Beauty is Fat, Fat is Beauty


Early spring, the night wind was still bitingly cold.

As she ran wildly, the white puffs of air that Li Yuanyuan gasped out curled into white mist beneath the moonlight. Under the repeated urgings of, “Faster, princess,” she tripped and tumbled in a panic.

The road was too bumpy, and the clothes on her body were truly too complicated. The golden crown on her head lay crooked, and the embroidered shoes on her feet had also fallen off somewhere long ago. And yet, compared to the others, the speed at which she ran was still too slow.

In order to shield her, her guards had no choice but to slow down with her.

Looking on as the shining torches in the woods flared closer and closer, Li Yuanyuan simply grabbed the golden crown on her head and threw it to the side. With a pull, she tore off her belt, shedding her complicated outerwear as she ran.

Her body had lightened greatly. Just as Li Yuanyuan thought she could start to run at flying speeds, her foot became tangled in the clothes she had discarded. Stumbling, she cut a sorry figure as she fell to the ground.

She furiously turned around to tear away the belt on her foot, yet her weak, thin arms were unable to rip the sturdy cloth at all. How wonderful would it be if she were not so weak, Li Yuanyuan thought, if she could be just a bit stronger...just a little bit stronger….

As she was in this panic, she immediately saw a cold ray of light flash by, and her phoenix robes split with a tearing sound. Just as Li Yuanyuan looked up, she saw Yan Sicheng standing right in front of her. He seized her hand and pulled her up, “Your Highness, the situation is urgent, please forgive your subordinate….”

“Carry me!” Li Yuanyuan didn’t wait for him to finish speaking. Borrowing his strength, she climbed up his back without any hesitation, “Go!”

The hard armor made Li Yuanyuan extremely uncomfortable, but the speed of their movements was clearly even faster than just before.

All of a sudden, countless torches abruptly leapt out, their numbers much greater than those chasing them from behind.

Yan Sicheng’s brows knit tensely. Changing directions, he continued to run forwards. However, only the sight of sheer cliffs and steep precipices met his eyes.

There was no escape, only a struggle to the death.

The moonlight was very cold on the cliff. Li Yuanyuan saw countless flashes of blades and shadows of swords fluttering past her. She did not remember how she was knocked off the cliff, she only remembered how Yan Sicheng desperately used a wounded hand to grab hold of her, as if his life depended on it. Thick blood trailed down their joined hands, twisting down onto her arm and painting the path of a horrible winding bloodstain.

The moonlight was so cold, setting off the deathly paleness of Yan Sichen’s face.

Yet he was still guarding her, just like in all the danger that she had encountered before.

“Don’t be afraid, Your Highness.”

He said this, yet Li Yuanyuan saw someone smile evilly on top of the cliff as they ruthlessly stepped on Yan Sicheng’s wounded hand.

Yan Sicheng’s martial arts were so good, if he were by himself, he should definitely be able to escape very easily, Li Yuanyuan thought. However, without waiting for her to let go, her hands, moistened by the blood, suddenly slipped. Yan Sicheng’s pupils shrank. In that split second, the pain in his eyes seemed to exceed the pain of being trampled by the enemy’s foot.

Li Yuanyuan had never felt her body was so light.

Falling down the cliff, all of her surroundings seemed to become so distant, yet a figure leapt off the cliff above her, disregarding their life or death as they flew towards her, blocking out the bleakness of the moonlight, cutting off the bone-chilling cold wind.

Wrapping her inside a warm chest, using his life to protect….

“ Sicheng, blind devotion…” She heard herself say.

“Without Your Highness, Sicheng has nothing left to live for.”

Nothing live for...

A loud “bang” rang out, but Li Yuanyuan only felt an ache as if her body were falling apart. Her head seemed faint, and in a daze, she only thought that the floor behind her was as cold as ice. A dazzling and glaring yellow light shone into her eyes, and there were some people speaking noisily with words she could not understand….

“WTF, Li Yuanyuan, you idiot, you were just acting out jumping off a cliff, but you actually jumped off the stage!”

“WTF! What’s she still in staring blankly in the air for, did she just knock herself out! Call the teacher!”

“WTF! Can the teacher even lift her! Just call the school ambulance over!”

Disoriented, Li Yuanyuan only thought to herself blankly.

What on earth was this WTF….

The author has something to say:

This counts as a new pit but also doesn’t count as a new pit, right~

This story shouldn’t be too long. If everyone has nothing to do then they can read this slowly~ The new update frequency also won’t be that fast ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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