Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1559 - The Passing Of A Primordial Legend

The next moment, the Grand Emperor's consciousness left Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

The corners of the Grand Emperor's eyes twitched because he felt a strong sense of danger. However, before he could react, he had already been stripped from Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

His reaction was fast, and he immediately returned to the Dao Tree. However, when his consciousness moved, he suddenly felt that he was slightly different from before.

He couldn't pinpoint the exact difference.

However, in the eyes of Qin Mu and the rest, it was a different sight.

The Grand Emperor's consciousness was moving and transforming at the same time. He had a body, a corporeal body, a soul, and a primordial spirit.

Just like that, the Grand Emperor transformed from his consciousness into a living person!

The Grand Emperor himself didn't notice this change, but he still rushed towards the Dao Tree.

The Dao Tree was formed from his lifetime's Great Dao, and the Dao Fruit was the result of his Dao.

Celestial Venerable Ling gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. Ever since this woman had killed him in the supreme consciousness realm of the Great Void with her incomplete unchanging divine art, he had attached great importance to her.

He didn't even hesitate to use Celestial Emperor's corporeal body to kill Celestial Venerable Ling!

Facing this woman, he always had a lingering fear.

He became corporeal, turning from a supreme god into a living person. Next, he transformed from a human form into an energy form, becoming a pure energy body.

As he ran, he disintegrated.

Behind him was the scattered energy that he had disintegrated into. It was then dispersed by the cold wind of the Ultimate Void and vanished between heaven and earth.

His transformation came from the Dao markings of Miro Palace, which were mixed with unchanging divine arts. It gave people an incomparably mysterious feeling, but it also made Tai Su and Celestial Venerable Xiao feel incomparably fearful.

From Celestial Venerable Ling's finger, they could see their own Dao and the Dao of the other five Great Daos. The Great Dao of the five Great Daos was changing freely.

Celestial Venerable Ling's cultivation might still be inferior to that of Celestial Venerable Xiao, Celestial Venerable Hao, and the rest, but the cultivation displayed in this strike had already surpassed their understanding!

The Grand Emperor was already the strongest existence in this universe. In this battle, he had used his own abilities to prove this point!

Although Celestial Venerable Ling had the element of surprise, this finger made them feel that they were in danger of being destroyed as well!

As the Grand Emperor ran towards the Dao Tree, his disintegration speed became faster. When he came to the side of the Dao Tree, it was right in front of him. He stretched out his hand and smiled.

The laughter became fainter, and finally, a cold and lonely wind blew over. The Grand Emperor's smiling face was like a beach that had been hit by waves, smoothing out all traces.

He completely vanished.

The cold wind blew, and the wind sounded like a sigh.

He sighed at the end of an invincible legend and the passing of the past.

The Grand Emperor was reduced to ashes.

His consciousness was completely gone.

In front of everyone, the leaves of the Grand Emperor's Dao Tree started to wither. Withered yellow leaves broke off from the branches and fell from the trees. They swirled in the cold and silent wind before gradually fading away into the wind.

The branches were also drying up, becoming brittle and falling, turning into ashes in the wind.

The Dao Tree withered, its roots decayed, and dispersed.

The Grand Emperor's green Dao fruit also withered at this moment, becoming shriveled as if it had lost all vitality.

The Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven already had a huge hole in it. At this moment, even more cold and lonely wind came in and blew in all directions. The Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven decayed and collapsed.

Celestial Venerable Ling looked at this scene quietly, and her expression didn't change. However, there was a hint of sorrow in her Dao heart. Gradually, this sorrow invaded her and affected her, causing her to unknowingly tear up. She didn't know where this sorrow came from.

This was perhaps the sorrow of the Great Dao of heaven and earth. Unknowingly, it had infected her Dao heart, causing her to sink into this sorrow and lament the passing of an ancient existence.

In every aspect, the Grand Emperor could be called a pioneer.

In the barbaric era, the Grand Emperor's consciousness entered the path and created a legend. He created divine consciousness runes, Dao runes, Dao chains, and sacrificial methods. He also created a supreme consciousness realm.

