The Deities of Hell

Prologue - The Deities of Hell

Year 2050.

Without warning, seven so-called devils suddenly appeared in Tokyo.

The infamous evil gods slaughtered the citizens of Tokyo one by one, trampled on everything, and made Tokyo hell.

However, the savior who appeared then, Michelle Saienji, stood up against the devils.

In those days, they called Michelle an exorcist.

The reason for this seems to be that Michelle called himself that.

“Seven devils! I, the exorcist Michelle Saienji, will be your opponent!”

Michelle possessed a strange power… is what people at the time said.

It was as though he had a psychic ability that paralyzed the devils and

put up an ominous barrier that could neither be described as material nor spiritual, naming it “Sanctuary”.

Was it a reaction after creating the Sanctuary? As if all of his strength had been used up, Michelle collapsed.

After that, they confirmed him to be dead after being transported to the hospital.

The death of one man regained the Japan that was reigned over by devils.

Incidentally, besides dying, Michelle also received the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, there was one issue.

The devils had indeed been imprisoned.

Still, people ended up entering the Sanctuary.

It was too dangerous.

So they immediately carried investigations and facilities for the Sanctuary and the vicinity out.

Regrettably, if they had at least only remained in the vicinity, there wouldn’t have been any human sacrifices.

The people who entered the Sanctuary were unconditionally teleported.

That was also made randomly.

Half a year later, it was declared impossible to investigate inside the Sanctuary.

The people in the Sanctuary never came back.

It was dreadful just imagining it… No one thought the devils had killed them.

Even then, there were people who entered the Sanctuary out of curiosity.

One person, two people, another person, and naturally, no one returned.

In order to prevent this, mankind rose a wall of concrete surrounding the Sanctuary.

It took Tokyo 20 years to be completely surrounded by concrete.

The heavens were now walled in.

From 2070 onwards, Tokyo was isolated and called the “Sanctuary of Hell”.

Nevertheless, hell wouldn’t end there.

In the year 2085, the concrete wall of the “Sanctuary of Hell” was destroyed, and one devil showed up.

Mankind became frightened of devils and the Sanctuary yet again.

There were few people who had witnessed the devils.

Still, the people who saw them called them “monsters” and “non-humans”.

However, there were terms other than “humans” and “devils” describing those who came out of the Sanctuary that looked different from other demons.

Unexpectedly, this devil could not only leave the Sanctuary but freely go in and out of it.

Strangely enough, it didn’t kill any people but brought them back inside the Sanctuary.

It was evidently different from the other devils.

People called that devil the messenger from hell, “Lars”.

It was said that the origin of the name came from a single police officer who had muttered, “the impersonation of rage… who came for revenge… the devil of wrath” as if he had gone mad, which led to the decision of a name meaning rage.

Most of Lars’ targets were made up of students and police officers.

Especially students getting on a train or occasionally several police officers would be caught with nets like fishing with a gill net.

In the year 2090, mankind waged war against Lars to stop the killing.

Military from all over the world gathered to guard the “Sanctuary of Hell”.

Attack helicopters, tanks, firearms, special forces, chemistry, and anything usable were employed.

Expecting this, Lars didn’t appear in front of people as if he had escaped.

Thereafter, the appearance of Lars decreased drastically, and two years later, in 2092, he hadn’t appeared even once.

However, instead of Lars, another devil similarly made the people fearful again.

In 2092, the devil who had replaced Lars had a female form.

With black wings, beautiful black hair and looks, the people called her “the Witch of Hell”.

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