Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1537 - The Original Heart As A Sword

"Heavenly Lady Qiang is dead? And she died in your hands?"

Founding Emperor's heart jumped, and he looked at Qin Mu in astonishment. After a moment, he said, "After you cultivate Calamity Sword, your abilities have improved greatly. Even though the treasure sword is sharp, the cultivation of the sword controller shouldn't fall behind. If you rely too much on a sharp weapon, you will lose the motivation to move forward."

Qin Mu took out God Execution Stage and said, "My cultivation has never fallen. In fact, I'm unprecedentedly strong! I can already compete with Celestial Venerables on the same stage! Founding Emperor, at my age back then, what was your cultivation? You don't have to worry about me."

Founding Emperor thought about it. At Qin Mu's age, he was still a small god, far from Qin Mu's current achievements.

It was probably because he had high expectations of him that he was worried that he would degenerate.

On the God Execution Stage, the power of the two divine knives had already recovered by a lot, but they were still not at their peak.

He saw two Blood Fiend Divine Knives intertwining on the God Execution Stage with astonishing power. They severed the primordial spirit, the corporeal body, and the Dao heart!

'These two divine knives don't seem to be as good as before. They can't be compared to the power of the battle in Xuandu.'

Founding Emperor examined them and said in doubt, "The power of the two divine knives is too weak now, so they probably can't help me achieve the Dao. I'm too strong, and the God Execution Stage can't give me much pressure."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. The power of the two divine knives on God Execution Stage was incomparably terrifying. Even though they hadn't recovered to their peak, they would still die if they touched them. Founding Emperor actually felt that the power was too shallow.

"The knife is used by humans. It has the God Execution Mysterious Knife but no one can use it, so its power is naturally too weak for you."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "Furthermore, what you want isn't pressure, but to comprehend the Dao Heart Realm in the God Execution Stage. How about this, I'll control these two divine knives and lend you a hand. What do you think?"

Founding Emperor raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled. "Alright. However, I'm worried that your abilities aren't enough to control these two divine knives."

Qin Mu twisted his waist, shook his neck, and moved his body. He said with a smile, "In the battle of Xuandu, I held a divine knife and slashed more than one Celestial Venerable. At that time, I didn't control God Execution Mysterious Knife. Now that I have a divine knife, I'm even more worried about you. After all, you're old, and I'm still in my prime."

Founding Emperor said with a smile, "How can gods be old and young? Celestial Venerable Mu is joking."

"Celestial Venerable Qin is too polite."

Qin Mu raised his hand and invited him. "In that case, Celestial Venerable Qin, shall we go on stage?"

Founding Emperor grabbed the sheath of Carefree Sword with his left hand and slowly ascended the stage.

Qin Mu rose into the air and came to the top of the God Execution Stage. He floated between the two God Execution Mysterious Knives, and the two divine knives were like two bloodthirsty dragons that circled around him.

He narrowed his eyes and raised his palm. The blood dragon slithered past his palm, and the scales were rough and sharp as they rubbed against his palm.

His palm was bleeding, but the two evil dragons seemed incomparably docile.

During this period of time, he had already refined the God Execution Stage and the God Execution Stage. He had also refined the two God Execution Mysterious Knives and refined them with ease.

Below, Founding Emperor resisted the baleful aura of the divine knife and walked towards the divine platform step by step.

Around him, there seemed to be layers of formless sword path domains. The knife lights of God Execution Stage flashed, and when they invaded his domain, one could see sword lights clashing with the knife lights.

To Qin Mu, the God Execution Stage only had thirty steps, but to Founding Emperor, there were thirty-five steps.

This was the peculiarity of the God Execution Stage. The higher the cultivation of the Dao Realm, the more steps there would be on the God Execution Stage. The power of the divine knives on the stage would also be stronger!

Finally, Founding Emperor took his 35th step and ascended the God Execution Stage!

Back then, Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest of the knife practitioners had worked together to reach the God Execution Stage. They had long mobilized their divine knives and ultimate arts, but when Founding Emperor had reached the 35th level of the God Execution Stage, he had never drawn his sword.

The two heads of the God Execution Mysterious Knife paused slightly before pouncing down.

Qin Mu's gaze landed on Founding Emperor's body and searched for his flaws, allowing the two divine knives to attack on their own.

On the divine platform, Founding Emperor seemed to be taking a leisurely stroll. He pulled out his sword and swung his hand, forcing the two God Execution Mysterious Knives back again.

