How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 26

In this half hour desperate struggle with Wutou, Qiao Yanzhou gave it his all. He used the sunflower pressure point maneuver,  ancient chinese divination tradition, and even moves like Golden Bell and Iron Jacket that were long lost martial arts from the Jianghu. But the messed up muscles and bones ended up being Qiao Yanzhou’s own muscles and bones. In fact just now in the bathroom, he stepped unsteadily, fell, and twisted his back…

And Wutou also did not take it lying down. Using Black Tiger digs out the Heart,  Buddha’s Palm,  Nine Yin Bone Talons as well as the Roar of the Hedong Lion, one after another it fought back. One person and one cat fought each other for 900 rounds! (1)

Ultimately, Wutou was drenched into a steamed dumpling and Qiao Yanzhou also turned into a drowned rat.

“Are you satisfied! It’s the middle of the night and instead of sleeping I’m playing with water here with you. My brain has been squeezed by a big iron door!” Qiao Yanzhou snarled as he took off his new jacket that he wore for the first time today that was drenched in water. Inside his heart he couldn't help but question what sin his ancestors did in their past life.

The broadcast had also already been shut down ages ago because Wutou had flopped around too much and covered his entire phone screen with water.

Wutou was also feeling very wronged. It was obviously a very fluffy cat but not even two minutes after entering this room he was drenched by this wailing nutjob.

Although he was angry, Qiao Yanzhou still calmly and gently wrapped up Wutou and placed it on top of the dryer, wanting to use the blow dryer to dry Wutou off.

But as a result it hadn't even been five minutes yet and Wutou had run out of patience. Without a word it squeezed itself into the partially open door of Qiao Yanzhou’s wardrobe.

“Aiyo ancestor can you not!”

Qiao Yanzhou was just about to dig Wutou out from his dresser when his cell phone suddenly rang. As a result Qiao Yanzhou, flustered, ran to grab his cellphone. For a moment he felt that his head was ten times bigger than normal.

“Hi mom!” After pressing the accept button, Qiao Yanzhou ran back to his bedroom while he used his ear and shoulder to hold his phone. He hurried to chase the cat out of his wardrobe or else his clothes would turn dirty.

“Zhou zi, what are you doing ne?”

“Nothing much.” Qiao Yanzhou skimped his response. He didn’t dare to tell his mother that he brought home a cat just now. He knew from long ago that his mother didn’t like cats, moreover his mom would nag him that outside cats carried harmful bacteria and would bite, so he didn’t want his mother to worry even more and didn’t say it.

Qiao Yanzhou carefully held onto Wutou and placed it on the bath towel he prepared for him, then closed the door to his wardrobe. Then he held onto his cellphone properly.

“What's wrong mom?”

“Nothing, just wanted to call you and ask how you and Tingting are recently?”

Tingting was Qiao Yanzhou’s ex-girlfriend, the one who disdained when Qiao Yanzhou would stutter when he was nervous and thus broke up with him.

Just like how Qiao Yanzhou didn’t tell his mother about the cat, he also didn’t tell her that he and Tingting broke up over two months ago.

There were two reasons for him not telling her. The first was that the reason that Tingting broke up with him for stuttering when nervous was a bit ridiculous. The second reason was his mother for some reason really loved Tingting. Previously she even gave her a red envelope with a thousand yuan in it (aprox 150 usd).

Perhaps it was because she was afraid that Qiao Yanzhou wouldn’t be able to marry a wife in the future.

“Ah---- we are both very good mom. I just came back from eating dinner with her.” Qiao Yanzhou continued to lie through his teeth.

“Eating dinner this early? You didn’t ask Tingting to come sit down a bit with you?”

“Aiya it’s already late, what do you mean come sit.”

Qiao Yanzhou held his cellphone as he sat on the sofa, his mind clearly not there. He felt that Wutou wanted to run towards the clothes again and hurried to stand up but didn’t think that his waist would be attacked by a sharp pain.

“Ai! F*ck, sss---” Qiao Yanzhou shouted in pain. It seemed that his fall from earlier wasn’t light.

“What happened, what happened?” Mama Qiao, after hearing Qiao Yanzhou suddenly shout and make snake noises, instantly became anxious.

“It’s nothing mom, my waist hurts bit.” Qiao Yanzhou gritted his teeth and stood up, walked towards the wardrobe and watched as Wutou continued to scratch at the handle of the wardrobe, as if it was trying to open the door.

After bucking at it twice, it felt that Qiao Yanzhou was behind it watching. Hence it stopped and sat on the floor, pitifully looking at Qiao Yanzhou. This grieved expression seemed to say: “Asking you to please put me inside…”

Qiao Yanzhou all of a sudden felt softhearted. Exasperated and with no better choice, he opened the wardrobe and watched as Wutou leapt onto the clothes he had just folded and put away neatly.

“Why do you have waist pain at such a young age?” Mama Qiao continued to nag but paused for a moment after speaking.

Then immediately afterward, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly heard a gasp of realization.

“Zhou zi, mom isn’t yelling at you but young people need to restrain themselves a little bit. Tingting is a woman after all. Can she bear to be tossed around by you so much? Look, you can’t even endure it ah. Your waist hurts right? In the future be more careful, and use protection…”

“Mom, where are you going with this..” Qiao Yanzhou was speechless. “Forget it, I won’t talk with you anymore. Tingting said she would call me in a moment and I won’t be able to pick up.”

“Are you ill? If you knew she was going to call, why didn’t you just invite her to stay longer after dinner ne.”

“Ok ok ok, next time let her stay longer.”

After hastily hanging up the call with Mama Qiao, Qiao Yanzhou finally felt it was a bit more peaceful.

