Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1521: An enemy?

Time froze.

In the busy street, with pedestrians walking around, nobody noticed anything amiss.

The three entered a world of their own. The tense air between them can create sparks.

The trio had the same thought.

Who are they (is she)?

The trio instinctively knew they weren't looking at normal humans.

The lady in a suit looked forward sharply.

Fuyuki city is a famous city for its Grail War. She knows almost all the famous magicians here.

Aside from the Tohsaka clan and the Edelfelt family, she was sure there aren't any notable mages in the town.

These two felt strong. Stronger than any she had met until now.

She came to a guess.

They're here for the cards.

Should I test them?

The lady dismissed the thought.

No, I have a mission. Don't create loose ends.

The lady in a suit stored her killing intent away

The departure of the lady in a suit made Hinagiku and Mikoto raise their eyebrows.

"That person..."

Mikoto looked behind her.

"She's not normal."


"At least, that killing intent and trained aura isn't one of an office lady."

"Killing intent?"

Mikoto grinned.

"I didn't sense that but I know she is strong."

"Why is she here?"

Hinagiku mused out loud.

"Maybe she is out on a stroll?"

"Who knows..."

Mikoto shrugged.

"Something tells me we should keep an eye on her."


Hinagiku saw that the target had already merged into the crowd.


"What more to say?"

Mikoto continued.

"Let's go.'

Hinagiku and Mikoto followed the target.

Fuyuki city, Edelfelt mansion...

"So deep?"

Luvia looked at the map Rin showed her.

"It won't be easy to dig a tunnel to that point."

"It's near the main dragon line. These things are always deep underground."

Rin mused out loud. She was just as annoyed as Luvia.

"I could see why the Magic Association didn't pick up on this card until now."

"Lucky for us, we found it before it could continue absorbing magic power."

Luvia said.

"It looks like we need half a month to get there."

"Okay, do anything you can to speed the work up."

"We can't let that thing disrupt the leylines in this town."


Luvia passed the map to Auguste.

"Auguste, you are on this."

"Yes, milady!"

The aged butler exited the living room.

"Should we tell the master about our discovery?"

Luvia asked.

"I know we shouldn't tell the Magic Association anything but the master needs to hear about this, right?"

"I know..."

Rin turned dark.

"This opponent is beyond us. Even the monstrous trio said they couldn't guarantee victory, right?"

"Moreover, the eighth card wouldn't be ours even if they won."

Luvia said.

"We will have to kiss the apprenticeship goodbye if we mess this up."


Rin hesitated.

Entering the Mirror world in their current states would be suicide.

Giving up would also mean everything they've done up till now was in vain.

To choose their lives over progress on the path to Akasha.

They couldn't pick between the two options.

"It's all Ruby's fault!"

Rin yelled.

"If she didn't turn on me and drag Illya into this, we would be in a better situation."

"Yeah, if only Miyu wasn't dragged into this, we could easily request backup."

Luvia and Rin grumbled.

"And, we would be more powerful."

The two are like cats and dogs. There was absolutely no way they could have gathered the cards in unison as was ordered by their master.

Indeed, the two got themselves into this.

Ding dong

An alarm rang.


Luvia gasped.

"An intruder?!"


Rin looked at her.

"You mean..."

"Yes, this one didn't come in peace."

Luvia stood up.


Rin complained.

"Why won't the troubles end?!"

Luvia and Rin hurried to the main room.

They opened the door to be greeted by a lady in a suit. She carried a case that had magical orbs in it. The sharp gaze and battle-ready stance told her she wasn't here to talk.

Like she said, this lady is here to brawl.

The lady in a suit roamed her gaze over the room.

"Come out. Don't make me use violent measures to reveal you two."

The living room turned silent.

Then, two figures walked down the staircase to the main living room.

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