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Chapter 94: Test Cabin

Chapter 94: Test Cabin

Xing Ye pulled his hand out, patted his cheeks, and walked to Nurse Lin.

"Are you afraid because you don't even know what's in your stomach?" Xing Ye asked.

"Yes." Nurse Lin saw it was a pretty girl that asked and felt herself calm down a little. At times like this, women always find it easier to understand each other.

"How do your teammates feel about it?" Xing Ye continued asking.

Nurse Lin's tear-filled eyes stared at Xing Ye, "How did you know I have teammates?"

"From my starting abilities. I can't tell you what they are, but you can trust me." Xing Ye said, "At the very least, I could kill you, get your points, and free you from your current body. Isn't that what you were thinking when you decided to come here with Yan Hebi?"

The repercussions of killing yourself were too great. You would directly return to the novice world, lose all your QR codes, and your points would be reduced to 100 points. Nurse Lin didn't dare to take that risk. She was willing to follow Yan Hebi to their base because even if Yan Hebi lied about having a way to save her, dying to the enemy and losing half her points was better than being forced to give birth to a monster.

Nurse Lin knew Xing Ye had seen through her and didn't deny it. "If I had to choose, I'd much rather lose half my points than give birth to a monster! You understand, right? Yesterday, I checked the hospital records of the lady who had the c-section. The case file wasn't uploaded online, so I had to look at the paper records. I found out that lady was only two months pregnant. She came to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well, but she only stayed in the hospital for seven days before giving birth to a 3 pound baby and a skinless lizard!"

Cao Qian's skin prickled with goosebumps as she listened to Nurse Lin. She couldn't help but take Nurse Lin's hand in a gesture of comfort. Earlier, she thought Nurse Lin was being a little dramatic by sobbing that much just because she was pregnant, but when Cao Qian heard Nurse Lin might not even have a week before giving birth, she understood her terror.

The cold-blooded Xing Ye frowned, "Seven days? The measles patient player was only hospitalized for five days. The timings in this game don't match up, we can't get a clear incubation period."

Nurse Lin took out the vial of fluid, "I'll let you guys look. Whoever wants to drink it can drink it, I'm not going to."

"What are your two teammates planning to do?" Xing Ye asked.

Nurse Lin's lips curled in a grimace, "I don't know if they're really that brave or if they just have too much trust in their luck value, but they actually drank it! They said that even if they really gave birth, it would be under anesthesia, so they wouldn't feel anything. Plus, it wasn't like what came out was actually their own child, so there wasn't anything to be afraid of. By drinking it, they could be accepted as part of their side and discover the true ending. To get the true ending, those two decided to risk it!"

"You guys also know about true endings?" Xing Ye asked.

Nurse Lin nodded, "We discovered the true ending by chance in a game world. Although it's harder, it gives way more points and a book. We don't know what the book's purpose is, but it'll definitely be useful when we reach high-level worlds! Yan Hebi mentioned true endings earlier, so you guys also know about them, right?"

"Yeah, we do." Xing Ye glanced at Yan Hebi. As soon as that brat sees a pretty girl, he loses all sense of confidentiality!

Yan Hebi saw his Little Yiyi looking at him and rushed to explain, "It's not like that! I just think that all players should know about true endings so we can all work hard together. There aren't any benefits to hiding it and doing so will just encourage players to kill each other. If I knew about true endings from the start, I wouldn't have had to go through so many game worlds. I tell all the players I see about true endings, regardless of their gender. I won't leak anything about our starting abilities or information that can be traded for clues."

Xing Ye's face turned a little bit better. He wasn't worried about the true ending, he was just concerned Yan Hebi was a blabbermouth. Now, he actually found Yan Hebi's way of thinking was right. Too bad every player Yan Hebi met already knew about them, making no difference in the end.  

Xing Ye spoke to Nurse Lin, "I can use my starting ability to check the current state of your body. However, we're not on the same team, so I can't let you see the effects of my starting ability. Can I cover your eyes for the duration of my ability?"

Nurse Lin saw there were two women and two men in the room and nodded. In her experience, teams with a lot of women usually weren't too bad.

