Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1581 - The Change In Youdu, The Imminent Death of Earth Count

Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress appeared in the same body again. As the twin lotuses descended, they also fell into the abyss.

No matter how they struggled or resisted, they couldn't break free from the red rope. Qin Mu had only comprehended one percent of the red rope, but even if it was only one percent, its power was enough to lock them down and prevent them from escaping.

Qin Mu didn't sink them into the Chaos Sea. Even if they wanted to contact the second young master of Miluo Palace, they didn't have the means to do so.

Not only that, the red knot that Qin Mu had left behind wasn't like the red knot that the master of Miluo Palace had used to seal the second young master. He had even left behind a sixth thread, giving the second young master a chance of survival.

Qin Mu didn't give them a chance of survival. If someone came to save them and randomly touched the red rope he had left behind, the power of this mudra skill would explode and enter their bodies!

Unless someone could break the seal with brute force or was proficient in red knots, only then could they break the seal and rescue Mistress Yuanmu.

However, that would require the person's abilities to far surpass Qin Mu, or their comprehension of the red knots would surpass his.

In the current world, there were very few people whose abilities surpassed Qin Mu's, and there were even fewer people who had comprehended more than Qin Mu regarding the red knots.

Of course, there was still a possibility that Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress were still alive. That was that Qin Mu's comprehension of the red knot was only one percent of the master of Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu's red rope didn't have as many complicated transformations as the master of Miluo Palace, giving them the possibility of solving it.

Qin Mu followed the ghost river out of the Ruins of End and came to Youdu. Youdu's Jade Lock Pass was still there, and Earth Count had almost destroyed it. However, because of the reincarnation of Ah Chou and Heaven Duke, this place was still safe. However, the army of the celestial heavens that was guarding this place had been completely wiped out and was destroyed by Earth Count's attack.

Qin Mu had just arrived at Jade Lock Pass when he was immediately detected by the Great Dao of Youdu. The devil qi of Youdu became incomparably dense.

He gave a slight smile, and the path of reincarnation transformed into a wheel of light. The reincarnation spun, completely blocking the senses of the Dao of Youdu towards him. The agitated Youdu devil qi instantly quieted down.

He didn't completely eliminate the karma. Even though the Dao of Reincarnation could avoid calamity, he was currently unable to completely eliminate the karma. He only made the Dao of Youdu feel that this person wasn't Qin Mu.

If one had extremely deep cultivation on the Dao of Youdu and reached the thirty-six heavens of the Dao Realm, they could still rely on karma to search through the cycle of reincarnation and find his aura from karma.

However, the Great Dao of Youdu couldn't actively search for him, so they naturally wouldn't find him.

'Eh! Youdu has become a little weird… Looks like a lot of things happened when I was filling up the sea eye…'

Qin Mu came to the Hellfire Monument Forest in Jade Lock Pass and raised his head to take a look. Even though the Youdu devil qi was no longer agitated, it was still extremely dense and was very different from the usual Youdu.

If it was during normal times, one could see billions of paper boats shuttling back and forth in Youdu. Elder Messenger of Death rode those paper boats to receive the souls and primordial spirits of all the living beings that had died, entering Youdu for judgment.

And now, all of the paper boats had vanished.

The entire Youdu stopped operating, and no one bothered to take care of the souls of the various worlds!

If he did that, it would definitely cause chaos in all the worlds!

The souls of the dead ran amuck in the world of the living. Some of them died unjustly, while those who had resentment or ambition would become malicious ghosts.

There were even gods that had fallen and possessed powerful abilities. They possessed all living things and disrupted Yin and Yang.

There were even some who would take over the world of the living and forge the ghost country of the world of the living!

If the dead didn't die, it would cause a huge disaster!

At that moment, Youdu was filled with austere air. The circulation of the Great Dao of Youdu became even more active than before, and the devils in Youdu also became quiet. However, Qin Mu could clearly feel the power of the devil path increasing!

This kind of situation was very similar to the change in Xuandu Heavenly Dao when they were fighting Heaven Duke back then!

"Youdu has stopped operating, something big must have happened! In that case, the celestial heavens is preparing to suppress Earth Count!"

He was astonished and walked into the Hellfire Monument Forest. Soon, he found Heaven Duke's reincarnation.

