as if their figures had pierced through the space and time of the universe and experienced endless time without being extinguished.

Their Great Daos seemed to be able to exist forever and never be extinguished. Even if the universe was destroyed and the Great Overarching Heaven shattered, their Dao would still exist forever!

Their power passed through calamities and tribulations to descend to this era. There had to be a medium. Even the young masters of Miluo Palace needed a medium for their power to descend to the future world.

When the four young masters of Miluo Palace killed Founding Emperor, the medium was that Celestial Venerable Hao had pulled his zither strings from the past universe and tied them to the creation divine weapon. That was why the divine art of the four young masters of Miluo Palace had reached Youdu and killed Founding Emperor.

Qin Mu cultivated their Hall of Treasures and refined the seventy-two halls. The seventy-two halls were the medium for the seventy-two successors of the Dao in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court.

The seventy-two throne halls allowed their power to descend, allowing them to kill Qin Mu's path to success!


"In my divine treasure universe, all of you are nutrients! You are all my training on the path to becoming a god!"

Qin Mu's voice rang out, accompanied by violent fluctuations. The fourth apparition of a Dao Formation practitioner was twisted into a fried dough twist by his divine art and sent into the Ruins of End. It was then minced and swallowed by the abyss of the Ruins of End.

The projection of his Dao Tree was also shattered and absorbed by Qin Mu's World Tree.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit adjusted his clothes and continued to walk forward.

That's right.

In his eyes, these people who blocked his path were merely training to help him achieve the Dao.

It was true that he had borrowed the power of those who had achieved the Dao to cultivate the seventy-two throne halls, giving the seventy-two successors a chance to take advantage of it. However, to him, this was a perfect opportunity.

As long as he could refine and absorb the projections of these people who had become Daoists and their Dao Tree projections, the 72 halls of Jade Capital City would no longer be a trap for him!

He could completely control the power of the 72 halls of Jade Capital and turn it into his own power. He would have no more worries!

This experience was crucial. No matter what, he had to succeed!

"Seventh Young Master, to you, this is an experience, but to us, it concerns our future, the survival of Jade Capital City, and the continuation of the sixteen Universal Civilizations!"

In front of Hall of Fragrance, a familiar figure appeared in front of Qin Mu. He was like a teacher, cultured and refined. On his Dao Tree hung two Dao fruits and a blooming Dao flower.

The Dao Flower had yet to bear fruit.

Even though his face couldn't be seen clearly, Qin Mu knew who he was.

He was the master of the Hall of Fragrance, the Yuan Sage of Miluo Palace.

The Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage had already died at the hands of the ten Celestial Venerables. The one that had appeared in front of Qin Mu was the former Miluo Palace Yuan Sage of the Universe Era. He was still alive then.

He was a powerful existence that had lived for three universe cycles, and his abilities were extraordinary. His apparition was hazy, and his power came from the sixteenth universe. It was so powerful that it distorted time and space.

Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage bowed and said in a booming voice, "Yuan Sage pays his respects to the seventh young master! In the past universes, we couldn't stop the seventh young master, but in this unknown future, we have to try no matter what!"

He was an existence that had sacrificed himself to achieve the Dao. This bow was not only to pay respect to the name of Qin Mu's seventh young master, it was also to pay respect to Qin Mu's life!

His Dao Tree, Flower Dao Fruit, and Dao Fruit burst forth with countless Dao pattern chains at this moment. They blazed and boiled, transforming into incomparably terrifying divine arts that attacked Qin Mu with a bow!

His paths, skills, and divine arts were specifically targeted at the primordial spirit. Qin Mu had once received the pointer from the branch of his Dao Tree. As long as the opponent had a primordial spirit, he would hit him with one strike!

Qin Mu had also researched the theory behind this. The reason why the divine art of a Yuan Sage could hit its target in one strike was mainly because the Dao of Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage was the path of sacrifice.

The power of sacrificial offerings was extremely strange. It was pervasive and formless. It was the will of all living beings, and there was no way to resist it!


Qin Mu's primordial spirit was blown high into the air and fell back. His primordial spirit received the blow and almost split apart.

Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage rose into the sky, and the Dao Tree behind him also rose into the sky. Dao pattern chains formed an incomparably ancient sacrificial altar in the sky.

