Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1520 - Father And Son

No one expected Heavenly Lady Qiang to escape. The expressions of Zu, Xu, Gong, Shi, and the rest changed drastically. Among the ten Celestial Venerables, the only one who knew the direction of the river was Heavenly Lady Qiang. If she left, wouldn't the rest be trapped here?

Just being old every day was unbearable!

They had no time to walk out of this place, and they would die of old age along the way.

"She can't escape."

Celestial Venerable Xiao said plainly, "No one can escape here. It's more important to deal with Celestial Venerable Mu first."

Celestial Venerable Hao glanced at him, and his gaze flickered as he thought to himself, 'Looks like he knows some secrets of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, so he thinks that the Grand Emperor can't escape. Where did he learn these secrets?'

Even though Qin Mu had revealed his stunning abilities at this moment, he still didn't take it to heart. To him, Qin Mu wasn't his opponent. His opponent was Celestial Venerable Xiao, who hadn't moved from the beginning to the end!

Only he knew how powerful Celestial Venerable Xiao was!

The gap between Qin Mu and him was still huge, but Celestial Venerable Xiao made him feel unfathomable!

"Other than Celestial Venerable Mu's weird tree, there's another way to resist the apocalypse. Father, have you also reached this step?"

Celestial Venerable Hao thought to himself, 'In the long river of history, not only did I defeat you, I also defeated Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Ling, and the Grand Emperor. Not only could I defeat you once, I could defeat you a second time, a third time, and even kill you!'

The two of them stood silently on the Dao Tree. Celestial Venerable Hao's gaze moved away from Celestial Venerable Xiao's back, while Celestial Venerable Xiao watched the fierce battle between the Celestial Venerables and Qin Mu.

His face was old, but his gaze was deep and terrifying. When Celestial Venerable Hao's gaze moved away from his back, the light in his eyes flickered. 'As expected of my son, he also thought of a way to resist the invasion of the calamity. Or rather, he thought of it long ago, so he's fearless. The celestial heavens…'

There was a dense primordial qi in his eyes. "Only by reaching the Celestial Heavens Realm of the thirty-six celestial palaces can we be as strong as those who have achieved the Dao. At that step, we will be those who have achieved the Dao through power. As long as we don't fall into the river, the calamity on the river will have no harm to those who have achieved the Dao through power!"

He could already unify the thirty-six celestial palaces in a short time.

From Celestial Venerable Hao's reaction, Celestial Venerable Hao should be able to do the same!

"The final battle between the Celestial Venerables can only be between us father and son!"

Below, Ancestral God King, Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Gong, Shi Qiluo, Heavenly Lady Yan, Celestial Venerable Xu, and God Emperor Lang Xuan were fighting intensely with Qin Mu.

Ancestral God King's white hair fluttered as he unleashed his Heavenly Dao domain in a majestic manner.

Celestial Venerable Huo's 28 heavens of Dao and fire burst forth, roaring and spinning.

Celestial Venerable Xu unleashed the Youdu Devil Dao Domain. God Emperor Lang Xuan had the strongest battle power, and his Grand Primordium Divine Ability had reached perfection. It posed the greatest threat to Qin Mu. Shi Qiluo and Heavenly Lady Yan worked together to execute the Ruins of End Divine Ability, a perfect match!

Celestial Venerable Gong blew the bugle horn to strengthen everyone's qi and blood, multiplying the battle power of the elders!

Even so, facing Qin Mu's thirty heavens of the sword path, everyone still felt that it was very strenuous!

No matter which angle they attacked Qin Mu from, they would have to face him head-on. Even though Qin Mu's divine treasure realm was stored in his body, the effect of the realm was still there.

Any of their attacks would be blocked by Qin Mu. Qin Mu seemed to have countless arms, and the swords in his hands seemed to have become countless swords. What three heads and six arms? What thousand hands and thousand eyes? They couldn't be compared to his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm!

In his realm, he was the only ruler, the four-faced god with no blind spots!

Their divine arts seemed to be seen through by Qin Mu, and any divine art would have its weakness instantly discovered by Qin Mu!

Creating a divine art to establish Celestial Venerable Mu wasn't a lie!

Now, Qin Mu's attainments in divine arts were like innate talent. Even the divine arts of Celestial Venerables entering the path had no secrets in his eyes. Even the celestial palace system and the divine treasures system of Celestial Venerables were weaknesses in his eyes!

When divine arts became Qin Mu's Great Dao, none of the paths, skills, and divine arts in the world could surpass them!

In addition, the sword in Qin Mu's hand was so powerful that it even surpassed the treasure of a Celestial Venerable, causing the pressure on the seven Celestial Venerables to increase.

In the past, Qin Mu's cultivation was far inferior to theirs, and his corporeal body was also not as strong as theirs. However, now that they were invaded by the calamity, no matter if it was their corporeal body, cultivation, primordial spirit, or consciousness, they were all inferior to Qin Mu!

Qin Mu was the strongest existence among them!

