How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 39

Counting on your fingers, there was still a day before leaving for the EG semifinals. But there was still more than a week before Qiao Yanzhou’s Dragon King’s Flooded Temple competition. The time wasn’t long but it wasn’t short, but the name was definitely long.

Although Gu Zixing’s hand wasn’t well yet, the next day he still went over at noon to do the training for the competition. Feeling that he was just as indifferent as before, Qiao Yanzhou wanted to obstruct him but couldn’t do it. But for the past two nights he massaged his hand at night until he was comfortable. But the embarrassing thing was that every night when he would massage Gu Zixing, Gu Zixing would just fall asleep on the sofa. Then Qiao Yanzhou would have to smack him awake and hurry him to bed.

As a result every night he would see this kind of scene. In the first second the two people were very friendly and was continuously getting massaged, then in the next second you would hear a ‘slap’ in order to wake up the other person.

It wasn't simply a slap to wake up, it was more like nearly slapped to death.

Today, Qiao Yanzhou was giving Gu Zixing “torture” again. Before he fell asleep he deliberately asked in a hoarse voice to be gentler this time.

But don’t know if Qiao Yanzhou heard it or not.

In the end Gu Zixing had just fallen asleep when Qiao Yanzhou’s cell phone rang. He took a look and saw that it was Liang Dong.

Because Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling wanted to attend the GML, they specially took a two day vacation from work at a coffee shop. As a result after going back, it happened to be the shop’s busy weekend. He heard that it made the two extremely tired.

Previously, Qiao Yanzhou would talk simply with Liang Dong over Wechat about what he was doing at EG. After telling him that he was rooming with Gu Zixing, not even two seconds later Zhao Lingling called. Wailing like a ghost, Qiao Yanzhou didn't clearly hear what she was saying, but after hearing the words “ take/naked/photo” multiple times he finally understood.

How to say ne. It was a little spicy to his ears.

He wasn’t sure what Liang Dong called him for this time.


“Hey my brother, what are you doing ne!”

Liang Dong sounded like he had more energy today than previously. Could be because he made up for his missing hours.

“It’s the middle of the night, what am I going to do ah.” He didn’t dare to tell Liang Dong that he was massaging Gu Zixing’s hand, or else he was afraid that Zhao Lingling would receive the signal and crawl over here.

“Ai step aside! Let me speak!”

The female monster has appeared.

Through the phone Qiao Yanzhou could still feel Zhao Lingling boldly snatch the phone from Liang Dong.

“Brother Zhou, is God Gu next to you?”

Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to look at Gu Zixing with his eyes closed next to him. He didn’t know if he was actually sleeping or not, therefore he cautiously got up and sneakily walked back to his room.


“How have you got along with him these past few days? Is he bullying you?”

“No ba.” Qiao Yanzhou laid on his bed, “He’s very good.”

“Then is he simple and pure, not like those flirtatious b*tches outside!?”

Qiao Yanzhou fel himself choke a little.

It was clear that he was exactly the same as those impure or fake pretty and flirtatious b*tches, Qiao Yanzhou said silently to himself. His voice almost traveled to Gu Zixing’s room.

“Yes yes yes.” Although he thought this in his mind, but in order for Zhao Lingling’s perfect idol to not collapse, Qiao Yanzhou could only conceal his opinion.

As for a certain someone whose certain something stood up when they saw a grown man in womens’ clothing, Qiao Yanzhou was determined to keep it to himself forever.

“Then let me ask you ah,” Zhao Lingling cleared her throat.

“Speak.” Qiao Yanzhou took a drink of the lemonade next to his bed that he just poured.

“You say... Does Gu Zixing regularly wash his feet? Not even a scent?”

Pffffff!!! Cough cough cough… Qiao Yanzhou really spit it out, scaring Wotou that he jumped down and ran off.

But to try and not look too embarrassing, Qiao Yanzhou wiped his mouth as he spoke into his phone. “No…nothing’s wrong. My water fell onto the cat, then this spoiled Wotou ran off with my water cup again.”

Zhao Lingling was born shameless, she didn’t think her question was inappropriate at all and continued to ask. “Everynight, does Gu Zixing brush his teeth before bed?! Take a bath?! Change his underwear!? When he sleeps does he snore, grind his teeth, fart, or talk in his sleep!? Does he have a girlfriend!?”

