Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1618 - The First Meeting

Heavenly Yin World.

Son of Heaven Yin looked around and saw Di Yiyue and Goddess of Heavenly Yin on the left and right, blocking him in the middle.

Even he couldn't help but panic.

Now that there was no sea and no Mingdu Heavenly Gate, he might not even be able to defend against Di Yiyue who had helped him perfect the Mingdu Heavenly Gate and the path of reincarnation, let alone Goddess of Heavenly Yin who had come back from the dead.

The hatred these two women had for him could be imagined!

Son of Heaven Yin forced a smile. "Yiyue, I miss you so much. Even when I killed you under the orders of Emperor Hao Tian, I didn't destroy your corporeal body. You should understand my intentions. I'm sincere towards you…"


Di Yiyue and Goddess of Heavenly Yin attacked from the left and right. The two girls used their strongest divine arts at the same time. Di Yiyue was the most ruthless. Ever since she was reborn, her cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds, and her Emperor's Throne technique had already cultivated to the small celestial heavens. Ten celestial palaces formed the small celestial heavens.

She was originally the person that Founding Emperor valued the most and thought had the highest aptitude in the Eternal Peace Era. She had a rare Body of Capital Spirit, and she had been schemed against by Son of Heaven Yin on the night of their wedding night. She had lost over twenty thousand years.

However, after she was revived by Qin Mu and absorbed the results of Eternal Peace's reform, her cultivation started to rise again. After experiencing the war in the Great Void, her current abilities were already above that of Son of Heaven Yin.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin was the weakest ancient god among the ancient gods, and she was also one of the earliest to die. This allowed her to break free from the restraints of the ancient gods.

In order to deal with her, Son of Heaven Yin first had to gain her trust before scheming against her and severely injuring her. He then let the starved ghosts in Heavenly Yin World swallow her flesh, blood, and soul, leaving only her skin!

In the end, the starved ghosts took over Goddess of Heavenly Yin's skin, and Son of Heaven Yin also got what he wanted. Heavenly Yin World, Heavenly Yin Symbols, and the netherworld sea that was refined from black soul sand.

Son of Heaven Yin had also relied on killing Goddess of Heavenly Yin to become the Black Deity of Mingdu.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin's soul was reconstructed by Qin Mu, and after she was revived, she was no longer an ancient god. Instead, she could cultivate and comprehend other paths and skills.

Her abilities had long surpassed the past!

The two girls attacked at the same time, and their killer moves were all unleashed. Son of Heaven Yin saw this and couldn't help but feel evil. 'Back then, I killed them, and I felt guilty, so I felt guilty towards them. Every time I saw them, I would retreat. If I want to achieve great things, I can't be soft-hearted! I'm Celestial Venerable Yin now, which Celestial Venerable doesn't have hands full of blood?'

He executed his magic power with all his might, and five celestial palaces appeared behind his head. In the past, he could only execute four celestial palaces and had to rely on the help of Mingdu Heavenly Gate to refine eight celestial palaces. However, during the reforms of Eternal Peace over the years, he had also benefited and finally cultivated the fifth celestial palace.

If there was the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, he could execute the techniques of the nine celestial palaces, giving him the power to fight.

However, at this moment, Heaven Gate was already destroyed. Son of Heaven Yin's divine art collided with the two girls, and the paths, skills, and divine arts immediately disintegrated.

Son of Heaven Yin coughed up blood and flew backward. Suddenly, a ribbon flew over and coiled around his neck, pulling him back.

"You guys are ruthless, so don't blame me for being ruthless!"

The fierce light in Son of Heaven Yin's eyes burst forth, and he executed his reincarnation divine art while thinking to himself, 'At most, we'll die together! I'll pull you guys into reincarnation and let you guys sink into oblivion forever!'

He was confident.

Even though Mingdu Heavenly Gate was destroyed, his Great Dao of Reincarnation was still around. This kind of Dao of Reincarnation that surpassed the Great Dao of Youdu was his greatest asset.