The Dao of sacrificial offerings that he had imparted to the Grand Emperor had hidden flaws that prevented the Grand Emperor from becoming a true practitioner of the Dao, while he himself had no flaws.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit suddenly stopped in midair, and his split primordial spirit suddenly stopped splitting apart. He gathered his Dao into a sword to face the Essence Saint of Miro Palace!

With a shout, the two Dao Fruits revolved and expanded, bursting forth with astonishing light. The 36 levels of Heavenly Dao Realm enveloped Qin Mu in layers!

His two Dao fruits each had thirty-six levels of the Heavenly Dao Realm, which included Qin Mu.

The Dao Flower flew up and wrapped the two Dao fruits in it. The Dao Flower spun and returned to the Dao Tree.

The Dao Tree stood tall and floated above the sacrificial altar. The Yuan Sage stood under the sacrificial altar and shouted. The hair on his head exploded and his black hair fluttered.

"Seventh young master, accept the thoughts of all living things from the past universe! Supreme sacrifice!"

He bowed, and the Dao pattern chains in the Dao Flower on the sacrificial altar boiled. The 72 levels of Heavenly Dao Realm rumbled. He wanted to use Qin Mu's primordial spirit as a sacrifice to the countless lives that had died in the calamity in the past universe!


The moment the Yuan Sage bowed, a sword light pierced through the 72 heavens, piercing through the two Dao Fruit projections and the Dao Flower projections, splitting the Dao Tree in half and the sacrificial altar!

The Yuan Sage stood up and a sword scar appeared on his forehead. The sword scar continued to split down the middle of his brows and reached the bridge of his nose, his chin, throat, chest, and lower abdomen.

The Yuan Sage's body trembled as he forcefully used his own cultivation to stop the power of the sword.

On the sacrificial altar, Qin Mu's figure was faintly discernible in the overflowing light.

"Yuan Sage, the Grand Emperor was harmed by your path of sacrifice. He slaughtered the masters of creation and created the first calamity in this universe. The subsequent calamities and tribulations were also because of this."

Qin Mu flicked his sword, and the sword in his hand vibrated. "All of you claim to be doing this for your own people, your own people, but without your stowaways, how could the sixteenth era reach its end in six hundred million years? Parasites!"

As the sound of the sword rang out, a terrifying sword light burst forth from the middle of the Yuan Sage's body, splitting his body apart!

"You Dao practitioners who have lived an ignoble life are no different from the ten Celestial Venerables. You are just a bunch of profit-eaters who eat nothing."

Qin Mu turned around and walked towards the next hall.

Behind him, the image of a Yuan Sage was swallowed by the Ruins of End, while the image of the Dao Tree, Dao Fruit, and Dao Flower was absorbed by the World Tree.

The World Tree trembled and grew continuously, expanding the divine treasure universe higher.

At the same time, an ineffable vibration came from the void. The 32nd void appeared and imprinted Qin Mu's Dao on it.

"Seventh young master's twisted logic is good at bewitching people!"

The treasured halls trembled, and the remaining sixty-seven majestic figures that had achieved the Dao stood in front of their respective treasured halls, their faces blurry.

They couldn't see Qin Mu's face, and Qin Mu also couldn't see their faces.

They spoke in unison, and their voices reverberated throughout the divine treasures universe.

"We are incompetent and can't defeat the seventh young master. Since we can't, we can only send the seventh young master on his way!"

Behind the sixty-seven throne halls, Dao trees floated up one after another. Their branches danced, and their roots moved.

The sixty-seven phantoms of those who had achieved the Dao in the past universe executed their own powers and their Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruits. In an instant, the entire Jade Capital City was boiling!

The prehistoric successors, their Great Dao, their divine arts of the Dao Realm, all combined at this moment. The power of Qin Mu's Jade Capital City was almost pushed to the extreme by them.

"Send the seventh young master on his way!"

Sixty-seven voices traveled through time and space, transmitting into Qin Mu's mind and exploding in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

"Miro Dao Burial!"

This power could destroy heaven and earth, and in the next moment, it struck Qin Mu's primordial spirit!

