Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1628 - Xing An's Gift

Qin Mu looked at him with a calm expression. After a long time, he smiled and said, "If you had me as your opponent, Your Majesty wouldn't have cried. Instead, you would have a headache on how to get rid of me. What Your Majesty wants is eternal power, to firmly hold on to this power. It's just that Your Majesty was a little sentimental when you saw me."

Emperor Hao Tian laughed loudly, his voice loud and clear, shaking the water of the celestial river.

"You're right."

Emperor Hao Tian looked straight at him, and the smile on his face gradually faded. He said solemnly, "If you hadn't admitted defeat, I would really have a headache. I can kill everyone in Eternal Peace, but even if you are the only one left, I won't be able to eat or sleep in peace. Your threat is even greater than Founding Emperor Qin Ye!"

When Qin Mu heard him mention Founding Emperor, he couldn't help feeling depressed.

Celestial Emperor Hao's gaze landed on his face, and he could feel the slight fluctuation coming from his Dao heart. He smiled and said, "You have an indestructible body, and no one in this world can kill you. Even I, the number one person in this world, can't do it. Even if I place you in the Ultimate Void, I'm afraid you will survive. Celestial Venerable Mu, the only person who can defeat you is yourself."

Qin Mu raised his head and revealed a puzzled expression.

Emperor Hao Tian tapped his heart and said earnestly, "That's because your heart has a weakness, Celestial Venerable Mu. You value Eternal Peace too much. This is the weakness of your Dao heart. As long as I can control Eternal Peace, I can control your weakness. As long as Eternal Peace is around, you won't be my match. As long as Eternal Peace is around, you will lose."

He said with a smile, "You can be invincible if you want to, but aren't you good at breaking through? You killed Earth Count before me, how breathtaking is that? If I didn't have the trump cards of the three young masters and four young masters, I would have definitely lost that round. At that time, Qin Fengqing would transform into a new Earth Count, and you would have Founding Emperor to assist you, so I could only share the world with you. Now, you can also use the same method to break through."

His tone was overbearing, and he said solemnly, "By eliminating everyone in Eternal Peace, you have no weakness! I'm such a person! Nothing can stop my footsteps, and everything can be used by me! This is why I'm the victor!"

Qin Mu avoided his gaze and didn't dare to meet his gaze.

Emperor Hao Tian said coldly, "You have disappointed me! If you ignore the lives of the people of Eternal Peace after being defeated and preserve your Dao heart, I would still look forward to a real battle with you! However, not only did you not destroy Eternal Peace to perfect your Dao heart, you even became a relative under the depression and added another shackle to yourself!"

The corners of Qin Mu's mouth twitched, but he didn't say anything.

Emperor Hao Tian suddenly felt an indescribable pleasure. His Dao heart was clear, and the devil in his heart that was suppressed in his Dao heart had vanished without a trace. He smiled gently and said, "However, you are Celestial Venerable Mu, so it's impossible for you to destroy Eternal Peace. I'm Celestial Emperor. As long as you live, I can't destroy Eternal Peace to fulfill your Dao heart. Sorry, I call myself Emperor again."

He smiled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, seeing you now makes my heart ache, but at the same time, I feel gratified. My heart aches for your depression, and I feel gratified that I defeated you."

Qin Mu's voice was hoarse as he struggled. "It wasn't you who defeated me, it was the three young masters and four young masters of Miluo Palace who defeated me!"

Celestial Emperor Hao laughed and said, "Borrowing power is also a kind of power! My father, Tai Chu, didn't want to borrow the power of Miluo Palace? He wanted to, but he couldn't, and I borrowed it. This is my power! You have already lost, so there's no need to flatter yourself."

Qin Mu opened his mouth and suddenly sighed in disappointment.

Emperor Hao Tian said with a smile, "Be at ease and be a rich man. This place is very good, and the scenery is beautiful. It's not far from Eternal Peace, and there are beauties accompanying you."

He suddenly turned around and saw Ling Yuxiu walking over, looking slightly nervous.

Emperor Hao Tian smiled and immediately felt Qin Mu's body tensing up. He was clearly extremely nervous.

