Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1624 - Madman Chu


Celestial Emperor Hao's reincarnation frowned. He wasn't used to this person's tone. Celestial Venerable Mu was already arrogant enough, but he was usually polite and never rude. He wasn't too indulgent.

And this youth that had appeared out of nowhere, the kind that could suffocate a person to death the moment he spoke. His words were light and casual, but gave people a feeling of looking down on everything.

His appearance was the same as Celestial Venerable Yu back then, and one look was enough to know that he was the young Celestial Venerable Yu created by the creation divine weapon. Back then, when the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was just successfully developed, there were people among the ten Celestial Venerables who tried to create the young Celestial Venerable Yu to descend to the lower bound, but most of them died in Eternal Peace.

It seemed that the young Celestial Venerable Yu that this person had obtained was from that batch.

"I am Emperor Hao Tian." Emperor Hao Tian smiled.

Xing An nodded. "You are very challenging."

Celestial Emperor Hao took in a deep breath and thought to himself, 'This person can make people furious with just one sentence. How did he survive until now?'

He didn't know that there were too many people who wanted to kill Xing An. Even Qin Mu wanted to kill him back then, but he couldn't get rid of him.

"From the traces left behind from your battle with Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation, you are proficient in another part of the Tai Chu Dao, the Connate Qi."

Xing An examined his surroundings and raised his hand gently. The corpse of Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation floated up and shattered into pieces. His heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, tendons, bones, skin, and membranes were all neatly separated, giving Celestial Emperor Hao a strange feeling.

Xing An's move had expanded the structure of a god's corporeal body to the extreme, allowing people to clearly see the most detailed structure of a god's corporeal body. Even the fine structure of the bone marrow was revealed, and there was almost no secret to speak of!

All the divine treasures and celestial palaces in Celestial Venerable Huo's body were laid out, and all kinds of injuries could be seen at a glance!

This move made Emperor Hao Tian's hair stand on end. 'This person is too familiar with the body structure of gods and devils. Is he the one who slaughtered pigs?'

Xing An said, "From the death of Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation, his soul is twisted, and his celestial palace and divine treasures are all twisted into a whirlpool by a terrifying power. The other technique you are proficient in should be based on the path of the Ruins of End."

He revealed an expression of praise. "You have fused the two Great Daos and comprehended the Dao Realm of One Qi to the thirtieth heaven. It's very rare for you to cultivate to such a realm."

The reincarnation of Celestial Emperor Hao was even more astonished, and he couldn't help but pity him. He asked curiously, "You can tell?"

"Celestial Venerable Mu is also proficient in the Dao of Qi and Ruins of End. Of course I can see that."

Xing An continued to examine the traces of divine arts and Celestial Venerable Huo's corporeal body. He analyzed and said, "There are a lot of celestial palaces in your celestial palace, and one of the Great Celestial Heavens techniques should have been perfected, reaching the thirty-six celestial palaces. Celestial Venerable Huo is guarding against this technique of yours, but your other technique is focused on the path of the Ruins of End, so he couldn't defend against it. His Dao fire was countered by this technique of yours, which resulted in his body being invaded by your divine art, twisting his divine treasures and celestial palaces, and his soul being crushed."

He examined the traces of battle around him and continued, "However, the number of celestial palaces in the path of the Ruins of End hasn't reached perfection. There should only be thirty-five."

He touched the traces of the celestial palaces of Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation and examined the types of celestial palaces. He said, "Most of your thirty-five celestial palaces and the other thirty-six celestial palaces are repetitive, but the order and main order are different, which resulted in different techniques. I think this is because you lack wisdom."

Emperor Hao Tian laughed loudly, as if he had heard the most ridiculous thing. "My wisdom is lacking?"

"It's a little lacking."

Xing An nodded and said, "The arrangement of the celestial palaces of your two great celestial heavens techniques isn't the best solution, so there are flaws in both techniques. This should be because your attainments in algebra aren't perfect."

He raised his palm and the chest opened.

Celestial Emperor Hao's pupils contracted, and a chill ran down his spine. He saw the brains of gods and devils flying out from the chest. The consciousness of the brains were still there, and they were still operating on their own. Countless divine lights could be seen flowing on the surface of these brains!

