Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1562 - The Death Of Tai Su

In Eternal Peace, a young girl walked with light footsteps, humming a little tune as she walked through the ice and snow of Eternal Peace's Northern Region. Her skin was whiter than snow, and she wore a white sable fur coat. The Northern Region was cold, and it was covered in snow, but it wasn't as fair as her skin.

She came to the city.

Shuofang City was a city of bitter cold. Originally, the territory of Eternal Peace hadn't expanded to this place, but after opening up new territories, they built a new city here.

Ice and snow didn't melt here all year round, and even divine arts practitioners didn't want to stay here for long. Looking around, other than the snow and ice mountains, there were also some huge strange beasts that roamed the icy plains and rarely saw any ruins.

As an important god city in the north, with the protection of a god, it wasn't too cold and cheerless.

From far away, one could see the gods of Eternal Peace standing in the snow and ice. They were like stone statues that gave off blazing heat to protect a region, preventing the weather in the city from being so bad.

The young girl quickly walked into the city, and she saw that it was bustling with activity. Because of the protection of the gods, there were numerous people gathered here, and the trade was flourishing. No matter if it was the humans or the other races, they were all wearing thick cloaks made from fur. They looked very bloated, but there was a different kind of heroism.

The people of Shoufang liked to drink strong wine, and the stronger the wine, the better. This young girl also went to taste it, but she felt a hint of heat entering her throat. She couldn't help sticking out her tongue and ran out of the tavern again. A burst of laughter came from the tavern.

The young girl was full of curiosity as she walked back and forth in Shuofang City, looking at the different scenery. Suddenly, she saw a huge slide made of ice sculptures and couldn't help but cheer. She quickly ran over and slid down the slide, giving off a crisp laughter.

Her appearance was sweet, fair, charming, and lively, attracting the attention of many youths.

After playing for a while, the young girl took out a roll of golden paper and opened it up with a swoosh. She looked at the golden paper and closed it again. She waved at a youth excitedly, "Wei Shijie! You are Wei Shijie?"

The youth was tall and sturdy, but he had delicate features. He smiled when he heard her words. "Miss, you recognize me?"

"I don't know, the Life and Death Book does."

The girl's eyes curved into crescents, and she smiled. "Wei Shijie, Grand Emperor Ju Yushi is using his life to hide in Shuofang. You have been exposed, and I'm here on the emperor's orders to kill you. Wait a moment, I'm here to find the emperor's official documents."

She rummaged around and finally found the imperial decree of Emperor Yanxiu, Ling Yuxiu. She unfolded it with a whoosh and beamed with joy. "Found it! Everyone, please make way so as to not hurt the innocent!"

The youths in the surroundings dispersed and hid far away.

Wei Shijie looked around, gathered his cloak, and sneered. "Emperor Yanxiu sent you here? I'm afraid not. Does Emperor Yanxiu have the guts to attack me? Where's Celestial Venerable Mu? Let him out!"

That young girl received the imperial decree and said with a smile, "Uncle Qin doesn't know about this, it was the emperor who asked me to come. Uncle Qin is very busy, how would he have the time to ask about your matters? The emperor got the news from Great Overarching Heaven."

Her accent had the charm of West Earth. It was soft and delicate, making people want to hear her continue.

"My name is Xiong Qi'er. Grand Emperor, please guide me." The girl bowed, revealing the sword case on her back.

Wei Shijie gave a cold humph and suddenly exploded, displaying a terrifying and overbearing divine might the moment he attacked!

Even though he was the Grand Emperor's borrowed body, his cultivation wasn't weak either. With this move, over thirty celestial palaces appeared behind his head, and the throne halls were scattered!

He wasn't ostentatious in Eternal Peace, so his reputation wasn't prominent.

The brash people like Celestial Venerable Xiao's reincarnation had long been killed by Qin Mu. From then on, the reincarnations of the ten Celestial Venerables in Eternal Peace were very careful.

Learning Eternal Peace's reform was fine, but one must never touch Qin Mu's reverse scale.

If they tried to enter the center of power of Eternal Peace, they would definitely be eradicated by Qin Mu at all costs!

The Grand Emperor also understood this point, but he was more cautious. He only focused on learning the paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace and never revealed himself. Even in a remote place like Shuofang, he didn't have much reputation.

Yet now that his abilities were revealed, the moment the vast celestial palaces formed the celestial heavens, even the gods guarding Shuofang couldn't help but be shaken. They felt boundless pressure!

Even though his cultivation realm was on the Jade Pool Realm, his battle prowess had reached the Jade Capital Realm!

Killing intent appeared in the eyes of Grand Emperor Wei Shijie. He took a step forward and arrived in front of Xiong Qi'er!

