Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1580 - Young Master Mu, Ying Wushuang

Mistress Yuanmu was shocked, but when she heard that he had only learned one percent of the skill, she was relieved.

'If that ghost really learned how to tie red knots, I'll have to make him a ghost in advance.'

Mistress Yuanmu looked at Qin Mu who was running around happily and thought to herself, 'However, it's only one percent, so there's nothing to worry about.'

Qin Mu calmed down and sat on the red rope to freshen up. He was in a sorry state just now and had lost his bearing as a Celestial Venerable.

Furthermore, he also needed to take this chance to use his calm mind to sort out his gains during this period of time.

Of course, it was also because the red string knot was too difficult. It was a difficult problem that he had never encountered before, yet it was extremely attractive to him, causing him to lose his composure.

Mistress Yuanmu saw that he had calmed down during the process of washing up and was very quiet. His Dao heart was like a calm sea without any ripples, and she couldn't help but praise his Dao heart for being strong.

Great joy, great sorrow, unrestrained love.

He was unrestrained and emotional.

Yet he was able to recover to the highest realm of the Dao heart in a short time. In this world, only a freak like Qin Mu could do that.

Qin Mu looked at the red rope and his gaze landed on the sixth red rope. He couldn't help sighing ruefully.

The master of Miluo Palace was indeed unfathomable. At the same time, he had the magnanimity to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind. The sixth red rope wasn't the thread that had activated the power of his mudra, but the thread that had undone the mudra skill.

As long as he pulled this red rope, he could remove the seal and release the second young master of Miluo Palace. He didn't want to kill his disciple.

The second young master guessed that the master of Miluo Palace couldn't kill her. She probably thought too highly of herself and underestimated Miluo Palace Mater.

The master of Miluo Palace was still hiding the marvel of the red rope. It could be said that this red rope was the catalyst for understanding his divine art.

He was worried that after Second Young Master escaped, she would bring disaster to the world and no one would be able to stop him, so he left behind a technique to deal with her.

Qin Mu exclaimed endlessly in admiration in his heart and thought to himself, 'No matter if it's the cultivation, abilities, or actions of the master of Miluo Palace, no one can find fault with him. His wisdom is also unmatched!'

The master of Miluo Palace was the first and only person who could make him prostrate himself in admiration.

Even Lan Yutian and Celestial Venerable Yu had their own shortcomings in intelligence and behavior.

High Heavens' Young Master Xu Shenghua, who was dazzling and incomparably elegant, also had a flaw in his character.

It was the same for Founding Emperor.

As for the Grand Emperor, Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Yun, and the rest, they all had some shortcomings and weren't perfect.

Even if it was the enigmatic Tai Yi, he still had some shortcomings. Sometimes, he would deliberately mystify himself and give himself a mysterious air.

As for Qin Mu himself, he also had all kinds of flaws in his character.

Only the master of Miluo Palace deserved such praise.

"Lover, can we go now?" Mistress Yuanmu was excited and kept urging him.

Qin Mu took a deep look at the red knot and stood up. He went through the marvel of Dao he had comprehended over the past few days in his mind. After a moment, he smiled and said, "We can go now."

Mistress Yuanmu cheered. This was the first time she was completely in control of this body, and she couldn’t help but feel full of confidence. She smiled and said, "Later on, use that strange domain of yours to assist me, and I’ll fight against the second young master! I’m still not strong enough to be her enemy, but if she’s suppressed, I can still withstand a few moves. As long as I can escape, I won’t mistreat you!"

Now that she had solved her weakness, her cultivation had increased greatly, and her confidence had also risen.

The two of them waited for the tide of the Ruins of End to pass and immediately leaped out of the range of the red rope. Following that, the gravity of the Ruins of End descended.

Along the way, Qin Mu flicked his fingers continuously to activate the power of the five chains. Countless markings instantly appeared on the chains, and they trembled continuously as they flowed down the chains!

When Mistress Yuanmu saw the situation, she was even more at ease. If Qin Mu could execute the Dao chains to restrict Second Young Master's abilities, their chances of escaping would be even higher.

"As long as I get rid of Second Young Master, I'll send my little lover on his way."

She had a smile on her face as she thought to herself, 'My little lover is too dangerous. The threat he poses to me is too great if he makes it out alive. Furthermore, this threat increases with each passing day. His growth is too fast…'

The two of them fell down rapidly, and the vibrations of the Dao chains became more intense. It was obvious that the Dao chains had suddenly unleashed their power and alarmed the second young master who was suppressed in the Chaos Sea.

Suddenly, there was a vast expanse of white in front of him. Qin Mu opened his third eye and shouted, "It's second young master's hair! Be careful!"

His divine treasure realm spread out, and Mistress Yuanmu stood in it. She could instantly see from left to right, from left to right. Any attack was aimed at her front, so it was even easier to defend and break!

"Great Domain!"

She couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. In the next moment, she saw Second Young Master's hair. Countless strands of white hair were woven into a cloth and laid flat in the abyss of the Ruins of End!