Eight figures were fighting on the ruins of the Jade Capital City, which was between the two long rivers of chaos. Their bodies moved rapidly, and all kinds of divine arts emerged. Even Celestial Venerables couldn't rush out of the ruins from the aftermath of their battle. They were swallowed up by the chaos on the long river!


A pointer suddenly flew up and struck Celestial Venerable Xu's head. Celestial Venerable Xu's body trembled violently, and his primordial spirit was pulled out of his body. His divine flesh was separated!

Qin Mu's sword flew over and pointed at the heart of her brows. Celestial Venerable Huo stood in front of Celestial Venerable Xu and clasped his hands. The 28 heavens of Dao fire expanded!

The sword light pierced through the 28 heavens. Celestial Venerable Huo was astonished and hurriedly dodged. With a flash of the sword light, one of the two horns on Celestial Venerable Xu's head broke!

Celestial Venerable Gong swept his whip and wrapped it around Qin Mu's corporeal body. Suddenly, the whip broke inch by inch, and Qin Mu's sword light sliced down. Celestial Venerable Gong rolled and dodged, and sword lights swirled around her up and down. Celestial Venerable Gong's consciousness burst forth, but the sword light transformed into an innate qi that broke through the layers of illusions!

"My life is over!"

Just as Celestial Venerable Gong thought of this, Ancestral God King suddenly activated the Heavenly Dao Treasure and transformed into a round treasure wheel that stood upright in front of her, spinning into wind.

The sword lights transformed into qi and stabbed into the Heavenly Dao Treasure Wheel. The muscles of Ancestral God King's corporeal body twitched continuously, and he felt a terrifying force coming from the Heavenly Dao Treasure Wheel and reaching his body. It almost caused his corporeal body to explode.

Du du—

Celestial Venerable Gong flipped over and activated the bugle horn. Her only tooth flew out of the bugle horn, and her last tooth wasn't saved.

Ancestral God King's qi and blood surged, and he finally managed to block this move. With a flick of his hands, the Heavenly Dao Treasure Wheel split apart and transformed into the Heavenly Dao Cauldron to suppress Qin Mu.

However, the moment the Heavenly Dao Treasure Wheel split apart, Qin Mu's palm landed heavily on it. Ancestral God King grunted, and the forty-eight Heavenly Dao treasures flew out in all directions.

Ancestral God King hurriedly rose into the sky and released his Heavenly Dao Domain. He froze the Heavenly Dao treasures and was about to take them back.

At this moment, Qin Mu flipped his palm, and a Heavenly Dao treasure appeared in his hand!

"Heavenly Dao Weapon!"

Ancestral God King's eyes widened, and he hurriedly executed his Heavenly Dao Domain. The forty-eight Heavenly Dao treasures swarmed towards Qin Mu's hand!

Those forty-eight Heavenly Dao treasures were the Heavenly Dao weapons that Xuandu's Heavenly Dao transformed into before Heaven Duke died. Among them, the Heavenly Dao weapons were the main outline of the other Dao weapons.

The Dao weapon fell into Qin Mu's hands, and the other forty-eight Dao weapons landed in Celestial Venerable Hong's hands. The Heavenly Fiend Dao weapon was absorbed by Heavenly Lady Qiang's God Execution Mysterious Knife, becoming the last Heavenly Dao Dao weapon. It was also the most powerful one.

Ancestral God King ambushed and killed Celestial Venerable Hong. The forty-eight Heavenly Dao weapons also landed in his hands.

However, all the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Dao had to be controlled by the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Dao. If Ancestral God King still had his previous battle power, Qin Mu wouldn't have been able to use the handle of the Big Dipper Sword to take away his supreme treasure. However, this was his weakest moment!

Once the Dao weapons of the Heavenly Guide came out, the forty-eight Dao weapons flew over and formed 49 Heavenly Daos in Qin Mu's hands!

"Don't even think about refining my treasure!"

Ancestral God King flew over and was smashed to the ground by Qin Mu's punch. His mouth was full of rotten teeth.

Qin Mu's left hand swung the Heavenly Dao Armament, and the 49 Heavenly Dao Treasures suddenly merged together, transforming into a huge ax that slashed down at Ancestral God King's head!


Shi Qiluo and Heavenly Lady Yan attacked, and they worked together to throw him into the abyss of the Ruins of End. The abyss was then split open by an ax, and Qin Mu picked up the huge ax and flipped it over. Shi Qiluo's head was separated from his body, and his corporeal body was petrified. He transformed into a headless monster with four limbs and retreated quickly!

Heavenly Lady Yan immediately retreated, and the seven Celestial Venerables gathered together. Celestial Venerable Xu had a broken horn, Shi Qiluo had no head, Ancestral God King had lost his Heavenly Dao treasure, Celestial Venerable Gong had broken his appearance, and Heavenly Lady Yan, Celestial Venerable Huo, and God Emperor Lang Xuan couldn't gain any advantage.