He had to end the battle quickly. Before more experts of Eternal Peace arrived, he had to kill this girl from West Earth who spoke very nicely!

The moment he arrived in front of Xiong Qi'er, the sword case on Xiong Qi'er's back opened up, and the sword realm instantly surged like a tide!

Behind Xiong Qi'er, there were also celestial palaces that formed the celestial heavens. They also had extremely high cultivation in the Dao Realm!

The women of West Earth's True Heaven Palace had always been close to nature and close to the Great Dao!

Her cultivation realm was also higher than that of Grand Emperor Wei Shijie, and it was even stranger and more comprehensive. She had the Four Heavenly Gates, the complete Jade Pool Realm, and the Heavenly Sea Realm!

Her magic power was even higher than Wei Shijie's!

The two figures crossed each other, and the sword realm collided with the supreme consciousness realm. They then separated and took dozens of steps forward!

Wei Shijie turned around and said coldly, "Little girl, have you cultivated in Eternal Peace's Dao Academy before?"

Xiong Qi'er turned around, and blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She took out a silk handkerchief to wipe off the blood at the corner of her mouth and nodded. "I've been there before. Sword God Su had guided me for half a year, and I even followed the offerings wine of the Dao Comprehension Academy for a period of time. I also sought knowledge under Imperial Preceptor Jiang for a period of time. Not long ago, I even went to the ancestral court to follow Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian for a period of time."

"No wonder…"

Wei Shijie's body split open, and sword marks appeared on the surface of his body. It was a ghastly sight.

'After Celestial Venerable Mu killed the reincarnation of Celestial Venerable Xiao, I was too careful. I didn't dare to go to the Dao Sanctuary or come into contact with the most advanced divine arts, paths, and skills of Eternal Peace. As a result, my cultivation realm was surpassed by the younger generation.'

His corporeal body's life force became weaker as he muttered softly, "Hehe, if only I had died in the Great Overarching Heaven, how great would that have been? At the very least, it would have helped me achieve my world-renowned reputation. After all, I died bravely under the siege of the five great Celestial Venerables. Now, I actually died in the hands of an unknown little girl! How can I be convinced… I can't accept this…"

His consciousness burst forth from this lifeless corporeal body and rushed towards a youth in the distance, trying to borrow another life!

The instant his consciousness rushed out of his corporeal body, Xiong Qi'er's sword realm burst forth and enveloped all of his consciousness!

Xiong Qi'er was nervous and calculated quickly. Soon, she calculated the result and saw sword light flying out from the sword case and landing in the sword realm. It was like a taiji diagram.

She executed her sword realm, and the Taiji Sword Realm rotated, completely erasing the Grand Emperor's consciousness!

Xiong Qi'er let out a sigh of relief, and countless sword lights returned to the sword case on her back one after another. The young girl pulled her marten fur coat together and walked out of this divine city of the north, walking into the snow.

Celestial Venerable Gong brought the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel and left the celestial heavens. Goddess Tai Su floated behind her and said, "The abyss of the Ruins of End is under Youdu, in the endless darkness under Earth Count's feet. Why didn't Celestial Venerable Gong let Celestial Venerable Xu send you to Youdu and instead borrowed the Primordial Realm?"

Celestial Venerable Gong's consciousness rippled as he said, "I've always been indifferent and don't like to interact with people. I have no relationship with Celestial Venerable Xu. If I ask her to help, I'll owe her a favor."

Qin Mu popped his head out from the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel. "Earth Count and I are good friends. I can open Gate of Heaven Influence and let you guys enter Youdu."

Goddess Tai Su's bell rang and shook him back into the heavenly wheels. "In that case, how do you plan to enter Youdu and head to the Ruins of End?"

Celestial Venerable Gong came to a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and said, "Where the Primordial Realm connects to Youdu, there's a god named Lu Li guarding that place. When I head there, Lu Li will guide me into Youdu."

Goddess Tai Su no longer asked.

Qin Mu said, "Why is there a need to go through so much trouble? My senior brother, Wei Suifeng, do you two know him? He's the Emperor of Endless Clouds. He left behind the coordinates of the Ruins of End in the universe. As long as you let me out, I can use my teleportation divine art to send you to the Ruins of End."

The two girls turned a deaf ear to him.

When they came to the Primordial Realm, Celestial Venerable Gong entered the god city left behind by the celestial heavens. He cast a spell in the city and summoned Lu Li from Youdu. "Activate the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in Youdu. I want to go to Youdu."

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Earth Count is my brother! You guys are borrowing Youdu, my brother will definitely not let you guys off!"

