Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1534 - Pilgrimage

Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao smiled and walked into the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Celestial Venerable Hao asked leisurely, "Is Celestial Venerable Mu not here? Why isn't he here to welcome us personally?"

Jiang Yunjian said, "Godfather isn't around. He said that Heavenly Lady Qiang is dead and that this is a rare opportunity. He went to save Celestial Venerable Ling."

The seven Celestial Venerables were astonished. Celestial Venerable Hao stopped and looked at Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Gong. Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Gong understood and turned to leave.

Celestial Venerable Xiao muttered to himself and turned back to look at the two ancient gods of taiji. He revealed a questioning look.

When the two ancient gods of Tai Chi came to find him and said that they wanted to assist him, Celestial Venerable Xiao naturally welcomed them. After all, he was alone now and didn't have any experts around him. He was at a disadvantage when facing Celestial Venerable Hao.

However, seeing Tai Yi this time, these two ancient gods were also Primordial Ancient Gods. The ancient gods of taiji had to stay, and he also wanted to see Tai Yi.

However, saving Celestial Venerable Ling was of utmost importance. Firstly, Celestial Venerable Ling's death was related to him. Secondly, the one who killed Celestial Venerable Ling was Celestial Venerable Ming Fangyu, who was transformed from the Grand Emperor's primordial spirit. The corporeal body that Ming Fangyu controlled was the true body of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu!

If Qin Mu went to save Celestial Venerable Ling, it would be related to his Tai Chu True Body!

The Tai Chu True Body was vital for him to defeat Celestial Venerable Hao and the other six Celestial Venerables!

With the true body and the method to achieve the Dao, no one was his match.

Goddess of Yin saw through his doubts and suddenly said, "Brother, stay here, I'll go."

The Yang God said, "Little sister brought our precious companion treasure in case."

The Grand Yin Goddess brought the taiji sand table and left.

Celestial Venerable Xiao let out a sigh of relief and smiled at Jiang Yunjian. "Little brother is full of spirit and vigor. Your cultivation is extraordinary at such a young age. May I know who your master is?"

Celestial Venerable Hao's gaze also landed on Jiang Yunjian, and his heart stirred slightly. Jiang Yunjian's cultivation wasn't high, but his technique was truly strange. Furthermore, his realm was also very strange. Even they couldn't tell what technique Jiang Yunjian cultivated and what realm he had cultivated to.

Jiang Yunjian smiled and said, "My master is Tai Yi."

Everyone's expression changed slightly.

Ancestral God King, Celestial Venerable Xu, and the rest looked at each other. Ancestral God King suddenly smiled and said, "For Tai Yi teach you, you are naturally very powerful. No wonder you have such cultivation and strength at such a young age. I've heard that Tai Yi is omniscient. Since you are his disciple, let me test you and see how much you have learned from Tai Yi."

Jiang Yunjian was eager to try.

Ancestral God King smiled and opened his palm. Jiang Yunjian involuntarily landed in his palm.

"Don't worry, I'm a guest from afar. I won't make things difficult for you."

Ancestral God King looked at his palm and said with a smile, "As long as you can break through my Heavenly Dao Firmament, I will admit that you have learned some skills from Tai Yi."

Jiang Yunjian stood in his palm and raised his head to look. He saw white clouds rising in spirals and the sky was blue. The Heavenly Dao traveled far and turned into a world of the heavens.

The Celestial Venerables stopped and looked at Ancestral God King's palm.

Ancestral God King was the number one person in the world with attainments in the Heavenly Dao. He had personally used the Heavenly Dao to test him and placed layers of Heavenly Dao seals in his palm. If Jiang Yunjian was really Tai Yi's disciple, it wouldn't be difficult to break these Heavenly Dao seals.

They could also see Tai Yi's techniques and divine arts during the process of breaking the seal from Jiang Yunjian, thus deducing his strength.

Jiang Yunjian raised his head and said with a smile, "So it's the seal of the Heavenly Dao. How extraordinary are my abilities compared to a Celestial Venerable? I didn't expect it to be such a crude divine art."

He walked out and raised his hand to give a gentle kowtow. At the center of this great divine art, Heaven's Guide Seal, the other forty-eight Heavenly Dao Seals also appeared!

The Heavenly Dao interweaved in the heart of Ancestral God King's palm, and the seal was ever-changing. It was too much for the eyes to take in.

Jiang Yunjian paid no attention to the other seals and just broke the Heavenly Guide. Instantly, all the changes in the Heavenly Dao stopped.

