How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 29.1


As the official League of Legends fan meetup event that has been held for four years, the popularity of the GML was higher and higher each year.

Sometimes it could even surpass the SPL competition in views.

Because of this, the GML and SPL cooperated together to host the GML in the middle of the SPL season and have the 12 teams come together. The competition has different events played between the morning and afternoon.

Even if the point of the competition was for entertainment, it was still a way to gain more views for the SPL.

Qiao Yanzhou, Liang Dong, and Liang Dong’s girlfriend Zhao Lingling arrived at S City the night before the GML. Because they lived in H city, they took a train to S city which did not take more than an hour so the three people were not tired from the journey. After getting off the train, they hurried to put their luggage away, then took a subway to S city’s night market to get something to eat.

Qiao Yanzhou had heard Liang Dong say before that from the moment Zhao Lingling started playing League of Legends, she really liked Siler. It was because Siler plays really well, he looks very handsome, his smile is very warm, and furthermore his speech is very warm and friendly. To summarize, it was the reasoning of a little schoolgirl. Afterward when Zhao Lingling started to understand the game more, her favor for Siler also began to rise more.

Because in the Siler vs HNG game he used his R skill to carry, and he is very handsome.

Because in the Silver vs SSG game the way he robbed baron with his EQ was very beautiful, and he's very handsome.

Because in the Siler vs OG competition the tactics were very aggressive, and he is very handsome.

In a short time, Qiao Yanzhou and Zhao Lingling began to talk more with each other than between Zhao Lingling and Liang Dong. Every day it was Siler aka God Gu, they never stopped talking about Boss Gu. Finally in the end when Liang Dong couldn't take it anymore and was eating vinegar, he did not allow Zhao Lingling to mention Siler in front of him. Zhao Lingling restrained herself a little, but it was very obvious to see that she still really liked Siler.

For example this time when attending the GML at S City, besides stuff to eat and wear, Qiao Yanzhou and Liang Dong practically did not bring anything else. Only Zhao Lingling, who went through a lot of trouble, brought a specialized light sign she made herself to show her support for EG. She even had a special one for Qiao Yanzhou.

On these two light boards, one said: Qi Chen, God’s Tiger,  is 1.5m tall. Gu Zixing, the water demon in the Pagoda, is also not too tall. (1)

1. The original phrase is an argot from a famous drama. It's now used as an internet meme.  

The other said: Wai, Siler, when are you going to give me a child ah?

Qiao Yanzhou looked at the two light boards and finally came up with a meaningful question. “But I remember that Gu Zixing is 1.8m and isn’t that short ah.”

“You.. why are you so dull!” Zhao Lingling’s face was full of disdain as she grabbed the signboards out of his hands.


At night the three people at the night market strolled around and ate. Qiao Yanzhou originally wanted to give Gu Zixing a call to see if he had time to come out and meet, but after realizing that tomorrow was the GML, even though he was idle didn’t mean Gu Zixing was. Therefore he obediently dispelled this idea and put away his cellphone.

EG vs WG was in the afternoon on the first day of the GML. If there were no mishaps, he would be able to witness the real live Gu Zixing tomorrow at 2PM so he wasn’t worried about missing this meeting.

Gu Zixing had tortured Qiao Yanzhou miserbly these past few days. Everynight it was like he was possessed and would drag Qiao Yanzhou to play 1v1s. Even though Qiao Yanzhou knew that he was a man, he still doubted whether this was Gu Zixing’s way of flirting.

First torture him in the game until he became mental and insane, then let you realize that you can’t take care of yourself, then we get together.

It’s possible, this method was very Gu Zixing.

Without any exaggeration, these past few days that Qiao Yanzhou was ravaged, he almost wrote a book. He had already thought of the title: [<League of Legends> Mid Lane Champion Techniques: From the Basics to Giving Up]. There’s also the matching book: [Restraining the Mid Laner, Gu Zixing’s Tutorial: From a Beginner to a Monk]. (2)

2. From Beginner to Monk: The word for "beginner" and "monk" have a word that sound similar to each other so the title sounds better in Chinese. The word for "monk" can also directly translate as "leave the house". So in this case it would be like to leave the gaming profession.

Qiao Yanzhou realized afterwards that both these books could be summarized with 4 words: Just uninstall the game.

Even though Qiao Yanzhou did not call Gu Zixing to come out and play, he still sent Gu Zixing a Wechat message telling him he arrived in S City.

“Brother Zhou, I heard that the fish in this river is pretty good. When you go home, bring some for Wotou.”

“Maybe.” Qiao Yanzhou swung his arms. “These next few days he's at Old Zhao’s place with plenty to eat. Did you forget about that stray cat near Old Zhao’s hotpot place that Old Zhao ended up taking care of and it turned into a fatty?”

“Maybe when you get back, Wotou will be just as fat.”

“Ai, I heard that across the river is EG’s club. Let’s keep going, maybe we’ll be able to see them ne.” Not caring about what those two were saying, Zhao Lingling excitedly pointed across the river and turned her head around to look at them.