Celestial Venerable Gong frowned and said to Lu Li, "Is there a place where we can avoid Earth Count and enter Youdu?"

Lu Li said, "Celestial Venerable, Youdu is everywhere, and Earth Count is everywhere. As long as we pass by Youdu, we can't avoid Earth Count. That ancient god has remarkable abilities and boundless power."

Celestial Venerable Gong took a glance at him, and Lu Li hurriedly said, "I have an idea. We will place the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge at Jade Lock Pass. Once the bridge is opened, Celestial Venerable will enter Jade Lock Pass and leave immediately. Earth Count won't be able to make a move in time."

Celestial Venerable Gong nodded. "Prepare quickly!"

Lu Li apologized and returned to Youdu to prepare for Jade Lock Pass. Celestial Venerable Gong waited quietly.

Goddess Tai Su's gaze flickered, and she said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Gong, you are an extraordinary woman, and you have great aspirations. Are you willing to submit to Celestial Venerable Hao? Men can become emperors, but women can't? It's not impossible for a woman to become an emperor. What you lack is someone who can support you."

Celestial Venerable Gong's heart stirred slightly, and he turned around to face Tai Su. He could only see a blurry figure. "How can Goddess Tai Su teach me?"

Tai Su said with a smile, "You have both methods and schemes, what you lack is luck. Your luck is here. You know my abilities, and you also know my methods. I am one of the Five Ancient Gods Tai Su, an existence on par with Tai Yi, Tai Chu, and Tai Chi!"

She changed the topic and said indifferently, "The sword injury Founding Emperor left you was healed by me. I can heal you, or I can make the sword injury reappear and make you wish you were dead."

In the Myriad Heavenly Wheel, Qin Mu couldn't help laughing.

Tai Su ignored him and continued, "As for Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Xu, Lang Xuan, and Ancestral God King, they were all injured and healed by me. They also couldn't escape from my control! Celestial Venerable Hao seems to be the leader of the celestial heavens, but in reality, I'm the one who truly controls the power of the celestial heavens!"

Celestial Venerable Gong seemed slightly moved, and Qin Mu laughed loudly.

Tai Su frowned and ignored him. She said leisurely, "Gong Yun, as long as you submit to me, the position of Celestial Emperor won't belong to Celestial Venerable Hao or Celestial Venerable Xiao. It'll belong to you! What do you think?"

Qin Mu rolled on the ground while laughing in the Myriad Heavenly Wheel.

Tai Su finally couldn't hold back his anger and said coldly, "Qin Mu brat, what are you laughing at? You will die in a few days and be consigned to eternal damnation in the Ruins of End! Only by relying on me can you have the chance to preserve your life!"

Qin Mu said leisurely, "Tai Su, your early birth has something to do with me. Speaking of which, I let you down. I can't bear to see you die like this. How can I do that? You're too stupid. When you hear my laughter, you should be alert and stop talking. Let's not talk about other things. Do you know who Gong Yun is?"

Tai Su sneered, "Who?"

"Women who rely on men."

Qin Mu said meaningfully, "She's also a person who values benefits above all else, a person who's completely selfish. For the sake of benefits, she can sell everything and only rely on the strongest man. Since you agree to everything she asks and see you, you can see the most fearful devil in your heart and see the person you want to see the most. Why don't you ask Celestial Venerable Gong what she sees?"

Tai Su looked at Celestial Venerable Gong. "Gong Yun, look at me. What do you see?"

Celestial Venerable Gong didn't hide anything and said, "I can only see a ball of gas and a blurry figure that looks like a woman."

Taisu frowned.

"Let me help you see more clearly, Celestial Venerable Gong!"

Qin Mu's upper body emerged from the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, and he raised his hand to gently stroke it. A transparent glass appeared in front of Celestial Venerable Gong.

Celestial Venerable Gong looked at Tai Su through the glass and finally saw the blurry figure. It was her!

Tai Su's expression changed.

"Tai Su, you claim to be able to control people's desires and their fears, but you didn't expect this, did you? There's actually someone like Celestial Venerable Gong in this world."

Qin Mu sighed and said, "From the start, you shouldn't have chosen to help Celestial Venerable Hao, because you couldn't defeat him. You couldn't control him at all. This was your most muddle-headed move. When you realized this, it was already too late, but it wasn't too late. It was just that you didn't know who you were and chose to turn Celestial Venerable Gong against you. You were too full of yourself, and I couldn't save you anymore."

Tai Su felt goosebumps.

At this moment, Celestial Venerable Hao's voice came from behind her. It was very gentle, but it made her hair stand on end. "Aunt, you have disappointed Hao'er."

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