"I collected these brains. Don't worry, they are all dead people."

Xing An took a look at him and explained, "Cult Master Qin always wants to get rid of me, but he is particular about principles. If I kill people randomly, he will do whatever it takes to get rid of me. That's why I've chosen those gods that have already died in battle. They are dead, so there's no point in keeping their brains, so I took them out. When they were alive, all kinds of distracting thoughts had been stirred up, but after they died, they had no more distracting thoughts and became my best calculation divine weapons. Using the brains of living beings as calculation spirit weapons is even faster than the best calculation spirit weapons in Eternal Peace!"

He sighed regretfully and said, "Actually, what I want the most is Cult Master Qin's brain. It's a pity he definitely won't give it to me. When you are completely researched by me, your brain will also appear between them."

His spirit trembled, and he waved his sleeves. Countless brains of gods and devils lined up in the sky, transforming into a huge organism's brain neural neural neural formation that was executing incomparably complicated calculations. Divine light flowed from these neural neural neural formation, and it was incomparably fast.

Emperor Hao Tian stared blankly and muttered, "Some of them were very stupid when they were alive. You said that their brains could surpass mine if they were connected together? Impossible!"

Xing An said, "They might have been very stupid when they were alive, but it wasn't their brains that were dumb. Instead, it was their various thoughts. This is related to the education they received when they were alive and the living environment. It has nothing to do with their brains."

He explained patiently, "After they die, these thoughts are gone. As long as everyone's brain remains active, they can be called the fastest calculation spirit weapons. I, on the other hand, am a waste of resources. I can use these brains to make me smarter. I can easily find different celestial palaces' sequence and reach the optimal solution for the celestial heavens' technique. People like you who aren't smart enough can't find the optimal solution."

Emperor Hao Tian looked up at the matrix of the brain in the sky and exclaimed in admiration, "You remind me of a person. This person is the Patriarch Creation Palace Master of the celestial heavens, Shi Qiluo. She is also my mother, Mistress Yuanmu. She also has a chest which contains strange things."

"Shi Qiluo?"

Xing An thought for a moment and raised his hand gently. A messy head flew out from the chest and said, "Is it this person? I found this head from the battlefield of Xuandu. His Dao is too low level, and he's only using the path of creation and the path of the Ruins of End. Compared to me, he's far inferior…"

He thought about it for a moment and stretched his hand out to draw a straight line in the sky. "There's a line of difference, a line for Cult Master Qin."

Emperor Hao Tian looked at the head, and his face was full of whiskers. It was Shi Qiluo. He must have been cut down by someone during the battle in Xuandu, and he was picked up by this person.

However, what made his hair stand on end was that the skull of Shi Qiluo had been removed, and the brain inside had vanished!

He raised his head to look at the brain matrix in the sky. There should be Shi Qiluo's brain inside!

He then looked at Xing An's chest. What other terrifying things were hidden in it?

"You are so evil that it makes me shudder. Celestial Venerable Mu actually dared to use you. How daring."

Celestial Emperor Hao couldn't help but praise, "If you submit to me, I can confer you the title of Patriarch Creation Palace Master. I admire your talent."

Xing An raised his hand and pulled back the brain matrix in the sky. "Cult Master Qin doesn't dare to use me, he's afraid I would do something out of line. The one who dares to use me is the emperor of Eternal Peace. Her magnanimity is much bigger than a petty existence like Cult Master Qin. I will go to the celestial heavens, the treasures there will definitely be sumptuous."

He closed the chest and said, "I've already calculated the flaw in your technique. You can become my treasure."

Celestial Emperor Hao's pupils contracted. Xing An had shown him the matrix of the brain and said so much to him, but his goal was to use the matrix of the brain to deduce the flaws in his technique from the various traces of divine arts and the injuries in Celestial Venerable Huo's corporeal body!

Now, Xing An should have already deduced some kind of flaw, so his true intention was revealed!

Even though Emperor Hao Tian thought highly of himself, after coming into contact with Eternal Peace's reform, he realized that there were many people with all kinds of talents in this world.

Xing An might be one of them!

Right at this moment, Xing An made his move!