This strike obliterated the heavens, shattered the celestial heavens, and disintegrated the celestial palaces. Xuandu, Yuandu, and Youdu were all buried!

The layers of void crumbled and disintegrated. Even the ancestral court was shattered and destroyed by this strike, turning into chaos!

No matter how remarkable Qin Mu's primordial spirit was, it couldn't withstand a single blow from this power!


The universe of Qin Mu's divine treasures was completely destroyed. The wind howled and turned everything into swirling primordial qi, leaving only Qin Mu's Jade Capital City.

This Jade Capital City was like the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. It had existed since ancient times and had survived the great calamity of the universe's destruction.

The sixty-seven apparitions that had become Daoists stood in the Jade Capital City and looked around. They saw chaos engulfing everything as the Ruins of End swirled and swallowed the chaos aura.

Not far away, the World Tree stood upright in the chaos, completely unmoved by the great calamity of the universe's destruction.

"His Temple of Chaos is still here!" a Daoist exclaimed.

In the center of Jade Capital City, chaos qi filled the air, and a huge hall floated there without moving.

Under a Dao Tree, the face of a tall and sturdy practitioner who had achieved the Dao was hazy, and halos swirled behind his head. He said solemnly, "Chaos Hall is formed from his Great Dao. We must shatter this hall and not let him make a comeback!"

Someone was puzzled. "Seventh young master has already been beaten to death by us, so how can he make a comeback?"

The Ruins of End engulfed all the Chaos Qi, leaving only the Jade Capital City that could not be swallowed.

At that moment, the tide of the Ruins of End suddenly burst forth, and the twin lotuses rose up from the flowing light. The twin lotuses spun, and the flower buds bloomed with petals from the rotating diagram!

"Not good! It's the calamity of creation!"

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Our Dao Tree Dao Fruit can avoid the calamity of destruction, but we can't!"

Before he could finish his sentence, a bell-like sound came from the abyss of the Ruins of End. It also sounded like the Dao voice of the supreme Dao. With this sound, a new universe burst forth from the Ruins of End!

Countless worlds spewed out from the Ruins of End, and time and space formed. It was shaped like a bell of the universe, and it continuously expanded outwards along the bell wall. In the center was the ancestral court!

In the thousands of worlds and heavens, the boundless starry sky surged out, and the number of stars increased as the universe grew wider.

This calamity of creation was unavoidable even in Jade Capital City. The projections of those who had achieved the Dao felt an unrivaled power coming from their bodies, coming from their Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruits!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Dao fruits split open and expanded. The Dao flowers swayed and withered, and the Dao trees collapsed and withered.

Their Dao crumbled in the calamity of creation, becoming nutrients for this new world!


The sound of the bell was like a warning to the world, but it was also like the sound of creation, scattering their consciousness.

When the bell rang, Jade Capital City was in chaos.

Some people had yet to die, but they no longer had any strength and collapsed in front of their treasured hall.

They faintly saw a figure walking under the World Tree, getting closer. That figure walked into Jade Capital City and walked in front of them, passing by them.

The illusory figures of those who had fallen to the ground exploded and were swallowed up by the abyss of the Ruins of End. Their withered and collapsed Dao trees, shattered Dao fruits, and scattered Dao flowers became nutrients for the world.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed the ankle of Qin Mu's primordial spirit.

Qin Mu stopped and lowered his head to take a look. That person who had become a Dao had a hoarse voice and said in a hoarse voice, "Seventh young master, we also have the right to live…"

Qin Mu broke free from her and continued to walk forward.

"Nanxiang, you have the right to live, but you can't sacrifice our lives to fulfill your wish."

As his figure passed by, the apparition of Yuan Venerate Nanxiang exploded and transformed into a beam of light that was engulfed by the Ruins of End.

Qin Mu walked to the center of the Jade Capital City, and the seventy-two Dao Successors and their Dao Tree vanished. The Jade Capital City looked brand new.

He stopped and his gaze landed on the primordial qi in the center of Jade Capital City. It was a hall of primordial chaos, a treasured hall condensed from his lifetime's Great Dao!

The power of the Daoists and their Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruits all transformed into his power, giving him enough power to step into this chaos!

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and walked into the chaos!

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