Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1639: Sword and sword, angel vs angel

"Go, Cherubim!"


Cherubim raised its blade, and the lights around the automaton bounced off the blade.

Mana strings connected the doll and Loki. The magic was used to power the automaton and its magic circuit.


Cherubim started burning up as magic heated the air.

Cherubim rushed at Wu Yan like a burning boulder.


The sword-wielding automaton lunged at w u y.


Nagisa and Kanon cried out.


Ikaros and Astrea looked at Wu Yan.

Natsuki said nothing, she waited for Wu Yan's order.

The ladies are his automata.

They wanted to act like one.

It's a fight so they left it to the party leader to decide.

Wu Yan infused mana into Astrea.

"Astrea, go."


Astrea flapped her wings before rushing out.


The two fighters met at the center of the field in a violent collision.


Sparks flew as the two locked blades.

The ionizing blade and the lightsaber continued to emit waves of shockwaves.

Astrea flapped her wings again, generating forward momentum.


She nudged the sword in an upward stroke. That was enough to stagger Cherubim who should have been heavier than Astrea.


Astrea used that momentum to connect to the next attack, a horizontal slash.

Cherubim twirled back, the photon blade missed the angel by just 2 inches.

Cherubim is also speeding up with a stream of magic-infused air entering its torso.


Loki put in more mana into the doll.

The doll dissipated the heat in front of it, switching to back thrusters instead.

This negated the stagger motion, it countered with a downward slash.

Like a chef chopping down on a fish.

But, fighting against an angelic fighter with wings with just thrusters?

Plus, Astrea is the strongest Angeloid in terms of dynamic movements.


Astrea easily blocked the attack with a horizontal block.


Loki grinned as he infused more mana into Cherubim.

The wings on Cherubim snapped as wired daggers shot out and rained down on Astrea.

Locked in place by that, Loki assumed Astrea had to choose between being skewered by daggers or cut down by Cherubim's sword.

Wu Yan laughed.

"Clever, aren't ya?"

Wu Yan gave Astrea more magic power as she lit up in a magical glow. Her Photon blade also started vibrating rapidly.


Cherubim felt an unstoppable force hitting its blade, the giant sword and its wielder trembled.

She swatted the doll away like she was fanning a flame.

Then, Astrea performed a blitz that deflected all 8 blades instantly.


Loki ordered again.

"Spin, Cherubim!"

"I am ready!"

The doll emitted plumes of high-temperature air that ionized the matter around it.

Cherubim jumped into the air. Gears cluttered as the robot transformed in mid-air.

Its shoulder, arm, and blade fused together. It wasn't wrong to say Cherubim became a sword.

A two-meter tall blade.

That's a terrifying blade to face especially if it's high in the air like the blade of an executioner.

Loki grabbed the air as if he could hold the giant blade.

Then, as he swung, the giant angelic blade shot at Astrea like a giant had thrown a javelin at her.


Astrea didn't see this coming. She wasn't expecting her opponent to turn into a sword and be hurled at her. Nonetheless, she dodged the blade with a few flaps of her wings.

The sword gouged the ground.

Even more shockingly, the ground was charred wherever the sword went. The sword automaton was burning up everything in its path.

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