Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1507 - The Truth Of The Shattering

The Grand Emperor's primordial spirit was trapped in the unchanging divine art by Celestial Venerable Ling and had yet to escape. Therefore, Heavenly Lady Qiang didn't have a primordial spirit in her body. The pointer of the Yuan Sage was aimed at the primordial spirit, and it hit the target.

After hitting, those whose Dao hearts were no match would be controlled by the spellcaster.

However, it was useless against a monster like Heavenly Lady Qiang who had no primordial spirit and only relied on her consciousness.

Qin Mu looked at Heavenly Lady Qiang and saw her standing on a wooden stake of a Dao Tree. She was relying on the woman in the Dao Fruit to cross the Chaotic River, her aura surging as she attacked.

Earlier, the woman in the Dao Fruit didn't manage to stop the Primordial Sacred's pointer, which meant that her cultivation wasn't as strong as a Primordial Sacred. However, he was certain that she was a prehistoric cultivator.

Qin Mu muttered to himself and used the small boat transformed from his cane to avoid Heavenly Lady Qiang. He didn't continue to pester her.

With his current abilities, it wasn't easy to kill Heavenly Lady Qiang. Furthermore, killing her wasn't the same as killing the Grand Emperor. If he wanted to get rid of the Grand Emperor, he had to go to the Great Overarching Heaven and get rid of his Dao Tree.

Previously, Heavenly Lady Qiang had the weakness of the Dao Tree. When she attacked, she was restrained and had to avoid the Dao Tree.

In addition, Qin Mu was scheming, which made Heavenly Lady Qiang think that he was lucky to have gotten the Dao weapon from Jade Capital City. Thus, she wanted to snatch it away, but she fell into Qin Mu's trap and lost the initiative.

However, this method could be used once, so it definitely wouldn't work the second time.

In a head-on clash, Qin Mu would have to face those two God Execution Mysterious Knives. Those two divine knives were simply too fierce, and even Heaven Duke's corporeal body couldn't defend against them. They could be said to be the most ferocious weapons in the world.

Facing these two divine knives, Qin Mu had to be like the one who had achieved the Dao in the mountain of Mahakala. He had to lay down dozens of unchanging divine arts in advance and activate them the instant God Execution Mysterious Knife injured him. Only then would he be spared from death.

On the long river of chaos, such a strange place was obviously not suitable for setting up unchanging divine arts. If one fell into it, they would definitely die!

His goal wasn't to fight to the death with Heavenly Lady Qiang, but to search for Tai Yi's whereabouts and the Jade Capital Realm.

"The path of the Grand Emperor is still too narrow. He actually teamed up with prehistoric existences. He's going to end himself from the world."

Qin Mu took out God Execution Stage and tried to activate it to see if he could take away Heavenly Lady Qiang's two God Execution Mysterious Knives.

Although Heavenly Lady Qiang was a Celestial Venerable, her cultivation was relatively weak among the ten Celestial Venerables. She didn't have a primordial spirit, so even if she fused with the head of the Grand Emperor, her cultivation could only be ranked lower than the ten Celestial Venerables.

However, the two divine knives were truly powerful. The reason Heavenly Lady Qiang had brought the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court was to prevent someone among the ten Celestial Venerables from stealing them with great magic power.

When Qin Mu had trapped the two divine knives with the void form taiji, she had used God Execution Stage to retract the divine knives and counterattack Qin Mu.

It could be seen that God Execution Stage had a controlling effect on the two God Execution Mysterious Knives.

As soon as Qin Mu took out the God Execution Stage of the Ancestral Court, Heavenly Lady Qiang sensed it. She couldn't help but be furious, and her consciousness burst forth to attack Qin Mu!

At the same time, Qin Mu utilized the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court to mobilize the power of the Great Dao contained in it. The two divine knives in Heavenly Lady Qiang's hands instantly went out of control!

Large hands grabbed the tree stumps under Heavenly Lady Qiang's feet and pulled them into the Chaotic River.