His current cultivation was inferior to Di Yiyue and Goddess of Heavenly Yin, but it wasn't difficult for this kind of divine art to pull the two girls into reincarnation and wash away their memories, turning them into mortals.

He got closer to the two girls.

He knew he only had one chance because Di Yiyue and Goddess of Heavenly Yin's cultivation surpassed his by too much. Only when he was hit did he have the chance to hit them.

Therefore, this was a move that would take both of them down with him!

With her sword in hand, Di Yiyue stood on another Heavenly Gate of Reincarnation, her red dress fluttering in the wind.

Son of Heaven Yin saw her fluttering red dress, which was the red makeup he had put on for Di Yiyue. He couldn't help but recall the days when he was with Di Yiyue.

Maybe that was the happiest time since he assassinated Celestial Venerable Yu.

Ever since he had worked together with Celestial Venerable Hao to kill Celestial Venerable Yu, he had been having nightmares. He had always sunk into the guilt of killing Celestial Venerable Yu. Celestial Venerable Yu was the hero in his heart, his elder brother, and the person he looked up to.

However, he was forced by Celestial Venerable Hao to work together with Celestial Venerable Hao to assassinate Celestial Venerable Yu in the Slow Winding Pavilion at the Jade Pool for his own life.

After Celestial Venerable Yu died, he kept looking at his hands, always feeling that they were stained with blood that couldn't be washed away.

After killing Celestial Venerable Yu, he had no choice but to board Celestial Venerable Hao's chariot and become Celestial Venerable Hao's lackey. He had no choice but to learn to be more cunning and sinister. That was why he was able to survive the cruel Dragon Han Era and become the Black Deity of Mingdu.

The four-colored emperor had changed countless times, but he was the only evergreen tree that remained standing.

However, he was always trembling in fear and couldn't feel true happiness until he met Di Yiyue.

Those were happy times that made him let go of all burdens and be on guard. He was truly in love with Di Yiyue.

However, when the ten Celestial Venerables told him to make a move on the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens and wanted him to get rid of Di Yiyue on the day of the wedding, he hesitated and struggled.

He had once fantasized that he might as well rebel against the celestial heavens and simply run away with Di Yiyue. He might as well hide his identity and live a normal life with this woman.

He even wanted to seek refuge with the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens and become Di Yiyue's husband and wife. He would fight fiercely with the ten Celestial Venerables on the battlefield and die heroically. He might be able to wash away his sins in the past and gain a good reputation after death!

However, he became timid again.

He didn't dare to fight against the ten Celestial Venerables. He didn't want to lose the position he had painstakingly exchanged for with betrayal, flattery, and betrayal. Thus, on the night of their marriage, Di Yiyue had her back to him shyly, but he raised his sword with a trembling hand and stabbed it into the back of his bride's heart.

He looked at Di Yiyue who was wearing a red robe and phoenix coronet. The two of them were already very close. The power of Mingdu Heavenly Gate under Di Yiyue's feet burst forth to suppress his cultivation and magic power, and the sword in her hand was about to stab into his chest.

If she executed the reincarnation divine art at this moment, Di Yiyue would definitely not be able to avoid it!

Son of Heaven Yin raised his hand, and a smile appeared on his face. It was a smile that had charmed countless girls.

Di Yiyue's sword light pierced through his heart, and the swords were like rain as they shot out from the back of his heart. They swept through the celestial heavens behind his head, splitting the celestial palaces and collapsing them, destroying the foundation of his paths, skills, and divine arts.

Son of Heaven Yin's palm also touched Di Yiyue's cheek. He stood on the heavenly gate and faced Di Yiyue. It was just like when they first met. When he saw this beautiful young lady of the god race, she was valiant and heroic, and his heart was moved to tease her.

At that time, he had touched the girl's face just like that. The girl had also stabbed his heart.

At that time, his other hand had grabbed the girl's sword. This time, he didn't.