Even though he knew how it looked and didn't know why, he didn't propose a complete cultivation system, nor did he have any profound impact on the future generations. Even though the late Grand Emperor had gone astray and sacrificed the masters of creation to kill them, even though he was only half a Dao cultivator, his contribution was still indelible.

If his wisdom was used to benefit his descendants, he could become the most dazzling Celestial Venerable in this world.

Unfortunately, he didn't.

The Grand Emperor was dead, buried by Celestial Venerable Ling's finger.

Qin Mu, Celestial Venerable Xiao, Founding Emperor, and Celestial Venerable Hao couldn't understand Celestial Venerable Ling's sorrow. However, Celestial Venerable Ling, who had personally buried the Grand Emperor, was deeply haunted by this sorrow.

Suddenly, a Numinous Sky Hall came to the top of Celestial Venerable Ling's head. Countless magnificent runes on the surface of the Numinous Sky Hall trembled and pressed down!

At this moment, Founding Emperor stood in front of her and pulled out his sword. The Sword Dao Tree was lush and verdant, and its branches swayed like ten thousand swords rising into the sky. It stabbed towards Numinous Sky Hall and accurately stabbed at every rune in the hall!

Terrifying tremors burst forth, and in the Numinous Sky Hall, Celestial Venerable Xiao flew out. She faced Founding Emperor's sword light with a palm strike towards Celestial Venerable Ling!

Around him, the runes of Numinous Sky Hall fluttered. Founding Emperor was blocking the runes of Numinous Sky Hall, and he was also borrowing the runes to block Founding Emperor's sword path.

Founding Emperor frowned. The Dao Flower spun, and its petals were like the sharpest swords that met Celestial Venerable Xiao's hand.

At the same time, the sword in his hand stabbed backward. Behind him, Celestial Venerable Hao stood up straight and appeared behind Celestial Venerable Ling!

The injury at the back of his head had already been healed by Goddess Tai Su. The Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel in his hand burst forth with terrifying Dao might and spun continuously, slashing at Celestial Venerable Ling's delicate head!

Behind his head, the runes of Purple Firmament Hall formed countless imprints that shone on the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, pushing the power of both sides to the extreme, making his strike even more terrifying!


Founding Emperor stabbed his sword into the center of the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheel, and the power of the Sword Dao, the Dao of Absolute Beginning, and the Dao of the Ruins of End burst forth. Founding Emperor grunted and vomited blood.

He couldn't withstand both Celestial Venerable Xiao and Celestial Venerable Hao at the same time.

Celestial Venerable Hao's eyes flashed, and he closed in. The Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel flipped, revealing the darkness of the Ruins of End. He wanted to swallow Celestial Venerable Ling whole!

On the other side, Celestial Venerable Xiao's palm was dripping with blood, and soon, only white bones were left. His wrist was also sent flying by the Dao Flower of the Sword Dao, and the bones of his arm had also turned into white bones. However, this attack still landed on Celestial Venerable Ling!

Founding Emperor gave a long roar and used all his strength to defend against these two Celestial Venerables. However, he still couldn't defend against them.

Just as the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel was about to swallow Celestial Venerable Ling, a figure suddenly flashed. Qin Mu stood in front of Celestial Venerable Ling and was swallowed by it!

Celestial Venerable Hao sneered and continued to execute the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel. However, he saw Qin Mu sticking his head out from the abyss of the Ruins of End and giving him a sinister smile, blocking the entrance of the abyss completely.

Celestial Venerable Hao's hair stood on end. He flipped his palm, and the Heaven Wheel turned from the back to the front, transforming into the Myriad Dao Heaven Wheel that was led by the Dao of Absolute Beginning.

Qin Mu popped his head out from the front of the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel again, and Celestial Venerable Hao's black hair blew up. He executed the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel and smashed Qin Mu into pieces!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, are you dead or not?"

Celestial Venerable Hao shouted, and the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel slashed towards Celestial Venerable Ling. However, Qin Mu, who had already been minced by him, popped his head out again. Not only did he do so, but his upper body also popped out. He stretched out his arms and grabbed the edge of the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel.

