High Energy QR Code

Chapter 89: Separate Operations

Xing Ye froze for five seconds upon seeing the mirror before turning away, avoiding the mirror. But out of his periphery, he couldn't help but peek at the red lipstick mark on the mirror's surface.

He made that mark...

Cao Qian told him that props were originally human, but this was Xing Ye's first time seeing the mirror as a person. He felt his heart beat faster.

It wasn't that he didn't think of the mirror as a human. It just felt like there was a distance between them- like he was something unfamiliar.

But when he saw the mirror's real appearance, it almost felt like recalling a forgotten memory. Like he was somebody familiar.

The person in the mirror was very good-looking, almost more than double the best-looking person Xing Ye knew. His looks were really...

Out of his peripheral, Xing Ye could see how his lipstick mark was right on the mirror's forehead. Xing Ye's face reddened and took a tissue out of his matching denim bag, pretending to casually wipe the mirror.

After this, Xing Ye straightened out his face and pretended to be calm, "Anyways, we need to finish this mission as soon as possible- the faster, the better. Ideally, we can consolidate all our information today and finish the mission tomorrow. Of course, getting an ending tonight would be ideal, but I don't think there's enough time today."

“Huh?” The mirror suddenly said, “I think I can use my starting abilities now. Xing Ye, you’re finally starting to like me! Our intimacy points jumped up to 80!”

Cao Qian who was watching everything: “...”

Xing Ye’s face turned even redder. He interrupted the mirror, “I’m going to call Yan Hebi in so just rest in the bag for now.”

With that, he closed the mirror and put him into his bag before calling Yan Hebi.

The first thing Yan Hebi did upon walking in the room was gasp at the original body's wealth. His sickroom was like a fancy hotel room. He said to Xing Ye, "Yiyi, that's such a nice outfit! Why is your face so red, are you hot? I'll turn on the AC."

Xing Ye continued with a straight face, "Our time's limited, we need to start moving. It's 9 AM right now and the hospital's starting to fill with staff. I'll think of a way to make contact with the staff working in the department of gynecology and obstetrics so we can use the projector on them to collect information. I suggest you three divide into teams of two and continue looking for clues and QR codes, anything you can find. Basically, we have to get serious!"

“What? Why can’t I team up with you, Yiyi? I should be protecting you. After all, you’re about to meet three potential players.” Yan Hebi said.

Guan Ling placed a hand on Yan Hebi’s shoulder, “I think it's best we separate. Do you think two opposing fate players will be able to find anything together? For the sake of your safety, I'll partner with you."

Yan Hebi had no way to argue and with that, Guan Ling dragged him out of the room.

Cao Qian held the swan crystal, “I have a following fate partner, so we should be able to find some QR codes.”

After they left, Xing Ye rubbed his bag. He had a following fate partner too.

He patted his red cheeks and with great difficulty, continued his charade of acting calm and cool as he left the room.

During the day, the hospital was very busy and nothing seemed off about a girl in a denim dress going to the department of gynecology and obstetrics. He looked at the list of people working today and saw the three in question were all off.

Did something happen? Xing Ye frowned before shaking his head slightly. One person might've had an accident, but the odds were very low that all three could've had an accident.

Besides, following fate players had very good luck. It was very likely they found a clue in the operating room.

Now then, how could he find the three nurses and doctors who may have found clues last night?

Well he actually only needed to find one...

Xing Ye thought back to the information he saw last night. Doctor Fei was 32 years old and very handsome, with a scholarly yet modern look. Following fate players generally looked good- Guan Ling was also very handsome in this world. Cao Qian, on the other hand, was only 150 cm (4"11) and an amputee. Her body in this world was far from a beauty, resembling an ugly duckling as she squeaked her wheelchair around.

Xing Ye walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He took the mirror out of his bag and tapped the mirror surface, "Listen to me: I'm going to do something, but the thing I'm about to do is purely for the sake of the mission. You're not allowed to laugh or tell anybody else about it. When I lose my memory tomorrow, you're only allowed to tell me the result. Don't mention anything about the process."

The mirror wouldn't speak when there may be other people around and stealthily floated a few words on the mirror surface, "What are you going to dod?"

Xing Ye clenched his teeth, "Find somebody!"

He stared at his face, determining his looks were good enough before storing the mirror back into his bag and walking to the front desk of the obstetrics and gynecology department. He said to the nurse, "Hello, may I ask if Doctor Fei is here? He shouldn't have work today, but I haven't heard anything from him during the past two days. I'm a little worried about him."