Heaven Duke's reincarnation was still being tortured by the hellfire and struggling in it.

"Celestial Venerable Mu!" Heaven Duke discovered him and endured the pain from his soul as he called out.

Qin Mu paid his respects and examined him from head to toe. He saw that Heaven Duke's Heavenly Dao was even more perfect. It wasn't just the Heavenly Dao. Heaven Duke also had extraordinary comprehension and understanding towards all kinds of Great Daos in the world. When he was immersed in the karmic sin flames and got the karmic sin flames to burn, his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao and other Great Daos reached an extremely deep realm.

His Dao Realm advanced by leaps and bounds, and his cultivation was extraordinary.

"Heaven Duke has broken free from the restraints of the ancient gods, and his path is about to be completed." Qin Mu revealed a smile and congratulated him.

Heaven Duke said, "It's also thanks to Celestial Venerable Mu's help that I have the hope of achieving the Dao. Celestial Venerable Mu has noticed the changes in Youdu, right? Dao Friend Earth Count is also about to be freed. I won't be lonely on my path to success, and I'll support him."

Qin Mu's heart sank slightly. When the celestial heavens attacked Earth Count, Earth Count took the chance to get rid of his ancient god body and become Ah Chou. This was Earth Count's long-cherished wish, so he naturally had to fulfill it.

However, if Earth Count died, Youdu would fall into the hands of the enemy, and the celestial heavens would have the power of Youdu. In addition to Xuandu, no matter if it was Yan Kang or Carefree Village, they would have no power to resist!

Xuandu controlled the sun, moon, and stars, and could cause all the worlds to sink into darkness. All kinds of natural disasters would appear, and the huge snow disaster in Eternal Peace had caused Eternal Peace to lose hundreds of millions of people!

The celestial heavens controlled Xuandu and started a war. The natural disaster would be unimaginable!

If the celestial heavens controlled Youdu again, they could invade the Life and Death Divine Treasures of all the gods and divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace. Killing gods and divine arts practitioners wouldn't be easy!

What was even more terrifying was that if the celestial heavens controlled Earth Count's body and mobilized the ghost army of Youdu to invade the world of the living, it would be an unimaginable calamity!

The current Eternal Peace was different from the past. It had great power, and the number of gods was countless times greater than before. It also gave birth to Celestial Venerable level strong practitioners like Qin Mu.

Eternal Peace still had strong practitioners of the older generation like Lan Yutian, Xu Shenghua, and Lin Xuan. All kinds of manufacturing factories could forge the strongest divine weapons in the world, and the wealth of the people was astonishing. It was obvious that it was the strongest divine kingdom in the various heavens!

Furthermore, Qin Mu had vast connections and could help Eternal Peace ally with Carefree Village and Crimson Light Floating World.

In addition, Founding Emperor, Celestial Venerable You, Celestial Venerable Ling, Celestial Venerable Yue, and Lang Wo, as well as Celestial Venerable Yun, who was high in the Ultimate Void, were no weaker than the celestial heavens.

However, if Youdu fell into the celestial heavens' control and they really fought, the celestial heavens could flatten the Primordial Realm in a few years or even a few months!

It was because the backbone of the celestial heavens was simply too much and too strong!

The celestial heavens controlled the tens of thousands of worlds in the heavens, and the geniuses in the tens of thousands of worlds were all captured into the celestial heavens. There were a hundred strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne, and even if the four deities of the four directions died in battle, they could replace the four deities at any time!

When the war really broke out, if Qin Mu, Founding Emperor, and the rest were blocked, the backbone of the celestial heavens would be able to flatten Carefree Village, Eternal Peace, and the floating world!

"Earth Count is free, but the world won't be."

Qin Mu composed himself and said, "Dao brother, Celestial Venerable Hao has achieved the Dao, and no one can defeat him. In addition to the huge foundation of the celestial heavens that controls Xuandu and Youdu, the celestial heavens is still unmatched. If Youdu falls into the hands of the celestial heavens, what's the point of fighting? I might as well take off my clothes and tie myself up to the celestial heavens, kneeling in front of Celestial Venerable Hao to be his subject!"

There was some resentment in his words.

