Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1438 - Let Bygones Be Bygones

"Di Qing is a typical half-god."

Tian Shu's consciousness rippled, and he whispered to Qin Mu, "In the past, many half-gods had this kind of thinking. They were arrogant and looked down on everyone. Back then, when the half-gods of Founding Emperor Era's Heaven Duke Ming Xuandu came to help us, we also endured the weird temper of him and the other Xuandu gods."

Qin Mu understood this feeling very well.

Before the start of the Dragon Han Era, the half-gods had treated the other Postcelestial races as food. When it came to the Dragon Han Era, the hierarchy was strict. As a race that was only inferior to the ancient gods, the half-gods were even more superior. Furthermore, they were born to be superior and had a natural sense of superiority to the people of the lower class.

Di Qing should have been a half-god born after Ancestral God King, which resulted in his temperament.

He examined Di Qing, and he could see the shadow of Heaven Duke from his body. There were few similarities between Di Qing and Di Yiyue, only their lips and noses were similar.

Di Qing's gaze swept over Qin Mu and the rest. Seeing that the four of them had their faces covered, he couldn't help frowning.

Tian Shu smiled. "The identities of these four brothers are special, they can't show their faces."

"If it was during normal times, they would definitely be treated as enemies if they entered Xuandu while wearing masks. Now that the Heavenly Dao has come to differentiate between friend and foe, these four should be friends," Di Qing said with a smile.

Qin Mu looked around and saw numerous children of half-gods running around in the city. He frowned and said, "Di Qing, why are there still women and children in Tianfang City? You guys should send the children to the Primordial Realm immediately. Tianfang City can't handle it at all. Leaving women and children behind is just suicide!"

"It's impossible for Heaven Square City to be broken through. The army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens can't even reach the city gate."

Di Qing frowned and said, "The more people that gather in the city, the stronger the Heavenly Dao will be. If children, women, and children remain in the city, it will strengthen the power of the Heavenly Dao even more! You don't understand the direction of the Heavenly Dao, so I won't hold it against you. However, next time, don't speak nonsense and mess up my morale. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless."

He looked at Tian Shu, and his face sank. "Mingdu Heavenly King, it's good that you are here to assist, but you better restrain your friends and not mess up my morale."

Tian Shu secretly tugged on Qin Mu's clothes and laughed. "Don't worry, don't worry, we won't spout nonsense. We are still waiting for you to give us the credit. However, is it really useful for women and children to gather in the city?"

The solemn expression on Di Qing's face vanished, and he said with a smile, "This is the marvel of the Xuandu Heavenly Dao. The present is different from the past. Now that the Heavenly Dao is protecting Xuandu, the more lives there are gathered, the stronger the Heavenly Dao becomes. The reason why the Heavenly Dao of our Tianfang City is so powerful is because there are many gods and devils gathered here. However, there are very few gods and devils, so the people of Xuandu have to gather here."

He looked at Qin Mu and the rest and said, "Those that can live in Xuandu are all half-gods. There are divine kingdoms everywhere here, and there are no Postcelestial lifeforms like humans."

Tian Shu smiled apologetically. "Yes, Postcelestial lifeforms like us humans aren't fit to live in Xuandu. You said it before."

Di Qing hurriedly said, "That's not what I meant. However, to ensure the purity of Xuandu's bloodline, the lifeforms after the beginning are forbidden from entering Xuandu. It's not that I'm discriminating against you guys. Now, even though there are many half-gods in Tianfang City, there aren't enough of them. Therefore, I ordered the Sun Guardian, Moon Guardian, and Star Sovereigns of all places to migrate even more half-gods from the heavens to guard the heavens together and strengthen the power of the Heavenly Dao!"

Tian Shu was dumbfounded. Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest also frowned.

Di Qing laughed and said, "When that time comes, Tian Fang City will become the fortress that will subdue Celestial Venerable and make him beheaded!"

He was hundred times more confident and in high spirits. "Back then, Heaven Duke ordered us to come down to the lower bound to support you humans and the other Postcelestial races. Actually, I was always unhappy. Without the power of your Postcelestial races, just the power of my Xuandu is enough to look down on the heavens and be on equal footing with the celestial heavens! Back then, I was also very happy that Heavenly King could come to support us."

Qin Mu was silent for a moment before saying, "Di Qing, are you really not going to consider moving these women and children away? If Tian Fang City is destroyed, these lives…"

Di Qing flew into a rage, and his expression changed. He shouted to his left and right, "Bring this person who's messing with our morale to the city tower and behead him!"

Tian Shu immediately hugged him and said with an apologetic smile, "Calm down, calm down! We are here to help at any rate, how can we kill allied soldiers as a sacrifice?"

Di Qing snorted and struggled free from him. He said indifferently, "My Xuandu is strong, and we also have the protection of the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao has formed a supreme treasure to protect God City, so there's no need for you guys to assist us. The four to five of you have your faces covered, and you don't dare to show your true faces. You guys are neither male nor female, just watch! Heavenly King, don't worry, if you win, I'll give you some credit."

