Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1508: Changing worldviews

Homurahara Academy…

“Where are we going today?”

“You jackass, the arcade, of course!”

“Sounds nice!”

“Wait, I still have my roster duties.”

“It’s fine, we can wait!”

“Oh, let me finish it up real quick!”

The students were rowdy as always.

Illya sat on her chair like an old veteran. She sighed.

“How nice, to be young and free…”

Suzua turned around.

“Anyone noticed Illya turning mature overnight?”

“No, she’s too mature.”

Nanaki chimed in.

“It feels like she became an uncle all of a sudden.”


Tatsuko tilted her head.

“Maybe we should bring her to see a goldfish?”


Mimi flinched.

“I think you mean a doctor?”

“But, Illya does feel weird.”

Suzuka pushed up her glasses.

“She was sulking a few days ago too. It’s not like her to exhibit such mood swings.”


Nanaki conceded.

“She’s like my sister. She also has mood swings once a month. She said this is proof that someone’s growing up, maybe she grew up before us?”


Suzuki mused out loud.

“Illya still likes watching Magical Girl series. That’s not a sign of maturity.


Tatsuko suddenly blurted out.

“How about we let her see Ero films?!”


Nanaki, Suzuka, and Mimi gasped.

“Y-You have those kinds of films?”

“I have tons of them.”

Tatsuko gave them a thumbs-up.

“When my brothers at the dojo are feeling down, sending them those films usually cheered them up in no time at all.”

The three girls almost fell to the floor.

“You gave them those films?!”

“I don’t watch them anyway, since I already bought them, I figured…”

Tatsuko pouted.

“But, the shopowner keeps giving me weird looks. I wonder why?”

“Which shop is that?!”

Suzuki shrieked.

“I want to report that firm for selling Ero films to kids.”


Nanaki asked.

“Where is that shop?”


Tatsuko parroted.

“You want to buy the films too?”

“No!” x3

Illya sighed again.

“How nice, to be young…”

“Erm, Illya…”

Miyu hesitated.

“Are you thinking about Kuro?”


Illya pouted.

“Just thinking about my own stuff.”

“Your stuff?”

Miyu tilted her head.

“I wondered who sealed another personality in me. I also don’t know why Kuro has a vendetta against me.”

Illya slumped down on the desk.

“Without Kuro’s existence, I would have never known such secrets.”


Miyu asked.

“You don’t have any clues?”


Illya turned around.


“Clues about the seal within you.”

She minced her words.

“Like, maybe your parents have something to say about this?”

“I did think about that.”

Illya smiled.

“Alas, my parents are not always home. Nobody could answer them.”

“Okay, what’s your next move?”

Miyu looked at her.

“Counter Kuro’s plans?”

“I don’t know what is up with that girl.”

Illya continued with a heavy look.

“Something’s telling me that if I poked my nose in this, my worldview will change…”


Miyu clenched her hands with an anxious look.

Miyu could see her past reflected in Illya.

They fell silent.

The four girls gave them the latest scoop.


Mimi clapped her hands.

“You girls heard about the new student coming to our class?”

“Ah, the transfer student…”

That was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

“Another one? At this juncture?”

Suzuka rubbed her chin.

“That’s a weird coincidence…”


Nanaki shrugged.

“Miyu just transferred here some time ago. I didn’t think another one would pop up so soon.”

“Is she a foreigner too? In our class?”

Tatsuko laughed out loud.

“Maybe Miyu knows this student?”

“That is something you’d see in mangas…”

Nanaki said.

“No, it’s definitely going to happen!”

Tatsuko puffed out her chest.

‘It’s going to turn into a love triangle.”

“And, that would be fun!”

Suzuki rubbed her head.

“Wait, did you just say love triangle?”

“Hey, Mimi…”

Tatsuko asked Mimi.

“What’s the transfer student like?”

“I didn’t see her.”

Mimi pressed her index finger against her cheek.

“I heard she’s tanned, has silver hair, and has golden eyes. Oh, I heard she’s a bubbly girl.”

Illya started sweating hard when Mimi described the new student.


Miyu is also anxious.

“Don’t tell me…”


Illya wiped the cold sweat away.

“I don’t feel good…”

Turns out, she was right.

“Ehyo~ Everyone!”

Kuro pranced into the room with a backpack behind her. She extended a cheerful greeting to everyone.

“I am Chloe Von Einzbern, you may call me Kuro!”

The kids were dazed by her. They immediately looked at Kuro and Illya.


Miyu looked at Illya who was sitting in front of her.

Illya is already slumped down on the desk with a face that said “kill me.”

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