Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1493: Brocons? Do you have a crush on someone else's brother?

Students in elementary uniforms giggled as they entered the school compound. The Homurahara Academy is lively as usual.

Wu Yan escorted Illya and Miyu to the school as promised. He couldn’t help but absorb some of the vibrant energy here. His fatigue also faded somewhat.

“Kids sure have energies to spare.”

He rubbed the heads of the two kids near him.

“You two, learn from these kids, just have fun.”


Illya puffed her cheeks.

“We got dragged into that mess.”

“Wu Yan-nii…”

Miyu closed her eyes while protesting.

“Please stop treating me like a child.”

He chortled without a comment.

“Illya! Miyu!”

Someone called out to them.

Four kids who looked like friends of Illya and Miyu ran over. They energetically waved their hands to greet them.

Mimi, Nanaki, Suzuka, and Tatsuko.


Tatsuko glomped Illya and Miyu at the same time. However, the three remaining friends formed a shield to block and bounce Tatsuko away.


Mimi, Suzuka, and Nanaki greeted them.

“You girls…”

Suzuka, the smartest among them, pushed up her glasses.

“Looks like you two solved whatever was troubling you.”


Illya and Miyu exchanged a look.

“Ah, you already forgot about this?”

Nani scratched her cheek.

“You two mopped around yesterday and were killing the vibe.”

Because Illya and Miyu were fighting Wu Yan & co yesterday, they weren’t happy campers. After Wu Yan talked to them, they revised their attitudes toward the fight.

Too many things happened over the night that they forgot about their conditions during school yesterday.


Illya apologized.

“We are fine already, don’t worry.”

“In any case, all well that ends well.”

Mimi patted her chest before spotting Wu Yan who stood behind them.

She whispered to Illya and Miyu.

“Is he?...”

“Ah, friends of Miyu and Illya, I presume?”

Wu Yan rubbed Miyu’s head while squatting.

“Nice to meet you, I am Miyu’s brother, thanks for taking care of her.”

“Miyu’s brother?!”

The four flinched in shock.


Miyu mumbled in disbelief too.

“Seriously, thanks for looking after Miyu.”

Wu Yan continued to catch the attention of everyone here. He also rubbed Miyu’s head to fit his new persona better.

“She isn’t a talker. She also can’t express herself well. I was worried she wouldn’t fit in at school. Now, I am relieved after seeing her friends. Please continue to look after Miyu.”


The four quickly bowed and greeted Wu Yan, they didn’t expect such formal praise from him.

“You’re exaggerating it…”

“Well, thanks in advance.”

Wu Yan stepped back.

“I am heading home. Miyu, Illya, remember to have fun at school, okay?”


Illya also lagged when Wu Yan shifted into his “the Onii-san next door” persona.

“Be careful on the way home, O-Onii-san…” (Illya)

“Yeah, Onii-chan…” (Miyu)

Wu Yan is happy to see his prank worked well to make the two girls flustered. He took his leave with a cheeky grin.

The six girls watched as Wu Yan vanished around the corner.

“That was Miyu’s brother?”

Mimi clasped her hands together, she blushed like an intoxicated person.

‘So warm and well-mannered. His eyes are also pretty, he looks like a prince.”

“Mature and amiable…”

Nanaki praised.

“More like, we didn’t know Miyu had a brother like that?!”

“W-Wu-Yan-Nii, he is…”

She turned silent.

“He’s always like that.”


Tatsuko shook her head.

“The brothers at my dojo are way stronger!”

“I don’t even…”

Illya retorted.

“We are not talking about his strength. Oh, FYI, all your brothers teaming up on him will still be cannon fodder if Wu-Yan-Nii gets serious.”


Mimi looked at Miyu.

“You don’t look similar though…”


Miyu shook her head.

“He’s not blood-related.”

“Ah, an adopted brother, eh?”

Suzuka teased her.

“Don’t tell me, you like your ‘not blood-related’ brother just like Illya?”


Miyu blushed bright red.


The four girls knew they hit the jackpot.

“She reacted!”

“Hold up!”

Illya’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean ‘just like Illya’, huh?!”


The four looked at her.

“You don’t?”

“Of course, not!”

The four replied immediately.

“Liar liar pants on fire.”


Illya turned to stone.

“But, Illya seems very friendly with Miyu’s brother.”

Nanaki smirked.

“Illya, don’t tell me you have a crush on him? The adopted brother of your friend?”


Illya shrieked.

“What are you talking about?!”


The four friends knew they hit the mother lode.

“Ahah! The lady doth protest too much, methinks!”

“You like Miyu’s brother, don’t you?!”

“To think your brocon has progressed to such a scary stage.”

“Hey, Is your stepbro good at fighting? Can he cook hamburgers? Can he sing? If he can’t sing then he isn’t a good stepbro.”

“What is with your logic?”


Miyu hesitated.

“Do you… You know, Wu-Yan-Nii…”

Illya turned beet red before attempting to storm away in a huff.

“I told you it’s not like that!”

Something pierced through the air.

The black projectile struck where Illya once stood.


The ground split open as the arrow created a crater in the ground.

Shocked by the sudden attack, the others yelped while Miyu and Illya looked around to spot the attacker.

They also looked at the black arrow in the ground, it glimmered with a cold glint.

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