Jiang Yunjian unhurriedly broke the other Heavenly Dao seals and walked out from Ancestral God King's palm. He leaped down and landed on the ground while thinking to himself, 'I'm ashamed. If Master hadn't brought me to the Heavenly Sea to comprehend the heaven's heart and guided me to comprehend the Heavenly Dao in the Heavenly Sea, explaining the Heavenly Dao thoroughly, I wouldn't have been able to break Ancestral God King's divine art.'

His master was naturally not easy to deal with.

Tai Yi had never taken in a disciple, nor had he taught anyone techniques or divine arts, nor had he imparted the Dao.

Jiang Yunjian's master, Lan Yutian, was personally requested by Qin Mu to take him in as a disciple. He was an advanced disciple.

Although Lan Yutian had many disciples, Jiang Yunjian was the only advanced disciple.

Jiang Yunjian was also the first, as well as the only person currently cultivating the Five Great Daos created by Lan Yutian.

Among the younger generation of Eternal Peace, his abilities were the highest, and he was even more brilliant than many of the older generation.

This was also the reason why Qin Mu had chosen him to welcome the guests.

God Emperor Lang Xuan coughed and said, "Little brother's abilities aren't bad, you have indeed obtained some of Tai Yi's abilities. I also want to test you, don't be a stranger."

He was very polite, but he immediately used the Tai Chu Divine Arts.

The corners of Celestial Venerable Xiao's eyes twitched. Even though God Emperor Lang Xuan had relied on the Dao Fruit behind his head to execute the Tai Chu Divine Arts, it was extremely intricate, and he couldn't help but praise his unfilial son for being powerful.

The Tai Chu Divine Arts that God Emperor Lang Xuan executed was a kind of Tai Chu Seal, a divine art that entered the path. Other than testing Jiang Yunjian, it also showed off to Celestial Venerable Xiao.

Celestial Venerable Xiao naturally knew.

He also wanted to see if Jiang Yunjian, who was Tai Yi's disciple, could crack the Tai Chu Divine Arts.

Jiang Yunjian walked back and forth in the divine art and said with a smile, "This is your Tai Chu Divine Arts. It's a little strenuous to break it. However, according to the Dao of Tai Chu that my master called, this divine art of yours isn't entirely your own comprehension. Even you don't know much about it."

God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't help but laugh. "What shameless boasting."

Soon, his expression changed.

He saw that Jiang Yunjian had actually found the weakness of his Tai Chu Seal and broke it easily!

God Emperor Lang Xuan's expression wavered, and he suddenly said coldly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, it's you, right? Do you think you can hide it from me by transforming into this youth?"

Jiang Yunjian was bewildered and smiled. "What nonsense are you saying, Celestial Venerable? Celestial Venerable Mu is my godfather, so how could he impersonate me?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan grunted, still suspecting that Qin Mu was the one who transformed in the river.


Celestial Venerable Xu asked with interest, "Is Tai Yi able to understand my Great Dao of Youdu?"

Jiang Yunjian looked at her and saw a horn missing from the top of her head. It was as if someone had chopped it off. He smiled and said, "You are Celestial Venerable Xu? Where is the horn on your head?"

Celestial Venerable Xu snorted and didn't have a good impression of this brat. He immediately executed a great divine art of the devil path and said indifferently, "It was cut by your godfather. Can't you recognize the sword wound on my horn?"

"I have never learned sword skills from godfather," Jiang Yunjian said carefully.

He observed Celestial Venerable Xu's divine art and broke it after a moment.

Celestial Venerable Xu praised, "The person who taught you is truly powerful!"

Suddenly, the Yang Ancient God said, "I also want to test it out."

Everyone executed their divine arts to test Jiang Yunjian, but all of them were broken by Jiang Yunjian. Even Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao's tests couldn't stump him. Only then were the Celestial Venerables and ancient gods convinced.

"Tai Yi's disciples should have such abilities." They no longer had any doubts.

Jiang Yunjian glanced at the sky and suddenly said, "You guys have tested me for so long, so I shall test you guys as well. Let's see how good you Celestial Venerables are!"

Everyone laughed.

Ancestral God King said with a smile, "It's also because you are Tai Yi's disciple. If it was anyone else who said that to me, they would have been beaten to death by me!"

Jiang Yunjian sneered and said, "The so-called Celestial Venerables also don't dare to take the test? What I used to test you guys was a Dao pattern array drawn by my master. I was stumped. If you guys can solve it, I will naturally kowtow and apologize to you! If you guys have the guts, follow me!"

The few Celestial Venerables' hearts stirred slightly. "Dao pattern formations drawn by Tai Yi? We can't miss this!"

They followed Jiang Yunjian to a broken cliff in front of a hundred thousand black mountains. On the cliff were some Dao markings that formed a formation. It was truly incomparably mysterious!

Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao's gazes landed on the formation, and their expressions couldn't help changing slightly. They thought to themselves, 'The divine art of Tai Yi is indeed unfathomable. I can't understand this Dao pattern formation at the moment!'

The Celestial Venerables and ancient gods thought hard. As long as their gazes landed on the Dao pattern, they couldn't help but be attracted by the marvel within. They sank deeper into it, feeling that there were boundless marvels, endless transformations, and intoxicating.

From the Tai Su Dao, the Yang Ancient God of saw the Taiji Dao. The others also saw their own paths and skills, and the more they looked at them, the more they became obsessed.

Jiang Yunjian let out a sigh of relief and thought to himself, 'My godfather asked me to bring them here and use the Dao pattern formations on the cliff to delay them until nightfall. It looks like I can succeed. Strange, what are these Dao pattern formations? Why are even Celestial Venerables stumped by them?'

The Dao pattern formations on the cliff were personally carved by Qin Mu. Qin Mu had instructed him not to look at them. When the sun was about to set, he would awaken the Celestial Venerables and guide them to the bottom of the World Tree.

Therefore, he didn't really understand what the Dao pattern array on the cliff was.

However, his master, Lan Yutian, had come here before and had seen the Dao pattern array on the cliff. He had told him that it was a variant of the primordial qi runes and had also instructed him not to look at it, or else he would be addicted to it.

After an unknown period of time, Jiang Yunjian saw the sun setting in the west. He hurriedly coughed and shouted, "Celestial Venerables, have you solved the marvel of this Dao pattern formation?"

Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Xiao, and the rest woke up one after another. They saw the sun sinking in the west, and half a day had passed while they were standing there!

Celestial Venerable Xiao exclaimed in admiration, "Dao Brother Tai Yi is indeed extraordinary. I didn't understand the formation of this Dao pattern, so I can't help but feel respect for Dao Brother Tai Yi."

Jiang Yunjian sneered and said, "You guys tested me for no reason. Now you know how powerful I am, right? Leave quickly. You guys came to see my master, yet you dilly-dallied and delayed for so long. You made my master wait for you guys and didn't want to be his disciple!"

Ancestral God King was furious and thought to himself, 'This brat has a sharp tongue. Is he really not Celestial Venerable Mu?'

Everyone followed Jiang Yunjian and rushed towards the World Tree. They saw that the World Tree in front of them was getting closer, making it look even more majestic.

'This tree looks like the one in Celestial Venerable Mu's divine treasure!'

The Celestial Venerable and ancient gods looked at the tree and exclaimed in admiration, thinking to themselves, 'However, it's much bigger than Celestial Venerable Mu's. This tree is a grandfather, while Celestial Venerable Mu's is a grandson!'

They came to the bottom of the tree, and the sun in the west gradually sank down the mountain. The sun that was revolving around the World Tree also gradually lost its light and dimmed.

Right at this moment, a world-shaking explosion suddenly rang out, shaking all of the Celestial Venerables until they couldn't stand straight!

Everyone's expression changed drastically when they saw the tremors coming from outside the hundred thousand black mountains. When they looked outside, they saw that it was as if the universe was being annihilated outside the hundred thousand black mountains!

All worlds in the heavens collapsed, and everything was gone!

Everyone's faces turned incomparably pale. This scene was too shocking. At the same time, it made people confused. They thought that the entire universe was really destroyed.

They came back to their senses, and suddenly, the sound of Dao lingered in the air as it came from the sky.

Everyone looked up and saw Ultimate Void appearing in the sky. A Dao Tree with thousands of branches appeared above them, faintly discernible.

The Dao Tree was lush and full of vitality. It was even sturdier than the Dao Tree they had seen in Jade Capital City. There was a Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit on the Dao Tree that made them fearful!

Just as their gazes landed on the Dao Fruit, golden light suddenly swirled below, and a golden hall suddenly appeared in front of them!

The door of the golden palace hall opened with a bang, and the primordial qi in the palace hall surged and fluttered. One could faintly see a figure sitting in the palace hall.

Celestial Venerable Hao focused his gaze and tried to see the figure clearly. He could barely see that it was an elder. He asked softly, "Aunt, is that Tai Yi?"

Goddess Tai Su said, "The last time I saw him, he was a woman."

The Ancient Yang God said, "Tai Yi is ever-changing. If it's Tai Yi, it can be a man or a woman, it can transform into all living things, it can transform into all forms. This is what an unfathomable and profound Dao cultivator is like!"

After saying that, he bowed to the ground. "Taiji pays his respects to Dao brother!"

"No need for formalities."

An old voice came from Qin Mu's mouth in the hall. "Why have you come to see me?"

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