Suddenly, the sound of war drums rang out as Di Qing led everyone away in a hurry.

Butcher sighed and said bleakly, "We came full of enthusiasm and didn't get scared by the enemies. Instead, we got doused by the generals of Xuandu."

"Heaven Knife, calm down. Di Qing has actually helped Founding Emperor Era a lot. Founding Emperor's official position of Sun Guardian and Moon Guardian in the various heavens is actually to learn the system of Xuandu."

Tian Shu was also helpless against Di Qing, and he said, "However, when they came to help us back then, we had to do all the hard work ourselves. They only gave us pointers, and they still had to lord over us. Founding Emperor was also very tolerant, but he couldn't take it anymore. In a fit of anger, Di Qing led all the half-gods back to Xuandu, saying that without their help, your Founding Emperor Empire would never be able to develop into a strong country of the Primordial Realm."

He smiled faintly. "After a few hundred years, Founding Emperor Empire became the overlord of the Primordial Realm in one leap, and Heaven Duke sent him over again. However, his temper hasn't changed, and he's very proud of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. Even though he's arrogant, his heart isn't bad, and his abilities are extremely strong. He has comprehended the Heavenly Dao all his life, and he has comprehended three to five different Heaven Dao Emperor's Throne techniques. The Heavenly Dao here is so prosperous, so he might really be able to block the Celestial Venerables."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "If the Heavenly Dao is really that strong, why would Heaven Duke need to become Celestial Venerable Hong and personally provoke this murderous calamity against Heaven Duke and Xuandu?"

When Tian Shu, Butcher, and the rest heard this, their hair stood on end as they looked at him in fear.

Qin Mu sighed. "Heaven Duke can't wait to break free from the restraints of the Heavenly Dao, and Celestial Venerable Hong is his reincarnation. For this purpose, Celestial Venerable Hong didn't hesitate to sacrifice Heaven Duke, the Heavenly Dao, and everything in Xuandu, including the half-gods here, the women, children, and even his descendants! The one in the Heaven-Breaking City will definitely be Celestial Venerable Hong."

Zhe Huali said bitterly, "So it was Heaven Duke who hit Heaven Duke in the end. Hehe, Celestial Venerable Mu, why do we have to sacrifice our lives to save Heaven Duke?"

He was incomparably resentful, and he gritted his teeth. His voice burst out from the gaps between his teeth. "The reason why we came, and the reason why you brought it up, was because we felt that Heaven Duke had to be saved. Saving Heaven Duke means saving Eternal Peace! Even if we die in Xuandu, it would be a worthy death! We didn't expect Heaven Duke to be playing house alone! Let him die!"

Tian Shu and Luo Wushuang were silent.

Butcher wanted to say something but stopped himself. Instead, he sighed.

"Celestial Venerable Hong is Heaven Duke, but he isn't."

Qin Mu said, "Celestial Venerable Hong is only the reincarnation of Heaven Duke's soul, and he has already become one of the ten Celestial Venerables. However, Heaven Duke isn't Celestial Venerable Hong. Heaven Duke has the heart of the Heavenly Dao, but Celestial Venerable Hong doesn't. What we need to save is Heaven Duke, who has the heart of the Heavenly Dao. If we save him, we will be saving Eternal Peace! Zhe Huali, we were enemies in the past, and you aren't from Eternal Peace. This trip will be dangerous, and I have also lied to you earlier, not telling you about Celestial Venerable Hong's identity. If you want to leave, I won't stop you."

Zhe Huali panted heavily and stared fiercely at him. The demon knife and dragon tooth also stared fiercely at Qin Mu.

Zhe Huali turned around, and his clothes fluttered in the wind. He raised a huge gust of wind and walked out.

As he walked, his footsteps gradually slowed down. After a moment, he stopped and sat on a stone block by the side of the road. With one foot on the stone block, he turned his head and raised his chin. "You really don't want to keep me?"

Qin Mu revealed a smile.

Zhe Huali jumped off the stone block and ran back.

"I'm from Eternal Peace, half-human, half-demon, half-demon, half-demon."

Zhe Huali revealed a smile and chuckled. "I'm no longer a member of the celestial heavens. In the celestial heavens, in the heavens I was born in, I'm a bastard. In Eternal Peace, I have finally found the dignity of a human. Cult Master Qin, Celestial Venerable Mu, Eternal Peace is not your Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace also has a part of me, Fiend Blade Zhe Huali!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and raised his palm.

Pa, the palms of the two people clasped heavily in the air.

"I have a share too." Butcher stretched out his hand to cover them with a smile.

"Eternal Peace also has me."

Luo Wushuang covered their hands with his and added, "I've offended two great Celestial Venerables and have nowhere to go. Only Eternal Peace can take me in."

Tian Shu also stretched his hand out and said with a smile, "Even though I'm not from your Eternal Peace Empire, I'm still considered half of it. When I was trapped in Imperial Gate Divine Knife, the west of Imperial Gate was Great Ruins, and the east was Eternal Peace, so I'm considered half."

The five of them laughed loudly and let bygones be bygones.

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