Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1627: Disqualified, dumb, abandoned?

Charlotte saw the look in his eyes.

"You think she's not doing this just to become the military supplier to the British army?"

Frey is using an automaton with a Hollow Sound magic circuit.

To impress the military, they want to showcase it by getting rid of hard competition, thereby only showing fights where they're bound to win.

Raishin is No.100, but he is someone who beat many challengers to get that spot. Frey's 99th spot isn't a match for Raishin. It's like a sheltered fighter going up against a seasoned MMA expert.

Hollow Sound is good but it isn't good against someone like Raishin. This is going to make Divine Works look bad.

As her sponsor, they repeatedly enhanced Rabi.

In other words, they're probably the ones who are telling her to assassinate Raishin before the Walpurgis Night.

"But, Charlotte."

Wu Yan patted her shoulder.

"You forgot Loki and Cherubim?"

Charlotte flinched.

"Loki's Cherubim probably have another magic circuit and that's the real product by the Divine Workshop."

"Wait, if that's true then wouldn't Cherubim already qualify as a flagship product for the military?"


Charlotte couldn't fathom it.

Loki is one of the top 13 students. His automaton is known for being especially strong at close range.

If being noticed is the goal then Cherubim is the solution.

They didn't need Frey to complete the mission.

"In other words, Hollow Sound is already out of the play book from the beginning."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Cherubim is the flagship, not Rabi."

"Wait, what are you saying?"

Charlotte had a hunch he was trying to tell her something.

"Frey is trying to kill Raishin because she wants Hollow Sound to be noticed?"


Wu Yan continued.

"If Hollow Sound is disqualified, why should they work on it? Rabi and the rest will be scrapped too."


She shrieked.

"She is trying to kill Raishin to protect Rabi?"

"At least, that's what my guts are telling me."

" I find it hard to believe that someone who trips easily and is afraid of strangers would plot to assassinate someone. It is also probably the reason why she agreed to go on a date."

"This is the first time we're meeting outside school so since everyone isn't bringing an automaton, she can't resist if I try to pull anything. Even so, she took the risk."

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

"She's doing this at a great perceived risk to herself. Do you really think it's just to increase sales for Divine Works?"

Nah, that's impossible.

"If that's the case."

Charlotte grumbled.

"She's a bigger idiot than I had anticipated."

Killing another for the safety of her automaton.

In a way, Frey is treating her dolls better than humans.

She's a dumb girl.

But, Charlotte is in the same boat.

If someone told her to kill to let Sigmund live then she would kill without hesitation.

Wu Yan and Charlotte spotted someone near the main entrance.

The morning light rained down on the main entrance of the campus, dying it in a golden sheen.

A girl with pale hair looked around the entrance with a flustered look.

The husky robot was rubbing its head against her leg.

The guards on duty all had rifles and guns trained on the dog. They are going to shoot the dog the moment it exits the school as per school regulations.

Frey and Rabi were already there.

Frey was even more panicky when she saw him.

"You waited long? Miss Frey?"

Wu Yan inhaled deeply.

"Yeah, sorry about that, I was snagged up by delays."

"I-It's fine."

Frey mewled.

"I-I didn't wait long."

"Then, let's go."

A strong force took her hand. He can't help but marvel at the smoothness of her hand.

"Eh? Eh?!!!"

She screamed, Charlotte, that is.

Frey was too shocked to respond.

Wu Yan pulled Frey by the hand as they went out the gate.

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