"Sacrificing Heaven Court!"

The seven Celestial Venerables suddenly shouted, and celestial palaces flew out from the back of their heads to form seven great celestial heavens. Behind each Celestial Venerable was a celestial palace of 33 celestial palaces, 34 celestial palaces, and 35 celestial palaces!

Their celestial palaces were dim and lightless, but the moment they formed the celestial heavens, it was like the last rays of the setting sun. Divine light rushed into the sky from the celestial heavens, showing signs of reviving the glory of the past!

The seven great celestial heavens combined together to form a magnificent sight!

Even though the seven Celestial Venerables had white hair, they were full of heroism. Their primordial spirits appeared from their celestial heavens, and they pushed their violent magic power forward in unison!

In that instant, all the knowledge they had learned in their lives transformed into the strongest divine art. They pounced at Qin Mu at the same time, covering the sky and earth.

At this moment, even the Primal Chaotic Qi on both sides of the river was pushed away. The water of the Primal Chaotic was also surging, as though it was shocked by the power of the seven great Celestial Venerables working together!

Qin Mu gave a long roar, and the Calamity Sword in his hand stabbed forward at the combined attack of the seven Celestial Venerables!

The thirtieth heaven of the Sword Dao, Break Calamity!

His sword light stabbed into the attacks of the seven Celestial Venerables, but the overwhelming power of the seven Celestial Venerables crushed down on him. Even though the Calamity Sword could withstand it, his corporeal body couldn't!


Qin Mu's corporeal body exploded and turned into a blood fog. The blood fog gathered and recovered his corporeal body, but it exploded again!

Under the World Tree, Qin Mu's corporeal body broke apart and reformed. He could only see a shadow exploding and reforming in the blood-colored and dazzling divine light.

His sword light stabbed over and continued to advance under the bombardment of the seven Celestial Venerables!


Amidst the incomparably terrifying tremors, the seven great Celestial Venerables flew in all directions. The celestial heavens crumbled one after another, splitting into celestial palaces. The celestial palaces shattered and collapsed. In midair, the seven Celestial Venerables vomited blood, and countless sword marks instantly appeared on their bodies!

Qin Mu rose into the air and bowed. Heavenly Lady Yan exploded into a bloody mist!

Qin Mu bowed again, and just as he was about to completely worship Heavenly Lady Yan to death, a bell rang out. The huge bell behind Celestial Venerable Hao flew out, and the bell vibrated as it flew in front of him!

The Taiyi walking stick behind Qin Mu flew up and landed in his left hand. He used it to flick open the supreme accompanying treasure of Sacred Goddess Tai Su, and his arm went numb from the impact!

However, the sword light in his hand still stabbed towards Heavenly Lady Yan. At that moment, the taiji sand table appeared in front of her.

Qin Mu's heart sank. He saw two ancient gods of taiji flying towards him from the left and right, using the taiji sand table to block his sword light. The combined attack of the two ancient gods shattered Shi Qiluo!

Celestial Empress shook her hand and swept up the blood mist that Heavenly Lady Yan had transformed into. Ancient God Sun grabbed Shi Qiluo's primordial spirit with one hand and said with a smile, "Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu, your chance has come! From today onwards, you will achieve the path!"

The two ancient gods threw Heavenly Lady Yan and Shi Qiluo into the taiji sand table and flew back with the sand table. Goddess of Moon's gaze landed on Qin Mu's face. "Celestial Venerable Mu, the first thing we have to report to you!"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and nodded his head gently. "It's considered one thing. I'm still missing two."

The two ancient gods swam around the ruins of Jade Capital City. Suddenly, their tails intertwined, and majestic mountains appeared. Their bodies vanished without a trace.

Ancestral God King, Celestial Venerable Gong, Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Xu, and God Emperor Lang Xuan fell to the ground. Celestial Venerable Huo struggled to get up, but he fell to the ground again, unable to get up.

Qin Mu walked towards Celestial Venerable Huo. The Calamity Sword in his hand was still dripping blood as it landed on the ruins of Jade Capital City.

Suddenly, he stopped.

On the Dao Tree, Celestial Venerable Hao suddenly revealed a smile that was neither a smile nor a smile. "I won…"

He laughed loudly. "I've finally won! Without Heavenly Lady Yan, without Shiluo, and without the Taiji ancient gods, I've finally won this battle!"

He laughed loudly, and in the halo behind his head, thirty-five celestial palaces appeared. Behind him, Goddess Tai Su raised her slender hand and gently knocked on the bell. The bell rang, and the thirty-sixth celestial palace appeared in Celestial Venerable Hao's mind!

An incomparably terrifying power burst forth from his body. Celestial Venerable Hao's incomparably old corporeal body actually started to emit vitality again, reversing the aging process and gradually becoming younger!

Qin Mu frowned and looked at Celestial Venerable Hao.

That was the power of those who had achieved the Dao, bursting forth from Celestial Venerable Hao's body!

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