In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 77 - Confirmation of Survival

However, even if there was a sound, it didn’t have to mean that he had completely died.

What if he survived until morning and was seen by someone?

She had to confirm his death.

Sakura ran down to the first floor with light steps.

“I’m shocked…”

“Ugh… aah…”

When Sakura reached the first floor, she saw that Ryou was alive.

Because of the snow, the impact had been somewhat absorbed, and he hadn’t died instantly.

Maybe his fat had had a hand in it too.

However, no matter how you looked at it, he was at death’s door.

He most likely couldn’t last another hour.


Ryou opened his mouth wide and pronounced each syllable.

“Are you surprised?”

“Wha…t…are… y…ou…”

“I was hit by that monster. But I overcame the virus. I made it to my own person.”


“And? How are you feeling after being fooled this long?”

“If I don’t… let them… know…”

Ryou slowly dragged his body.

For him, it was a movement with a do-or-die spirit using all of the strength that he had left, but to Sakura, it looked like a hornworm was unsightly crawling around.

“Heheheahahaha! No can do.”

Sakura stood in the way.

“Rei… Sorry… I…”

Seeing Sakura blocking the way, Ryou stopped moving.

“Did you give up?”


He couldn’t even lift a single finger anymore.

Seeing that, Sakura grinned and turned around to go back.

With this, there was one less obstacle.

By burying those who knew the truth in the dark, everything would return to the beginning.

No one could understand or notice it.

She was the queen.

At that time, she heard footsteps behind her.


He was standing.

Ryou, who should barely be able to breathe and have his bones broken, was standing.

Blood was pouring from his body, but there was a silent fighting spirit glowing in his eyes.

“...I’m seriously shocked, on top of being fat, you’re tough too.”

“I… want.. to say…”

Ryou took one step forward.

At that moment, blood sprouted from his body, creating a blood pool at his feet.

Still, Ryou moved forward.

“Sorry... to… Rei…”

“Don’t you know the saying that stubborn guys are hated?”

“Only… y…ou…”

Ryou broke off in a sprint.

Though the speed was more like a fast pace.

He ran, strewing enough blood to drain all of the remaining blood he had in his body.


Sakura silently watched him.

Ryou grabbed Sakura’s collar.

He raised his right hand.

However, the strength left his hand straight away and fell.

Ryou’s knees buckled under.


“I praise you for coming this far with how much you are bleeding. But, in the end, you’re just a fatty. You can’t do anything else.”

“Ugh… Ahhh!”

Ryou stayed like that and hugged Sakura.

“Did you change your mind? Did the blood stop flowing to your head?”


The strength hugging Sakura weakened, and fell.

“...Did you want to hug a girl the last thing you do? You’re a good-for-nothing pig. Creepy.”

After spouting out the insults, Sakura took off her coat and checked that no blood was stuck to it.

Apparently, nothing was on it.

She put on the coat again and walked off.

This time, she couldn’t hear anything.

Only the crunching of the snow she stepped on.

Even these footprints would probably be erased by the falling snow.

This time, the obstacle had disappeared for sure.

The truth was in the dark.

Was it because of the ecstasy?

Sakura hadn’t noticed Ryou grinning as he was about to die.

Ryou’s corpse was found in the morning the next day.

It had snowed enough to cover his body.

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