Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1560: The way of life of the Sisters

Silvaria, Giant Beasts Forest...

After the birth of the Beast King, the people of Silvaria steered clear of the deeper regions of the forest.

The Ailu, Baruba, and Feya empires built fortresses to fend off attacks from the demonic beasts within the forest.

Only those acknowledged by the empires as capable can form teams to venture into the forest and hunt. After all, the empires wouldn't like to see their citizens throwing themselves to the maws of savage beasts especially when there is still a lurking threat like the Beast King.

The Giant Beast Forest is central to the economy of Silvaria.

The fortresses also served as a border defense against the demonic beasts.

Even so, there are not as many teams as there were before the advent of the Beast King.

Previously, anyone could pick up a stick and enter the forest at will. Now, those who venture into the forest need to be prepared to meet their makers.

Unknown to the world, in a spacious area somewhere in the gigantic expanse of the Giant Beast Forest, there is a certain area where the space is distorted by an anomalous power.

The spatial barrier took up 80% of the entire spacious zone. There is a fortress-like city inside this separate space.

Walls at least a hundred meters tall spread around the town to shield it from the outside world.

Inside this fortress city, there are dozens of buildings with different styles of architecture neatly arranged as if to represent every known age of men and even works of fiction. It formed a city that looked like it took pages out of different eras and different genres of literature.

There are dozens of brown-haired ladies walking around, living their lives like citizens of a city despite sharing identical faces and stature.

Some are chilling in their homes while some are walking around on the streets.

Some took up roles as bosses of small shops.

Some are wearing armbands that had "Patrol" written on them.

Other than the identical looks, they lived much like people in a small town would.

The Sisters went about their lives like ladies their age.

This is the Isekai Metropolis.

There is a tall building in the center of the city, it towered above all else like a pyramid in the desert.

That is the Heart of the Metropolis.

The residential unit for Wu Yan & his summons.

Mikoto looked on as her sisters happily lived their lives.

"This is good..."

She assured herself. She had a warm smile.

Hinagiku and Wu Yan understood her feelings.

They were clones meant to be killed in order to further Aleister's plans.

Mikoto dove into darkness and despair to rescue the Sisters.

After Wu Yan busted them out, the sisters were still in danger from various parties.

The Sisters were too useful in the eyes of nefarious individuals inside Toaru No Majutsu's universe.

The scuffles of Silvaria also forced the sisters to take up arms and join the fray.

They hunted monsters in Silvaria while stomping a few bugs here or there during their stay in the joint camp.

The lives they lived inside the Isekai Metropolis are far better than the life they had in the joint camp (when they did recon and subjugation on the Beast King). Even that life was better than the lives they had in Toaru No Majutsu already.

Mikoto would prefer for them to put down their weapons though.

The Sisters might not mind but Mikoto wanted them to live in a carefree manner.

Mikoto is the one who contributed the most during the Metropolis' construction.

It is so they could live a chill life.

Still, they needed power in order to truly safeguard their own interests in Silvaria.

After all, who could say when the next war or conflict could happen?

Mikoto was moved to tears, she knew this was a sign of things to come. Her efforts weren't futile.

Yukari's barrier, Wu Yan's materials bought from the System, his various counter-measures, and defensive systems made this fortress city impregnable except under the assault of demigods and/or armies of demonic beasts/humans.

There are only a few demigods in Silvaria.

There are also no armies that can take on demigod-level fortresses, not to mention mindless demonic beasts.

Even if they wanted to take the city, Wu Yan & co will do something about it.

Yukari is a demigod with Level 96 powers and the cheat-like power of manipulation of conceptual boundaries. Wu Yan is also a freakishly powerful peak tier 9 combat mage. He also had dozens of female partners who are at peak tier 8 powers or stronger. Who would dare barge in?

Mikoto knows that this situation could continue, barring unforeseen circumstances.

For now, the Sisters could live the lives they wanted.

Wu Yan and Hinagiku were also proud of what they built. They felt a sense of accomplishment and joy.

"Those kids, they worked hard for this..."

Yukari slowly said as she beamed at the serene city life below.

"I vividly recalled how the Sisters thought long and hard about the roles they would take in the city. Though I couldn't read their expressions, I am sure they looked forward to their new roles..."

"New lease on life..."

"Still, I noticed a few shops around."

"Oh, the Sisters made those themselves."

Yukari giggled.

"Clothes, food, accessories, Bonsai plants, flower bunches, those sisters took up different hobbies, showed their talents, and sold the works they were proud of. They chose to do those things, this is the result of their hard work."

"Clothes and accessories?"

He gasped.

"That's awesome, when did they pick up those skills?"

"Also, how do they set the prices?"

Hinagiku asked.

"One would need funds for materials and other necessities, did you create the currency and regulate it?"

"Oh, no, they aren't using money for trade."

Yukari smiled.

"Bartering, treating each other to food, they used alternative modes of settlement. Of course, they also gave their items away for free when they found a kindred spirit who could appreciate their articles."

Hinagiku can't help but admire them.

"What a life..."

The sisters based their economy around chasing their passions. The motive of profit and benefits was secondary to the primary objective of reaching newer heights.

Starting their shops and making items...

"Enough chatting."

Mikoto wiped away the small droplets of saline solution near the corners of her eyes. She pulled Hinagiku's hand.

"Hinagiku, let's go shopping!"


Hinagiku answered without hesitation as the two ladies went out into town without bidding Wu Yan goodbye.

Both Wu Yan and Yukari chortled.

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