Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1528 - The River's Zither

The World Crossing Golden Ship came to the river of chaos formed by the fourth universe and slowed down. Qin Mu stood at the bow and looked down, carefully searching for traces of Tai Yi.

Tai Yi was easily thrown into the fourth universe. Finding traces of him in a universe was like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, in the Great Calamity of Destruction, the universe collapsed and all life was wiped out. The entire universe continued to shrink. Space turned into nothingness and matter turned into energy. The only space that could move was probably near the World Tree of the ancestral court.

Therefore, Qin Mu only needed to observe the remaining strong practitioners of the fourth universe to find Tai Yi.

However, Tai Yi was proficient in transformation. He had been sent into the calamity by the master of the Mi Luo Palace and the strong practitioners of the fourth universe, which meant that there were existences in the fourth universe that could rival him.

Furthermore, from the information Wei Suifeng had revealed, Tai Yi had been severely injured by the master of Miluo Palace. He had most likely changed his appearance immediately after falling into the fourth universe. Thus, Qin Mu had to lock onto Tai Yi's transformation from the start of the calamity to find out what he had become.

Qin Mu searched carefully, and the World Crossing Golden Ship moved forward at a steady pace. After an unknown number of days, Qin Mu suddenly saw Tai Yi's body falling rapidly from the river surface into the long river of chaos!

He couldn't help but feel energized.

This was the scene of Tai Yi being knocked down into the fourth universe!

He focused his attention, and the vertical eye between his brows locked onto Tai Yi's falling figure.

The ones who pulled Tai Yi into the long river of chaos were two people who had achieved the Dao. The three of them fought continuously as they fell, their bodies spinning like lanterns, dazzling the eyes.

The golden ship continued forward, and as it did so, the battle below seemed to have sped up countless times.

The giant was too easy to defeat because of his heavy injuries. However, he transformed into a youth, and the injuries on his body vanished.

However, Tai Yi's abilities were no match for the two of them, and he was still injured continuously. Every time his injuries worsened, Tai Yi would transform again, leaving the two Daoists helpless.

Suddenly, Tai Yi transformed into a stream of primordial qi and escaped far away. The two Dao Formation experts chased after him and fought.

On the golden ship, Qin Mu locked onto the traces of the three people. He saw that the three of them had fought their way under the World Tree during the great calamity of destruction. Even though they were standing on the tree, they were constantly moving and attacking each other.

As the golden ship moved, they got closer to the opposite shore. They saw that the universe below was almost completely annihilated. Almost all of the matter had turned into energy and was compressed together. Chaotic energy surrounded the World Tree, making it incomparably terrifying!

Even those who had achieved the Dao would find it hard to escape death from such terrifying energy. Only the World Tree remained the same. Under this extremely intense calamity of destruction, it slowly stretched its roots and absorbed the energy of the calamity of destruction.

When the root of the world touched it, there was no soil left. The entire ancestral court had already turned into ashes, and many people who didn't make it to the world tree had turned into ashes.

However, there were also some people who had achieved the path that came to the bottom of the tree and tried to tunnel into the roots of the World Tree. They tried to crawl from this shattered universe to the next life and the future universe.

On the World Tree, the three people who were fighting also couldn't withstand the great calamity of destruction that was intense to the extreme. They tunneled into the roots of the World Tree one after another.

The entire Fourth Universe was completely annihilated, and only the World Tree was left floating in the chaotic energy, preparing to split the heaven and earth apart to evolve the universe.

At this moment, Qin Mu saw Jade Capital City and couldn't help being stunned.

He saw an extremely gorgeous divine city crumbling continuously in the ultimate calamity of the universe's destruction, yet it wasn't completely destroyed!

In this god city, there was a lush Dao Tree that stabilized the chaotic energy. Under the Dao Tree stood a figure that didn't head towards the World Tree.

He stood alone in the completely destroyed universe. There was only sorrow and desolation in his eyes, as though he was sad about the destruction of this universe.

"Miluo Palace Master!"

The World Crossing Golden Ship came to the opposite shore, and the ruins of Jade Capital City of Universe 4 appeared in front of him.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and frowned.

After observing for so long, he still couldn't see anything special about Tai Yi!

The characteristics of a person were hard to change, but every time Taiyi changed his form, his characteristics would change as well. There was actually no similarity!

No matter what he said, what he did, his subtle expressions, or his divine art, there was no repetition!

"Thinking back, when we were at the black mountain, Tai Yi didn't seem to have any special qualities."

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and controlled the golden ship to fly past the ruins of the Jade Capital that were in between the two huge rivers of chaos. He said in a low voice, "Now that I'm thinking about everything about him, even though I have a deep impression every time, when I want to remember his face, it's all chaos. This is the trait of chaos, right?"

However, the crux of the problem lay in this point. Even though he had locked onto Tai Yi during the calamity of the fourth universe, he was completely ignorant about what Tai Yi had become during the calamity of the fifth universe.

If one couldn't find the characteristics of Tai Yi, they wouldn't be able to find traces of him in the fifth universe.

There was no way to find Universe 6 or Universe 7!

'He asked me to find him, so is it related to that map?'