The smile on his face was the same as before, as if he was trying to awaken Di Yiyue's memory. However, Goddess of Heavenly Yin's palm had already reached the back of his heart. This strike was so fierce that it shattered his primordial spirit and turned his soul into black soul sand!

At the same time, Di Yiyue's sword light disintegrated his five celestial palaces, and his violent magic power went out of control. The celestial heavens borrowed power from the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, so when the celestial heavens collapsed, this power would go out of control!

Son of Heaven Yin vomited blood and forcefully trapped the black soul sand in his body. He opened his mouth and wanted to say what he had said the first time they met.

However, when the words reached his mouth, they became what he wanted to say the most. "Forgive me. Back then, I didn't dare to resist. I've always loved you."

Blood poured into his throat, blurring his words.

Son of Heaven Yin tried his best to control his body. He wanted to be as calm as before, as dissolute as before, to protect his final image in front of this woman he had loved. However, his words were still turned into unintelligible sounds by the surging blood.

His corporeal body exploded and turned into a blood mist. Countless black soul sand flooded out in all directions.

"How is it?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin hurriedly landed on Mingdu Heavenly Gate and waved her hand to disperse the blood fog and black sand. She touched Di Yiyue up and down and asked anxiously, "Son of Heaven Yin hit you at the end, you aren't injured, right? This grandson is very bad, his divine arts and paths, skills, and skills are hard to defend against! You aren't injured, right?"

Di Yiyue's gaze was blank. Goddess of Heavenly Yin waved her hands continuously in front of her, and only then did she come back to her senses. She muttered, "His last strike didn't have any power, and he didn't hide any divine art… At the last moment, I felt that he no longer had any killing intent towards me…"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin let out a sigh of relief and pulled her up to examine her from head to toe. She even checked her soul and realized that she hadn't been tricked by Son of Heaven Yin. Only then was she completely at ease. "Son of Heaven Yin is very bad. This person is definitely a bad person, and he has never done anything good in his life! I think you should let Celestial Venerable Mu examine you in case there are divine arts that I can't see. That's right, what did he say to you just now?"

Di Yiyue shook her head. "I didn't hear it clearly."

She was a little melancholic. The man she once loved the most, the man she hated the most, had ultimately died in her hands.

At this moment, she didn't have the joy of getting revenge in her heart. Instead, melancholy surged into her heart.

She lowered her head to look at Son of Heaven Yin's blood smeared on the reincarnation gate that they had forged together. The reincarnation gate gave off a dim light, erasing all possibility of Son of Heaven Yin's revival.

Perhaps she understood his techniques and divine arts better than Son of Heaven Yin, which was why Qin Mu had secretly ordered people to inform her. That was why she had the chance to take revenge.

However, at this moment, when she recalled the bits and pieces of her relationship with Son of Heaven Yin, that sense of melancholy grew stronger.

Those were the happiest days of her life.

She once thought that she liked Founding Emperor until she met Son of Heaven Yin. She was attracted by this man and thought that the two of them could help each other and resolve the conflict between the celestial heavens and Founding Emperor Era.

As it turned out, their love was nothing in the face of power.

Her dreams became blisters, her love became a cold ice coffin, became hatred, and became weapons.

She had taken revenge, but there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I've completely forgotten about this man."

She said to Goddess of Heavenly Yin, "Founding Emperor is gone, and Carefree Village has lost its backbone. I'm afraid the battle between the celestial heavens and Eternal Peace won't last long. I won't let Founding Emperor down, and I won't repeat the same mistake. I will be the number one heavenly king and lead Carefree Village to fight the celestial heavens!"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin said in delight, "Congratulations on getting your revenge. I'm also very happy."

Di Yiyue nodded, and there was no smile on her face. She looked at Mingdu Heavenly Gate, and the scene of her first meeting with Son of Heaven Yin appeared before her eyes.

She shook her head and cut off her thoughts, leaving Heavenly Yin World.

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