Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1616:

The streetlights tried in vain to light up the vast Academy.

The cold wind caressed the streets and alleys.

With the softly glowing moon in the sky and its entourage of silver stars, Walpurgis Academy stood silently with the gusts cycling between the buildings, streets, and other facilities here.

A lonely walked out of the dorm meant for the worst students, the Tortoise dormitory.

Her pink hair danced along with the wind, twintails swaying back and forth in the wind.

She wore a short-red skirt that fluttered in the wind too, revealing her porcelain legs that made people feel like sinning.

Her pink wings set her apart from other human females. Plus, that exquisite face that looked like someone spent a lot of time designing the perfect face was exposed to the veil of the moonlight.

Under the wreath of night, she sparkled like a gem.


That's the only word to describe her.

This angelic lady strolled past a lot of windows, people who were lucky enough to sight her quickly opened their windows to get a better look.

Male students opened their windows one by one as if someone had gone around spreading the news of a beautiful lady in the courtyard.

There are at least 40 people gazing at her.

Nobody made a sound.

They didn't want to disturb this beautiful scene.

They wondered if this lady was truly an automaton?

No, could something so magnificent exist in the world?

Impossible, what are the chances that someone of her caliber came into being?

No, she must have fallen from the skies above.

The males wondered about her origin like avid fans.

She clasped her hands together as she gazed up at the moon.


Even if she's not human, can she really make a family with a human?



No, she's a weapon, right?

Can a weapon become family?

Ikaros fell into her thoughts.

The male students watched silently as Ikaros waxed thoughtful under the waning moonlight.

Then, someone put a coat on her.

Ikaros looked back only to hear a familiar voice.

"It's cold at night."

Her heart wavered the moment this man spoke.

Ikaros saw a pair of ruby eyes gazing back at her.


"Why didn't you tell me you're back?'

Wu Yan asked her.

"Don't do that next time, you made me worried sick."


She obediently nodded.

"What's wrong?"

He read Ikaros' mind. He didn't move, he wanted her to speak.

"You can always come to me if you're troubled."


Ikaros continued in her praying stance.

"I don't know, my propulsion system seems to be faulty?"

"Propulsion faulty?"

Wu Yan knitted his brows.

"Please elaborate, what do you mean by faulty?"

"it feels like..."

Ikaros continued.

"It's like there is a foreign element in my system."

Wu Yan relaxed his frown.

"Ah, you mean you have something in your heart?"

"Stirring in my heart?"

Ikaros was stunned.

Wu Yan turned around.

"Ikaros, please tell me, what's wrong?"

"Is this what they call a stirring of the heart?"

Ikaros lowered her head.


She looked up at him.

"Can a weapon become a part of someone's family?"

Wu Yan connected the dots.

He got where she came from.

But, why at this juncture?


Did something happen while he was away from her?

Wu Yan kept that mental note and decided to address the current matter.

It's critical he answered her heartfelt anxiety.


Wu Yan rubbed her head.

"Do you know what it means to be family?"

"Family? What is it?"

Ikaros was puzzled.

"This question might have been too hard."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Okay, Ikaros, if someone cares about you, consoles you, smiles with you, protects you, accepts everything about you no matter the time and place, that person is your family."

"Family... Friends..."

Ikaros voiced her nervousness.

"Am I Master's family?

Wu Yan gave her a gentle smile.


Ikaros stopped.


Wu Yan answered without hesitation.

"Ikaros, you're my lover."


"Someone who is happier than you when you're happy, sadder than you when you're sad, and someone who feels more happiness and pain than you, 10x, 100x, 1000x...."

Wu Yan's voice echoed in her head.

"Ikaros, you're my everything."

"Go get all the happiness in the world, discard all your sadness and pain."

"For me..."

Ikaros' heart slowly melted.

"Me too..."

Ikaros' confusion and fears were gone. They were replaced by pure affection.

"Master, you're my lover too."

The two slowly drew closer before they shared a kiss under the moonlight.

The male students who were unfortunately still watching this had their hearts broken.

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