"You have indeed lost."

Celestial Emperor Hao said with disappointment and frustration, "You lost to feelings you shouldn't have. I really want you to pull yourself together and let me defeat you again."

He had unknowingly released his killing intent which wasn't targeted at Qin Mu but Ling Yuxiu.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu's Dao heart beside him was like an old tree that had just seen spring. It was as if layers of restraints had been undone, and his fighting spirit became stronger.

Emperor Hao Tian revealed a smile, and the two celestial palaces behind his head formed two Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheels.

Loud bangs came from Qin Mu's body, and his silent Dao heart was recovering rapidly!

Suddenly, Celestial Emperor Hao turned around and smacked his palm over, meeting Qin Mu's hand. Both of their hands collided, and the celestial river raised waves that split the sky. It was incomparably astonishing!

The white clouds in the sky were swept away, and the clear sky was as clear as if it had been washed!

Blood flowed out from the corner of Qin Mu's mouth, and his body flashed to protect Ling Yuxiu.

Celestial Emperor Hao walked towards the two of them with his hands behind his back, and he nodded slightly. "Sister-in-law, you once sent people to kill Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation. That person was a youth, and he carried a chest, occupying the corporeal body of the young Celestial Venerable Yu. Who is this person?"

Ling Yuxiu didn't dare to be negligent and bowed. "That's a god called Xing An. He's extremely powerful, but his temper is weird."

Emperor Hao Tian walked past the two of them and said, "I'm looking for him. Can I trouble Sister-in-law to tell Emperor Yanfeng that the person I'm looking for is him? Ask him to send this person to the celestial heavens, I want to reward him."

Ling Yuxiu was slightly stunned.

Emperor Hao Tian smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, your Eternal Peace is still in my hands. As long as you behave yourself, I won't touch Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu gave a grunt and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His newly awakened Dao heart instantly dimmed and sealed itself layer by layer.

Celestial Emperor Hao laughed loudly and vanished.

Ling Yuxiu immediately examined Qin Mu's injuries, and Qin Mu waved his hand. "I'm fine. He can injure me, but he can't kill me. It's just that he clashed with me and tried to injure me. He was still worried and planned to leave some incurable Dao injuries on my body. I can refine these injuries very soon."

Ling Yuxiu put her heart at ease and asked worriedly, "If you awaken your Dao heart and fight with him, will you arouse his suspicion?"

Qin Mu executed his technique to refine the Dao injury and shook his head. "It's precisely because of this that he won't suspect anything. It's just that I'm a little worried…"

His gaze flickered as he looked in the direction that Emperor Hao Tian had left in. "He thinks that he has defeated me, yet the devil in his Dao heart has been swept clean. It has probably improved his Dao Realm. He is now stronger than before."

Ling Yuxiu frowned slightly.

Qin Mu asked, "What's with Xing An?"

Ling Yuxiu told him about how she had sent Xing An to kill Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation and said, "After Mr. Xing returned, he went into seclusion and didn't come out. He had been hiding on Star Seizer Peak, so I don't know what happened."

'The one who wanted to kill Celestial Venerable Huo the most was Celestial Venerable Hao. Celestial Venerable Hao's reincarnation must have met Xing An and died in his hands.'

Qin Mu guessed the truth in the blink of an eye and said, "Xing An is a person who walks the path of evil. I once told him that it would be hard for him to achieve great achievements by researching paths, skills, and divine arts alone. Therefore, he started to approach Eternal Peace's reform. It seems that he has already achieved quite a lot over the years, which is why he was able to defeat Celestial Venerable Hao. What did he send to our wedding?"

Ling Yuxiu hesitated for a moment and said softly, "What he sent over was a human skin covered in all kinds of Dao markings. Because it was truly shocking, I didn't show it to you."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he said solemnly, "Where's the human skin? I want to take a look!"

The Dao injuries that Celestial Venerable Hao left behind were very stubborn. They would relapse from time to time, causing him intense pain, but he couldn't kill him.

Qin Mu frowned from time to time. After removing the devil in Celestial Venerable Hao's Dao heart, he was indeed much stronger than before!