Liang Dong’s mouth twitched. He plunged both his hands into his pockets to show his intense disapproval. “Even if you see it you can’t cross. What? Do you still want to swim across ah?”

Zhao Lingling coldly stared at Liang Dong, no longer saying anything.

Seeing his own girlfriend’s face become dark, Liang Dong helplessly caught up to coax her.

“Go go go, ahead of us is a crayfish store that was recommended on the travel site. Let’s go take a look.” Liang Dong hugged Zhao Lingling across the shoulder. He didn’t wait for her to agree or refuse and just continued forward. As he walked he didn't forget to turn his head to shout towards Qiao Yanzhou.

“Let's go Brother Zhou.”

“You guys go first ba, I’ll find you guys in a bit.” Qiao Yanzhou spoke as he fished his vibrating phone out of his pocket. Gu Zixing was calling.

“Hello? God Gu?” After having gone through so many nights of torment, now when Qiao Yanzhou picked up the phone he was more calm and collected. But his heart wanted to flutter a bit more before turning tranquil.

“Arrived?” Gu Zixing’s side was very calm. It was a very stark contrast to the noisy night market behind Qiao Yanzhou.

“Arrived a while ago. I’m at the night market at the moment ne.” Qiao Yanzhou raised his head to stare across the river.

Although it was already dark outside, there were many tour boats in the river with multi-colored lights on them. On both sides of the strait between the high rise buildings were lanterns. It was S city’ flourishing night market.

Qiao Yanzhou clung to the railing on the river and looked around. “I just heard that from this riverside I can see EG’s headquarters, true or false?”

“There are many skyscrapers on the north of the river, you shouldn’t be able to see it.” Gu Zixing leaned against his window to look out the window while on the phone, “but I can see the night market near the river.”

“Really?”Qiao Yanzhou’s eyes lit up. “Then you can see it if I wave!”

“Don’t waste energy.” Gu Zixing unexpectedly smiled, “I can only see the lights of the night market from here. The people are as small as sesame seeds, but in a crowd of people the dumbest sesame seed should be you.”

“....” Qiao Yanzhou crawled on top of the railings, quietly muttered a phrase, “You're the dumb sesame seed.”


“If I’m dumb, might as well be dumb together.” After Qiao Yanzhou said that he couldn't help but laugh, Gu Zixing also laughed.

"Are your friends not by your side?” After laughing, Gu Zixing asked.

“No, they said they were going ahead to a crayfish store.” As Qiao Yanzhou said this, he moved forward to look ahead and realized he could only see an endless sea of people. It seems that he would need to call Liang Dong in a bit.

“God Gu, is there anything good to eat at this night market?” Since he couldn’t find Liang Dong, Qiao Yanzhou decided to first find something good to eat.

Gu Zixing thought about it. “If you go to the east side there's a place that sells octopus that isn't bad. There's a Japanese name for it but I don’t remember what it’s called.”

“Then I’ll go try it in a moment. The store recommended by God Gu must definitely be good.”

Gu Zixing smiled, “Go home early, don’t stay out too late.”

“How come you're not training tonight?”

“It's almost time for the competition, why would we still be training?” Gu Zixing left the window and walked towards his bed and laid down, his face still carrying a smiling expression. “You want me to be dead tired.”

“How would I dare ah, it’s too late to do anything.” Qiao Yanzhou hurried to deny it.

“That's right, wait for me at the back of the stage area tomorrow. I’ll give you the tickets.”

“But isn't the back of the stage the place for guests to go through, I can’t enter…”

“You are all guests, more expensive than guests.”

Hearing this, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt a bit nervous.

“God… God Gu…”


“You say… if the two of us are like this tomorrow, aren’t we doing homosexual things…”


Gu Zixing choked a bit. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time. In this world, there were not many people who could make him speechless after talking with him…even if there was, then they were definitely endangered species.

It's very possible that Qiao Yanzhou was one.

Gu Zixing laughed dryly,  “You’re trying to say gay friend ba. (3)

3. Gay friend: The Chinese word is actually 面基 (miangji) which is a popular online term for ‘meeting your gay friend for the first time offline’. It also term for two men who are not gay but are very flirtatious with each other so they call each other their gay friend.

“...” The responding Qiao Yanzhou instantly became red in the face, “You…  you understand.”

Gu Zixing’s laugh transmitting through the phone made Qiao Yanzhou’s face even more red. As a result, after casually saying a few more lines he hurried to hang up the call.

Qiao Yanzhou had a defect. Whenever he  came across an embarrassing situation, it would toss about in his head like a movie.

For example, the thing that just happened. When he went home to the hotel at night he didn't stop thinking about it, especially the moment when Gu Zixing choked over the phone. In that short moment, Gu Zixing’s mind must have been a mess, very similar to the current Qiao Yanzhou.

Ah ah ah, how embarrassing!


Qiao Yanzhou was embarrassed the entire night. It wasn’t until it was almost noon the next day that he finally crawled out of bed. After causally tidying himself, the three people went to the subway to prepare to go to the gathering.

“Brother Zhou, where are you going to get the tickets?”

“Behind the gathering.” Qiao Yanzhou looked at Liang Dong and smiled, “Let's go, we’ll go together.”

