Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1608: Substitute for Felix


The cheers of the students resounded in the air.

Doves flew in waves around the sky as if someone had arranged it beforehand.

Students in black robes walked around. Most of them gathered at a certain location.

The students looked in the direction of the clock tower.

A guy who looked too buff for his clothes stood there. He was slightly tanned and he looked to be a middle-aged man.

That's the principal of Walpurgis Academy, Edward Rutherford.

The principal announced.

"Akabane Raishin, come forward!"

Raishin in his uniform went to the platform with Yaya who was in her usual mini-skirt kimono.

"I, Edward Rutherford, confer you the title of Satan candidate, you may join the Walpurgis Night ritual."

A floating platter appeared before it was presented in front of Raishin.

There is an intricately-made black glove with glowing numbers on it.

Those are gloves only those who are invited to the Walpurgis Night can attain.

These participants are known as gauntlets.

Raishin can join the competition now.

After busting the Candy case, Raishin lost his chance so he decided to challenge the other gauntlets in the school.

He became known as the Mad Dog.

The committee recognized his abilities and granted him permission to join.

Raishin looked at the title they gave him.

Surprise, surprise, they named him The Second Last.

Raishin couldn't believe it, his lips twitched in annoyance.

"You're Rank 100."

The principal laid the final nail in his coffin.

"Any problem with that?"

"N-No, sir."

Raishin backed off after obtaining his gloves.

"Wu Yan, come forward!"

Wu Yan approached with Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon following behind him.

Unlike Raishin, the students reacted differently.

This guy challenged Magnus and walked away with a small victory.

And, he became someone who defeated Felix, one of the top 13 students in school.

Without a doubt, this freshman is super strong. He also appeared to be able to control up to 5 dolls which is on par with Magnus. It didn't help that all his dolls stood out as stellar beauties too.

The Principal grinned when he saw him.

"I, Edward Rutherford, confer upon you the title of Satan Candidate. You're not permitted to join the Walpurgis Night."

The principal personally took the platter to Wu Yan.

He saw the gloves.

However, it was different from the one Raishin had.

It had golden strings with his title on it.

"Crimson Eyes."

Wu Yan wanted to turn the gloves down.

He never wanted to join the Walpurgis Night.

The Committee didn't ask for his consent.

Even so, since they had announcedce it to the world, he was forced to come here.

He can just forfeit if he was forced to join.


"You're Rank 4."

The principal read Wu Yan's stunned look, the other students had similar looks.

Rank 4.

That means he is one of Thirteen Rounds.

Rank 4 is also Felix's previous rank.

Since he defeated Felix, the principal, and the committee decided that he had superior strength.

"Your abilities as a Puppeteer are worth mentioning."

The principal praised him in front of the whole school.

The principal continued.

"If anyone should disagree, he or she is welcome to come out and show me why I am wrong. This rank can still be changed..."

The students piped down.

Who would dare contest this rank with Wu Yan.

He is someone who defeated Felix and isn't afraid to fight with Magnus.

"Alright, since no one is saying anything, this is now final!"

The principal looked at Wu Yan.

"Any objections from you?"

Wu Yan looked into the principal's eyes. He was sizing him up, he could tell that.

Wu Yan sighed.

Ranks are useless since he isn't joining.

Wu Yan nodded.

"No objections."

Kanon accepted the plate on Wu Yan's behalf.

The principal addressed Wu Yan and Raishin.

"By the powers vested in me, you two are now Gauntlets!"


The students cheered as the ceremony came to an end.

Wu Yan and Raishin exchanged a look.

"I won't lose next time."

Raishin said.

"I will beat you on Walpurgis Night."

"No need to wait until then. I am not even sure if I am going there. But, if you want to challenge me, my schedule's wide open."

Wu Yan teased him.

"I said it before, I may hate trouble but I am not afraid of a challenge."

They shook hands after exchanging another round of sharp stares.


The students cheered them on.

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