Celestial Venerable Hao cried out, and the Heaven Wheel flipped, transforming into a reverse side. The abyss of the Ruins of End swallowed Qin Mu and ground him into the waste gas of the universe.

"Still not dead?" Celestial Venerable Hao sneered.

"I won't die!" Qin Mu popped his head out from the heavenly wheel again.

Veins popped out on Celestial Venerable Hao's forehead, and the Heaven Wheel flipped, refining Qin Mu into Xiantian One. Following that, the Xiantian One in the Heaven Wheel condensed, and Qin Mu took a step out, trying to come out.

Celestial Venerable Hao gave a loud shout and smacked his palm on the heavenly wheel, turning Qin Mu into powder!

His Dao heart was in chaos, and his fierce nature erupted. He raised the Heaven Wheel, and Qin Mu's face appeared in the center of the Heaven Wheel, filling it up.

Celestial Venerable Hao threw out the Heaven Wheel, not towards Celestial Venerable Ling, but towards Celestial Emperor's corporeal body!

At this moment, Celestial Venerable Xiao had already reached Celestial Emperor's corporeal body. He was almost skinned by Founding Emperor, and he was trying to fuse with Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

Celestial Venerable Hao's attack was ingenious. Just as he was about to enter Celestial Emperor's corporeal body, before he could fully enter it…

Celestial Venerable Xiao sneered. Celestial Emperor's corporeal body raised his palm to meet the tens of thousands of celestial wheels. His power was boundless, surpassing that of the Grand Emperor controlling this body.

Qin Mu's face appeared on the surface of the Myriad Heavenly Wheel, and he smiled as he faced the attack. "Your Majesty, when I touch your body, I can plant thousands of backup plans. I guarantee that you will have nothing to live for!"

Celestial Venerable Xiao felt a chill down her spine, and he hurriedly retracted his hand, not daring to touch the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel.

His Celestial Venerable Xiao's corporeal body exploded, and the sword light of Founding Emperor pierced through the top of Celestial Emperor's corporeal body and tunneled into his body, transforming into a Sword Dao Tree that expanded!

Celestial Venerable Xiao had just taken control of this body, so he didn't have time to defend herself. A grunt came from this body, and Celestial Venerable Ling woke up from her sorrow. She raised her slender jade finger and pointed at the heart of her brows.

Celestial Venerable Xiao cried out loudly and fell backward. He crashed through Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and fell from the Ultimate Void.

The Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven had already rotted and couldn't hold them.

Celestial Venerable Ling frowned and retracted her finger, only to see Celestial Venerable Hao's strike miss. The Ten Thousand Dao Celestial Wheel brought Qin Mu to slash at the withered Dao Tree of the Grand Emperor!

The Myriad Heavenly Wheel whooshed to the side of the Dao Tree, causing it to decay. The Heavenly Wheel caused the bark of the Dao Tree to fall off, revealing the Sword of Absolute Beginning!

The Myriad Heavenly Wheel slashed at the emperor's sword, and it was Qin Mu's turn to feel his blood run cold.

That was Celestial Emperor Tai Chu's companion treasure, an emperor's sword formed purely from the Grand Primordium Dao. Celestial Venerable Hao's Grand Primordium Dao wasn't as profound as Qin Mu's, so it was hard for the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel to kill him.

However, if he was killed by this sword, he might not be able to escape death and wouldn't be able to revive from death!

At this moment, a palm stretched over and gently grabbed the hilt of the Emperor Sword.

Celestial Venerable Hao was astonished when he saw the person holding the sword. He put away the Myriad Heavenly Wheel and left with Qin Mu in the wheel!

Founding Emperor and Celestial Venerable Ling looked at that person and saw the withered Dao Tree behind him. It slowly stopped decaying, and the withered leaves gradually turned green. The withered Dao fruit on the tree also gradually regained its vitality.

The Dao Tree started to grow again, and the Great Overarching Heaven no longer collapsed.

Purple qi thirty thousand zhang descended from the sky like a long waterfall, hanging behind that person.

"Dao Friend Yun." Celestial Venerable Ling greeted.

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