Qin Mu and Yuanmu roared at the same time and rushed down!

Qin Mu stood under the World Tree, and arms popped out from under his armpits. He had three heads and six arms, and the fifty-eight treasure halls behind him transformed into the Jade Capital to protect the celestial heavens. His primordial spirit emerged from the Jade Capital City, looking incomparably majestic. His robes fluttered in the wind as he covered the entire Jade Capital City!

His corporeal body and primordial spirit made a move at the same time. He grabbed the chains and poured all of his magic power into them, raising the power of the chains!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Countless net made of white hair below were forcefully torn apart by the power of the chains. The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm swept the two of them through the net!

The instant they passed through the net, countless white hairs stretched out from the net and rushed down. In an instant, countless white hairs were like countless hands and countless sharp blades as they attacked the two of them!

Mistress Yuanmu flew up and down in the divine treasure realm like a colorful butterfly, executing her strongest divine art to block all of the white hair attacks.

Her clothes rustled as the white hair sliced her like a butterfly, revealing her fair skin.

The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm was still rushing downwards. In the primal chaos sea below, the lotus leaves were swaying, and white hair on one of the lotus leaves was like a waterfall as it rose into the sky!

Even though the second young master of Miro Palace was a woman, he had unparalleled courage. He pulled the twin lotuses together and uprooted the lotus. Under the lotus was actually a lotus root that spewed out surging primordial qi!

There were roots under the lotus roots, and they danced in the air like huge chaotic dragons. They fought fiercely with the Dao markings bursting forth from the five Dao chains!


The second young master activated the lotus roots, and countless abysses of the Ruins of End appeared in the sky above the Chaos Sea below. They spread out in all directions, flashing and disappearing at times. They were mysterious and unpredictable, devouring and wearing down the chains.

Another lotus seed shot out from the twin lotuses. With every strike, the void was obliterated!

It was obvious that the Twin Lotuses of the sixteenth era of the universe had already matured. There were lotus seeds in the flowers and lotus roots under the flowers, unlike the Twin Lotuses of the seventeenth era. They only had roots and no lotus seeds or lotus roots.

She knew that Qin Mu and the goddess of the Ruins of End had had a fortuitous encounter, and their abilities had increased tremendously. Thus, she had used her trump card.

However, the power of the Dao chains was simply too strong, suppressing her cultivation. In addition to the wear and tear of the Chaos Sea, the battle power she could unleash wasn't high.

Even if it wasn't high, it was still extraordinary. If she struck down with all her strength on Qin Mu or Yuanmu, they would probably be turned into ashes and nothing would be left behind!

Luckily, she had to fight against the chains, or else Qin Mu and Yuanmu wouldn't have any chance to escape!

The two of them rushed down, and Yuanmu's gaze locked onto all the floating Ruins of End divine arts of Second Young Master. He brought Qin Mu to dodge in all directions, and suddenly, a lotus seed hit him. It was like a stone smashing into a calm lake, smashing into Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

The power of this lotus seed exploded, and in the next moment, it transformed into a huge abyss that swept up the divine treasure realm. The vast starry sky and countless worlds all fell into the lotus seed!

Mistress Yuanmu flew up and met the lotus seed. She executed her Ruins of End divine art, and her corporeal body and primordial spirit transformed into a huge abyss to clash head-on with the lotus seed!

Qin Mu immediately stabilized his divine treasure realm and stopped himself from falling into the abyss.

Pa, pa, pa. Mistress Yuanmu's body exploded, and with just a simple collision, her flesh and blood became blurry. Her entire body, including her primordial spirit, couldn't find a single intact skin.

Her essence was like a rainbow as it was sucked into the abyss formed by the lotus seed.

Qin Mu shouted and executed his realm. Mistress Yuanmu's corporeal body and primordial spirit immediately recovered. The two of them gritted their teeth and fought against the lotus seed.

Suddenly, white hair passed through the divine treasure realm, and in the next moment, the two of them were pierced by a hundred white hairs.

The white hair tore in all directions, and the two of them instantly shattered into countless pieces.

The lotus seed swallowed the countless fragments that the two had transformed into.

"If the precious tree doesn't die, I won't die!"

The lotus seed was flying towards the woman on the lotus leaf when the lotus seed suddenly grew larger. In the next moment, it split into pieces, and a lush World Tree rose from the ground.

Countless vital qi swirled furiously around the World Tree. The sun, moon, stars, celestial palaces, and throne halls rapidly formed. The worlds of the heavens appeared one after another, and Qin Mu and Mistress Yuanmu stood under the tree.

Qin Mu gave a loud shout and executed Extreme Void. The realm became incomparably thin without any thickness. With a swoosh, it flew forward along the surface of the sea, far away from Second Young Master!

The second young master resisted the chains and shook his twin lotuses. A lotus leaf flew out and caught up to Qin Mu and Qin Mu. It gently stuck to the divine treasure realm that had no thickness.

The lotus leaf flew back to the second young master, and the divine treasure realm on the lotus leaf also flew back.

