Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1566 - Dao Of Reincarnation

Celestial Empress was gentle and sweet, and she said softly, "Mister Qin, don't worry. I refined big sister to death, and you died heroically. Your death is valuable!"

Qin Mu struggled hard, but he couldn't break free.

If it was in the past, Qin Mu wouldn't be afraid of any divine arts from Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress. However, after the two women merged, the paths, skills, and divine arts became extremely strange and terrifying. Even he couldn't break them in a short time.

This kind of paths, skills, and divine art contained the power to destroy everything. At the same time, it also contained the power to nurture everything. When the two powers merged together, it became the activation of Qin Mu's Great Dao, causing Qin Mu to lose control of his own Great Dao and transform into Dao fire to burn!

Even the Five Great Daos he comprehended was ignited by Celestial Empress!

What was even more terrifying was that he couldn't stop his own cultivation from transforming into Dao fire!

"Yuanmu, I can help you refine Celestial Empress."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "Do you think you can definitely refine her to death by burning us to refine this great furnace? You're thinking too simply. You can't refine her at all. Her consciousness have completely fused with yours, and no treasure can refine her consciousness. Other than me! In the path of creation, your abilities are far inferior to mine!"

Celestial Empress rolled her eyes at him like a woman and giggled. "Little enemy, you still look so serious when you are bragging, you really move my heart. After you die, I will come to pay my respects to you often."

Qin Mu cried out bitterly in his heart. This woman was now a crazy woman who couldn't reason at all. He also couldn't use benefits and harm to change her mind!

"Celestial Empress, if you kill me, you will be offending Celestial Venerable Hao!"

Celestial Venerable Gong was also tormented. He gritted his teeth and said, "Do you think Celestial Venerable Hao will let you off?"

"Let me go?"

Celestial Empress giggled. "He's my son, how could he kill me for you?"

Celestial Venerable Gong was pale and speechless.

Qin Mu felt the burning of his Great Dao and said in exasperation, "Yuanmu, I can help you refine Celestial Empress with the Dao of Reincarnation and the Dao of Creation, but if I die, you won't have another chance!"

Suddenly, Celestial Empress' expression changed, and she said coldly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you said you could kill me?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and carefully probed, "Celestial Empress?"

"It's me!"

Celestial Empress gritted her teeth and sneered. "That little slut took advantage of my carelessness and forcefully suppressed my consciousness. She thought she could fool the world and refine it into a treasure to kill me. She's looking down on me too much! I suppressed her consciousness and forced her to sleep. Otherwise, you two adulterers will succeed in your scheme! If you work together with that little slut, how can I let you live?"

Qin Mu immediately said with a smile, "Goddess, working together with me isn't what I want. Working together with you is my best choice. That little slut Yuanmu is temperamental…"

"Darling Qin, what did you say?" Celestial Empress' eyes were like silk as she chuckled.

Qin Mu's face was as black as iron, and he felt helpless.

Talking to a lunatic made him unable to unleash his wisdom.

The charm on Celestial Empress' face vanished, and she regained her cold demeanor. She said indifferently, "The little slut jumped out again, but how could I let you have your way? Burn two Celestial Venerables to refine this supreme treasure, and I will completely refine the little slut into ashes!"

Celestial Venerable Gong was in despair. She could see that even Qin Mu was helpless and had no idea what to do.

Qin Mu had always been crafty. When faced with all kinds of dangers, even when it seemed like he was in a situation of certain death, he could still come up with ideas that no one would expect and escape from death.

And now, Celestial Empress was a lunatic, an unreasonable lunatic!

Celestial Venerable Gong also felt the burning and passing of his Great Dao, and his heart dimmed. 'I didn't expect to survive through countless calamities and tribulations from the primordial era until now. In the end, I will die at the hands of a lunatic…'

Suddenly, Qin Mu said in a clear voice, "All desires fall because of fate, the three evils fall, the six pleasures of reincarnation, suffering from all kinds of hardships! All living beings rotate, rotating within."

Celestial Venerable Gong was slightly stunned, but he heard Qin Mu reciting a scripture. He was talking about the Dao of Reincarnation. The Dao of the scripture was profound, and it explained the secrets of the Dao of Reincarnation.

There was no Dao of Reincarnation in this world, and the Dao of Reincarnation was opened up by Son of Heaven Yin. However, because Son of Heaven Yin's aptitude and comprehension were limited, even though he had opened up the Dao of Reincarnation, it wasn't perfect, so his reputation wasn't prominent.

However, the Dao of Reincarnation that Qin Mu was chanting was much more profound than Son of Heaven Yin. Even she couldn't help sighing in admiration and nodding her head repeatedly when she heard the marvel within.

On the other side, Celestial Empress was entranced by what she heard. Unknowingly, the Dao fire on Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable Gong's bodies also gradually weakened. It was obvious that Celestial Empress was learning and cultivating while listening, suddenly transforming their Dao skills into Dao fire.

Qin Mu continued to chant, and the scriptures became more profound and cryptic. He explained how the reincarnation would change fate, how the reincarnation would recklessly go through disasters, how to retain one's original heart in reincarnation, and how to defend one's source so that they wouldn't be invaded by heart devils.

Even Celestial Venerable Gong was intoxicated from listening, and he exclaimed in his heart, 'Celestial Venerable Mu is truly remarkable. His Great Dao of Reincarnation seems to have fused with the Brahma Boundless Calamity Sutra of Buddhism, which is much more profound than Son of Heaven Yin's Reincarnation Sacred Technique. No wonder Son of Heaven Yin fainted when he executed the Reincarnation Divine Ability on him.'

Celestial Empress was even more entranced than she was. Even though the Dao fire on both of their bodies was still burning, the fire was much smaller.