She had encountered many teams already. Following fate players were generally very attractive in the game world. Combined with the fact that it wasn't their real body, they had no sense of responsibility, so relationships between men and women were often very messy. Her current team was a little better. Her two teammates met in a game world and started dating. They were now in a steady relationship. Nurse He could be quite strict, so Doctor Fei didn't try to get fresh with her in the game world. Nurse Lin had already teamed up with them for a few worlds now.

But Yan Hebi's team was a little strange. Two men and two women- they could couple up, but it seemed like the girl he called Little Yiyi was the group's leader. She had a commanding presence and although Yan Hebi liked her, he didn't dare to take the next step. Doctor Guan didn't seem interested in women. Patient Cao was an average-looking girl and didn't seem to have any illicit relationships with anyone.  

In short, this was an exceptionally good and harmonious team centered around Little Yiyi, focused on breaking through game worlds. Nurse Lin wasn't worried they would take advantage of her and obediently let Patient Cao wrap her head in clothes.

Yan Hebi protested, "Why are you even more straight-laced than a straight man like me? Can't you just tear a strip of cloth to cover her eyes? If you cover her whole head like that, she won't be able to breathe!"

Cao Qian expressionlessly picked up a pair of stockings: "A strip of cloth?"

Xing Ye: "..."

In the end, Cao Qing only left Nurse Lin's nose and mouth free to breathe, while the rest of her head was tightly wrapped.

Xing Ye used the QR code he found in the laboratory. He had already used his initial skills to verify the abilities of the three QR codes they found.

"Clear Test Cabin" was a prop-type QR code that was a full-body testing machine. Players could lie down inside and receive a comprehensive health check and a test report could reveal any pathological abnormalities in the player's body. However, it did not provide treatment recommendations. The original QR code was valid for three minutes and could detect three people. Xing Ye's copy had a validity of only one and a half minutes, so the effect was halved, and it could only be used to check one person.

Cao Qing put Nurse Lin inside the analytical cabin. After about a minute, a test report was printed out.

The test cabin disappeared a few seconds later. Nurse Lin took off the clothes on her head and looked at the test report in Xing Ye's hand. The report read:

Patient Gender: Female

Special Status: Pregnant.

Number of Fetuses: Two.

Fetal Sex: One is female. The sex of the non-human fetus cannot be determined.

Fetal Physical Condition: The human fetus is critically ill. The non-human fetus is healthy.

Blood Sample Test Results: There is an unidentified microorganism in the patient's blood that specifically provides nutrients for non-human fetuses.

Patient's Physical Condition: Vital signs seem normal, but the patient's vitality is being drained. If this continues, the patient will die from weakness in six days

Expected Due Date: Six days

After seeing the test report, Nurse Lin broke into sobs from fear. Xing Ye frowned while looking at the report.

The parasitic monsters they had seen were transformed from humans after being parasitized, but following fate players would give birth to monsters in the form of pregnancy. The pregnant woman's fetus was born normally, although it looked like a malnourished premature baby, it was still alive. However, according to this test report, Nurse Lin's fetus would die in six days, and both the mother and the fetus's vitality would be drained by this non-human fetus.

"I seem to have overlooked something..." Xing Ye looked at the test report and said, "I have always thought Director Wang and the department head were on the same side, but the ways they create monsters are very different..."

"What about the fetus of the woman who underwent a cesarean section? How is she and the fetus now?" Xing Ye asked.

Nurse Lin replied, "The mother is still alive. She woke up during the day and is currently being cared for by a nurse, like any other mother who had a c-section. The fetus is in an incubator. I took a look at it today, and it seems quite healthy. However, Director Wang took the placenta of the fetus and I don't know what she's going to do with it. It's quite frightening."

Xing Ye picked up the two vials of liquid from Nurse Lin and Guan Ling and examined them under the light for a while. He then said, "These two liquids appear to be the same shade of blue, but there are slight differences. Nurse Lin's bottle is slightly darker in color."

Guan Ling, Yan Hebi, and Cao Qian leaned over to look, but couldn't see any differences.

Xing Ye handed the medicine back to Nurse Lin and said, "I think you should drink this bottle of medicine."

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