Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1612 - Celestial Emperor Hao Tian

When Bai Yujing came to see Meng Yungui, she saw him planting flowers. He was holding a flower in his hand, but he couldn't insert it.

The flower arrangement tested the artistic sense and the sense of space. The flowers that were inserted had different levels in space. The shadow, white, and visual impact were all exquisite works of art.

As an algebra expert, it wasn't difficult to insert flowers, but Meng Yungui was stunned.

Bai Yujing walked forward and smiled. "What are you thinking, Senior Brother Meng?"

Meng Yungui said softly, "I have a dream…"

"What?" Bai Yujing was puzzled.

Meng Yungui came back to his senses and cleared Yu Chen'zi's words from his mind. He smiled and said, "It's just a raving. White Heaven Master, I have already done what you wanted me to do, so you can be at ease. However, there won't be a second time."

Bai Yujing said, "Of course, there won't be a second time. The world is about to be unified, and heavenly teachers like us won't be able to be of use in the future. Celestial Venerable Hao has ascended to the throne, and all of his power is in his hands. No one can go against him, and no power can go against the celestial heavens. Heavenly teachers like us aren't far from being able to retire."

"I hope so."

Meng Yungui said, "With our contributions, we can at least share a heaven. In our heaven, humans can live very well."

Bai Yujing's gaze flickered, and she lowered her voice. "Have you been to Southern Heaven before?"

Meng Yungui glanced at her silently.

Bai Yujing said, "The Southern Heavenly Human Tribe can no longer be called humans. They are livestock that make me shudder. The last time I went to Southern Heavenly, I almost escaped…"

Meng Yungui was silent.

Bai Yujing said, "Celestial Venerable Huo's way of doing things is a little too shameless. On the surface, it's to protect the human race, but in reality, it's to treat the human race as livestock. On the other hand, it's to raise livestock for the half-gods. After we succeed, will the heavens under us become Southern Heaven…"


When Meng Yungui said this, he felt that his tone had become heavier. He softened his tone and said, "We are different from Celestial Venerable Huo. Celestial Venerable Huo seeks power, and we seek a place to settle down. He seeks power, and he has to curry favor with the half-gods. He has to rope in the half-gods, lower his stance, and wag his tail to beg for pity. Thus, when Celestial Venerable Huo is dealing with Celestial Venerable Mu, he is always at the forefront. We rely on our own abilities to gain credit and exchange it for a place to settle down."

Bai Yujing hesitated for a moment and said, "What if the world becomes peaceful and the celestial heavens orders our territory to become Southern Heaven?"

The corners of Meng Yungui's eyes twitched.

After a moment, Meng Yungui said, "Don't think about all these miscellaneous things. You and I just have to do our part. Celestial Venerable Huo has a path to death, and he won't be able to live for long. I foresaw his death a long time ago and told Celestial Venerable Xu that if Celestial Venerable Xu marries him, he will definitely be implicated. Now, it's time for it to come true."

Bai Yujing pondered for a moment and said, "In that case, will we become the second Celestial Venerable Huo? If Celestial Venerable Hao doesn't trust Celestial Venerable Huo of the human race, will he be able to trust Heavenly Teacher Meng of the human race?"

"Shut up!"

Meng Yungui gave a low shout and looked around. With a solemn expression, he said, "Junior Sister Bai, you and I were once from the same sect. This is why I'm reminding you. Otherwise, you are seeking death! Your words and actions are very dangerous now. Things are different now. If you say anything wrong, you will be killed! In the past, there were ten Celestial Venerables, so it's fine if you say something wrong. Now, there's only Celestial Venerable Hao. Even if Celestial Venerable says something wrong, he will die!"

Bai Yujing sighed, bowed, and left.

Meng Yungui pinched the branch and continued to plant the flower. He muttered, "I have a dream… Damn it!"

Yu Chen'zi felt at ease and slowly returned to his residence. The residence that the Chancellor of the Executioner had arranged for him could be said to be filled with spies. Every move of his would be clearly monitored without any secrets to speak of.

He didn't think much of it and stayed calm. He ate, slept, and slept without any pressure.

The celestial heavens was busy preparing for Celestial Venerable Hao's ascension.

On the day of the coronation, it could be said to be extremely lively, sacred, and solemn. The rulers of the heavens and the myriad worlds rushed over, and all kinds of divine apparitions appeared. In the sky, there were goddesses with fluttering dresses that scattered down divine flowers.

Petals covered the ground, and the gods that had come to participate in the ceremony wouldn't step on the ground. Instead, they would walk on the thick petals.

The celestial realm was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and every household had lanterns hanging on them. The divine beasts guarding the door also roused their spirits. On the pillars, phoenixes flew up the branches while qilins sat in front of the door, looking awe-inspiring.