Heaven Duke hesitated and said, "Actually, the celestial heavens planned to lay their hands on Youdu this time because Earth Count wanted to use the Great Dao of Youdu to capture you and kill the soldiers of the celestial heavens in Jade Lock Pass. This gave the celestial heavens a reason to do so. The celestial heavens have been reporting to the various heavens these few days, announcing Earth Count's evil deeds and raising the banner of suppressing Earth Count. Earth Count is seeking his own death. His Ah Chou Earth Count is in the forest of Hellfire Monument. Maybe you should ask him…"

Qin Mu bowed and bade farewell, going to find Ah Chou and Earth Count.

Ah Chou Earth Count was bound by chains, and he endured the burning of the karma fire from all the living beings in the worlds. He knelt on the ground and hung his head down, as though he was enduring the endless suffering of the people.

Qin Mu looked at him and said after a moment, "Earth Count, after you die, whose hands will Youdu fall into? Who will succeed Earth Count?"

The chains rattled, and Ah Chou Earth Count slowly raised his head. "Celestial Venerable Mu, after I died, Youdu fell into the hands of Celestial Venerable You and Qin Fengqing. Qin Fengqing succeeded Earth Count. For a million years, Celestial Venerable You has been Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven, taking care of everything in Youdu and familiar with the affairs of Youdu. Qin Fengqing is the Son of Youdu, and he controls the power of Youdu. However, his ambition is hard to find. However, with Celestial Venerable You's assistance, he can be a good Earth Count."

Qin Mu said coldly, "What about Celestial Venerable Xu? What about Son of Heaven Yin? The celestial heavens mobilized their forces against Youdu for the entire Youdu world! Mastering Youdu world is equivalent to mastering everyone's lives! With our current abilities, as long as the celestial heavens move the stars in Xuandu, we won't have any troops to protect Youdu!"

He let out a shaky breath and said patiently, "When the celestial heavens control Youdu, it means they control all lives. Earth Count, you also control Youdu, and now everyone's lives are in your hands. As long as you are willing, you can slaughter all the gods of the celestial heavens in one go and wipe out all the advantages of the celestial heavens in one fell swoop! You will be in charge of slaughtering all the gods, and I will be in charge of eliminating the Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens! This way, the outcome will be set!"

"The Dao of Youdu doesn't allow me to lay my hands on the living unless they are people that have gone against the Dao of Youdu."

Hellfire blazed in the eyes of Ah Chou and Earth Count. "Celestial Venerable Mu, don't worry, I won't let Youdu fall into the hands of the celestial heavens. I will bring Celestial Venerable Xu to live in seclusion and live the life of a mortal. As for Son of Heaven Yin, he's no match for Little Earth Count, much less control Youdu."

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Is Celestial Venerable Xu willing to go into seclusion with you? Earth Count, although Celestial Venerable Xu is your daughter, she has no kinship with you! She's one of the ten Celestial Venerables! She was groomed by Celestial Emperor Tai Chu to be a weapon against you!"

Ah Chou Earth Count said calmly, "She's still my daughter."

Qin Mu flicked his sleeves and passed through the layers of hellfire to arrive in front of Ah Chou and Earth Count. The path of reincarnation allowed him to not be tainted by any hellfire. No matter how fierce the hellfire here was, it couldn't hurt him at all.

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and he faced Ah Chou and Earth Count. The two of them looked at each other, and they could see the determination in each other's eyes.

"She's one of the ten Celestial Venerables," Qin Mu said.

Ah Chou Earth Count looked straight at him. "She's my daughter, I'm Ah Chou."

Qin Mu clenched his fists, and Ah Chou Earth Count tightened his chains. He leaned forward, and their faces were almost touching. They were still staring at each other.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you want me to go against the Great Dao of Youdu and slaughter the innocent, burying the billions of gods and devils of the celestial heavens. If I do that, what's the difference between me and the ten Celestial Venerables?" Devil fire spewed out from his nostrils, burning Qin Mu's face.

Qin Mu said coldly, "In the future, you will sit back and watch the billions of gods and devils of the celestial heavens slaughter the billions of lives of Eternal Peace. What's the difference between you and the ten Celestial Venerables?"

"Stop quarreling!" Heaven Duke's body was on fire as he hobbled over to persuade them.

A fierce battle was about to begin.

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