Morbid Attachment

Chapter 1

Prunus persi, a peach flavored brandy, was one of Ji Wang’s go-to drinks every time he went to a bar. The first time Song Ge saw Ji Wang order it he mocked him for having a terrible sweet tooth, but by the fifth year, he’d stopped finding the sight unusual.

Ji Wang had just come back from the crew when he invited Song Ge to meet at their old hangout.

While the two talked and drank alcohol, the bar’s music happened to change to “Until Daybreak”, the latest popular song by Qi Boyan.

Song Ge hummed along with the melody, asking Ji Wang, “Don’t you also mix with the entertainment circle? Have you ever met Qi Boyan?”

Ji Wang took a sip of his drink and glanced at Song Ge, his arm resting on the bar counter. “How can a small-time actor like me meet such a big celebrity?”

Ji Wang was increasingly charming when drunk.

Even though Song Ge was a beta, Ji Wang’s eye-catching beauty made his head feel numb. Looking around, many omegas were already staring in their direction.

Song Ge was secretly a little envious. Ji Wang clearly didn’t dress up much. Today, for instance, his outfit was a black short-sleeve shirt and jeans. The only accessory he wore was a necklace hidden under his clothes.

Song Ge had seen the necklace before. It was a cheap ring, its craftsmanship so simple and crude that if it fell on the street, no one would intentionally go pick it up.

Ji Wang had worn the necklace for several years. He’d even rejected all jewelry brand endorsements because of it. Hong-jie1, his agent, was angered half to death. When she pressed him about the reason, Ji Wang merely threw out one sentence: “Don’t want them.”

Normally the popularity of a willful personality like Ji Wang would eventually go cold. However, his personality was no match for his face, which was handsome enough to sway the heavens, and his naturally good luck.

Every time Hong-jie thought his career path was finished, a good opportunity would fall from the sky and hit him on the head.

For example, Ji Wang’s most recent acting role was in a school drama. The drama was a small production with a low budget, but right after it premiered, it ignited online discussion. As the second male lead, Ji Wang’s name became a hot topic on Weibo for a while.

Hong-jie quickly displayed her effectiveness as an agent by helping Ji Wang control the online topic and flow. These days she was so busy she couldn’t be bothered to stop Ji Wang from sneaking out to drink.

Song Ge lost hope that Ji Wang knew Qi Boyan. “My girlfriend loves Qi Boyan, she goes to all of his concerts. She kept crying after she heard Qi Boyan is dating Fang Shengyun.”

Ji Wang’s hand, which had been casually turning his drink in circles, paused. “Fang Shengyun?”

Song Ge: “Yeah, the actor Fang Shengyun. He’s a recently debuted omega with very fresh looks. I’ve heard his influence is pretty big, he’s only debuted for a year and he’s already shot several high profile movies. It seems like he’s somehow related to B City’s Fang family. Tell me, if Qi Boyan actually marries Fang Shengyun, does this count as marrying into a rich family?”

Ji Wang fumbled his glass and unconsciously reached into his pocket only to find it empty. Only then did he remember he’d given up smoking.

He’d almost succeeded in giving it up completely, but the intolerable craving for a cigarette felt like an ant crawling from his calf up the nape of his neck, making his scalp numb. “Got a cigarette?”

Song Ge was shocked. “Didn’t you quit?” He grumbled while reaching into his pocket and stuffed a cigarette into Ji Wang’s hand.

Ji Wang hurriedly stuck the cigarette into his mouth and lit it. The nicotine quickly filled his throat, slowly sinking down and calming the unpleasant feeling stirring inside of him.

Ji Wang exhaled some smoke, not answering Song Ge’s question about Qi Boyan.

At this moment, an omega walked by. Their pheromones released the faint, pleasant smell of oranges. This was a subtle way of showing interest in someone in a social setting.

Blushing, the omega greeted them, “Are you Ji Wang?”

Ji Wang responded indifferently, “Is there something you need?”

The omega looked a little excited. “I really loved your acting as Xia Chengsong. I didn’t expect you to be even more handsome in real life...and you’re an alpha.”