The Grand Ceremony was held. Celestial Emperor Tai Chu wore an emperor's robe and an emperor's crown, receiving the worship of his ministers.

Celestial Venerable Hao also knelt down and kowtowed to Tai Chu.

After the official ceremony, Celestial Emperor Tai Chu burned incense and prayed. He said the words of blessing to abdicate and give up his position to the wise. He also praised Celestial Venerable Hao for his talent and morals, so he abdicated and invited Celestial Emperor Hao to ascend the throne.

Celestial Emperor Tai Chu took off his emperor's coffin, took off his imperial robe, and placed it on the jade plate.

Celestial Venerable Hao rejected him in a panic.

Celestial Emperor Tai Chu was displeased. He decisively abdicated and made him emperor.

Celestial Venerable Hao knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly, begging his father to take back his order.

Tai Chu once again requested Celestial Venerable Hao to ascend to the throne, and Celestial Venerable Hao collapsed to the ground, wailing and declining.

Celestial Emperor Tai Chu flew into a rage and shouted, "Hao'er, are you only willing to ascend to the throne after your father dies in this position?" He pulled out his emperor sword and was about to commit suicide.

The ministers hurried forward to persuade Celestial Emperor Tai Chu.

Celestial Emperor Tai Chu couldn't struggle, so he could only throw his sword and shout, "What's the point of persuading me? Go and persuade the new emperor to ascend the throne!"

The officials went to persuade Celestial Venerable Hao again, and Celestial Venerable Hao cried loudly on the ground. Only when everyone tried to persuade him again did he stop crying. He was helped up by the officials and sent to the Emperor's Throne of the Numinous Sky Hall.

Tai Chu personally helped him wear the coffin of the god and the robe of the god. He then took a step back.

The ministers knelt down and greeted Emperor Hao Tian.

Tai Chu also knelt down and called out to Celestial Emperor Hao Tian.

Celestial Venerable Hao sighed and said, "My virtue is shallow, and it's all thanks to everyone's support. Only then will the country be peaceful and the people be at peace. The heavens will prosper, and the bandits won't be able to rise up. Everyone, the days ahead are long, so I hope you can support me a lot. Dear ministers, please rise, please take your seats."

Everyone stood up and took their seats. The attendants of the goddess entered in a line and served all kinds of delicacies like flowing water.

At this moment, a divine future reported, "Someone is offering a humble apology and kneeling outside Southern Heavenly Gate!"

The imperial court was in an uproar as the ministers whispered to each other and discussed.

'Could it be that Celestial Venerable Mu has really come to surrender to me?'

Emperor Hao Tian's heart stirred slightly, and he said with a smile, "Bring up the person who has asked for forgiveness."

Not long later, there was indeed a person with bare arms. His hands were tied behind his back, and there were even some thorny vines stuck on his back. He was escorted to the imperial court.

Emperor Hao Tian looked over and was slightly disappointed. The gazes of the ministers landed on that person, and they were all surprised and delighted.

"When His Majesty ascends to the throne, East Deity Qing Long heard the news and came to surrender. This is a great omen!"

Everyone congratulated him, and East Deity Qing Long knelt on the ground. He said loudly, "Your Majesty, I'm completely convinced by your obedience. I know I can't resist the heavenly might, so I'm here to surrender. Please punish me, Your Majesty!"

Celestial Emperor Hao got up and walked to East Deity Qing Long's side. He took out a vine from his back and whipped him a few times. He then threw the vine away and stretched out his hands to help him up.

"Men, prepare a robe and put it on the green dragon."

Emperor Hao Tian said with a smile, "Please don't blame me, Green Dragon. The reason why I still want to beat you up is because you were my enemy in the past and became an emperor, so you have to be whipped. However, you know how to repent. I admire your talent, so I'm willing to accept you and let bygones be bygones."

East Deity Qing Long choked and said, "Your Majesty, I'm indebted to you for not killing me. I can't repay you even if I sacrifice my life!"

Emperor Hao Tian laughed loudly and helped him put on his robe. "Minister, take a seat."

East Deity Qing Long sat down.

Tai Chu frowned slightly. East Deity Qing Long's surrender was out of his expectations. Green Deity of the Eastern Sky was his man, and Celestial Venerable Hao had unified the world. Sooner or later, he would mobilize his forces against the East Pole. By then, both the East Pole and the East Pole would be Tai Chu's territory.

Now that East Deity Qing Long had come to surrender, this territory would be directly under the name of Emperor Hao Tian!

I can only endure it, Tai Chu thought to himself.

Suddenly, another god official sang loudly, "Traitor, Celestial Venerable Mu's envoy, Yu Chen'zi, pays his respects to the throne and begs the heavens to show mercy!"

Once he said that, there was another uproar.

