Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1517 - The Beauty Dies

"What exactly is this tree? It can actually resist the invasion of the apocalypse!"

The gazes of the nine Celestial Venerables flickered as they looked at Qin Mu on the small boat. They had their own guesses.

They didn't know that there was a World Tree in the world. Before they came into being, Tai Yi had already cut down the World Tree and set it on fire, leaving only the black mountain.

They had already been in Jade Capital City for three years, and they didn't know that the World Tree had already been revived and was in the mountain of Mahakala. They also didn't know that the World Tree that had just grown out had been chopped by Qin Mu and transplanted into their Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Now, there were two World Trees in the world. One grew on the black mountain while the other grew in Qin Mu's divine treasures.

They had obtained a lot after entering the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, but they had also missed out on a lot.

On the boat, Heavenly Lady Qiang and Qin Mu guarded against each other. One of them had a deep cultivation while the other relied on his sword path attainments. In such a small place, fighting would only result in mutual destruction.

Heavenly Lady Qiang stared at Qin Mu and tried to visualize with her consciousness to repair her aging corporeal body and the celestial heavens, but the results were minimal.

Even if her consciousness was in the midst of destruction, how could she visualize consciousness?

However, Qin Mu was still the same, maintaining the vitality of his corporeal body. His primordial spirit didn't weaken at all, and his Great Dao didn't show any signs of crumbling.

Not only that, but as time passed, his cultivation increased at a visible rate, making Heavenly Lady Qiang even more worried.

Qin Mu would reveal the World Tree in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure from time to time, like a male peacock showing off his tail. He would show it off for no reason.

Heavenly Lady Qiang gritted her teeth in hatred, but she knew that Qin Mu was fishing. He was using the World Tree to lure her to continue following him until her corporeal body was too old to defeat him.

At that time, Qin Mu would reveal his true intentions and kill her!

"He's not only luring me, he's also luring the other Celestial Venerables."

Heavenly Lady Qiang knew that Qin Mu was ambitious. He wanted to use his World Tree to bait the ten Celestial Venerables, borrowing the calamity of the prehistoric universe to make them all old!

When their battle power was inferior to Qin Mu's, Qin Mu would eliminate all ten Celestial Venerables in one go!

He wanted to complete a feat that was normally impossible!

The ten Celestial Venerables were all smart people, so they could naturally see the intention behind Qin Mu's actions. However, no one retreated. Celestial Venerable Hao didn't retreat, and neither did Celestial Venerable Xiao.

The temptation of the World Tree was huge, and the temptation of the Jade Capital City was even greater. With Qin Mu and Heavenly Lady Qiang leading the way, it was their only chance to enter the ancient city and explore the mysteries of the Jade Capital!

Giving up this chance was giving up his future!

If Qin Mu or Heavenly Lady Qiang came to the deepest part of Jade Capital City and grasped the secrets of Jade Capital City, cultivating to the true Celestial Heavens Realm, they would have no chance of turning the tables!

Even if they might die on this road, they had to continue on!

They hung steadily on the back of Qin Mu's small boat, passing through the sixth and seventh rivers of chaos. The strangeness on the surface of the river decreased and was no longer as dense as before.

Qin Mu suddenly became alert. He executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and tried to transform even more vital qi into taiji vital qi. At the same time, he stared cautiously at the river surface.

Heavenly Lady Qiang was astonished. She looked around and saw chaos on the river. Everywhere she looked, there was chaos Qi. She couldn't see what was inside.

However, Qin Mu seemed to be much more careful. He controlled the small boat to no longer walk in a straight line and instead meandered on the river surface as though he was avoiding something in the chaos.

Heavenly Lady Qiang's gaze wasn't as powerful as his. She asked softly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, what do you see?"

Qin Mu said in a low voice, "There are people in the primal chaos."

Heavenly Lady Qiang was astonished and asked, "Who is it?"

"A living person! I plan to avoid him, but he's always ahead…"

Just as Qin Mu said that, a cold and lonely wind blew over from the long river of chaos. The wind rose in the river and blew the long river of chaos like boiling water.

Heavenly Lady Qiang's expression changed drastically. "Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and pushed the small boat forward, no longer avoiding the person in front of him.