Heavenly Lady Qiang's feet entered the water, and her feet were instantly submerged in the calamity of the previous universe, turning into ashes!

At the same time, Qin Mu was attacked by Heavenly Lady Qiang's consciousness. His mind was muddled, and he couldn't control the Tai Yi walking stick. The small boat transformed from the crutch carried him into the Chaotic River!

Both of them were astonished, and Qin Mu hurriedly put away the God Execution Stage to stabilize the small boat. He saw that the small boat had already sunk into the river, and the calamity of destruction was surging over, corroding his feet!

Qin Mu rushed out of the Chaotic River before his corporeal body melted, and he saw that his two calves were completely rotted!

He looked back and saw that Heavenly Lady Qiang's legs were completely destroyed.

The two of them looked at each other from afar, and they both had lingering fears. Qin Mu turned his head around and drove the small boat away, disappearing into the boundless primordial qi.

Heavenly Lady Qiang stopped chasing.

They all had the power to destroy the other party, so they could only hold back and avoid the other party so that they wouldn't lose their lives at the same time.

This huge river of primal chaos was truly majestic. The small boat sailed on the surface of the river and couldn't determine the direction. There was chaos qi everywhere and it was hard to see the end of it.

Qin Mu stopped the small boat and executed Creation Mysterious Technique. His two calves grew out, and he felt a lingering fear.

"This calamity is too powerful. Without achieving the Dao, even the ten Celestial Venerables can't defend against it!"

After his legs recovered, he continued forward. Even though he couldn't determine the direction, the eye in the heart of his brows could see through the chaos. As long as he got close to the shore, his gaze could pierce through the chaos and see the opposite shore.

However, after searching for a long time in the long river, Qin Mu still couldn't find the opposite shore.

Time slowly passed by, and he couldn't help becoming anxious. Not only did he not find the opposite shore, he couldn't even find his way back!


He gradually became worried. If he couldn't find the opposite shore or the way back, he would be trapped here forever!

In the primal chaos, there was no difference between north and south, and there was no difference between up and down. If one got lost, they could only rely on luck. No geographical map would work here because there was nothing that could be used as coordinates!

'If I can be trapped here with the ten Celestial Venerables, it would be a great blessing for the human world.'

His mood calmed down again. The ten Celestial Venerables had done all sorts of evil. If he was trapped with them and there were no more ten Celestial Venerables in the world, Eternal Peace would have plenty of time to develop, and overthrowing the celestial heavens was only a matter of time.

He didn't give up hope and continued to search. However, as the days passed, he still couldn't find the opposite shore of the river.

Not only did he not find the opposite shore, he didn't even touch the other Celestial Venerables.

This river was too vast, so it was very difficult to meet other Celestial Venerables.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's gaze landed below the river, and he revealed a strange expression.

He saw a strange sight in the destroyed universe below!

Under the majestic and magnificent World Tree, the apparition of a giant wielding a Chaos Ax was walking towards the World Tree!

What he had seen earlier was a giant wielding an ax and slashing at the World Tree. Now, it was as though time had reversed and Tai Yi was on the eve of slashing the World Tree!

This was very strange.

His heart stirred slightly, and he controlled the small boat to randomly choose a direction.

After a moment, Qin Mu looked at the World Tree again and saw that Tai Yi had already come under the tree with his ax.

He stopped the small boat and changed the direction. The small boat sailed away, but he saw Tai Yi actually moving back, getting further away from the World Tree.

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment before becoming delighted. This river of chaos couldn't determine its location, but it had coordinates that could be used as reference!

This coordinate was the process of the previous universe being destroyed!

He controlled the small boat to move forward continuously, and he saw that the Taiyi apparition was getting further away from the World Tree. Finally, it vanished. Meanwhile, the calamity of destruction in the universe below seemed to be flowing back. The Great Dao of Obliteration was recovering, and the shattered heavens and shattered worlds were spitting back from the chaos to recover!

The living beings that died in the calamity reformed their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits from the primordial qi, returning to the moment before they were destroyed.

