Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1631: Fruitless act, a despairing status

Two ladies and a guy returned to the Walpurgis Academy.

Charlotte and Wu Yan were grappling with their thoughts.

According to Frey, Rabbi is an automaton with Sound manipulation magic circuit installed in it. It is known as a Garm series automaton.

It's a Forbidden Doll created by Divine Works.

This magic circuit is a good one.

Sound manipulation enables the automaton to use soundwaves to do recon and scouting work. The sound manipulation can also be used to erase noise and improve infiltration abilities. Moreover, the soundwaves can also be used in the form of sound beams that can mow down enemies at range.

Divine Works was favored by the British Army because of its diverse and potent abilities.

However, it's incredibly taxing on normal dolls.

This is why the Garm series was used.

They used real dogs as materials, the sick scientists installed parts in them to make them half-living half-mechanical automata known as Forbidden Dolls.

Because of the innate magic power production of living beings, the dog automata can aid puppeteers by reducing the load on their mental and magical capacities.

These dog automata would be tremendously helpful and incredibly lucrative to sell to the British Army.

However, Raishin is the show-stopper. His appearance and subsequent predicted defeat of Rabbi would make it so that the army wouldn't be interested in buying the dogs.

The project would be scrapped along with the dog automata, including Rabbi.

Frey treated the dogs like her family, she would never sit idly by as the dogs faced extermination.

Granted, she knew she wouldn't win in a fair fight.

This is why she resorted to assassination.

Then, she would be having a good time beating easier opponents. This means the British Army can watch more matches where Rabbi flexes on enemy automata.

But, the problem doesn't stop there.

Divine Works invented another series.

They invented the Angel Series.

These include the Cherubim automaton used by Loki.

In terms of combat abilities, the Cherubim is better than the Garm Series.

However, the Cherubim requires tremendous skill on the part of the Puppeteer to fully utilize.

Unlike the Garm Series where the user can train the dog automata, the Cherubim is like a high-spec statue that needs expert judgment and orders from the controller.

After all, it's easier to train dogs than train a bunch of expert Puppeteers.

With pros and cons weighing the options down, it's good that Frey can still fight for her dogs. If the army picked the Angel series over the Garm series then her family would be scrapped.

However, the Angel series is being promoted by Loki through his immense capabilities.

Loki is also likely stronger than Raishin.

Even if she got past Raishin, Loki would be the final wall of despair for her.

Even so, she must do it for her family.

Charlotte revised her perception of Frey.

She chose to fight for her family despite facing tremendous challenges where it's easier to just walk away.

While Frey might be weak, the strength of her resolve is one worth praising.

Wu Yan knew how it worked out for her in the original work.

Without saying anything, the trio returned to the giant prison-like Academy.


The trio heard something cutting through the air.

A dagger connected by a thin thread shot towards them.

This thin dagger came straight for Wu Yan.

He smirked before stretching out his palm.


He emitted a wave of magic energy. The dense wave of energy wrapped around the thin dagger.

He stopped the dagger as a glow of magic power coated the dagger. It's like his magic power stopped the air and everything including space around the dagger. The dagger stopped.

Charlotte and Frey watched in disbelief.


Charlotte gasped again.



He used pure magic power and thought to stop the dagger.

In a nearby forest, the assailant also lost control of his breathing as anxiety gripped the individual.

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