Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1449 - You're Going to Die

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. He retracted his gaze from Celestial Venerable Hong and said solemnly, "Let's continue forward!"

At this moment, they were being attacked by Heaven Duke. Every divine art of the Heavenly Dao was perfect, and their power was so overwhelming. There were crumbling voids everywhere, making it difficult for the five of them to move forward.

Qin Mu brought them up with great effort, and the five of them executed their knife skills to slice apart the void fragments that were approaching them. Even so, they were soon covered in injuries.

In front of him, on Heaven Duke's shoulder seemed to be a boundless path that had no end.

Right at this moment, violent tremors came over. Qin Mu looked back with the crumbling void. The light was dazzling, and he couldn't see what was happening.

The eye in the heart of his brows opened up, and he saw Celestial Venerable Hong breaking through Heaven Duke's attacks. His magic power was overflowing, and his divine arts were marvelous. It was extremely easy for him to break through the divine arts of the Heavenly Dao!

He had saved God Emperor Lang Xuan and the rest. No matter how fierce and overbearing Heaven Duke's attacks were, they couldn't hurt him at all.

This situation seemed to have been rehearsed many times, and he was incomparably familiar with all of Heaven Duke's Heavenly Dao divine arts. He even thought of all the ways to break the attacks of the Heavenly Dao!

"Of course you can break your divine art. Celestial Venerable Hong, are you looking forward to Heaven Duke's power so much…"

Qin Mu's expression was grim. He turned his head back and said with a hoarse voice, "Continue forward!"

"Where are we going?"

Zhe Huali's entire body was covered in blood, and he said furiously, "Cult Master Qin, even if we can walk on Heaven Duke's shoulder, we won't be able to interfere when facing such an attack! Even Heaven Duke can't block it, so how can we?"

Luo Wushuang nodded silently and glanced at the Imperial Gate Divine Knife that had flashed in front of him. His shadow was covered in wounds as he said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, we have done our best."

"Block it!"

Qin Mu continued to walk forward and said solemnly, "As long as we reach Heaven Duke's spirit platform, we will be able to block it!"

Suddenly, the sound of a zither rang out, and it drifted up and down, left and right, sometimes east and sometimes west. The void turbulence around Qin Mu and the rest was stirred by the sound of the zither and vanished without a trace.

"Let's take this chance to rush forward!" Qin Mu shouted loudly.

The five of them increased their speed and rushed forward. Gradually, Heaven Duke's shoulder could be seen, and the face of Heaven Duke could be faintly seen hidden in the light.

The zither notes suddenly stopped, and Dao fire roared. The sound of the strings breaking could be heard.

Qin Mu's heart sank. He didn't care about Celestial Venerable Yue's safety and rushed forward frantically.

Finally, they came to Heaven Duke's shoulder. It was calm here, and there was no terrifying void storm or turbulence. There were no void fragments either.

On Heaven Duke's shoulder were magnificent god cities, and there were numerous gods and devils of Xuandu guarding them.

The five of them were covered in blood as they barged into the nearest god city.

In the god city, countless people of Xuandu knelt on the ground and worshiped the sculpture of Heaven Duke, praying for his protection.

Their prayers and sacrificial voices merged together into a shocking torrent.

It was difficult to break the god in one's heart because people worshiped power, feared the unknown, yearned for the future, and didn't want to work hard to improve.

Especially in a place like Xuandu, it was even harder to break the god in one's heart.

Heaven Duke was in danger and couldn't even protect himself, but these people of Xuandu were still praying that Heaven Duke could protect them.

With the blessing of the Heavenly Dao on the five of them, the gods and devils of Xuandu guarding the city didn't stop them. Qin Mu quickly came to the center of the city, and Zhe Huali pulled out his knife to cut down the sculpture of Heaven Duke. However, Butcher stretched out his hand to stop him. He shook his head and said, "Let them have some hope. If you cut down Heaven Duke's sculpture, their hope will be gone."