His sword path was too strong, and using the God Execution Stage to sharpen his sword path seemed to be slightly difficult because it was very difficult for God Execution Mysterious Knife to injure him.

His Dao heart was too strong. With such a strong Dao heart, the God Execution Stage that severed the Dao heart to sharpen it was useless to him.

At his level, it was indeed hard for him to improve.

Back then, this was also the reason why he wanted to reach the God Execution Stage during the battle of Xuandu.

He was too strong. If he wanted to achieve the Dao, he needed a lot of training. Heavenly Lady Qiang was a Celestial Venerable. With the God Execution Stage and God Execution Mysterious Knife, she could stimulate his potential and help him achieve the Dao!

Now, the power of God Execution Mysterious Knife had been greatly reduced, and he could no longer feel the pressure!

Suddenly, the blood-colored knife lights that covered the sky and earth vanished. Two divine knives rose up, and Founding Emperor couldn't help raising his head to look.

There were no clouds in the blue sky above his head. The sky was clear and he could almost see the stars in the sky.

Founding Emperor narrowed his eyes. He saw Qin Mu bringing the two divine knives and spiraling into the sky, getting further away from God Execution Stage. Soon, Qin Mu was as far away as a tiny ant.

Founding Emperor raised his head and looked at Qin Mu from afar. Qin Mu was still far away and had already reached the outer space of Carefree Village. Only then did he stop.

Founding Emperor raised his eyebrows and stabbed Carefree Sword into the sheath with a whoosh. His right hand shook, and he moved his five fingers. Only then did he hold on to the sword hilt, ready to strike.

In outer space, Qin Mu held onto the Blood Fiend God Execution Knife and shook it forcefully. The two divine knives merged together and transformed into a divine knife.

This knife was completely blood red and used the dragon's head as a weapon, the dragon's fin as a blade, and the dragon's spine as a backbone. It had the unparalleled baleful qi of killing Heaven Duke!

Qin Mu gripped his knife, squatted, and gathered strength. He suddenly grinned and took a step forward!

At this moment, it was as if a meteor had suddenly appeared in the sky above Carefree Village. The meteor broke through the sky and entered the atmosphere of Carefree Village. At first, it was dim, but as it fell, it became brighter.

That light was blood-colored, and it dyed Carefree Village red. When it came to the end, it was like a sea of blood!

At the same time, the entire God Execution Stage shone brightly, and the natural markings of the Great Dao lit up. Suddenly, blood light surged upwards like a tide!

The knife light and the blood light merged into one. Founding Emperor raised his head to look, but he couldn't see where the knife light and the blood light were!

Suddenly, a knife mark appeared on Founding Emperor's face. Before God Execution Mysterious Knife could reach him, a wound had already appeared on his face!

Meanwhile, the blood in the wound on his face was actually flowing upwards. The qi and blood in his body were also floating and continuously flowing towards the wound!

"As expected of the number one ominous weapon in the world!"

Founding Emperor couldn't help becoming excited, and he pulled out his sword. The sword light gathered with his blood, and his Sword Dao fused into the droplets of blood that flew up.

Suddenly, a few crisp sounds rang out. The instant his fresh blood collided with God Execution Mysterious Knife, the sword path hidden in the blood suddenly exploded!

Founding Emperor's eyes lit up. He finally saw God Execution Mysterious Knife in the sea of blood!

Carefree Sword met the God Execution Mysterious Knife in the blood-colored tide, and his sword path burst forth from this sword. In an instant, thirty-five heavens of the sword realm appeared in the blood light!


The sea of blood above God Execution Stage exploded, and the crazy knife lights and sword lights tangled together. In the blink of an eye, Founding Emperor was covered in blood and wounds everywhere!

This wasn't Qin Mu's personal power, but the power of God Execution Mysterious Knife and God Execution Stage.

This God Execution Stage was extremely marvelous. Standing on the God Execution Stage, however many heavens there were in the Dao Realm, the God Execution Stage would give birth to as many heavens of the Dao Realm. Qin Mu's own knife path realm was only twenty-six heavens. Only by working together with Butcher and the rest could he raise his knife path to thirty heavens, so he definitely wouldn't be able to hurt Founding Emperor.

However, by borrowing the God Execution Stage, he could execute the thirty-five heavens of the Dao Realm!

This was the power of God Execution Stage and also the power of Founding Emperor.