“Hold on hold on.  Qiao Yanzhou felt that if Zhao Lingling continued to ask her questions, an accident would happen. As a result he hurried to interrupt her. “Wait for me to answer one at a time. If you keep asking, I'll charge a fee.”

“Answer these questions first.”

“No stinky feet. Sometimes his body has a milk scent but I don't know where it came from.” Qiao Yanzhou recalled.

He really didn’t fabricate that he had a scent. When he was massaging his hand just now, he smelled a hint of it. It wasn’t heavy so if you weren’t attentive to it you wouldn't be able to smell it. But it was a very nice scent, savory like a fresh steamed bun.

“Ah ah ah ah really?!!! A man with a milk scent!!!”

Qiao Yanzhou felt that Zhao Lingling was so excited that her soul was about to leave her body.

“Brushing teeth and showering is definitely a thing he does everyday. The main thing is that EG’s bathroom is too amazing, hot water for 24 hours.”

“En en en, continue!”

“And how the f*ck am I supposed to know if he changes his underwear.” Qiao Yanzhou suddenly reacted to Zhao Lingling’s deranged question, “I still need to open his pants every night to take a look?”

“I know even less when it comes to sleep. We live in a dorm together, not a room.” Qiao Yanzhou stretched his neck to peek out into the living room. Gu Zixing was still on the sofa with his eyes closed, not having moved a bit, he should be actually asleep.

“I’ve never heard him mention anything about a girlfriend… “ But there should be alot of boyfriends though, Qiao Yanzhou choked back the latter half of that statement.

Not even waiting for Zhao Lingling to reply, Liang Dong snatched the phone back.

“Brother Zhou, don't bother with her, she's crazy. Wait for me to sort her out later tonight. “

Qiao Yanzhou smiled at his phone.

Qiao Yanzhou sometimes sincerely admired the relationship between Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling. Even if they spent a month outside working for not alot of money, as long as they were together there was never a dull moment.

Qiao Yanzhou and his ex-girlfriend, Cao Ting, were not like this. Every three days there was a small quarrel and every 5 days there was a big fight. They argued so much that when they broke up, Qiao Yanzhou felt free, like he just solved a puzzle. It’s just that sometimes when his mother questioned him, he found it a bit hard.

Hanging up the phone, Qiao Yanzhou laid on his bed for a bit before getting up, only to find out that Gu Zixing was already awake.

“Why'd you leave ne.” Gu Zixing yawned.

“Answering the phone. My friend called.”

Gu Zixing pointed at his thigh which had a big orange cat on it. Lazily he said, “Your Mantou can already get on the sofa.”

“Its name is Wotou.” Qiao Yanzhou scooped up his cat off of Gu Zixing’s thigh.

Let it go ba, it’s warm ne.” Gu Zixing patted his thigh and smiled at Wotou in Qiao Yanzhou’s embrace, reaching out to rub his ears. “Isn’t that right Tangyuan.”

“Its name is Wotou…”

“Ok Dousha Bao.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Me too.”

And just like that, the two of them went down stairs to go eat soup dumplings.

Wotou = Chinese cornbread, Mantou = steamed bun, Tangyuan = glutinous rice ball, Dousha Bao = red bean bun

When it came to the bill, Gu Zixing said he would treat but Qiao Yanzhou wouldn’t let him. Two people pushed and shoved, almost like they were fighting. But it can’t actually be considered fighting. After saying a few words Gu Zixing discovered that Qiao Yanzhou was too persistent, it was just a meal. He could always pay in the future so he had to give up the thought of paying the bill this time. But he didn’t consider it as giving up, and decided to tease Qiao Yanzhou for fun.

As a result it attracted the attention of Gao Yang and Geng Qing who also happened to be ordering skewers at the moment. Hence Gao Yang and Geng Qing dragged the two over to accompany them.

After sitting down, Geng Qing and Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yanzhou. The two thought that Qiao Yanzhou was Gu Zixing’s new boyfriend ne. So they winked at Qiao Yanzhou, causing him to be scared.

When Gu Zixing detected what was going on, he hurried to subtly shake his head at the two, indicating their mistake before they finally let Qiao Yanzhou go.