The stars recovered from death, and the starlight shone again!

Qin Mu continued forward, and the galaxy appeared. The ancestral court appeared!

The calamity that had happened in the previous universe seemed to be reversed in front of his eyes.

He saw the early stage of the destruction of the previous universe. The world there had already reached a very high state of civilization, and he saw numerous kinds of civilizations.

For example, there were civilizations similar to sacrificial offerings, civilizations similar to faith, martial cultivator civilizations, and mechanical civilizations. There were countless types.

These worlds were ruled by those who had achieved the Dao and had their own unique civilizations. The order of the world was peaceful before the great calamity of destruction arrived.

The imposing bodies of those who had achieved the Dao shrouded the various worlds, giving off an incomparably majestic feeling.

Those who achieved the Dao were the rulers of these worlds, using their own will to transform the worlds they controlled.

Qin Mu only took a quick glance. He couldn't say that the world governed by these people who had achieved the Dao wasn't good, but wherever he looked, he realized that the previous universe was much smaller than he had expected.

This universe was too small, and its ancestral court was also many times smaller than the current ancestral court. The worlds in the heavens weren't as shocking as the worlds in the present.

The size of the entire universe was only one-thousandth of the current universe, or even smaller!

Qin Mu continued to look around, searching for the source of the calamity. Finally, his gaze landed on the Ultimate Void.

There were too many Dao Trees there. The energy of the Great Dao was highly concentrated, and the Dao Tree was resplendent and majestic. The light from the Dao Fruit was even more dazzling than the stars and galaxies in the sky!

However, in the Great Overarching Heaven, the great calamity of destruction had already erupted, engulfing everything in the Ultimate Void!

The spring river was warm, and many people who had achieved the Dao had already sensed the change. They were slicing apart the Great Overarching Heaven, cutting it into pieces to speed up the disaster!

That great calamity of destruction came from the ultimate void, destroying layers of void along the way and sweeping through the real universe!

Those who achieved the Dao that controlled the worlds also flew towards the World Tree, while some flew towards the long river of chaos. They should be flying towards the Jade Capital City of Miluo Palace.

Qin Mu looked at this scene and subconsciously let the small boat slow down. He turned back bit by bit and finally fixed the time on the eve of the previous universe's destruction.

At this moment, the small boat under his feet paused slightly and finally touched the opposite shore of the long river of chaos.

However, he didn't go ashore. His gaze was fixed on the chaos in the river. Over there, he saw the last person who had achieved the Dao in the previous universe. In order to allow his Great Dao to be entrusted to the void, he had chosen to cultivate the Killing Dao.

That person who had achieved the Dao destroyed worlds and slaughtered countless lives. Those worlds were destroyed and the stars returned to the primal chaos. He absorbed those powers and finally achieved the Killing Dao.

His Great Dao condensed in the Ultimate Void, transforming into a Dao Tree and a Dao fruit. In the end, it became the last straw that broke the Ultimate Void.

The moment his Dao Fruit was formed, the apocalypse that swept through the entire universe finally erupted in the ultimate void!

However, before this, the Ultimate Void was no longer stable. Violent tremors came from time to time, shaking the Dao trees of those who had achieved the Dao!

Not only was the Dao Tree shaken, even the various worlds in the entire universe were shaking!

"The high concentration of energy creates a collapse, and the source of this collapse is the Ultimate Void!"

Qin Mu composed himself and retracted his gaze. He thought to himself, 'If the ten Celestial Venerables don't have my powerful gaze, they shouldn't be able to find the other shore, right? Maybe Heavenly Lady Qiang has the guidance of the woman in the Dao Fruit, so she can find the other shore, but the other Celestial Venerables can't…'

The moment he landed, his expression froze. He saw Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Xiao, and the rest of the ten Celestial Venerables standing in front of him. Heavenly Lady Qiang was sandwiched between the other nine Celestial Venerables!

Qin Mu's heart leaped, and he jumped onto the small boat.

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