Ling Yuxiu took out a jade box which had a seal on it. It should have been left behind by her.

Qin Mu undid the seal and unfolded the human skin. Looking at it in detail, he saw that the Dao markings drawn on the human skin were the detailed structure of the thirty-six celestial palaces and fifty-eight throne halls. The back of the human skin was the structure of the thirty-five celestial palaces and fifty-eight throne halls.

The two great celestial heavens were deconstructed with incomparably detailed dao patterns. Even the crucial Purple Firmament Hall and Numinous Sky Hall were deconstructed!

This human skin was impressively the circulation path of Emperor Hao Tian's technique and the logic contained in his Great Dao!

Qin Mu sucked in a cold breath of air. 'This is the skin of Celestial Venerable Hao's reincarnation! Not only did Xing An kill Celestial Venerable Hao's reincarnation, he even skinned him! No, Xing An cut open Celestial Venerable Hao's reincarnation completely! No wonder he gave this as a congratulatory gift. This gift isn't small!'

Ling Yuxiu's hair stood on end. This human skin was actually the skin of Celestial Emperor Hao's reincarnation!

What made her even more astonished was that Xing An had actually managed to analyze Emperor Hao Tian's two Great Celestial Heavens techniques!

This was not something a human could do!

Qin Mu analyzed it in detail and soon had a solution to the Dao injuries in his body. "The skin that Xing An gave me has six flaws of Celestial Venerable Hao on it. He should be trying to find all the flaws in Celestial Venerable Hao's technique… This monster, he shouldn't have such deep attainments over the years. Even if he had come into contact with Eternal Peace's reform, he wouldn't have been able to do this…"

Ling Yuxiu said carefully, "These few years, Mister Xing has been living on Star Seizer Peak, so I ordered people to give the results of Eternal Peace's reform to him… Did I do anything wrong?"

Qin Mu was stunned and shook his head with a smile. "You didn't do anything wrong. Xing An is an incomparably evil person, but he has a principle. He never deals with the weak and rarely hurts people's lives. If you raise him in the martial world, he will be an evil god. If you put him in an important position and provide him with what he wants, he won't do anything evil and will only focus on research."

Ling Yuxiu let out a sigh of relief. "In that case, should we send Mister Xing to the celestial heavens?"

"If he wants to go, let him be."

Qin Mu didn't even raise his head and continued to study. "He won't stay in the celestial heavens for long. Since he has already entered Eternal Peace, he's a person of Eternal Peace. The celestial heavens, a land of decay, there's nothing worth him lingering over… Wait a moment!"

When he said that, he suddenly entered a dream. Layers of dreams spread out, and countless dainty Qin Mus carried the human skin of Celestial Emperor Hao's reincarnation and got busy.

Ling Yuxiu didn't know whether to laugh or cry and could only wait for him to wake up.

Qin Mu slept for a day and a night, and the dream realm became deeper. Several hundred years had already passed in the dream realm. Suddenly, the layers of dream realms dispersed, and Qin Mu woke up. He raised his brush to write down a few Dao markings on the human skin and said, "Wife, order someone to pass the human skin to Xing An. I have patched up the few Dao markings that he didn't deduce."

Ling Yuxiu burst into laughter. "Celestial Venerable Mu isn't inferior to anyone, must we fight?"

Qin Mu put his hands behind his back and said leisurely, "Of course!"

Ling Yuxiu put away the human skin and ordered people to immediately send it to Star Seizer Peak of Dao Academy.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and carefully thought about Emperor Clear Sky's technique, familiarizing himself with it. Emperor Clear Sky's attainments in First Heaven surpassed his, and he also had extraordinary attainments in the path of the Ruins of End. Especially in the path of the Great Simplicity Realm, there were some that Qin Mu didn't understand.

Qin Mu absorbed its power and patched up his shortcomings, improving his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. After a long time, he slowly executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His vital qi circulated, and his divine treasure realm appeared. His body called itself a universe.

At that moment, he heard a soft crack coming from his divine treasures.

In the Chaos Sea at the bottom of the Sinkhole, a Sinkhole lotus seed sprouted.

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