“Not going. Lingzi said she wanted to go look around at the surroundings.”

“What's so good about the surroundings? I'll bet you that even if there were thousands of action figures, it won't be as good as the person giving me the tickets.” Qiao Yanzhou said with confidence, but the person by his side seeing this unsightly appearance of self confidence wanted to know where it came from.

“Who is it?” Liang Dong was suspicious.

“Gu Zixing ah.” Qiao Yanzhou had restrained himself for so long. Since he was finally able to see Gu Zixing in person in less than an hour, he finally told this to Liang Dong. After saying this, Qiao Yanzhou felt that his body relaxed.

However, without waiting for Liang Dong to say anything yet, Zhao Lingling opened her mouth. “Just talking big ah. Gu Zixing coming in person to give you tickets, you have such a big ego.”

“Brother Zhou, how come you can’t even tell a lie properly anymore.” Liang Dong also chimed in.

“But it really is Gu Zixing…”

“Yes yes yes, then us two will help you have alone time with Gu Zixing, isn't that good?” Liang Dong’s attitude never changed.

If Liang Dong didn't believe, then Zhao Lingling would definitely not believe it. In her eyes Gu Zixing was like the stars at the end of the world: too distant and cannot reach. Don't even mention coming over to give them tickets, he couldn’t come over to give them anything.

But Qiao Yanzhou did not blame them. If you told other people this kind of thing, no one would believe it either. A famous professional player eagerly ran over to give a nobody tickets to the GML?

Stop joking.

In the end, Qiao Yanzhou went by himself  to the back of the gathering to wait for Gu Zixing. Before leaving, he was even stopped by Zhao Lingling.

“Brother Zhou, can you help carry one of the light boards? It’s too inconvenient to carry them around the perimeters.” Zhao Lingling randomly gave a lightboard to Qiao Yanzhou. Qiao Yanzhou also didn't glance at it, took it and left.

Currently it was already 1 PM, the club car should have already arrived. Qiao Yanzhou stood not to far by the guest entrance and looked around. Besides the workers, not another shadow was in sight.

Taking out his phone he was just thinking about calling Gu Zixing, but then Gu Zixing’s phone call arrived first.

“En, Boss Gu, where are you ne?”

“Walk inside.”

“Ah? I can’t enter ba.” Looking at the layers of security at the entrance, Qiao Yanzhou awkwardly watched as he saw someone walk out from the guest entrance.

That person was wearing the very familiar black EG uniform and also had an enchanting face.

“Gu… Gu… “ Qiao Yanzhou was so excited his legs were trembling.

However Gu Zixing seemed to be very normal. His face was carrying a smiling expression as he handed the tickets to the  “Gu.. Gu.. Gu…” Qiao Yanzhou.

“Front of the inner section.” Gu Zixing smiled, “if you’re any closer you’ll even be able to see the pores on the host.”

“Thank you Boss Gu!”

Qiao Yanzhou worshiped Gu Zixing for many years, this was the first time he was so close to Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing and him were almost the same height. He was slim with pale skin, in fact he was a bit more handsome then on TV.

Gu Zixing tilted his head and looked at Qiao Yanzhou, “You’re nervous?”

“A bit.” Qiao Yanzhou fiercely nodded his head, “After all it’s meeting my gay idol friend.. How could I not be nervous?”

Gu Zixing really wanted to laugh. For so many years he has seen many fans, there were plenty who had even more exaggerated reactions than Qiao Yanzhou, but it was only with Qiao Yanzhou that Gu Zixing thought it was a little amusing.

“What are you carrying?” Gu Zixing quickly noticed the black rectangular board in Qiao Yanzhou’s hand, in addition it wasn't small.

“It's a signboard to show support…” Qiao Yanzhou didn’t think much about it and gave the sign board to Gu Zixing to look at.

As a result he discovered the shocking words on the lightboard: Wai, Siler, when are you going to give me a child ah?

Gu Zixing stared blankly at it. “Xiao Qiao, you’re embarrassing me a bit ba…”

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t even hear what Gu Zixing said, he was already embarrassed and wanted to dig a hole in the ground.

“It’s not, Boss Gu let me explain.” Qiao Yanzhou was so embarrassed his face was red. He had long forgotten that the words on Zhao Lingling’s sign was demented, even if someone beat him to death he wouldn’t have pulled out the board for Gu Zixing to see!

“You’ve been taking the initiative recently ma…” Even though Qiao Yanzhou already turned red, Gu Zixing continued as he smirked.

“I didn’t I’m not…”

Qiao Yanzhou wanted to cry. He was about to defend himself when he heard someone call for Gu Zixing.

“Commander Gu! Manager Ren is looking for you!”

“Coming.” Gu Zixing responded. He smiled towards Qiao Yanzhou, “Xiao Qiao, after the event has ended today give me a call.”

“Ah ok.”

It was too late to ask why he wanted him to call him as Gu Zixing had already walked back inside.

JADE: I split this chapter into two since its super long. Decided to try putting the notes as quotes underneath instead of putting them all at the bottom like usual. Let me know if its better or more annoying.

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