Behind the small boat, the cold and lonely wind was extremely fast. Wherever it passed, everything would fade into the void. Even the primordial qi floating up from the river would fade into the void!

Qin Mu didn't say a word and controlled the small boat to sail forward. Behind the small boat, Heavenly Lady Qiang was less than three yards away from him. Her hair had already been pulled by the cold wind to become extremely long and wide!

Every strand of hair was infinitely wide, infinitely long, yet also infinitely thin!

This was the ultimate void!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, hurry up!"

Cold sweat broke out on Heavenly Lady Qiang's forehead, and she urged, "If you don't hurry up, we'll all fade into the void!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and roused all his cultivation to charge forward. Suddenly, the small boat seemed to have crashed into something, and in an instant, everything became silent. There was no longer the long river of primal chaos below, nor was there the cold wind chasing after them. There was also no more primordial qi in the surroundings.

The small boat seemed to be floating on an incomparably serene azure lake, yet it didn't land on the water surface. Instead, it was quietly sailing above the water surface.

Heavenly Lady Qiang was stunned. She greedily inhaled the air. It was like a pure land in the chaos, untouched by the apocalypse.

Qin Mu was even more nervous and sprinted forward.

At that moment, Heavenly Lady Qiang saw a huge tree standing on the tranquil lake. It had lush leaves and lush branches.

It was a Dao Tree, and there were a few Dao fruits hanging on it. An emperor-like figure was sitting under the tree, holding a book in one hand. His gaze landed on the book, and his other hand was playing the zither.

The book in his hand should be a zither score. It seemed that the tune was very difficult to play, so he had to play while looking at the score.

"There are strong practitioners in the primal chaos who have survived the great calamity!"

The corners of Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes twitched non-stop, and she cried out in her heart. From the Dao Tree of the emperor under the tree, this was an invincible expert. He used the Dao Tree to protect himself, forming a pure land that wouldn't be invaded by the apocalypse!

Even the cold wind couldn't blow such a powerful existence to this place!

Why didn't he come ashore? What was he waiting for?

Previously, Qin Mu had always steered the small boat around to avoid this emperor?

The small boat was extremely fast as it sailed past the Dao Tree. The intermittent zither notes under the tree suddenly stopped. Heavenly Lady Qiang was astonished and immediately looked at the emperor under the tree.

At that moment, on Heavenly Lady Qiang's shoulder, the woman in the tattered Dao Fruit spoke. She said some incomprehensible Dao language to the emperor under the tree.

The emperor under the tree was astonished. He looked at Qin Mu and Heavenly Lady Qiang, nodded at them with a smile, and said a few words to the woman in the Dao fruit.

The woman in the Dao Fruit bowed slightly, and the small boat continued forward.

Heavenly Lady Qiang was bewildered. When the small boat sailed out of the range of the Dao Tree, she hurriedly asked the woman in the Dao Fruit what she had said to the person.

The woman in the Dao Fruit didn't answer. Heavenly Lady Qiang frowned, and Qin Mu suddenly said, "She just said that these two are guests of the master of Miluo Palace, so there's no need to stop them."

Heavenly Lady Qiang's heart jumped.

Qin Mu continued to say, "That fourth young master looked at the small boat under our feet and said that the owner of this cane had beaten him up and knocked him into the calamity of destruction, causing his cultivation and abilities to be greatly weakened. He couldn't not take revenge for this. However, since the two of you are guests of the master of Miluo Palace, let them pass."

Heavenly Lady Qiang let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu's attainments in the Dao language aren't weak. You can actually understand the conversations of those who have achieved the Dao."

The woman in the Dao Fruit glanced at Qin Mu and sneered, "Of course he can understand! How could he not understand…"

The prehistoric Dao practitioners that emerged from the long river of chaos in the inner circle were preserving more power. The Dao Tree was preserved more perfectly, and the Dao fruits were more plentiful. Although Heavenly Lady Qiang and Qin Mu were facing fewer dangers, the danger was growing.

Luckily, along the way, the woman in the Dao Fruit would appear and make the person who stopped them retreat.

From the conversation between the woman in the Dao Fruit and the obstructors, Qin Mu learned that these obstructors had all been knocked down by the Taiyi Crutch, so when he met the crutch again, he had to come out of the water to take revenge!