Without Founding Emperor, an existence of the 35 heavens of the Dao Realm, standing on the God Execution Stage, he couldn't control the power of the 35 heavens of the Dao Realm!

With the power of God Execution Mysterious Knife, he had already injured Founding Emperor!

It was Founding Emperor's first time encountering such a fierce attack. The overwhelming knife light made him feel like he had no way to defend against it. Not only that, the terrifying knife light was pervasive, slashing at his flesh and primordial spirit!

Even his Dao heart was invaded by the knife light and was riddled with holes!

God Execution Mysterious Knife, combined with God Execution Stage and Qin Mu, who was a strong existence that was proficient in knife path, Founding Emperor actually fell into a passive state!

He saw Qin Mu in the blood light. The black knife split into two and then transformed into another. The length changed, sometimes far, sometimes close. It was like a gale, lightning, or a storm. It was unimaginably fast!

Qin Mu attacked him from all angles, and even his Dao Realm couldn't defend against it. The sword realm was also split apart by the two divine knives again!

Even though the injuries on his corporeal body and primordial spirit were severe, what was worse was the knife marks on his Dao heart.

God Execution Mysterious Knife attacked again like Dao Query, scolding his Dao heart and his actions, making him doubt himself and deny himself!

He had never seen such an attack before and didn't know how to defend against it.

For the first time, he was hesitant and indecisive.

His unbreakable Dao heart became weak at this moment. He seemed to see the achievements of his life in the blood light, his failures, and the consequences of his decision when Founding Emperor Calamity erupted.

He saw that during the Founding Emperor Calamity, he had brought the strongest force of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens to seek refuge in Carefree Village. After they left, the people under the protection of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens had lost their homes, their wives and children scattered, and countless living beings had died miserably at the hands of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens!

He saw the suffering and helplessness he had faced in the natural disasters and man-made disasters that he had promised to protect their lives. He saw them crying and wailing, but he couldn't fulfill his promise.

He saw his old subordinates despairing and turning into stone statues.

He saw Founding Emperor Era turning into Great Ruins, the Heavenly Works God Race dying miserably, Saint Woodcutter's disappointment, and First Ancestor Human Emperor bringing the survivors of Founding Emperor Era to survive.

He saw First Ancestor Human Emperor transforming into a stone statue in Little Jade Capital out of guilt and refusing to wake up.

This was Founding Emperor's sin, yet First Ancestor Human Emperor had to bear it.

Founding Emperor's Dao heart wavered.

Qin Mu's knife light made him waver. He couldn't live his life without guilt. Qin Mu had used the marvel of the Dao of God Execution Stage to strike out the guilt in his Dao heart!


A blood-stained knife light fell, and Founding Emperor raised his sword to block it. However, he was forced to kneel on the ground. God Execution Mysterious Knife pressed down on Carefree Sword, and Carefree Sword stabbed into his shoulder.

He knelt on the ground and seemed to have returned to the past, back to the moment when he first held the sword.

In his hazy vision, he saw his master, a nameless swordsman. When he knelt down and begged him to teach him sword skills, that elderly swordsman's voice rang out in his Dao heart, "Qin Ye, why did you learn sword skills?"

In the mud, a young child raised his head, his eyes filled with determination. "I learned the sword to protect those who suffered and were unjust like me!"

"I learned the sword so that I could have the power to raze the world of injustice and protect the people!"

"When I learn the sword, I will use the sword as a plow to plow out the river, preventing the flood from flooding out and preventing the gods from descending disasters. When I learn the sword, I will use the sword as a weapon to wipe out the ferocious beasts, eradicate the demons, and create a plan for the gods to return peace to the world!"

"Can you do it?"

"I can!"

That elderly swordsman pressed the sword in his hand on Qin Ye's shoulder and smiled. "Qin Ye, don't forget, this is your original intention. Everything you do in the future can't go against your original intention."

In the blood light, Founding Emperor, who was covered in fresh blood, raised his head and looked at the two bloodthirsty evil dragons. The eyes of the dragons seemed to be mocking him for his actions over the years, mocking him for forgetting what his original intention was!

Founding Emperor's face was covered in tears, and his eyes were filled with tears of blood.


The Carefree Sword in his hand suddenly exploded into fine powder.

This Carefree Sword that had accompanied him in  countless battles had shattered into pieces.

However, there was still a sword in his hand that was shining brightly!

His Sword Dao had no worries, only his original heart was left.

The original heart was the sword.

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