The scriptures of the path of reincarnation that Qin Mu chanted could solve Celestial Empress' current state, which was why it was so attractive. It made them stop fighting and focus on comprehending the scriptures.

However, Qin Mu had purposely made the scriptures cryptic and incomprehensible to attract their attention.

The more Qin Mu read, the more profound it became. Celestial Empress unknowingly let go of their hands.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he chanted non-stop. However, he quietly moved his feet and left under the huge furnace.

Celestial Venerable Gong saw the situation and his heart stirred slightly. 'Celestial Venerable Mu has indeed become an expert in escaping for his life. He actually still has a way to survive in such a situation!'

She also quietly moved her feet.

The instant she raised her leg, Celestial Empress' aura suddenly changed. Two auras rushed into the sky and collided with each other.

Celestial Venerable Gong was astonished, and he hurriedly stopped. He saw Celestial Empress' two auras intertwining and attacking each other. It turned out that Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress had executed the path of reincarnation at the same time, trying to use it to refine each other!

Celestial Venerable Gong let out a sigh of relief, but he saw that Qin Mu had already walked far away. He hurriedly rushed towards Qin Mu and attacked him with his consciousness!

Qin Mu was furious. He stopped reciting and blocked with all his strength. He lowered his voice and said, "Gong Yun, you're courting death! If we alarm her, none of us will be able to leave!"

Celestial Venerable Gong attacked him frantically and said coldly, "Celestial Venerable Hao gave me the task of filling up the eye of the sea. If you escape, I will die as well! No matter what, you have to be filled up in the abyss of the Ruins of End today!"

Her consciousness was strong, and her consciousness attacks were incomparably fast. Even though Qin Mu's consciousness attainments were also extremely high, he was still slightly inferior to her. He had to defend, or else if her consciousness divine art invaded his body, even though he wouldn't die, it would bring him great trouble.

Qin Mu blocked her attack and pulled out his sword. The moment Calamity Sword appeared, it was the thirtieth heaven of the sword path, Calamity Break!

Sword light flashed as it sliced through Celestial Venerable Gong's throat, and a trail of blood appeared.

Celestial Venerable Gong moved to the side and avoided the sword. He spun his body, and the long whip flew out and coiled around him.

Qin Mu took advantage of the situation and came in front of her. The great divine art of the martial path burst forth, and he executed Crimson Light Divine Body Absolute, throwing a punch over.

Celestial Venerable Gong raised his hand to defend, and behind his head, celestial palaces formed a huge celestial heavens to raise his vital qi and resist his martial path divine arts. He used his magic power to suppress him!

As soon as they came into contact, their bodies trembled violently, and they tumbled backward.


The light tide in the abyss rose into the sky like a pillar, and the tide of the Ruins of End burst forth, brushing past their bodies. Instantly, their bodies were drenched in blood.

In the abyss, twin lotuses rose up in the tide of light, looking incomparably gorgeous.

Above Celestial Venerable Gong's head, the celestial palace turned into a horn and rose up. With a sound, his qi and blood increased exponentially, and he used the whip as a spear to stab forward. Qin Mu clasped his hands together and transformed them into a taiji diagram. The long spear stabbed into the taiji diagram, and Celestial Venerable Gong pushed him into the tide of light in the Ruins of End!

Qin Mu quickly retreated and landed on the lotus flower in the next moment. There was no tide in the lotus flower.

Celestial Venerable Gong frowned and stopped.

Qin Mu looked at her through the tide of light and suddenly smiled. "Gong Yun, Celestial Empress is behind you."

Celestial Venerable Gong felt his blood run cold, and he hurriedly leaped into the twin lotuses.

She forced her way through the tide of light, and her body was instantly covered in injuries. She hurriedly turned back to look and saw Celestial Empress still standing in her original spot. She was crazy and muttering words, and she wasn't standing behind her at all!


Just as she thought that, a sword light pierced through her chest and out her back, blocking her momentum!

Qin Mu's sword succeeded, and he immediately changed his move, wanting to send her into the Ruins of End. Suddenly, a long whip swept over and locked Qin Mu in place. Qin Mu exerted strength in his legs and stabilized himself. In the next moment, Celestial Venerable Gong had already reached the lotus.

Qin Mu raised his leg and stomped down heavily. His divine treasure realm expanded, and the celestial palace on the back of his head floated, forming a huge celestial heavens!

At the same time, fifty-eight treasured halls appeared to protect his celestial heavens!

The corners of Celestial Venerable Gong's eyes twitched, and the long whip that had coiled around Qin Mu was forced open by the terrifying power bursting forth from Qin Mu's body. It couldn't hold him back anymore!

"Gong Yun!"

Qin Mu stretched his body and stretched out his hand to grab. The Calamity Sword flew back into his hand, and he said indifferently, "What do you think of my fifty-eight throne halls?"

Celestial Venerable Gong's pupils contracted. "You studied Celestial Venerable Hao's Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel?"

"Not only that, I even deduced Celestial Venerable Hao's celestial palaces."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said indifferently, "These few days, I have been swimming around in the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, exploring all of his knowledge and comprehension, analyzing all kinds of runes in the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel. After that, I reconstructed it again, trying to deduce his techniques and divine arts. I know everything he knows."

He shook his Calamity Sword and said leisurely, "Even when you guys tried to refine me in the celestial heavens, I had a rough understanding of your divine arts, paths, and skills. You guys know how to…"

He sneered. "I know how to do it too! After some time, I might even be better than you guys, more skilled, and have a higher Dao Realm!"

Gong Yun's pupils contracted. "However, your cultivation realm is still lacking. You're still no match for a Celestial Venerable!"

"Why don't you try?" Qin Mu smiled.

Outside, the tide of the Ruins of End became even more intense and dazzling.

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