But two seconds didn't even pass when his phone rang again.

"Hi mom!”


The person on the other end obviously was distracted for a bit before speaking: “ah-- so polite ah…”

It wasn’t Mama Qiao because it was obviously a man’s voice, not to mention it sounded very familiar and it wasn’t Liang Dong.

Qiao Yanzhou was embarrassed. “Ah, I thought it was my mom, you are…”

In the end he didn't even wait for the other party to answer when Qiao Yanzhou all of a sudden reacted. “God Gu!!!! I know now you’re Gu Zixing I’m sorry! Why did you call me? Just now I told my mom that my girlfriend was going to call me and then you called! You are too conscientious!”

Although at this moment Qiao Yanzhou’s tone and expression was full of excitement, he couldn't help but roast himself in his head.

What kind of rubbish am I talking about?

“Your girlfriend is going to call you? Then I'll hang up first…” Although he felt that Qiao Yanzhou’s mental state wasn't quite stable, Gu Zixing still managed to grab onto that sentence.

“No no, I don’t even have a girlfriend! We already broke up over two months ago but I don't dare to tell my mom!” Qiao Yanzhou smiled so much his mouth was about to fly to the back of his head.

Hearing this, Gu Zixing wanted to laugh a little but also couldn’t help but sigh that even breaking up with his girlfriend he sounded like he had won a 100,000 yuan lottery ticket. This Qiao Yanzhou was still considered a genius.

“God Gu how do you have time to call me ah!” Qiao Yanzhou simply didn't feel that anything was inappropriate, holding onto his phone he excitedly shook. His appearance was like a woman falling in love.

“You finished washing the cat?”

“Finished.. Ai? How did you know…” Qiao Yanzhou stared blankly. “God Gu did you see my broadcast! Let me tell you, today I got another 200+ fans from washing the cat ne!”

Gu Zixing finally couldnt take it anymore, curled up on the chair and started laughing.

“Why are you laughing…” Hearing him laugh for a while, Qiao Yanzhou didn’t understand what exactly was so funny.

“Nothing…” After laughing for a while Gu Zixing finally sat up.“Let’s go ah, let's play.”

Qiao Yanzhou talked as he threw his clothes he just wore into the washing machine. He thought that Gu Zixing was joking around again so didn’t take him seriously. “Play a game? God Gu why are you so idle today ah, want to boost me?”

“Not ranked, taking you to play in some custom matches.”

“Customs? 1v1?”


“But then I’m going to be chased and beaten up by you into a bun.” Qiao Yanzhou after he finished talking also repaired with another sentence, “I’m afraid my nexus will be destroyed to ashes by you.”

“.......” Gu Zixing frowned, “This frightening?”

Qiao Yanzhou couldn't help but force a bitter laugh. “God Gu I know that you are in good shape today but don’t experiment with me. I am only an ordinary little streamer, don't dare to solo with a professional.”

“Didn’t you say before that you wanted to learn a champion from me?”


“Then come ah.”

Qiao Yanzhou really didn’t understand this time. Why did God Gu, who has been so busy for the past few days, suddenly have time to teach him champions?

Although EG had just won a very important match, the spring competition had not ended and the world stage had not started. Gu Zixing isn’t likely to be so idle that he would teach how to play a champion to someone who isn’t even related to the SPL.

Unless…. could it be that God Gu wants to drag him onto the professional team? Ai hehe…

Qiao Yanzhou sometimes felt that his kind of wild imagination, if he didn't write it into a novel, it would be the regret of the entire nation. No, all of the literature world.

En, too regretful.

But it didn't matter what Gu zixing had up his sleeve. Since he was the one who spoke then Qiao Yanzhou would not give him another chance to take back this offer. From sitting down to turning on his computer to starting up the game, everything was done very smoothly. In totally it didn't even take 2 minutes.

“Let's go ba!”

Thus the two people entered a custom match.

“Remove all the runes and masteries (2). Choose whatever champion you have mastered and come bot lane.”

After entering the room, Gu Zixing no longer had that sloppy and mischievous state from  a moment ago. Although Qiao Yanzhou was currently not next to him, he could still feel that right now Gu Zixing’s state was close to his state when he would usually train.

“Darling Coach Gu.”


“Are you vicious?”

“I don’t know.” Gu Zixing calmly responded, “At least during training no one has ever scolded or cried to me.”

“Then that's good..” Qiao Yanzhou loosened up.

“The majority of them will usually distraughtly cry from me during the games.” Gu Zixing smacked his lips and started to recall, “Tang Xuan one time, Qi Chen one time, Yao Le twice, the previous Lengleng once.”


“Did the mid laner from WG also cry after finishing the match?”

“You’re deliberately trying to scare me ba…” Qiao Yanzhou responded.

Gu Zixing couldnt help but smile. Propping his face, his tone became lazy as he said, “Cry and I’ll make you laugh again.”

However Qiao Yanzhou merely felt his back break into a cold sweat.

“Then when others cry because of you, do you also make them laugh?”

“Other people when I make them cry don’t want to see me for a period of time.”


Although he didn't know what Gu Zixing was scheming, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt that this person could draw a beautiful stop to his short but splendid gaming career.

  1. These are just a bunch of names of martial arts moves. Some of them are specific and come from certain movies.
  2. Runes and Masteries: Runes were extra stats that you bought in order to improve your champion. You would buy them and set them onto a rune page, then during the champion selection screen you would designate which rune page to use. Masteries are like extra skills/talents that help you. Same thing where you would set it on a page and designate which page to use during champion select. However the old rune and mastery system has been abolished and is very different from the current game. In the novel the game is written during Season 7 and the game is currently on Season 11.  Old masteries, old rune pages

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