Qin Mu muttered to himself. The geographical map left behind by the Taiyi walking stick was incomparably complicated. It was a place he had never seen before, and Qin Mu also didn't know if this geographical map was the geographical map of the current universe!

If it was a geographical map of the prehistoric universe, there was no way to find it!

"Wait a minute, Tai Yi has an obvious trait!"

Suddenly, Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he clapped his hands with a smile. "Every time he changes his voice, appearance, speech, mannerisms, habits, and paths, skills, and divine arts, they are all different. However, he has used one form more than once! That is, the Giant Tai Yi!"

He couldn't help becoming excited. Giant Tai Yi should be his first body, and it was also the body that controlled the Chaos Axe, the accompanying treasure. It was also his strongest body.

Tai Yi had once used this body when he was cutting down the World Tree. Later on, when the World Tree revived, he transformed back into a giant Tai Yi and carried the Chaos Axe to prepare to cut down the tree.

In the Fourth Chaos River, Tai Yi was sent to the Fourth Universe. He had used that body at the beginning!

"In other words, this is the trait of being too easy! I don't need to care about any changes in Tai Yi. As long as I see a giant in the universe behind, that person will definitely be him!"

Qin Mu excitedly drove the golden ship ashore and flew past the ruins of Jade Capital City in the fourth universe, heading towards the river of chaos in the fifth universe.

He looked down and couldn't help but think of the majestic figure standing in the ruins of the divine city, as well as the sorrow in his eyes.

"The master of Miluo Palace should have started to build the Jade Capital at that time, hoping to create a god city that could protect the weak. In his dream, this god city is also the source of the civilization of the next universe."

He suddenly understood why the master of Miro Palace had died in his heart, why he had returned to the universe he was born in, and why he had chosen to transform into the Dao.

The master of Miluo Palace had always dreamed of saving everyone from the first universe to the sixteenth universe, but he failed every time.

He took a step back and dreamed of creating a divine city to protect the future. He wanted to bring the seeds of civilization from the past universe to the future universe. However, they became tools for the young masters of Jade Capital City to fight for power and profit.

He couldn't find any hope, so his heart died. He returned to the era he was born in and placed Miro Palace there, choosing eternal death.

"Someone worthy of respect…"

Qin Mu jumped down from the golden ship and walked through the ruins of the Jade Capital City, commemorating that indomitable existence. His chest rose and fell as he finally paid his respects.

He paid his respects to the ruins and leaped back onto the World Crossing Golden Ship.

The golden ship sailed into the Chaotic River of the fifth universe and headed straight for the moment when the fifth universe was completely destroyed. When the entire universe was completely destroyed, he finally found Tai Yi's root.

When Tai Yi was in danger, he still couldn't resist using his strongest corporeal body!

However, this time, Qin Mu wasn't searching for Tai Yi's trail for the main purpose of his trip. Instead, he spent more time looking at the owner of Miluo Palace.

The master of Miluo Palace built another Jade Capital City, but he wasn't alone this time. He had a few followers to protect the Jade Capital City with him, trying to survive the great calamity without borrowing the power of the World Tree.

This calamity was no different from the previous one. Jade Capital City was still in ruins.

Qin Mu didn't know if the followers of the master of Miro Palace had survived. When the fifth universe was completely annihilated, he had already reached the shore and couldn't see the final situation.

The World Crossing Golden Ship sailed past the calamities of the universe one after another. Under the long river of primal chaos, there were quite a number of bony hands grabbing at the ship, trying to board it and tide over the calamity.

Qin Mu pulled out his Calamity Sword and hacked down on the people who were trying to board the ship.

He found traces of Tai Yi in various universes and saw the persistence of the master of the Miro Palace. He also saw more followers of the master.

The god cities they constructed became more complete and sturdy. As they failed time again, they got closer to Jade Capital City!

"The current Jade Capital City was constructed by the master of Miluo Palace from repeated failures, and it wasn't built in a day."

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration in his heart. From the process of Miluo Palace's master forging the Jade Capital City, there was indeed no Jade Capital Trap!

The real traps were the Numinous Sky Trap and Purple Heaven Trap!

The golden ship arrived at the great calamity of destruction in the tenth universe. It was calm here, and no one had tried to board the ship.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and secretly increased the speed of the golden ship. He was secretly on guard.

The last time, he had met the fourth young master of Miro Palace here, the emperor who was sitting under a tree and looking at the zither score to achieve the Dao!

That time, with the fake name of the master of Mi Luo Palace, the fourth young master let them pass.

However, Fourth Young Master didn't say anything about letting Qin Mu back!

What was even more terrifying was that other people who had achieved the Dao couldn't walk out of the long river of chaos alive, yet the Four Young Masters of the Miluo Palace was standing on the long river unscathed. His corporeal body, Dao Fruit, and Dao Tree were all complete!

If he appeared to block it again, even with the World Crossing Golden Ship, Qin Mu wasn't completely confident that he could escape!

The speed of the World Crossing Golden Ship became faster, gradually increasing to the extreme. As the ship got closer to the opposite shore, Qin Mu's nervous nerves gradually relaxed.

Right at this moment, a fog of primal chaos surged over, and intermittent zither notes came from the fog.

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