Thirty-six celestial palaces appeared behind Mistress Yuanmu's head, and she shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, lend me your throne room!"

There weren't many treasure halls in the celestial heavens, only twenty-nine of them. When Qin Mu heard her words, fifty-eight of them flew out and sat in her celestial heavens.

Qin Mu executed the Great Simplicity Celestial Palace and instantly, the fifty-eight throne halls became one with her twenty-nine throne halls. Quite a number of them overlapped, but there were still sixty-seven of them.

The magic power of Mistress Yuanmu's cultivation increased exponentially, and countless palm strikes landed on the lotus leaf, blowing it away!

Qin Mu once again executed Vessel Extreme Void and whistled into the distance.

They were getting closer to the twin lotuses of the seventeenth era. On the lotus leaves under the lotuses, Sun God Bo's skeleton could already be seen clearly.

Right at this moment, white hair flew over and coiled around the twin lotuses, pulling them back together with the lotuses!

Sun God King's skeleton swayed and fell into the chaos sea. Soon, it was melted by the chaos sea and turned into nothingness.

"That's my lotus!"

Mistress Yuanmu soared into the sky and hugged the roots of the lotus. Her corporeal body grew larger as she uprooted the two lotuses with a roar.

She almost fell into the Chaos Sea, and the next moment, Qin Mu's divine treasure realm spread out under her feet. Mistress Yuanmu landed on the ancestral court and waved her twin lotuses, blowing her white hair away. The twin lotuses swirled and bloomed rapidly, smashing towards Qin Mu's back!

Behind Qin Mu, the second young master's palm passed through the fog and attacked. Five chains coiled around her five fingers, revealing her white bones. However, the power of this attack was still immeasurable!

Yuanmu let out a shriek, and all of its power poured into the two lotuses. At the same time, under the World Tree, Qin Mu's body continued to bulge up and uproot the World Tree to face the second young master's palm!


In this collision, both of their bodies exploded repeatedly. After exploding, they recovered and exploded again. Even their primordial spirits were completely destroyed!

Luckily, Qin Mu's unchanging divine art burst forth and saved their lives, blocking the second young master's attack.

The second young master stretched out his palm again, but the five chains tightened around her and pulled her into the Chaos Sea.

She let out an indignant roar and sank into the Chaos Sea.

"Old Seven, if I break free, I will find you!"

Qin Mu erected the World Tree and fell down heavily. The roots of the World Tree danced in the air and stabbed into his Spirit Embryo Ancestral Court.

Mistress Yuanmu also plunged the two lotuses into the Chaos Sea. Their faces were covered in smiles as they looked at each other and rose into the sky, flying towards the sky above the Ruins of End.

The eruption of the Ruins of End tide made their bodies move faster. Both of them felt relaxed as they saw the entrance to the abyss of the Ruins of End getting closer.

They came to the greenhouse with twin lotuses. The greenhouse was peaceful as stamens danced in the tide.

Qin Mu stood beside the greenhouse and looked down. The flood of light was intense, and the chaos sea below made his heart palpitate.

"I've finally escaped. Little lover, if not for you, I really don't know what to do."

Mistress Yuanmu bit her lower lip and stuttered, "How should I repay you, Mister Qin?"

Qin Mu turned around, his gaze filled with affection. "How does my wife want to repay me?"

"Of course…"

Mistress Yuanmu was shy and timid as she rubbed a corner of it. Suddenly, she raised her hand to cover it with a huge abyss and said with a smile, "Of course it's to send you to the west! I can't be at ease if you're alive!"

The two of them were extremely close to each other, and her attack was so fast that Qin Mu couldn't react in time!

However, the moment she made her move, Qin Mu seemed to have expected her to make a move. The eye in the heart of his brows opened up, and a ring of light flew out from his eye and into the heart of Yuanmu's brows!

"Celestial Empress, wake up!"

In Mistress Yuanmu's body, Celestial Empress' consciousness, who had experienced countless cycles and couldn't find a way out, immediately broke free from the cycle and seized control of her corporeal body with Mistress Yuanmu!

Mistress Yuanmu's attack came to the top of Qin Mu's head, but it couldn't land. She revealed a look of astonishment. "You really left a trap…"

The twin lotuses rose up in the tide and came to the top of the abyss. Light came from above, and the water of the Styx River overflowed.

Qin Mu looked at Mistress Yuanmu's face and sighed.

He placed his right hand on Mistress Yuanmu's face and turned around.

"Yuanmu, Celestial Empress, the divine art I comprehended can't kill both of you, so I can only suppress both of you. If fate allows it… we shall meet again."

The five fingers of his right hand moved away from Mistress Yuanmu's face, and he walked out of the greenhouse with twin lotuses.

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the water of the underworld river.

"Red ribbon seal," he said softly.


Five chains passed through Mistress Yuanmu's facial features, and five red ropes slowly rose from the greenhouse. They crisscrossed and formed a red knot.

The twin lotuses slowly sank into the abyss of the Ruins of End.

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