But the dedicated Gao Yang refused to drop it. He stealthily sent Gu Zixing a wechat message at the dinner table. The rough contents of the message were saying that Gu Zixing and Qiao Yanzhou looked like a good match and should consider taking a chance.

Gu Zixing after seeing it simply sent back two words.

He’s straight.

When Gao Yang saw it, he didn't say anything. He wasn’t willing to go as far as to encourage Gu Zixing to turn a straight man gay.

So Gao Yang didn’t say anything else weird but Qiao Yanzhou saw that the two’s behavior was a bit fishy. He discovered that the one named Geng Qing kept giving meat skewers to the other to eat, as if Gao Yang couldn’t take care of himself. But it was clearly obvious that the other’s arms and legs were robust ne

Also just now Geng Qing boiled some peanuts then directly used his chopsticks to feed them to Gao Yang. Qiao Yanzhou’s expression was complex, as if the thing that Geng Qing just fed Gao Yang wasn’t a peanut but fly feces.

The most frightening thing was that at the end after settling the bill and departing, Geng Qing and Gao Yang were on the same road as them. When they reached a smaller street, he lowered his head to mutter something into Gao Yang’s ear and reached out a hand to hug his waist.

Although afterward Gao Yang slapped and resolved the issue, it still let Qiao Yanzhou’s cunning eyes see it head-on.

When Gao Yang and Geng Qing finally left, the question that Qiao Yanzhou had choked down for the entire time finally came out.

“Those two are… a couple?”

“You still can’t even tell?” Gu Zixing spoke as he started patting himself all over, touched for a long time and still didn’t find anything.

“Why are you touching yourself ne. It’s like your a monkey with lice.”

After saying this Qian Yanzhou suddenly felt that after living with Gu Zixing for a few days, the way they talked with each other changed.

Gu Zixing should have also noticed as he was currently laughing at the side for a long time before saying, “Looking for my cigarettes.”

“I have some.” Qiao Yanzhou didn’t argue and fished out a box of cigarettes from his bag and handed it over to Gu Zixing. He continued to say, “After living with you for a few days, if I go out to talk with others I’ll get beaten up.”

“Have you heard of an old saying?” Gu Zixing took the cigarette pack and opened it to find stalks of very slender Madam Cigarettes. His entire face was bewildered as he lifted his head to look at Qiao Yanzhou.

I can’t find what the actual brand is or if it’s just a made up brand.

“I only have these. Liang Dong’s girlfriend gave it to me. She doesn’t smoke so she randomly just picked one.” Qiao Yanzhou’s expression showed that he was also helpless. Then he switched the subject to what Gu Zixing was just saying, “What saying? Those who handle cinnabar are stained red, those who work with ink…. “

Those who handle cinnabar are stained red, those who work with ink are stained black: You are the product of your environment.

“A dragon births a dragon, a phoenix births a phoenix. The nature of a rat is to dig a hole.”

Similar things give birth to similar things, a disciple will also have the same teachings of their master.

“Beat it, you show-off.” Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t help but laugh. Gu Zixing looked at him laughing, also began to laugh with him.

These two people in the middle of the night laughed like idiots.

After laughing for a while, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly remembered what he didn't finish saying earlier. Therefore he stretched out his hand to pat Gu Zixing, “Ai, I can see that Gao Yang and Geng Qing are familiar with the people in the org. Then if the two are a couple, how can the org people still look ah.”

“Look with our eyes.” Gu Zixing felt that it was laughable. “Qi Chen is pretty tall, do you use your nose to look?”

Mission: Make fun of Qi Chen every day (1/1)

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t really know why he would say that.

“Then the people in the team… are there people who will discriminate against homosexuals?”

Seeing Qiao Yanzhou cautiously ask this question, Gu Zixing was distracted for a moment.

“Why are you asking? Are you gay?”

“No no, just… “ Qiao Yanzhou waved his hands, whatever he was going to say stopped at the edge of his mouth suddenly.

Gu Zixing continued to stand there to wait for him to continue.

“Precisely, I’m definitely not gay.” Qiao Yanzhou bit his lip and with great determination he lifted his head to look at Gu Zixing. “Are you?”

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