Emperor Hao Tian had a smile on his face, and he was delighted. He glanced at Tai Chu and thought to himself, 'On the first day I ascended to the throne, my achievements surpassed yours by hundreds of thousands of years! Father, you can't defeat me. I've already secured my throne.'

Yu Chen'zi went up to the hall and lowered his head. He raised the memorial with both hands, and his footsteps were very slow. He walked into the hall and knelt down. He said loudly, "I, Qin Mu, sinner, know that Your Majesty's martial arts are unrivaled, and the heavenly might is vast and mighty. I can't defeat you, so I pray for your surrender!"

Celestial Emperor Hao laughed loudly and stood up. "Although Celestial Venerable Mu and I are enemies, I admire his bravery. To be able to obtain such a great general, I shall defeat the world! Come forth!"

The chancellor hurriedly took the watch over, and Emperor Hao Tian said in high spirits, "Read it!"

The chancellor of the High Chancellor hesitated for a moment and started to read out his words. When the ministers of the court heard Qin Mu's words, they burst into laughter and were very happy.

The wealth of Eternal Peace listed on Qin Mu's list moved them even more, and their eyes gave off a faint glow.

Even Celestial Venerables couldn't help being moved by the wealth of Eternal Peace. They calculated how much they could get.

When the chancellor read what Qin Mu had written, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration and skipped over the sentence.

Celestial Emperor Hao smiled and thought to himself, 'He's quite tactful. He's a promising talent. It's just a pity for Lang Wo…'

The chancellor finished reading the form and presented it to Emperor Hao Tian.

Emperor Hao Tian placed the God Advent List aside and said plainly, "Celestial Venerable Mu's literary talent is outstanding. I thought that the God Advent List would be used to send out millions of copies to the various heavens, for you boors to learn."

"Your Majesty is wise!" The court sang praises of merit.

Emperor Hao Tian was overjoyed, and he celebrated. After the ceremony, the ministers dispersed. Only Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Xu, Ancestral God King, Tai Chu, Taiji, and Son of Heaven Yin remained.

Celestial Emperor Hao said, "Celestial Venerable Mu surrendered with the entire empire. This is a very important matter, so I'm leaving all of you here…"

Ancestral God King hurriedly said, "Your Majesty is too polite. Now that we are subjects, how can you call us Dao friends? You are making us look bad! If Your Majesty thinks that we are still useful, you can just call us your beloved subjects!"

Emperor Hao said with fake will, "Back when Grand Imperial Sire was still in power, he still called Heaven Duke and Earth Count Dao Friend…"

Son of Heaven Yin stepped out and said loudly, "Times have changed! Once Celestial Emperor becomes a court official, the old rules can't be used in today's court!"

Emperor Hao Tian said reluctantly, "In that case, I can only follow the good advice. My dear ministers, how do you think we should split Eternal Peace?"

Celestial Venerable Huo bowed and said, "Your Majesty, Eternal Peace is a human, so logically, it should be under the jurisdiction of my Southern Heaven! I'm a human Celestial Venerable, and in a few years, I can train the rebels of Eternal Peace until they have no intention of rebelling!"

Celestial Venerable Hao said indifferently, "Eternal Peace is rich, Minister Huo has such a huge appetite, how could you swallow it in one bite?"

Celestial Venerable Huo said, "Your Majesty, the human race is under our control. We had an agreement back then…"

Son of Heaven Yin said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Huo, times have changed. How can the agreement of the past be used now? The entire world is the land of the emperor, and the people of the land are the ministers of the emperor. The entire universe belongs to His Majesty, so what's yours and mine?"

All the Celestial Venerables frowned.

Celestial Venerable Huo sneered. "Son of Heaven Yin, you have the right to speak here? Get down!"

Celestial Emperor Hao said with a smile, "I forgot to tell Minister Huo that Son of Heaven Yin is no longer Emperor Ming. I plan to confer him the title of Celestial Venerable Yin."

Celestial Venerable Huo laughed from extreme anger. "In the past, Celestial Venerable was conferred the title of Celestial Venerable by virtue, and later by martial power. Now, does Celestial Venerable Feng rely on flattery? I'm ashamed to be associated with him!"

Celestial Venerable Hao's expression changed slightly, and he laughed. "Minister Huo is still hot-tempered and hasn't changed at all. Hahaha, let's put the matter of Son of Heaven Yin being conferred the title of Celestial Venerable aside for now. For me to be able to sit in this position, Minister Huo has contributed greatly. Let me toast you!"

Celestial Venerable Huo hurriedly raised his cup and said in shame, "Your Majesty, my temper hasn't changed. I've embarrassed myself."

Celestial Venerable Hao drank the wine in one gulp and put down the wine cup. He smiled and said, "How could I not know Minister Huo's temperament? Even though we aren't brothers, we are closer than brothers! My empire is half yours!"

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