They were people who had survived numerous great calamities of destruction and achieved the Dao. Their cultivation was incomparably strong, and when they tried to cross the Tai Yi River, they were easily stopped and beaten up.

"Tai Yi is truly fierce…"

Unknowingly, they came to the thirteenth river of chaos. On the small boat, Qin Mu still looked like a youth, and his appearance hadn't changed. Heavenly Lady Qiang, on the other hand, had white hair and skin. She had turned into a little old woman, and her hands were like chicken claws. She grabbed onto the two God Execution Mysterious Knives tightly, but she kept staring at Qin Mu, not daring to relax.

There were fewer dangers here. However, to Heavenly Lady Qiang, the greatest danger didn't come from the river, but from the small boat.

Qin Mu was in his prime, but she had already aged and weakened. Her Great Dao had disintegrated, and her cultivation and abilities were deteriorating at all times.

Two years had passed since they had come to the long river of chaos and tried to cross it. Two years was enough for a Celestial Venerable to age to this extent!

Just now, she had lost another tooth and swallowed it back into her stomach, not daring to spit it out.

That was because if she opened her mouth, Qin Mu would discover that there were only a few teeth left in her mouth. At that time, Qin Mu would sense her weakness and lay his hands on her!

She no longer had enough confidence to perish together with Qin Mu, so she didn't dare to let him know how weak she was.

Qin Mu ignored her. Instead, he slowed down the speed of the small boat and looked into the long river of chaos.

The thirteenth chaos river was the apocalypse of the fourth universe.

"Tai Yi was beaten into this great calamity of destruction!"

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows searched for Tai Yi's whereabouts. According to Shu Jun and Wei Suifeng's description, Tai Yi was no match for the master of Miluo Palace. When he escorted them here, he was knocked down by the master of Miluo Palace and fell into the river.

In other words, it was too easy to fall into the calamity of destruction of the fourth universe!

From the shore of this long river to the opposite shore, one could see the entire process of Taiyi falling into the river and surviving this disaster!

Qin Mu looked around in detail and didn't miss a single corner, therefore, the speed of the small boat became slower.

He saw countless lifeforms fighting to survive this calamity, but they were unable to fight against the calamity. They died one after another and turned into nothingness.

He also saw some powerful existences trying to escape from the great calamity of destruction. They were trying to break through the chaos and use the World Tree or Jade Capital City to reach the other shore, arriving at a new universe.

However, after searching for so long, Qin Mu still couldn't find any traces of Tai Yi.

"Could Tai Yi have transformed into another form?"

Qin Mu frowned and thought to himself, 'Maybe I should go to the opposite shore first and find the scene where Tai Yi fell into the river. I should find his true body and see if he has changed into another form…'

At that moment, an extremely old voice rang out. "Heavenly Lady Qiang, do you still want to help Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Qin Mu retracted his gaze and looked towards the source of the voice. He saw a Dao Tree that had been corroded by the destruction tribulation until it was tattered and withered. On the Dao Tree, there were five Celestial Venerables standing there. They couldn't see their original appearances anymore.

The person who had spoken should be Ancestral God King. His hair was white and his body was bent, making him look much older than Heaven Duke. He grinned, and there were only three teeth left in his mouth, two on the top and one on the bottom.

Ancestral God King leaned on his Heavenly Dao treasure and chuckled as he stared at Heavenly Lady Qiang. "You're old, and Celestial Venerable Mu is a person who likes the new and hates the old. Do you think you can grow old with him? Once he has the chance, he'll sink you into the river and find someone younger!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang spat at him and spat out a tooth. She said shakily, "As long as you guys follow behind, Celestial Venerable Mu won't lay his hands on me because he wants to borrow my power to fight against scum like you!"

The other old woman should be Celestial Venerable Gong, and she burst out laughing. Half of her remaining two teeth were spewed out, and she said with a smile, "Grand Emperor, you are still so stubborn and obstinate! You can only survive if you join forces with us and submit to Celestial Venerable Hao! The five of us will work together to get rid of Celestial Venerable Mu and obtain his tree. We can then recover our youth!"

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