Zhe Huali wiped away the blood on his face and snorted. "What's the use?" However, he still put down his demon knife dragon teeth and didn't cut off the sculpture of Heaven Duke.

Qin Mu came to the front of the statue and bowed. "Dao brother, we have something to discuss. May Dao brother shrink your body and guide us to the spirit platform!"

After a moment, the statue remained motionless.

However, this god city suddenly trembled violently, and the ground shook. Buildings crumbled one after another.

Cries rang out in the city, and the people of Xuandu kowtowed even more urgently to the god statue of Heaven Duke. They chanted and their speed became faster, and their expressions became more sincere.

Celestial Venerable Hong personally took action and led the three Celestial Venerables to attack Heaven Duke. The destructive power of the battle between the Celestial Venerables had already reached this place.

With Celestial Venerable Hong, who knew everything about Heaven Duke and the Heavenly Dao, it wouldn't be long before all of Heaven Duke's attacks disintegrated, and this place would be destroyed as well!

Qin Mu frowned and said solemnly, "I'm here on Dao Brother Tai Yi's orders to discuss something! Even though the Heavenly Dao has controlled your movements and your body, I know your consciousness is still there! Dao Brother, are you not going to give Dao Brother Tai Yi face?"

After a moment, the god statue of Heaven Duke suddenly came to life and opened its eyes to look at him. It smiled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, how extraordinary is Dao Brother Tai Yi? He doesn't care about everything that happened in Xuandu. It's not that he doesn't care, it's just that it can't affect his Dao heart. Even existences like you and I are merely ripples in his Dao heart, an insignificant wave. He won't let you come."

Qin Mu's gaze landed on the eyes of the god statue, and he said, "You are not Tai Yi, so don't use your thoughts to guess what's too easy. You will make a wrong judgment."

The god statue fell silent.

Even more violent waves crashed into this place. The ground cracked, houses collapsed, and the people of Xuandu cried endlessly.

Qin Mu couldn't take his eyes off it. He seemed to ignore everything in the outside world and only stared at the eyes of the god statue.

The god statue of Heaven Duke sighed. "Even though I know you are lying to me, I really don't know what Tai Yi is thinking and can't make an accurate judgment. Forget it, come and see me."

Suddenly, Heaven Duke's incomparably huge body shrunk. Celestial Venerable Hong and the rest, who were attacking Heaven Duke, were astonished. Heaven Duke, who was filling up almost the entire Xuandu, became smaller. In an instant, he pulled apart the distance between them and Heaven Duke. There was nothing between them and Heaven Duke!

"Celestial Venerable Mu!" Celestial Venerable Hong snorted, and his sleeves fluttered as he flew towards Heaven Duke.

Shi Qiluo, God Emperor Lang Xuan, and Heavenly Lady Qiang hurriedly followed. The three Celestial Venerables looked at each other before looking at Celestial Venerable Hong.

Even though Heaven Duke had shrunk to the extreme, he was still incomparably huge. Qin Mu brought Zhe Huali, Butcher, and the rest into the sky and flew towards the heart of Heaven Duke's brows.

The spirit platform was at the heart of his brows, and the starlight at the heart of Heaven Duke's brows was dense. It was the place where his consciousness gathered. Qin Mu brought the four of them into the dense starlight and landed on a platform.

The platform was formed by the Heavenly Dao, and it was like beautiful jade. There were all kinds of gorgeous rune markings of the Heavenly Dao on it, and there were also all kinds of Heavenly Dao treasures in the form of the Heavenly Dao around it. There were also all kinds of Heavenly Dao markings on it.

The five of them had never been here before. They looked at the beautiful buildings and the shape of the treasures, and their hearts were indescribably shaken.

Qin Mu quickly walked towards the celestial palace at the center of the platform and saw the primordial spirit of the Heaven Duke with his white eyebrows, white beard, and snow white eyes already waiting there.

"You are going to die!" Qin Mu went straight to the point.

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