Ji Wang hadn’t said anything yet when Song Ge took it upon himself to act as a bodyguard. Song Ge got up and stood in front of Ji Wang, revealing a polite smile. “Sorry, today Mr. Ji only came to drink, he’s not signing autographs or taking photos.”

The excitement on the omega’s face was suddenly wiped clean. They were somewhat speechless. “What…?”

The omega glanced at Ji Wang again. The alpha’s head was down and he was toying with his bar glass, as if the most interesting thing was currently the pink alcohol inside. The omega then understood and tactfully left.

Ji Wang felt faintly like laughing. He leaned forward to rest on the bar counter. “Song Ge, they probably weren’t interested in a signature or photo.”

Song Ge turned around. “I know, he wanted your phone number. Maybe he even wanted to sleep with you.”

“But Ji Wang, your drama is so popular. Who knows if later on you’ll turn around and start trending. Please start managing your private life!” Song Ge inexplicably had the heart of an agent.

Ji Wang smirkingly pulled the cigarette from his lips and puffed white smoke into Song Ge’s face.

Song Ge waved the smoke away, his eyes subconsciously falling on Ji Wang’s hand. No wonder Hong-jie wished Ji Wang would take on a jewelry commercial. His hands really were naturally beautiful. The only blemish was a small, inconspicuous scar on his ring finger.

This mark was because after he became an actor, he went and got a tattoo removed.

The center of the stage had a large screen displaying video requests from customers.

One of the guests tonight must have been a die-hard Qi Boyan fan. Aside from his music, they were also playing his concert videos. Qi Boyan’s voice, Qi Boyan’s appearance, Qi Boyan’s everything surrounded them.

Ji Wang pulled at his shirt collar and ordered another drink, this time not Prunus persi. He usually only treated it as an aperitif and followed it up with stronger alcohol that could cover the taste left in his mouth.

This kind of stubborn and useless behavior covertly confirmed his addiction.

Qi Boyan sang and danced on the screen. He had a unique voice and sexy stage presence. With bold eyes, he smiled and undid several buttons. The crowd below him erupted in loud shrieks.

Qi Boyan’s body had an unusual accessory on it - magnetic tape cut out from the inside of a cassette.

The black magnetic tape was wrapped around his wrist several times. The remaining tail end slid across his abdomen and waist. The camera focused in on that area, a dark strip like a mermaid’s tail concealed under clothing on stage.

Qi Boyan had many male and female fans across different gender presentations, from alphas to omegas. No one could resist his crazy popularity.

Because of his girlfriend, Song Ge was already numb to the sight of Qi Boyan. He clicked his tongue twice before turning around to continue gossiping with Ji Wang. “My girlfriend says he wears that tape every concert. The rumors say an old lover gave it to him.”

Ji Wang put out his cigarette, only halfheartedly listening to him.

He knew better than anyone else in the world what was recorded on that tape.

That was his voice - the sound of him climaxing.

Qi Boyan seemed to deliberately wear it every time he went on stage. From beginning to end, his wrist bore that secret tape that only the two of them knew well.

Qi Boyan had recorded it in front of him. At that time, Ji Wang was unwilling and struggled to the point where he bit his lip bloody trying to suppress his sounds.

However, the person on his body was Qi Boyan. No one could provoke Qi Boyan and then retreat.

Qi Boyan’s voice in his memory wasn’t like the deep, rough voice of today. Compared to the voice displayed on stage today, it was a hundred times more erotic.

He’d bound Ji Wang, pressed him down, then in a low voice by his ear said, “Happy birthday, this is my gift to you.”

With wet eyes, Ji Wang hoarsely replied, “Lunatic.”

He was bloodied by Qi Boyan, the back of his neck bit open. Inside his body, alpha pheromones fiercely and recklessly collided, like hand-to-hand combat, demanding he surrender.

Qi Boyan smiled after hearing this, as if Ji Wang had said he loved him.

Only Qi Boyan had heard the recording, and only Ji Wang knew that it contained the most secret, private sounds of him accepting pain and expressing pleasure.

  1. "jie" means "older sister" but can also be used to affectionately address someone unrelated to you

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