Alas, reality fell short of Xing Ye's expectations. Doctor Fei was a very popular character in the O&D department. When the nurse heard what Xing Ye said, her eyes narrowed as she gave him a fake-polite smile, "May I ask who you are?"

“I’m his girlfriend.” Xing Ye endured his discomfort.

The mirror shook wildly with laughter.

The nurse gave a sigh, “Miss, Doctor Fei has a wife and the two have a very good relationship. They're colleagues: his wife, Nurse He, has been working with him the whole time."

Nurse He? That was also one of the three in the operating room last night

He has a wife? Xing Ye frowned slightly. Great. Just great.
He couldn't pretend he was heartbroken or sad, so he could only cover his mouth and feign shock. His eyes widened as he stuttered in disbelief, "What did you say? He has a wife? H-how? Why did he lie to me, I, I was about to... I want him here! I don't care how good he is or how good that Nurse He you say is, I want to find him! Why did he do that to me?!"

His voice attracted the attention of everyone in the room. The nurse clenched her teeth, "Quiet down a little!"

But it was impossible they would be quiet.

Xing Ye cried in grief, "Fei! Get out here! You dared to lie to me and say you weren't married, so why don't you have the guts to appear in front of me now? Come out!"

His shouts caused more and more people to look at them. The head nurse rushed over and whispered to a few nearby nurses, "Look at her... people are already starting to record it! Hurry and send her to an office, then call over Nurse He or Doctor Fei so they can deal with this!"

Xing Ye was invited into an office. He sat quietly for a while and soon, a man and woman walked into the room, yawning. It was Doctor Fei and Nurse He.

Nurse He was startled for a moment when she saw Xing Ye was even prettier than her. She and Doctor Fei exchanged a glance.

With just that glance, Xing Ye was certain they were players!

An ordinary person likely would've started arguing with her husband already.

Outside the door, there were a number of people watching. The two looked at each other and Doctor Fei said, "Little He, let me explain. It's not like that, this girl, she..."

Nurse He slapped Doctor Fei, creating a crisp echo that reverberated through the air- she had actually hit him. She sobbed, "Such a young and pretty girl... and you said you weren't married? How could you do this to me?"

Her slap even made Xing Ye look away. She was ruthless with her actions.

Xing Ye stumbled forward, clutching Doctor Fei, "T-Tell me, is this really your wife?"

Doctor Fei cradled the area he was slapped, "Yes, this really is my wife. Beautiful... damn it, what was your name... dear, let's break up!"

"Break up?" Xing Ye's face changed like a stage actor's. After touching Doctor Fei, his face immediately fell back to indifference, "Why would I let myself be dumped by somebody like you?"

With that, he clutched his bag and ran away, leaving the crowd of onlookers confused. Everyone looked at each other, trying to piece out what happened.

The two following fate players, Nurse He and Doctor Fei, were even more clueless on what was happening. The slap left a bright red mark on Doctor Fei's face.

At that moment, the head nurse rushed over, "That was a mental patient from the 12th floor. The past few days, he's been crossdressing and pretending to be a family member of other patients. Just now, the 12th-floor doctor contacted me and said he was missing."

Nurse He echoed in surprise, “Patient?"

What Doctor Fei cared about more was something else, “Crossdressing? He’s a man?”

The head nurse stared, "Of course, he's a man. Little He, why were you so impulsive? If only you gave your husband a moment to explain! And you, Little Fei, you... how could you not even remember if he was your girlfriend or not?!"

Nurse He and Doctor Fei: “...”

Before they could react, Xing Ye had already sprinted down to the staircase of the seventh floor. He saw the area was empty and fell to the floor, laughing.

After laughing for a while, he returned to his calm appearance and took out the mirror, "I successfully made contact with them. They weren't on the working list today so I didn't know where they were resting and could only resort to this. Anyways, it succeeded so the process doesn't matter. We can regroup with everyone and use my starting abilities to see what they saw last night."

A string of "..."s silently floated on the mirror's surface. He had no idea Xing Ye actually had a side like that.  

He was like a naughty little kid!

Xing Ye laughed, “All's fair in love and war."

The mirror thought for a moment and actually agreed with Xing Ye. During university, Xing Ye had even planned to hire some gangsters to beat him up just so he could get his father to come back from abroad. And now with this, it was clear Xing Ye's line of thinking was always... very different from a normal person's.

The string of harsh realities Xing Ye faced had forged him to always be calm and steady. His memory loss here allowed the mirror to see the side of Xing Ye he had always kept hidden.

"Really, I don't know how your brain works. You must've been so much trouble in school." The mirror grumbled.

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