Celestial Emperor Hao gave a low shout, and a celestial palace burst forth from the back of his head, forming two great celestial heavens. The two great celestial heavens stood upright, transforming into two Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheels. One was upright, and the other was reversed. One was dark, and the other was bright!

The perfect combination of the Connate Qi and the Great Dao of the Ruins of End!

This reincarnation of his was only the reincarnation of a soul clone, and his cultivation realm was still in the Celestial Sea Realm, between the Jade Pool and the God Execution Stage. However, just based on his technique, he could compete with the Ling Xiao experts of the traditional realm!

Coupled with his thirty heavens of Dao Realm cultivation, he could fight head-on with existences on Emperor's Throne Realm!

Of course, he was slightly inferior to the Emperor's Throne Realm existences of Eternal Peace. Even though there weren't many Emperor's Throne experts in Eternal Peace, there were still a few that had extremely solid foundations.

Eternal Peace's reform had a history of a hundred and thirty years. Over the past hundred and thirty years, the changes in techniques and divine arts became more intense, creating a large batch of elites.

Celestial Emperor Hao had joined in late, but as a Celestial Venerable who had founded a realm a million years ago, his reputation wasn't undeserved. In just a few short decades, he was already one of the strongest existences in Eternal Peace!

He could kill Celestial Venerable Huo's reincarnation without any injuries, so he naturally had the confidence and foundation to do so!

Yet when his technique was executed to the extreme, Xing An flew over and the two of them clashed at close range. The instant Celestial Emperor Hao executed his technique, Xing An tapped the center of his Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel.

At this moment, Celestial Emperor Hao felt that there was a flaw in the circulation of his technique, and it became slightly sluggish. The two Heaven Wheel of Ten Thousand Daos that were originally perfectly combined instantly clashed with each other, and the two different forces collided. The celestial palaces collided with each other, and there was a faint trend of two sides being destroyed!

Before he could find out where the flaw was, Xing An had already struck his palm towards the heart of his brows!

Celestial Emperor Hao's divine art burst forth. Boom, boom, boom. He borrowed the power of the three hundred thousand heavenly wheels and released them layer by layer. This strike had once forced Qin Mu to retreat on the long river of chaos in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, and he was forced onto the river!

Yet with a gentle push from Xing An, the Heavenly Wheel divine art that borrowed strength from another instantly became two opposing forces that collided and destroyed each other!

Celestial Emperor Hao was astonished. Xing An's magic power was much denser than his reincarnation, and his techniques and divine arts were even stranger and more unfathomable!

Xing An should have only found a flaw in his technique, but this flaw was already fatal!

As he was flustered, Xing An's palm had already sliced the heart of his brows.

His primordial spirit trembled violently and fell out of his body.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Steel needles stabbed into his corporeal body, blocking his primordial spirit outside.

Xing An stretched his hand out to grab his primordial spirit, trying to capture it. Celestial Emperor Hao gave a cold laugh, and his primordial spirit flew into the sky. "I'm the Celestial Emperor, so how can my soul be tainted by you?"

Xing An flicked his fingers, and Emperor Hao's primordial spirit and soul instantly separated. He couldn't help but be astonished. 'The monster of Eternal Peace!'

He hurriedly pulled back his soul, and the other souls and spirits were taken away by Xing An's sleeve.

"I will find the flaw in my technique and tear you into pieces!" From beyond the sky, the voice of Emperor Hao Tian came.

Xing An turned a deaf ear to him and put away the other souls and spirit embryos of Celestial Emperor Hao's reincarnation, storing them in the chest.

"By then, I should have already found more flaws in your technique."

His vital qi was like a knife and thread, slicing open Celestial Emperor Hao's reincarnation in detail, and his eyes revealed an excited glow.

The chest bounced around as if it was urging him.

Xing An raised his head and swept up the reincarnation of Celestial Emperor Hao, who had been unfolded layer by layer, into the chest. "You are right, I can't be too shocking. Cult Master Qin is petty. If he knew I did such a thing in broad daylight, he would definitely make things difficult for me. Let's go back…"

"Speaking of which, can Cult Master Qin give me a piece of his brain? In any case, it can be reborn, what do you think… I don't think it can be done either. He's very petty…"

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